Cost of Aroma Diffusers in Singapore

Cost of Aroma Diffusers in Singapore 2024 that Helps You Relax - All You Need to Know

The cost of aroma diffusers in Singapore can vary depending on the brand, design, capacity, and additional features (e.g., LED lighting, timer settings, ultrasonic technology). Here is a general price range:

Basic Models:

  • Small Capacity (100-200 ml): SGD 20 to SGD 50
  • Medium Capacity (200-300 ml): SGD 30 to SGD 60

Mid-Range Models:

  • Small Capacity (100-200 ml): SGD 50 to SGD 80
  • Medium Capacity (200-300 ml): SGD 60 to SGD 100
  • Large Capacity (300-500 ml): SGD 80 to SGD 150

High-End or Premium Models:

  • Small Capacity (100-200 ml): SGD 80 to SGD 150
  • Medium to Large Capacity (200-500 ml): SGD 150 to SGD 300 or more
  • Specialty Designs or Features (e.g., smart diffusers, high-end materials): SGD 300 to SGD 500 or more

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's best to check local home goods stores, electronics retailers, specialty shops, or online marketplaces that sell aroma diffusers.


Aroma diffusers or essential oil diffusers are a big part of modern houses.

They don’t just leave our house smelling like fresh flowers. Aroma diffusers dispense the benefits of these oils to benefit the entire house in a short span of time.

Simply put, aroma diffusers function by scattering essential oils into the air to be inhaled and absorbed by the body easily. It also helps purify the air and kill bacteria and fungi that linger in your home.

Aroma diffusers are a natural and safe alternative to conventional air fresheners.

There are a variety of oils in the market, each with its own benefits.

Essential oils are known to promote good sleep, relieve stress, boost the immune system, curb your appetite, repel insects, and overall promote a healthier environment.

There are 4 basic types of aroma diffusers that have their own process to disperse the benefits of essential oils. Each has its own benefits and limitations that you should consider.

There are diffusers that act as a nebulizer and humidifier, while some use ultrasonic waves to get the most out of essential oils, heat diffusers are classic while evaporative diffusers are not as well known.

Read on to find out what are the best aroma diffusers in Singapore, their benefits and uses.

Top 11 Best Aroma Diffusers in Singapore that Aid Relaxation

1. Muji Style Ultrasonic Diffuser Singapore

Muji Style Ultrasonic Diffuser Singapore - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

If you’ve ever wondered into a Muji store you probably have seen their aroma diffuser.

The Muji Style Ultrasonic Diffuser is the exact same aroma diffuser Muji uses straight from the manufacturer.

This makes it cheaper but with all the perks and benefits.

This aroma diffuser distributes the essential oils by passing them through the air as negative ions. It is called an ultrasonic diffuser because of the ultrasonic vibrations used in order to break down the essential oils to microparticles that can be diffused as negative ions without applying heat keeping the integrity of the essential oils.

With a 300ml tank capacity, the Muji Style Ultrasonic Diffuser can run for up to 8 hours at a time with 7 LED light options.

Equipped with a timer function, adjustable mist feature, and LED light options. The Muji Style Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect addition to every home.

Key Features:

500ml and 300ml options

7 LED colors lights

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Can be used as a stand-alone LED light

Flame free

Maximum 8 hours for 300ml tank, 14 hours for 500ml tank.

Automatic shut-off function when water is low

Perfect for rooms 200-250 square feet

Get it at

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2. Novita Aroma Diffuser NA200

Novita Aroma Diffuser NA200 - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

The Novita Aroma Diffuser NA200 is a high-performance nebulizer diffuser that is said to be able to release the essential oils in its purest form.

With a built-in sensor that ensures the Novita NA200 will automatically shut down when water levels are low removing any risk of safety.

The Novita NA200 has an LED feature that adds to the relaxing aftereffect of aromatherapy. You have the option to select the illumination levels to suit your preferences.

With 3 colors to choose from and weighing only 998g, the Novita Aroma Diffuser NA200 is sure to make you feel warm, comfortable, and healthy while basking in essential oils.

Key Features:

100ml maximum tank capacity

240 minutes of continuous diffusion

Perfect for rooms that are 14 meters squared.

The LED function can be used without diffusing

3. ASAKUKI Premium 5-in-1 Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI Premium 5-in-1 Essential Oil Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

Are you looking for an aroma diffuser that can do more? ASAKUKI Premium 5-in-1 Essential Oil Diffuser should be something you consider.

The multifunctional essential oil diffuser uses ultrasonic technology that also acts as a cool-mist humidifier, ambient light source, and mist nebulizer. With a 400ml tank capacity and 7 LED colors to choose from the ASAKUKI Premium Diffuser can produce 30ml of moisture every hour.

Because of its unique design and 4 timer settings, the ASAKUKI diffuser can mist for up to 12 hours without overheating.

If you have airconditioning at home or office it also functions as a humidifier to improve both air quality and remove foul odor.

Key Features:

Removes smoke and pet smell


Acts as a diffuser and humidifier

7 LED color options

400ml tank capacity

12-hour maximum diffusing time

4-time settings: 1, 3, 6 hours, and on

Safe auto-off system

4. Xiaomi Deerma F600 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Mist Aroma Diffuser

Xiaomi Deerma F600 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Mist Aroma Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

You have probably heard of the Deerma F600, it’s one of the most reviewed aroma diffusers in Singapore. Its a fan favorite because of its low price and excellent performance.

The Deerma F600 acts as both an aroma diffuser and a humidifier with a 5-liter tank capacity.

Other than a diffuser it also acts as a humidifier perfect for airconditioned rooms. It can produce consistent moisture, mist, and aromatics only using a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

With built-in temperature gauges, timer function, and built-in aroma tray you can rest easy that you have value for your money.

Key Features:

5L tank capacity

Auto-off system

Anti-bacterial tank

5. Stadler Form Aroma Diffuser

Stadler Form Aroma Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

Prioritizing health can be stylish as well, with the Stadler Form Aroma Diffuser you can have clean and healthy air while sporting a stylish aroma diffuser.

It creates a well-balanced environment for you and your family by diffusing the purest form of essential oils. To make things better the Stadler Aroma Diffuser is 100% portable and rechargeable.

Key Features:

Includes a 10mL essential oil bottle

4 colors to choose from

Includes a USB cord and 3 AA batteries

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6. Nanum Tulip Car Aroma Diffuser

Nanum Tulip Car Aroma Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

Aroma diffusers aren’t just for your home and office, they go perfectly with your car as well.

The NAnum Tulip Aroma Diffuser can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in all modern cars or through a USB outlet.

Its compact, elegant, and quiet while working for around one to two hours.

Key Features:

Can be used as a window breaker tool

5 colors to choose from

USB outlet

Works for 1-2 hours

Get it at

7. Pristine Hotel Inspired Scents

Image source: Pristine Singapore

Pristine Hotel Inspired Scents - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

Pristine is a well-loved local aromatherapy brand specializing in reed diffusers and scented candles. Born in Singapore, Pristine has grown to be loved by both local and international fans from countries such as Malaysia and United States.

What sets them apart from other aroma brands is that Pristine carefully curates each and every scent in their 3 distinct collections namely - Signature Series, Garden Series and Hotel Series.

Each scent diffuser is manufactured to the highest quality, using a higher percentage of essential fragrance oils for a long lasting scent.

Their scented candles are well-loved by fans as well. Characterized by various exotic cities globally, each scented candle is made with pure soy wax, a wood-wick candle and dried flowers/fruit for a unique experience.

We like the Pristine Shangrila Inspired Reed Diffuser as the scent has a woody note and strong enough to cover up the entire room. A 50ml bottle lasts roughly around a month.

Get the Pristine Reed Diffusers at

8. RC-Global Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

With a maximum tank capacity of 2.5L, the RC-Global Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser keeps your air healthy and your home ambient.

Despite being compact it has the same benefits as other aroma diffusers.

Its thick mist carries the invigorating scents and benefits of your chosen essential oils. The ambient design of the RC-GLobal aroma diffuser illuminates your home with relaxing shadows.

Key Features:

2.5L tank capacity

Timer knob

An LED light with controller

9. Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser

Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

In the world of essential oils, Young Living is a popular brand. They are known for producing quality products from essential oils to diffusers.

The Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser spreads the aroma of the essential oils without overpowering a room. If you are new to essential oils and diffusers then YOung Living Dew Drop diffuser is perfect especially with options to purchase an entire kit that will allow you to use different oils and find what suits you best.

They might not be the cheapest diffusers and scents but you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth. Get the essential oils here from $18.

Key Features:

Diffuser, humidifier, and atomizer

Up to 4 hours of diffusion

Auto-off system and ambient light

Get it at

10. AROMATIKA Lemongrass Diffuser

AROMATIKA Lemongrass Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

Aroma diffusers don’t always need to be complicated and dependent on electricity. The AROMATIKA Lemongrass diffuser is a much more humble essential oil diffuser.

It spreads the scents and benefits of the oils without recuring you to plug it in. Once the reeds are dipped in oil they absorb the essential oil and when lit disperses it into the room naturally.

Reed diffusers were one of the pioneers in the essential oil world. Many have been using these in their homes for years. But according to history humanity has been using reed diffusers from 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

If you’re looking for a natural way to infuse your space with healthy scents then AROMATIKA’s Lemongrass diffuser is the one you’re looking for.

Key Features:

Available in 2 sizes: 100ml, 200ml

Made from natural essential oils

It takes 10 weeks for full evaporation

11. WAMP Wireless Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser

WAMP Wireless Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser - Best Aroma diffuser Singapore

Essential oil diffusers are beneficial for the entire family, whether you want one for your kid or you’re a kid at heart Tylex Wireless Humidifier and Diffuser is perfect for every room.

With four adorable colors and designs to choose from the Tylex Diffuser is rechargeable and can be powered by a USB cable charger. It has a water tank capacity fo 250mL.

Key Features:

Continues diffusing for 4 hours

Colored LED light

Maximum mist output of 30mL per hour

3.5 hour charging time

Continuous mist for 4 hours, and intermittent mist for 8 hours

Guide to Aroma Diffuser

Is it safe to breathe diffused essential oils?

Are Essential Oils Safe for Kids?

It is safe to inhale diffused essential oils when the diffusing is done with caution. Diffused essential oils can affect people differently, and some oils can contribute to respiratory symptoms, hormonal symptoms, allergy symptoms, and skin irritation.

For instance, diffusing peppermint essential oil may alleviate a headache, but if a child who’s less than 30 months old breathes in the scent, they may become agitated. 

To diffuse essential oils safely, you need to be aware of the side effects of the oil you are using. You also have to be mindful of the other people who may be negatively affected when you diffuse essential oils.

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How does an essential oil diffuser work?

One of the most popular types of essential oil diffusers on the market is the ultrasonic diffuser, which disperses essential oils into the air via water vapor.

Ultrasonic diffusers have a ceramic disc that vibrates and produces ultrasonic waves, which are sound waves at an ultrasonic frequency, which humans can’t actually hear.

Through these ultrasonic vibrations, diffusers convert the liquid (a mix of water and essential oil) into water vapor, which is then dispersed throughout the room.

The difference between humidifiers and aroma diffusers

Here's a comparison table for aroma diffusers versus humidifiers:

Feature Aroma Diffuser Humidifier
Primary Function Disperses essential oils into the air for fragrance and therapy Adds moisture to the air to maintain a comfortable humidity level
Aromatherapy Compatibility Designed for use with essential oils Not typically designed for oils; can damage some humidifiers
Water Capacity Usually small to medium tanks Often larger tanks for prolonged use
Area Coverage Best suited for smaller spaces Can cover larger areas depending on the model
Noise Level Generally very quiet Can vary from silent ultrasonic models to audible evaporative units
Maintenance Regular cleaning to prevent oil buildup Regular cleaning to prevent mold and bacteria growth
Operating Cost Low to moderate depending on the type of diffuser Can be higher due to energy usage for larger models
Portability Often portable and easy to move Larger models are less portable
Humidity Control Not applicable Some models come with a hygrometer for humidity level control
Health Benefits Can provide therapeutic benefits from essential oils Can relieve dry skin, sinus issues, and respiratory problems
Usage Restrictions Should be used with caution around pets and children Generally safe, but overuse can lead to too much humidity
Types Available Ultrasonic, nebulizing, heat, and evaporative diffusers Ultrasonic, evaporative, steam vaporizers, and impeller humidifiers
Energy Consumption Low to moderate Varies; ultrasonic models are energy-efficient, others may consume more power
Initial Cost Typically affordable Price varies from affordable to expensive depending on size and features
Additional Features LED lights, timers, and auto shut-off Humidistats, filters, and UV germicidal lights
Humidifier Vs. Diffuser: What's The Difference?

In our opinion, both aroma diffusers and humidifiers serve different primary purposes but can improve the comfort of your living space. Aroma diffusers are ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, while humidifiers are best for maintaining optimal humidity levels for health and comfort.

Can a diffuser make you sick?

Never Neglect Your Diffuser – or Your Reaction to Oils

Using a diffuser can make you sick if you have particular sensitivities or are allergic to essential oils. In addition, water left in a diffuser can harbor bacteria, which can make you sick the next time you diffuse.

When using a diffuser, you need to be aware of the potential complications it can cause not only to you but also the other people who may inhale the diffused oil. You need to be especially mindful if there are infants, older children and teens, pregnant women, and pets with you.

Why did my diffuser stop working?

Here are the reasons why a diffuser could stop working:

  • It is not properly plugged in or there is no power coming from the source
  • There is a buildup mineral deposits from the water you are using
  • The air vent or diffusing disc is clogged with dirt or oil
  • Leakage due to overfilling has caused the electronics to become faulty
  • The diffuser is placed on an uneven surface
  • The diffuser has run out of water

To prevent these problems, make sure there is power and that your diffuser is properly plugged in.

You also need to make sure you are using the recommended type of water and that your diffuser is cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Which Aroma Diffuser is the best?

Top 11 Best Aroma Diffusers in Singapore Best Deal Why do we like it?
Muji Style Ultrasonic Diffuser $19.90 Best Value 
Novita Aroma Diffuser NA200 $79.00 Best Nebulizing
ASAKUKI Premium 5-in-1 Essential Oil Diffuser $48.40 Simple & Easy to Use
Xiaomi Deerma F600 Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Mist Aroma Diffuser $44.90 Best for Large Room
Stadler Form Aroma Diffuser $150.00 Most Sleek Looking
Nanum Tulip Car Aroma Diffuser $11.68 Best for Cars
Pristine Hotel Inspired Scents $33.92 Best Evaporative
RC-Global Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser $48.18 Best Ultrasonic
Young Living Dew Drop Diffuser $70.00 Most Fuss Free Diffuser
AROMATIKA Lemongrass Diffuser $25.20 Best for Washroom
WAMP Wireless Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser $23.90 Best as a Night Lamp
11 Best Aroma Diffusers to Buy Now

Aroma diffusers should be a staple in every home, office, and car with all the benefits of the essential oils. Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose aroma diffuser that acts as a humidifier, atomizer, or night light aroma diffusers are only as good as the essential oils you choose.

Various scents have different benefits, some have anti-inflammatory properties while some give you a good nights sleep.

Are aroma diffusers worth it?

Aroma diffusers are becoming increasingly popular among individuals looking to bring aromatherapy into their home environment.

Aroma diffusers use essential oils and water to disperse a mist of scent throughout a space, creating a more calming and relaxing environment.

The diffusers are available in a variety of styles and sizes, making them a great addition to any home.

The combination of essential oils and aromatherapy have numerous health benefits, including improved mood, increased mental clarity, and better overall air quality.

For these reasons, aroma diffusers are definitely worth considering and can be an invaluable addition to any home.

Do diffusers use a lot of electricity?

Diffusers use very little electricity compared to other home appliances. Diffusers typically use 15 watts of power or less, which equates to only a few cents of electricity each month.

The amount of electricity used by a diffuser also depends on how it is used. If it is left on all the time, then it will naturally use more power than if it is only operated for a limited time.

However, even if a diffuser is left on for long periods of time, its power consumption is still extremely low.

When compared to other home appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, diffusers use very little electricity.

Aroma Diffuser Singapore

In conclusion, finding the perfect aroma diffuser for your Singapore home or office can be daunting, but with this comprehensive guide, we've made it easier!

We covered the ultimate range of Aroma Diffusers for every one of any budget and preferences, from low-cost basic models all the way up to feature-rich, premium options. With our help, you can now create the perfect scent that decorates your home or office environment as soon as you walk in!

With the best aroma diffusers in Singapore, you not only get a fresh-smelling home but you also get a nice relaxing ambiance with all the benefits of your essential oil of choice.

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