Cost of Baking Ovens in Singapore

Cost of Baking Ovens in Singapore 2024 Ideal for Baking and Roasting

The cost of baking ovens in Singapore can vary widely depending on the type, brand, size, and features. Here are some approximate price ranges for different types of baking ovens:

  1. Countertop Ovens:

    • Basic models: Around SGD 50 - SGD 150
      • Suitable for small baking tasks and limited space.
    • Mid-range models: Around SGD 150 - SGD 300
      • Often come with additional features like convection, multiple cooking functions, and larger capacities.
    • High-end models: Around SGD 300 - SGD 600+
      • Include advanced features such as digital controls, precise temperature settings, and multi-rack baking.
  2. Built-in Ovens:

    • Basic models: Around SGD 500 - SGD 1,000
      • Suitable for basic baking and roasting needs.
    • Mid-range models: Around SGD 1,000 - SGD 2,000
      • Offer better build quality, larger capacities, and more advanced features.
    • High-end models: Around SGD 2,000 - SGD 5,000+
      • Include top-of-the-line features such as steam cooking, smart connectivity, and specialized baking modes.
  3. Freestanding Ovens with Cooktops:

    • Basic models: Around SGD 600 - SGD 1,200
      • Include both an oven and a cooktop, suitable for small to medium kitchens.
    • Mid-range models: Around SGD 1,200 - SGD 2,500
      • Offer better build quality, larger capacities, and more advanced cooktop options.
    • High-end models: Around SGD 2,500 - SGD 5,000+
      • Include premium features such as induction cooktops, multiple oven compartments, and smart controls.

Popular brands like Bosch, Electrolux, Samsung, LG, and Ariston offer a range of baking ovens across these price categories. Prices can vary based on sales, promotions, and the specific retailer. It's advisable to compare prices across different stores, both online and physical, to find the best deal. Additionally, consider looking at reviews and ratings to ensure you're getting a baking oven that fits your needs and budget.

When purchasing a built-in or freestanding oven, it's also important to consider installation costs, which can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and the service provider.


From brick ovens to iron ovens, baking ovens has come a long way ever since people learned how to cook food with heat and fire.

A huge range of baking ovens has become one of the must have cooking appliances that a household should have.

We have searched 14 of the Best Baking Ovens in Singapore available online and compiled them in a list below.

Ovens were invented to make it easier to adjust and regulate the temperature while cooking. Aside from a delicious rotisserie, ovens are perfect for making the best cookies and cakes.

If you are someone who loves baking or if you are looking into making it a hobby, you must invest in a good baking oven to get the best taste and the best results.

A good oven must have a heat bars at the top and at the bottom to evenly bake your treats.

Having adjustable racks are also a part of having reliable oven, it is helpful in making more servings in one go or it can be adjusted to give enough space for bigger baking goodies.

Another awesome feature of a good oven is that most of them are designed with fans that help circulate hot air that results in more even cooking and saves you time required cooking a certain dish.

Top 14 Baking Ovens in Singapore for Grilling and Baking at Home

1. DeLonghi Sfornatutto Maxi EO 32852 Electric Oven

DeLonghi Sfornatutto Maxi EO 32852 Electric Oven - Baking Ovens Singapore

Make the most out of this oven from DeLonghi. The DeLonghi Sfornatutto Maxi EO 32852 Electric Oven has a capacity of 32 Litres and up to 36 cm inside in diameter.

Being smaller in size than other ovens, it does not occupy the entire counter space.

The DeLonghi Sfornatutto Maxi EO 32852 Electric Oven has six baking modes that is easy to operate and a double insulated glass door that makes observing the cooking process much easier.

A temperature knob that can be set in 70o – 220o is featured to meet your other cooking needs other than baking.

It has a thawing function for your frozen food, an insulation function to keep your food warm, a rotary barbecue function, and a fan convection baking function to get a circulating convection heat for even cooking.

We also love that this counter oven heats and cools off pretty quickly.

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2. Toyomi TO1212 Electric Oven

Toyomi TO1212 Electric Oven - Baking Ovens Singapore

Another baking oven perfect for starting bakers is this Toyomi Electric Oven.

It has two bake tray/racks and a large view tempered glass window that can help you monitor your baking process. It also has a 30-minute automatic time setting.

This oven has a 12L capacity and a grill that can fit two pizza or four slices of bread.

You can also use it to heat up your food without hassle and worries. Its temperature control knobs allows you to adjust your cooking temperature at various settings for maximum cooking flexibility.

One thing to note is that the ringing sound at end of timer set is loud & clear!

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3. Bosch Built In Oven HBF114BR0K

Bosch Built In Oven HBF114BR0K - Baking Ovens Singapore

Get the perfect baking and roasting results with this stainless steel oven from Bosch.

The Bosch Built In Oven has a 3D Hot Air feature that distributes heat evenly in three levels to ensure even cooking without having to flip the food.

Aside from this, it also has six other heating modes for different meal cooking.

The Bosch Built In Oven has a capacity volume of 66 L and a temperature range of 50oC – 275oC. Some features also includes a child proof lock and fast pre heating function.

This oven has Granit Enamel that makes it easy to clean its interiors and smooth surface and no sharp edges makes it complementary to any kitchen design.
Bosch Singapore - Series 8 Built-in Oven

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4. Morries MS-250E0V Electric Oven

Morries MS-250E0V Electric Oven - Baking Ovens Singapore

This Morries electric comes with accessories that will surely make baking and cooking much easier. It has two bake trays, a wire rack, a tray handle, crumb tray, rotisserie set and rotisserie handle.

The convection and rotisserie function makes this oven a good starter multi-function cooking appliance at home.

It features a 4-stage heat setting switch and a 60-minutes timer with auto shut off and bell ring.

This 25L capacity compact oven has up to 250oC adjustable heat temperature to cook food to perfection.

We like the tempered glass door and indicator light that let us monitor the cooking process.

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5. Mistral 20L Electric Oven

Mistral 20L Electric Oven - Baking Ovens Singapore

This electric oven from Mistral has 20L capacity and has temperature-setting switch between 90o -240o and a 60-minute timer.

Reheating your meal and toasting your goods will have absolutely no fuss. Your cooking can be set using its upper heating function, lower heating function or both for a faster and even cooking.

It is suitable for making baked goodies and even a small pizza.

It comes with a grill rack, food tray and crumb tray that would make baking and grilling stress-free.

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6. Rommelsbacher BG 1650 Baking Oven

Rommelsbacher BG 1650 Baking Oven - Baking Ovens Singapore

This large oven from Rommelsbacher has a 40L capacity that can fit baking tins up to 36 cm and roasting tins up to 40 cm.

It has a temperature regulation that can be adjusted from 60oC to 250oC. Its heating modes includes, upper and lower heat with or without circulating air and a powerful grill mode that is perfect for your next barbecue party.

It can be operated using the timer that can be set up to 90-minutes with acoustic signal and continuous setting.

The glass door acts as an inspection window and has an overheating protection.

Its retractable knobs are also very convenient and child proof making it safe to cook and bake with your kids.

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7. Xiaomi Solista Mini Electric Oven

Xiaomi Solista Mini Electric Oven - Baking Ovens Singapore

This 12L capacity electric oven from Xiaomi is perfect for those living alone or for serving goodies for a small number of people.

It is very easy to store and saves a good amount of storage space. It uses a quartz heating tube for long and even heating of food.

It features a six grade adjustable temperature in a knob control system that lets you choose an appropriate temperature for your cooking needs.

This oven lets you cook vegetable skewers, grilled wings, steaks and even a 4-inch cake. Its cute and modern design goes with any chic and modern spaces today.

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8. Cornell CEOE3621SL Electric Oven, 20 L - Silver

Start practicing your baking skills with this oven from Cornell. The Cornell CEOE3621SL Electric Oven has stainless steel heating elements with a 20L capacity.

The adjustable thermostat from 100oC to 250oC that can be set up to 60 minutes with chime.

This user-friendly oven is easy to use oven has a wide interior and comes two racks making it easier to bake your favorite cookies and cupcakes.

You will surely get a good value worth the price with this electric oven from Cornell. It weighs 5.3 kg and is easy to clean and store in your kitchen counter.

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9. Innoware TO12S Electric Oven

Engineered to fit small baking pans, slices of bread and 10’’ pizza this spacious oven is perfect for your cooking tasks.

You can use it for toasting, baking, broiling and keeping your food warm. It is very easy to operate and can help you achieve your preferred cooking results.

It has a smart cooking timer that can be set up to 60-minutes to remind you of your cooking process. You will definitely have a peace of mind and not worry that your food will overcook once the time is up.

This 12L capacity oven comes with a removable rack or tray and oven base to make cleaning easier after your meal preparation.

The compact design also saves a lot of storage space and goes well with any kitchen interiors.

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10. Kenwood MO 740 Electric Oven

This Kenwood Electric Oven is currently one of the best baking ovens for beginners and for those with small kitchen.

It has a 25 L capacity and a 60-minute auto cut-off timer that can be used to baker, roast grill, toast and for rotisserie.

This oven includes a wire rack/dish handle and a slide in dish for baking, grilling and other cooking. The easy view glass door and interior light makes it easier to check on your cooking progress.

The convection function lets warm air circulate throughout the oven, which makes you cook your food evenly to save time and energy.

Cleaning the oven will not be a hassle because of its non-stick sides and slide out crumb tray for safe and convenient way of removing crumbs.

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11. PowerPac Electric Oven

This PowerPac Electric Oven is ideal for baking which can also toast and grill certain foods in 9L to 25L capacity depending on your desired oven.

The food tray and grill size of a 9L oven measure 25.7cm by 19cm, so imagine how much more liters can accommodate?

The oven includes stainless steel heating elements, a grill, and a tray with a 60-minute timer. What’s good about this oven is it has a different selector for maximum efficiency, and it saves energy! 

When it comes to body and design, it features a tempered glass window with a handle for your safety. The adjustable temperature selector can cook from 100°C to 250°C.

This PowerPac Electric Oven is the best companion for everyday cooking. 

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12. Panasonic NU-SC180BYPQ Steam Oven - Best Small Oven

This Panasonic Steam Oven is for healthy steam cooking that can fit up to 800ml water. With two steam modes, for bun and meats or low-steam for boiled eggs and chicken breast.

Of course, aside from steam, you can also bake more dishes at once.

The steam oven includes 2 metal trays and 2 wire racks, with an oven capacity of 20L. This also features a 2-level convection cooking for baking to make more delicious dishes and goods.

This convection cooking ranges from 100°C to 230°C temperature. The good thing is that the heat circulates around the oven so you can cook food evenly.

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13. Midea 10L Toaster Oven Model MEO-10BDW-BK

This 10L toaster oven from Midea has so much to offer.

Starting with its outstanding feature, the multi-sided cooling, which adopts a waterproof shutter design and heat dissipation, makes it even more comfortable.

The oven has a unique coating design that is smooth and very easy to clean. Plus, it is durable enough to withstand chemical corrosion.

The toaster oven also features one key to turn on, eat and roast. 

The Midea Toaster Oven has 1 quartz heating element, 2 rack locations, and a 15-minute timer bell.

In addition to that, it has a mechanical control type and temperature control which ranges from 70 to 230 degrees. 

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14. Panasonic 30L Steam Convection Cubie Oven

Are you searching for a healthier cooking alternative? Panasonic’s 30L Steam Convection Cubie Oven may be what you’re looking for.

With its “Superheated Steam” technology, you can choose three high-heat steaming levels for various dishes. Low, medium and slow steam options are available for cooking classic favorites or trying out healthier dishes.

Space isn’t an issue as thirty-liters of oven capacity ensure you can fit large cakes or whole chickens with ease.

And with thirty different auto menus to choose from, even beginners at the kitchen can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes all with a few simple clicks of a button. 

The Panasonic 30L steam convection cubie oven uses steam technology to turn the toughest of food grease and stains into easily wipeable residue making for a hassle-free cleaning experience. 

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Guide to baking oven in Singapore

What is baking in an oven?

Baking is a food preparation method that involves the use of dry heat, which an oven produces.

The heat in the oven touches the surface of the food inside and travels through the center to bake it.

The most common food items that are baked in an oven are breads, cakes, and other pastries. There are also recipes for baked vegetables, chicken, fish, pork, and beef.

Why is the oven needed in baking?

The oven is needed in baking because it is specially designed to produce the dry heat necessary to cook food.

An oven offers the enclosed environment needed to heat food to a desired temperature.

There are different types of ovens, but the most commonly used in baking are gas ovens, electric ovens, and small toaster ovens.

Unless its a convection microwave oven, a solo microwave oven cannot be used for baking.

How long should you preheat the oven before baking?

The duration of time for preheating the oven would depend on the kind of food you are preparing, the kind of oven you have, and the temperature you will be baking your food at.

The general rule of thumb in baking is to preheat the oven to 350°F for up to 30 minutes. This applies to most cake and cookie recipes.

To know whether your oven is preheated and ready to receive food for baking, you can check the indicator light or a built-in temperature gauge on your oven. You can also use an oven thermometer.

What are the disadvantages of a convection oven?

Poor Temperature Accuracy: Convection ovens often do not offer precise temperature control, so your food may not end up being cooked evenly or being burnt if the cooking time is not properly calculated.

Quality of Finished Dish: The hot air blowing around a convection oven tends to dry food out, resulting in more fragility with foods like cakes and pies.

Noisy fan: Some fans are much louder than traditional oven.

Additional Equipment: If you are baking delicate foods like meringues or macaroons, you may need to buy special pans or use a double-layer rack to make sure the convection air does not create a mess in your oven.

Fragile Parts: Convection ovens have delicate parts that can become faulty due to the extra heat or moving parts, so you may need to replace parts more frequently.

Tips to Bake with an Electric Oven

Oven tips to bake and cook like a pro
  • Preheat the oven a little longer than you think it should be as electric coils take some time to heat up. It would be best if you have an oven thermometer to monitor the temperature.
  • Use some foil to prevent pastries or cookies from overbrowning, if the edges are starting to brown but you know that the insides are not ready. Just fold a sheet of aluminum foil into a tent shape and loosely cover the food. Try it, this works perfectly for us.
  • Place your food in the middle of the oven to get the best result. Otherwise rotate the trays occasionally helps as well. However note that opening the oven door will affect your baking time.

What's the difference between roasting and baking?

Both roasting and baking make use of dry heat for cooking food.

The terms “baking” and “roasting” are often used interchangeably, but there are a few key differences between the two.

  • Temperature - Baking occurs at lower temperatures (up to 375°F) while roasting requires a higher temperature (400°F and above). Because of this, roasting produces a more pronounced browning of food.
  • Fat content - roasting makes use of fat (such as olive oil) as coating, while in baking the fat (such as butter or margarine) is within the food
  • Food structure - roasting involves food that already has a solid structure, such as meat and veggies. On the other hand, baking often involves food that don’t have structure before heating (like bread and cakes)

Getting the Best Baking Ovens

Top 14 Baking Ovens in Singapore Recommended For Best Deal
DeLonghi Sfornatutto Maxi EO 32852 Electric Oven Value for Money $385.00
Kenwood MO 740 Electric Oven Small Kitchens $179.00
Bosch HBF 114BR0K Stainless Steel Oven Overall Features $829.00
Morries MS-250E0V Electric Oven Home Rotisserie $99.00
Mistral 20L Electric Oven Baking Cookies $68.00
Rommelsbacher BG 1650 Baking Oven Family of 4 - 7 $538.00
Xiaomi Solista Mini Electric Oven Small Kitchen $132.00
Cornell CEOE3621SL Electric Oven, 20 L - Silver Family of 3 - 4 $64.90
Innoware TO12S Electric Oven Simple Baking $94.04
Toyomi TO1212 Electric Oven Beginner Bakers $50.90
PowerPac Electric Oven Baking and roasting $34.90
Panasonic NU-SC180BYPQ Steam Oven Baking bread $437.00
Midea 10L Toaster Oven Model MEO-10BDW-BK Small Spaces $39.00
Panasonic 30L Steam Convection Cubie Oven Healthier Alternative $825.00
Best Ovens for Baking Singapore

Baking ovens lets you cook your meals in even and steady heat. It also gives a dry environment that makes your cupcakes and goodies get a delicious and crisp golden brown appearance.

These types of ovens have a large electric coil underneath the oven compartment and pushes a radiant heat upwards the oven compartment at a steady rate.

This produced heat are less intense and does not usually result in underside burning.

This consistent heat inside your baking oven chamber are more dependable by making sure that the temperature remains the same while making a particular recipe.

An oven is also very easy to install in any kitchen and is easy to use and store. They tend to heat faster and adjusting the temperature does not become much of a hassle.

When choosing a baking oven one must take note of its capacity so that you easily estimate your serving sizes and amount when cooking.

These suggested brands of baking ovens will surely give you that wonderful and satisfactory baked goodies that you have always wanted.

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