Car Rental Services in Singapore

The Best Car Rental Services in Singapore 2024 for Short Term & Long Term

Renting a car in Singapore can be convenient for both residents and visitors. Here are some reputable car rental services in Singapore:

Major Car Rental Companies

  1. Hertz

    • Overview: Internationally known, offers a wide range of vehicles.
    • Website: Hertz Singapore
  2. Avis

    • Overview: Another global brand with various car options.
    • Website: Avis Singapore
  3. Budget

    • Overview: Known for affordable rates and reliable service.
    • Website: Budget Singapore
  4. Europcar

    • Overview: Offers competitive prices and a good selection of vehicles.
    • Website: Europcar Singapore

Local Car Rental Services

  1. Lion City Rentals

    • Overview: Popular for short-term and long-term rentals.
    • Website: Lion City Rentals
  2. Drive.SG

    • Overview: Aggregates various car rental options from different providers.
    • Website: Drive.SG
  3. Tribecar

    • Overview: Offers hourly car rentals, suitable for short-term use.
    • Website: Tribecar
  4. WhizzCar

    • Overview: Car-sharing service that offers flexible rental options.
    • Website: WhizzCar
  5. Shariot

    • Overview: Another car-sharing service with a variety of vehicles.
    • Website: Shariot

Luxury Car Rentals

  1. Ultimate Drive

    • Overview: Specializes in luxury and sports cars.
    • Website: Ultimate Drive
  2. Ace Drive

    • Overview: Offers premium car rentals including luxury and exotic cars.
    • Website: Ace Drive

Ride-Sharing and Alternatives

  1. GrabRentals

    • Overview: Offers rental cars for Grab drivers but can also be used for personal use.
    • Website: GrabRentals
  2. BlueSG

    • Overview: Electric car-sharing service with various pick-up and drop-off points.
    • Website: BlueSG

Tips for Renting a Car in Singapore

  • Check for Promotions: Many rental services offer discounts and promotions.
  • Understand the Terms: Be clear on insurance, mileage limits, and fuel policies.
  • Book in Advance: Especially during peak seasons to ensure availability.
  • Driver’s License: Ensure you have a valid driver’s license; for tourists, an International Driving Permit may be required.

These options should cover a wide range of needs, from budget-friendly rentals to luxury cars, and even flexible car-sharing services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Car rental services in Singapore offer convenience and comfort for those who prefer private transportation.
  • A variety of services cater to different needs, from daily use to special events.
  • Top rental companies include Drive.SG, Lion City Rentals, ETHOZ Group, My Car Rental, Ace Drive, Eazi Car Leasing, Avis, Cars and Trips, Asia Express Car Rental, and AKA Car Rental.
  • Options range from budget-friendly to luxury vehicles, with no-deposit options and various perks.

For those seeking the freedom of private transport without the commitment of ownership, Singapore's car rental services offer a tailored solution. From luxurious rides for special occasions to practical vehicles for everyday use, this guide presents the best car rental options to elevate your driving experience on the island.

Featured Snippet Question and Answer:
Q: What are the best car rental services in Singapore?
A: The best car rental services in Singapore include Drive.SG for a comprehensive online selection, Lion City Rentals for affordable options, ETHOZ Group for their vast experience, My Car Rental for both new and pre-owned vehicles, Ace Drive for luxury cars, Eazi Car Leasing for a wide range of vehicles, Avis for their global presence and reliability, Cars and Trips for their professional service and variety, Asia Express Car Rental for budget-friendly quality cars, and AKA Car Rental for a customer-centric approach with no deposit required. These services cater to diverse needs and offer a range of vehicles to ensure a seamless rental experience.

List of Car Leasing Companies Island wide in Singapore

1. Drive.SG - Daily Short Term Rentals

Image Source: Drive.SG - Car Rental Services Singapore

In collaboration with over 50 rental companies all over the island, Drive.SG is your online car renting sanctuary!

Featuring nearly all car types – from sedan to multi-purpose cars, you'll surely get the one to fit your preference.

Aside from those, it also highlights its services that can absolutely take all your worries away.

Plus, it offers car rentals that you can drive in to Malaysia! Indeed a car haven.

Just put on your desired date of leasing and insert the data needed to filter out the car you want to drive. In Drive.SG, you can rent a car for as much as $50 a day and $336 per week! What more not to like in here? Check out their other promos and drive away.

Car Model No. of Pax Quoted Price
for 4 Days
Suzuki Swift 5 $336.00
Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 5 $358.00
Toyota Altis 5 $419.44
Honda Civic 1.8 5 $440.00
Mitsubishi Grandis 7 $520.00
Mazda 5 7 $796.72
Audi A4 5 $1,036.84
BMW 5 Series 5 $1061.44
How much does it cost to rent a car in Singapore?

Customer Feedback…

Clients enjoyed the services that the company provided in making a rental reservation. Letting them want to book more leasing. Here is one of the reviews from them:

"Made a last minute reservation Drive. SG Customer Service was very helpful with my request will book again with them." – Jonny C.

Services Available

  • Daily Short Term Rentals
  • Leasing/ Subscription

Location: 51 Ubi Ave 1, #03-30, Singapore 408933

Phone: (+65) 6655 7701

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2. Lion City Rentals

Image Source: Lion City Rentals - Car Rental Services Singapore

Known as Uber's former subsidiary and now part of WayDrive Holdings, Lion City Rentals is one of the town's affordable car rentals! Lease their car unit for as low as $46 per day!

Besides, they have over 16 collections of awesome cars that are less than 3-year-old for an ultimate smooth drive!

Other than that, LCR makes sure that the cars are well-maintained at their own facility at Carros – giving you a carefree driving experience. Whether you're a new driver or a well-experienced full-time driver, LCR offers various options to provide for your needs!

Book your desired LCR car online and drive away your LCR car after 24-hours of reservation! LCR values your time and money while providing you exceptional service in a quick and easy process.

How much is car rental per day in Singapore?

Period Cost Remarks
5 weeks from $57/day
13 Weeks from $51/day With Service & Maintenance Included
26 Weeks from $48/day With Service & Maintenance & LCR Cares Included
52 Weeks from $46/day With Service & Maintenance & LCR Cares Included
Lion City Rental Packages

Customer Feedback…

Previous clients love how their services when out well. Recommending LCR to those who are seeking car rental. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"very helpful.. fast effcient. Car is good, customer service very helpful when i need help. highly recommend thks LCR" - Weichen K.

Location: 4 Jalan Besut, Singapore 619557

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3. ETHOZ Group

Image Source: Ethoz Group - Car Rental Services Singapore

Underscoring vast choices of brand new and used cars for lease, Ethoz Group hallmarks its over 30 years of experience in providing car rental services!

Promising open-ended automotive and financial solutions for your needs, Ethoz unsurprisingly renowned as one of the best car rental companies in town!

If you're looking for a commercial vehicle for your company's use, Ethoz features a tailored solution to help you achieve success by providing your needs!

Besides, their packages include almost all of the required car demands – removing any worries away.

We love it that they can quickly help us find a replacement car when we requested for a change. The entire process was seamless and fuss free.

Customer Feedback…

Most clients had a great experience by availing services from Ethoz. Giving a satisfaction review after getting what they needed the most. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"Hassle-free, deliver and drop off at your location. Great customer service, timely update.Well done ETHOZ! Special mention to Jeffrey Ho (Operations) for his great service each time. From Caffeine Solutions. -John Ryan Ting"

Location: 30 Bukit Batok Cres, Singapore 658075

Phone: (+65) 6319 8000

4. My Car Rental - Car Leasing Singapore

Image Source: My Car Rental - Car Rental Services Singapore

Previously named Payless Car Rental, My Car Rental remain to deliver top-notch leasing services at a reasonable price!

Whether you're looking for a brand new or pre-own vehicle to lease in the short or long term, MCR ensures to provide you with what you need.

Get what your money deserved while driving without any hunch of trouble! Their 24-hour concierge makes everything more convenient and efficient.

Aside from those, MCR offers a wide fleet hassle-free. Grab their full-service leasing program and enjoy a lot of benefits!

For as low as $75, you can drive away your desired car that you can use for the whole day—looking for a vehicle to bring to Malaysia possibly? Contact MCR and book your reservations.

How much is car rental per day in Singapore?

Vehicle Model Daily Rate/
Daily Rate/
Daily Rate/
M. Benz SLK 350 $398.00 $312.57 $189.33
Audi A5 $498.00 $384.00 $189.33
Audi A6 $328.00 $268.57 $180.00
Toyota Alphard $298.00 $257.14 $233.00
Toyota Harrier $298.00 $255.43 $176.27
Toyota Estima Hybrid $298.00 $255.43 $176.27
BMW 650 $1688.00 $1288.00 $729.60
Lexus RX 450 $598.00 $498.00 $249.00
Super Car Rental Rates

Location: 50 East Coast Road #02-60. Roxy Square Shopping Centre Singapore 428769

Phone: (+65) 6348 0500

5. Ace Drive

Image Source: Ace Drive - Car Rental Services Singapore

Loong for a luxurious car to bring to any event? Ace Drive got you covered! Featuring their all-owned vehicles, no wonder Ace Drive got a competitive price among any other rental companies!

Never miss their fortnightly discounts with some of their cars. Also, Ace Drive marks different kinds of vehicles to fit your needs – from Continental to Japanese cars, you'll surely get what you desired for!

Plus, their all-in rental rates provide a more convenient transaction. Never waste your time and money with flowery words without getting the service you deserve. Get the best from the trusted car rental services with no hidden charges!

Customer Feedback…

Patrons have been using Ace Drive's services for quite a time but still getting the expected outcomes for car rental services. Here is one of the feedback from Douglas:

"Rented a few cars from them for the past 2 years for different events and usage... Great experience every single time!"

Location: 50 Ubi Avenue 3 Unit #05-06, Frontier Building, Singapore 408866

Phone: (+65) 6585 5555

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6. Eazi Car Leasing & Marketing

Image Source: Eazi Car Lease - Car Rental Services Singapore

Eazi takes pride in providing the best of the best with its wide curated vehicles to fit your preference and budget – an ultimate car leasing experience when seeking car leasing services.

Also, Eazi features its other car services from maintenance and repair until assisting you with any accident claims! Get a hassle-free service with their genuine business practices. Letting you feel at ease when doing transactions with them!

Besides, you can also encounter incredible discounts on their regular rates! Check out their page or give them a call. Never miss this excellent leasing company in town.

Customer Feedback…

Some customers had a great experience with Eazi, not only because of having to drive one of their great units but also having to experience an unexpected discount rate! Here is the feedback from Wee:

"Had a cool experience with them. Nice car, given me a weekday rate on weekend. Friendly staffs. Will rent again and again."

Location: 1 Bukit Batok Cres, #02-43 WCEGA Plaza, Singapore 658064

Phone: (+65) 6684 0761

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7. Avis Car Rental

Image Source: Avis Car Rental - Car Rental Services Singapore

Featuring the car collection for any of your occasion, Avis guarantees smooth leasing services! Promising a door-to-door car delivery for your convenience, Avis is indeed one to beat.

Aside from these services, operating in over 165 countries also makes it unsurprising for Avis to become one of the top brands for customer loyalty globally!

Moreover, Avis takes pride in its name by being one of the oldest car leasing companies in Singapore. What not to like in here right?

Having said that, Avis values your time and money – ensuring to provide excellence to any services they offer. Making sure you're getting what you paid for!

Customer Feedback…

Previous customers love how their staff assisted them throughout the leasing process. Here is one of the feedback from Krish.

"Thanks Avis for a pleasant booking experience! Your staff, Asha, was quite helpful! Look forward to 3 weeks of driving during the holiday season!"

Location: 390A Havelock Rd, #01-07 Waterfront Plaza, Singapore 169664

Phone: (+65) 6737 1668

8. Cars and Trips

Image Source: Cars and Trips - Car Rental Services Singapore

Changing your perspective in car rentals, Cars and Trips makes sure to give you a remarkable driving experience with their wide range of vehicles at a very budget-friendly price!

Besides, they have many opportunities open for those who wanted to be part of their team as a local driver or offer your own fleet for leasing!

Also, Cars and Trips features a secure payment method – holding your payment until your booking is finished.

You can also enjoy a wide variety of well-maintained vehicles that are perfect for your needs! Partnering with local car rental vendors gives a wide selection of cars. Worried about your safety? Fret no more! They also feature one-stop support to help you with any of your queries at any time!

Customer Feedback…

Most customers like how professional staffs Cars and Trips have. Helping them mostly with their needs as a client throughout the process. Here is one of the lovely review from them:

"Cars and Trips executive Teresa provide prompt and reliable service for cheap car rental with particular attention to customers needs. Stronlgly recommend to anyone seeking to rent a car." – Yeoh Siew C.

Cars and Trips, 1 Bukit Batok Cresent, #02-57 Wcega Plaza, Singapore 658064

Phone: (+65) 9128 8989

9. Asia Express Car Rental

Image Source: Asia Express - Car Rental Services Singapore

Named as one of the leading affordable car renting companies, Asia Express prides itself in providing an excellent service for their respected customers.

Not only that, they also offer well-maintained quality cars for your optimal driving experience.

Well-taken care vehicles from the team remove your worries away. Get to experience first-class cars at a budget-friendly rental rate.

Also, AE always provides an excellent experience with their easy access location and customer service hotlines for your complete convenience!

Car Model Daily Rate (Inclusive of 7% GST)
Mazda 3 Skyactiv 1.6L $70
Toyota Prius C $70
Toyota Axio $70
Toyota Altis $70
Toyota Wish 1.8L $80
Honda Shuttle Hybrid $75
Toyota CHR Hybrid $75
Asia Express Vehicle and Rental Rates

Customer Feedback…

Clients keep on coming back for their exceptional services. Not to mention how wide-ranging their car collection is, being a first timer in car leasing will never let you feel unease. Here is one of the reviews from Kaan.

"This is the second time I rented from them and my 2nd review. Still the same pleasant experience. They have many new cars and models compared to a year ago. Still the same friendly faces around. Would definitely go back for a third time."

Asia Express, 03-06 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 387507

Tel: (+65) 6842-4992

10. AKA Car Rental

Image Source: AKA Car Rental - Car Rental Services Singapore

Besides other car renting companies in town, AKA Car Rental strives always to put the customers' needs first!

Providing well-maintained vehicles and professional staff on the team to attend to your concern and resolve it swiftly, your time and money are all worth it!

Aside from having such cheap rates with their car rental packages, AKA doesn't require any deposit in their car leasing services. As other companies may need a credit card to let you rent a car, AKA beg to differ!

As your convenience is also essential for them, unnecessary documents are disregarded – genuinely hassle-free.

Customer Feedback…

AKA has gathered the most praise when it comes to its services as a whole. A focused staff is a plus. Here is one of the feedback from Delcie:

"Recommended by my colleague to aka Car rental. Kenny is very friendly assisting my queries and reservation is fuss free. Enjoy our rental over the weekends!" – Delcie Q.

AKA Car Rental, 1 Commonwealth Ln, #02-05, Singapore 149544

Phone: (+65) 6779 7411

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car Near Me

Vehicle Type Average Cost per Day
Sedans/ Hatchbacks eg. Suzuki Swift From $40
Luxury Sedans/ Hatchbacks From $75
Sports From $150
MPVs eg. Toyota Vellfire From $120
SUVs eg. Honda Vezel From $60
Lorry eg. Light Goods Vehicle From $95
Van From $70
Motorcycle (Rental period at least 2 months) Average $11 - $12 per day
Car rental prices in Singapore

Note: Car rental price is higher from newer cars.

What is the meaning of car rental service?

Car rental services are services that allow people to rent a car for a certain period of time and mileage at an agreed fee. It is often used as a convenient alternative to owning a car or taking public transport.

With this service, customers can select a car based on their needs and budget and rent it for a short period or long period.

The car can be rented for a weekend road trip or a month-long vacation. It can also be used to get to important meetings or appointments, or even just used as an emergency backup when a car breaks down.

The car rental fee usually covers insurance, repairs, and maintenance. Customers are expected to pay the full rental fee upfront with a valid credit card.

Is it cheaper to book car rental online?

Yes, booking car rental online early can often be cheaper than doing so through a traditional travel agency.

This is due to the fact that many agencies charge an entry fee and other hidden charges.

Moreover, you can easily compare prices from different companies in order to get the best deal possible.

In addition to saving money on the initial cost of your rental, many online car rentals offer additional discounts such as free excess mileage or early return dates.

So if you're planning on renting a vehicle for more than one day, book it online instead of going through a traditional travel agency!

Can foreigners rent a car in Singapore?

Yes, foreigners above the age of 18 can rent a car in Singapore.

The rental rates for cars vary depending on the make and model of the car, and you can expect to pay around $60 per day for a compact sedan.

You will also be required to produce your passport and a valid driving license issued by your home country that is officially translated to English, or an International Driving Permit (IDP) before renting a vehicle.

Is it advisable to rent a car in Singapore?

Renting a car in Singapore is a viable option for those wanting to explore the tiny Southeast Asian nation.

The roads and highways are efficient and well maintained and the city has a very modern and extensive public transportation system, allowing for plenty of opportunities to get around without a personal vehicle.

Prices for car rental in Singapore can vary between very reasonable to more expensive.

It is important to remember to reserve your rental car far in advance, as rental cars are in high demand during peak tourist seasons.

It is also important to consider LTA regulations, making sure you have an international driving permit.

As always, it is important to research the individual rental car provider and carefully read all agreements for the most accurate information and best rates.

The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Owning a Car in Singapore

Here's a comparison table for renting a car versus buying a car in Singapore, where the car market is unique due to various regulations and the high cost of vehicle ownership:

Feature Car Rental Car Buying
Initial Cost Low initial cost, usually involves a rental deposit and monthly fees. High initial cost, includes down payment, taxes, COE (Certificate of Entitlement), and other fees.
Long-Term Cost Predictable monthly expenses without the burden of depreciation. Higher long-term costs due to depreciation, especially with the 10-year COE.
Ownership No ownership; the car must be returned at the end of the rental period. Full ownership of the car, with the option to sell or scrap it after the COE expires.
Maintenance & Repairs Maintenance and repairs are typically covered by the rental company. Owner is responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and servicing costs.
Insurance Insurance is often included in the rental agreement. Mandatory to purchase car insurance, which can be costly.
Mileage Limitations Some rental agreements may have mileage limits. Unlimited mileage; the owner can drive as much as they want.
Customization No option for customization; the car must be kept in its original condition. The owner can customize the car to their preferences.
Duration Flexible rental periods from daily to long-term leases. The car can be kept for as long as it is economically viable, typically up to 10 years due to the COE system.
Upfront Fees Lower upfront fees compared to the total cost of buying a car. Significant upfront fees including COE, Additional Registration Fee (ARF), and other taxes.
Vehicle Choice Limited to vehicles available in the rental fleet. Wide range of choices when purchasing a new or used car.
Convenience Quick and easy access to a vehicle without long-term commitments. The convenience of owning a car and using it at any time without restrictions.
Financial Flexibility Easier to upgrade or downgrade vehicles based on current needs without selling. Less flexibility; changing vehicles requires selling and purchasing another car.
Asset Depreciation No concerns about asset depreciation. Depreciation is a significant factor, especially with the high cost of vehicles in Singapore.
Resale Value Not applicable as there is no resale opportunity. Potential to recoup some of the investment by selling the car before or after COE expiry.
Owning vs Renting a Car in Singapore

In Singapore, the decision between renting and buying a car depends on individual needs, financial circumstances, and lifestyle preferences. Renting offers flexibility and lower initial costs, while buying a car provides ownership and the freedom to use the vehicle without restrictions, despite the higher upfront and long-term costs.

Car Rental Service Singapore

Searching for the best car rental services in town may not look easy as it may seem. Hence, reading this article can definitely help you find the right car to lease!

No need to fuss about finding the best car rentals in town! Save up your time and drive away your desired vehicle in a very efficient way. Hoping this article helped you find the perfect car leasing companies. Drive Safely.

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