Cost of Air Fryers in Singapore

Cost of Air Fryers in Singapore 2024 for Healthier Fried Food - Price & Review

The cost of air fryers in Singapore can vary widely based on the brand, capacity, features (e.g., digital controls, multiple cooking modes, accessories), and design. Here is a general price range:

Basic Models:

  • Small Capacity (up to 2 liters): SGD 50 to SGD 100
  • Features: Manual controls, basic temperature and timer settings

Mid-Range Models:

  • Medium Capacity (2 to 4 liters): SGD 100 to SGD 200
  • Features: Digital controls, preset cooking programs, adjustable temperature and timer settings

High-End Models:

  • Large Capacity (4 liters and above): SGD 200 to SGD 400
  • Features: Advanced digital controls, multiple cooking modes, additional accessories (e.g., baking pans, grill racks), smart connectivity

Premium or Specialty Models:

  • Extra-Large Capacity or Multifunctional Air Fryers: SGD 400 to SGD 600 or more
  • Features: Multifunctional capabilities (e.g., air frying, baking, grilling, dehydrating), advanced technology, smart home integration, high-quality materials

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's best to check local appliance stores, electronics retailers, department stores, or online marketplaces that sell air fryers.


Air Fryers is a unique kind of home appliance that is essential in every Singapore home nowadays. It is rather one of the most sought-after alternatives to traditional frying or baking pans.

From the name itself, it does not require any hot oil to cook your delicious meals for the day. There are many benefits that you can get from using a great air fryer.

One of the great benefits is that you are able to cook low-fat meals since there is no cooking oil need.

Instead, it uses hot-air (hence the product name air fryer) that circulates around, all-angles thus heating up the food. Aside from the food being low-fat, it is also clean and healthy.

It can also air fry good fast as opposed to waiting for a traditional frying pan to heat up and drop in cooking oil.

Are Air Fryers any Good in Singapore?

An air fryer is good and very easy to use. Most of their controls are knobs that does not require a learning curve in order to understand it.

Some air fryers even have LCD screens that are touch-enabled for a much better and easier operation.

Now you maybe telling me, that’s great to hear about the handy and awesome air fryer and its benefits but where can I buy one?

Not to worry my friend, because I got you the answers to that.

Let’s get started. We review some of the Best Air Fryers in Singapore.

Top 12 Air Fryers in Singapore Review

Usually air fryers are available on many retail stores such as Harvey Norman, Courts or Best Denki.

But do you know, there are incredibly priced products that you can instantly purchase through the power of internet.

Many reputable e-commerce shops such as Amazon and Shopee offers great air fryers at believably low prices to which we are going to explore today.

These best rated air fryers are not just ordinary appliances, but rather these air fryers each have their own individual set of features that differentiates them from one another.

Therefore, right now we are going to talk about the best air fryers that you can find in Singapore.

12 Best Air Fryers in Singapore Best Deal
Philips HD9723 Viva Twin TurboStar Air Fryer $299.00
Mayer MMAF800 Mighty Air Fryer $169.00
Ninja Foodi Airfryer Deluxe AF160 $214.00
Mayer MMAF88 Air Fryer $68.00
Mayer MMAO24 Air Fryer $225.00
PowerPac 3.5L Air Fryer $45.73
PowerPac 2.2L Air Fryer $47.90
White Halogen Air Fryer $53.80
EuropAce 3.2L Air Fryer $45.00
Philips XXL Twin TurboStar Air Fryer $349.00
Airbot Air Fryer $39.90
Mayer MMAO55 Air Fryer $169.00
Which brand of air fryer is the best in Singapore?

1. Philips HD9723 Viva Twin TurboStar Air Fryer

Starting of the list with the Philips HD9723 Air Fryer. Here is one of the most compact air fryers that Philips can offer.

Firstly, the design itself is a simple one with a single knob for controls and a Philips logo in the front.

On the top, the Philips HD9723 Air Fryer also has a small dial that can be used to adjust the temperature. At the bottom of it is the container where you place the food.

This air fryer also has a built-in handle so that it is easy to pull out of the air fryer. The drawer design helps to shake or stir the food easily compared to a top open design.

The coil being built inside makes it safer for users. But this being said, cleaning the coil may pose an issue as its not easily reachable.

And its cool to contact during/ after cooking, thus you won't get scorched by accident.

Philips HD9723 Viva Twin TurboStar Air Fryer - Air Fryers Singapore

This particular air fryer uses Twin TurboStar technology. What it really means is that this technology removes fat from your food therefore making it healthier.

We love that the oil removal is rather efficient. Aside from frying foods, you can also bake, grill and roast.

The package contains the air fryer itself plus a free recipe book. Philips also included over 200 recipes that can be downloaded with their app.

This is a good choice if you are looking for an air fryer that is reliable and branded.

Is air fried food healthy?

Air fried food is surely healthier than oil fried food, using an air fryer cuts down oil effectively reducing calories and unhealthy fats intake.

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2. Mayer MMAF800 Mighty Air Fryer - Best Mayer Air Fryer

The Mayer MMAF800 is another air fryer that is capable of making great food. This top open air fryer is rather big in size and comes in particular white color.

Most of its controls are located on the lid which also contains the heater for the air fryer.

The Mayer brand is actually rather popular for air fryers among Singapore since it started as a local brand before being acquired by KHIND Holding Berhad.

There is a single button on the front of the air fryer which is used to unlock and access the food container inside.

Mayer MMAF800 Mighty Air Fryer - Air Fryers Singapore

Also, the Mayer MMAF800 features an Airwave heater for cooking which is used for directly heating the food inside.

We like the transparent window where you can monitor how the food is done, whether its ready for some the flip, shake or stir.

Image by Janet F. on Lazada

You can even prepare desserts with this air fryer, we haven seen innovative cooks come up with fried oreo, churros, molten lava cake, even muffins.

There's just so much you can do with the right ingredients and right air fryer.

Sellers also provide a 1 Year Local Singapore Warranty.

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3. Ninja Foodi Airfryer Deluxe

To make cooking easier and faster, Ninja Foodi Airfryer is a must-buy. Whether you want it cooked or make it crispy, your foods will be a little less oily and healthy.

The temperature ranges up to 240°C, which helps in gently removing moisture in food. With 5.2 capacity, you can easily cook foods you like!

The air fryer also features an enhanced control panel and a powerful motor which makes it convenient to use. All parts are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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4. Mayer MMAF88 Air Fryer

Mayer MMAF88 Air Fryer - Air Fryers Singapore

The Mayer MMAF88 kind of similar to the Philips we just mentioned above although there are some noticeable differences in term of designs and features.

It has a single knob on the front and a flat dial that sits on top.

When it comes to internal features, the Mayer MMAF88 Air Fryer can have a maximum temperature of 200 Degrees and a 30-minute cooking time.

On the package itself, it does feature a FREE 1 Year Warranty.

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5. Mayer MMAO24 Air Fryer

Mayer MMAO24 Air Fryer - Air Fryers Singapore

Another large capacity air fryer made by Mayer. The 24-liter capacity Mayer MMAO24 looks similar to a traditional oven but it does have many functionalities.

For control, there are 3 knobs in the front for adjusting temperature (up to 230-Degrees Celsius), timer (up to 60-minutes) and modes (Air Fry, bottom and top heat).

It also has a removable crumb tray for easy disposal and cleaning.

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6. PowerPac 3.5L Air Fryer

The PowerPac 3.5L is what I think is one of the great options here to get if you are looking for an awesome air fryer.

In terms of the design, the PowerPac is also small like the Mayer MMAF800 we just discussed.

On the front the Power Pac Air Fryer 3.5L with Hot Air Flow System features dual knobs that controls the temperature (60-200 degrees Celsius) and the timer (up to 30-minutes).

It has a good capacity of 3.5-liters which is already big enough for a good meal.

PowerPac 3.5L Air Fryer - Air Fryers Singapore

For functionality, it uses Hot Air Flow Technology that directly circulates hot air inside. This also reduces up 80% of fat intake thus making food with this product healthier.

We like it to use this air fryer to reheat food, it takes just 3 to 4 minutes at 175 - 200 degrees C to get the food crispy and hot again.

Good thing is that the container and the tray is also dishwasher safe. The PowerPac 3.5L Air Fryer is ISO 9001 certified and comes in with a 24-month Local Singapore Warranty.

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7. PowerPac 2.2L Air Fryer

This functions similarly to the PowerPac 3.5L but with a smaller and compact size. This 2.2L air fryer is best for a small household of 3.

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8. White Halogen Air Fryer

The White Halogen Air Fryer is a good budget air fryer. First off, most of the parts of this particular 12-liter capacity device is made out of high-quality glass.

However, the lid is where the air fryer is located. It has a good temperature range from 60 to around 250-Degrees Celsius which is already a nice feature.

The package included when receive are the air fryer, a food clip, 2 pieces of racks and 1 handy manual. Unfortunately, there’s no warranty included for this particular device.

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9. EuropAce 3.2L Air Fryer

The EuropAce is another budget option when it comes to looking for the right air fryer.

This particular air fryer has a good capacity of 3.2-liters, 30 minutes timer and a temperature range of 80-200-Degrees Celsius.

It also features a non-stick special coating food basket and food pan which is great. When it comes to aesthetics, it comes in a 3-color configuration which are black, white and red.

In the package, it has a good 1-Year Local Singapore Warranty.

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10. Philips XXL Twin TurboStar Air Fryer

This is perhaps the best and most powerful among the air fryer around on this list.

The Philips XXL Twin TurboStar features an XXL size container that can fit a whole chicken.

It also features Twin TurboStar Technology which extracts and removes the fat (up to 90%) from the food therefore turning it into a healthy meal.

It can fry, bake, roast and even grill your favorite foods.

In terms of physical features, the Air fryer has a much larger but sleek outer design. On the front, it has only a single knob that controls the air fryer but with an added benefit of an LCD screen.

There are touch-enabled buttons on the sides of the screen for power, temperature and timer.

However, it does come in at a slightly steep price of around S$400 but if you are looking for an air fryer that would be a great investment towards a healthy and energetic family. Then this is the one worth considering.

Is Philips Air Fryer worth buying?

Yes a Philips Air Fryer is certainly worth buying. Philips was the first to introduce the Air fryer in 2010. Using hot air to cook food this way uses lesser oil and shorter time compared to using conventional ovens.

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11. Airbot Air Fryer

The Airbot Air Fryer can cook up to 5.5L of food ranging from fish, whole chicken, and even pizza! Of course, this air fryer is oil-free and healthier, unlike cooking in a pan with tons of oil on it.

This also features 3 layers of laminated non-stick material of Teflon finishing. Its resistive coil is 25% power-efficient, unlike the normal ones, plus it evenly heats food because of its dual circulation feature. 

This air fryer includes its body, a grill plate, pot, and handle.

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12. Mayer MMAO55 Air Fryer

Mayer MMAO55 Air Fryer - Air Fryers Singapore

The Mayer MMAO55 is one of the largest among the air fryers on this list. It has a huge capacity of 12L. What I really like about this air fryer is that there are 12 Pre-set programs included.

Maximum temperature and timer that you can set on this device is 200-Degrees Celsius and 60-minutes respectively. Lastly, the Mayer MMAO55 does not have any knobs for control, instead it has a touch-enabled screen for it.

The Mayer MMAO55 comes in either black or white which gives you a little bit of flexibility on the aesthetics side.

Get it now at

Guide to air fryer in Singapore

Here are some handy questions most folks have about airfryers….

Is air fryer healthy Singapore?

Air fryers are a popular kitchen appliance in Singapore. They use less oil than traditional frying and are therefore considered healthier than traditional methods of cooking. Air fryers use hot air to cook food.

This hot air turns the surface of the food crisp and brown while the inside stays juicy and tender. Air fryers are also faster and more energy-efficient than ovens, allowing for quick meal prep.

Many health-conscious Singaporeans find air fryers to be a healthier way to prepare meals that still offer delicious, crunchy results. Air fryers can be used to fry, bake, grill, and roast a variety of foods, making them a versatile and healthy cooking option.

So, what is bad about air fryers?

Using an air fryer may have its benefits, but it may also bring along adverse effects for some.

First, cooking food with an air fryer doesn’t guarantee that what you’re eating will be totally healthy, especially since you will still be cooking with oil.

And some of us seem to eat more nuggets, hashbrowns and chicken wings (guilty me).

Nonetheless we should still eat a balanced diet with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean protein.

Furthermore, potentially harmful compounds may form when you cook meat at high heat with an air fryer. These harmful compounds have been associated with cancer, though more scientific research is needed to confirm this.

Is it worth buying air fryer?

Buying a good air fryer can definitely be worth the purchase. Air fryers are incredibly energy-efficient and very versatile in comparison to a conventional oven.

They allow you to cook food quickly with little to no oil, resulting in healthier meals. Air fryers can cook almost anything from chicken wings, french fries, and even desserts.

Moreover, they come with a variety of useful features such as adjustable cook times, temperature settings, and safety shutoff. They are also smaller and easier to store than a traditional oven, so you can save space in your kitchen.

For anyone looking for a healthier and more efficient way to cook, an air fryer is definitely worth the cost.

What are the worst things to put in an air fryer?

What can I not cook in an air fryer?

There are certain types of food that are difficult to cook well in an air fryer. For instance, recipes that call for wet batter or coating will not turn out as expected, simply because the batter will just drip off.

Raw rice and other grains won’t cook either, because they need lots of water to cook.

It would also be impossible to cook a large whole chicken in an air fryer - you will have to chop it and cook a few pieces at a time if you don’t want to end up with a dried-out chicken with one side burnt.

Air Fryer vs. Convection Oven: What's the Difference?

Below is a comparison table that highlights the differences between an air fryer and a convection oven:

Feature Air Fryer Convection Oven
Cooking Principle Uses rapid air circulation to cook food Uses a fan to circulate hot air around food
Size Compact and countertop-friendly Larger, can be countertop or built-in
Capacity Generally smaller, suitable for small batches Larger capacity, good for larger meals
Preheating Time Often shorter or not required Usually requires preheating
Energy Efficiency More energy-efficient for small quantities Efficient for cooking large quantities
Ease of Use Simple to operate, often with preset programs May have more complex settings
Versatility Primarily for frying, roasting, and baking small items Suitable for baking, roasting, broiling, and more
Taste and Texture Crispy texture similar to frying Even browning and crispiness
Price Generally less expensive Can be more expensive, depending on size and features
Cleanup Easy to clean with removable parts May require more effort to clean interior
Ideal For Quick meals, snacks, small households Larger meals, baking, versatility
Which is better air fryer or convection oven?

Keep in mind that the features and benefits can vary by model and brand. It's important to consider your cooking needs, kitchen space, and budget when deciding between an air fryer and a convection oven.

Air Fryer Singapore

Air Fryers are no doubt one of the best purchases you can get towards a healthy and low-fat lifestyle without sacrificing all the good food that you want to eat.

Plus, with the current technology advancement, manufactures ensured that the air fryers are made easy and simple to use for many people including young and old.

And, there you have it! The Best Air Fryers that you can find in Singapore. There is no surprise that they are easy to find and purchase through online stores like Shopee Singapore and Lazada Singapore.

Overall, the air fryers on this list have their own set of great features that makes them stand out from each other, all you have to do is pick the one that is best suited for your needs.

Definitely you won’t regret your purchase. And if you have already purchased one, please let us know what’s your thoughts and experiences about it and your suggestions or advices are also welcome too!

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