Cost of Coffee Machines in Singapore

Cost of Coffee Machines in Singapore 2024 to Make Coffee at Home - Buying Guide

The cost of coffee machines in Singapore can vary widely depending on the type, brand, and features. Here are some approximate price ranges for different types of coffee machines:

1. Drip Coffee Makers

  • Basic Models: SGD 30 - SGD 100
    • Simple, straightforward machines suitable for basic coffee brewing.
  • Mid-Range Models: SGD 100 - SGD 200
    • Offer larger capacities, programmable settings, and improved build quality.
  • High-End Models: SGD 200 - SGD 400+
    • Include advanced features like built-in grinders, thermal carafes, and precise brewing controls.

2. Single-Serve Coffee Machines (e.g., Nespresso, Keurig)

  • Basic Models: SGD 100 - SGD 200
    • Quick and convenient, often with limited customization options.
  • Mid-Range Models: SGD 200 - SGD 400
    • Offer more customization, larger water reservoirs, and better build quality.
  • High-End Models: SGD 400 - SGD 600+
    • Advanced features such as milk frothers, touchscreen controls, and extensive beverage options.

3. Espresso Machines

  • Basic Models: SGD 200 - SGD 500
    • Suitable for basic espresso brewing with manual controls.
  • Mid-Range Models: SGD 500 - SGD 1,000
    • Better build quality, more precise controls, and additional features like steam wands and built-in grinders.
  • High-End Models: SGD 1,000 - SGD 3,000+
    • Professional-grade features such as dual boilers, advanced temperature controls, and premium components.

4. Manual Coffee Makers (e.g., French Press, AeroPress, Pour Over)

  • Basic Models: SGD 20 - SGD 50
    • Simple and effective for manual brewing methods.
  • Mid-Range Models: SGD 50 - SGD 100
    • Improved build quality and refined designs.
  • High-End Models: SGD 100 - SGD 200+
    • Premium materials and advanced design features.

5. Capsule Coffee Machines

  • Basic Models: SGD 100 - SGD 200
    • Suitable for quick and easy brewing with limited customization.
  • Mid-Range Models: SGD 200 - SGD


When it comes to coffee, there are relatively just a few options that can brew, blend, and stir up your senses. If you love drinking coffee just as much as we do, then you need to get coffee machines at home for a mug of your favorite coffee.

The best coffee machines in Singapore can definitely craft the best and most irresistible aromatic coffee to fix your caffeine.

Why should I get a coffee machine in Singapore?

Make coffee the way you love.

Despite the numerous coffee shops like Starbucks or Coffee Bean that offer you readily made coffee anytime and anywhere, there’s nothing better than making your own. With a great coffee machine, you can easily customize your beverage based on your taste buds’ preference. Make a strong espresso, add milk and froth - practically anything you want, basically.

Save money by making your own coffee.

If you buy coffee from coffee shops every single day, you may have already spent thousands of dollars a year without you even noticing it. That would have cost you at least a dozen coffee machines! Definitely more than enough to buy just one.

Use as a great centerpiece.

Yes, a classy-looking coffee machine can add an exciting vibe to your kitchen, and your home, as a whole. Most coffee machines today have sleek and elegant looks and feels, just the right style to become a centerpiece and a good conversation starter at that.

Brew different coffee types.

There’s no stopping you if you want to try out coffee beans from all parts of the world. You are not confined now to the standard servings from your local shops. With a coffee machine, you can buy your own beans and brew them the way you like it, exotic, organic, and everything in between.

What are the types of coffee machines?

Single Serve coffee machine

This type is probably one of the best-sellers in the coffee world today. It gives you convenience by using pre-packaged capsules or pods, and saves you a lot of time, too. Instead of waiting for your queue in coffee shops, you can get your own coffee in less than a minute. Add that to the many different flavors you can choose from, too.

Automatic drip coffee maker

Drip machines are some of the cheapest when it comes to automatic coffee machines. Most high-quality drip coffee makers will cost you less than a hundred dollars. These are pretty decent options, but it will mostly depend on what kind of coffee powder you are using. This is especially helpful if you’re not sure what type of coffee machines you want to get at the moment.

French press coffee maker

There are separate reviews when it comes to French press. Some people love making coffee using a French press because it is basically a simple-to-use coffee maker. All it really takes is just ground coffee and hot water, and you’re good to go. Pretty much like brewing a cup of tea.

However, there are some people who complain, though, that brewing with a French press ends up with some coffee particles in the cup. Not to mention the time needed to wait for the coffee to finish steeping. Cleaning up may also be quite a mess, since you have all these grounds stuck to the filter.

Automatic or Espresso coffee machine

When it comes to automatic or espresso coffee makers, you have several options, some priced just a couple hundred dollars, while some having a price up to one thousand. The price difference is largely based on both features and brands.

Moka or Stovetop coffee maker

Using a Moka Pot involves a different kind of appreciation towards coffee. Since there are literally a few steps you need to follow before you can produce the fully bodied perfect cup. If you love trying out different coffee brewing methods, you should try this traditional way out, too.

Now that you’re all set to buy your own coffee machine, here are some of the best coffee machines in Singapore that you can choose from:

Top 10 Coffee Machines to Buy in Singapore for Home

10 Best Coffee Machines in Singapore for Home Best Deal
Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine $268
Bodum Chambord Set French Press Coffee Maker $98.80
Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker HD7431 $48.00
Braun KF7120 Drip Filter Coffee Maker $154.00
Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker $39.90 - $95.90
Philips Grind and Brew Coffee Maker $238.00
Delonghi EC685 Coffee Machine $429.00 - $469.00
KitchenAid - Siphon Coffee Make $199.00
illy Y3.2 iperEspresso and Coffee Machine $471.42
Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker $219.64
Which coffee machine is the best to buy in Singapore?

1. Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine - Coffee Machines Singapore


  • Quick Espresso boost
  • Automatic power
  • With Aeroccino3 frother
  • Easy to use


  • A bit on the pricey side

The Nespresso coffee machine has a special mechanism that lets you brew coffee in less than a minute. This is perfect for every coffee lover out there with busy schedules. You can make espresso beverages in the office or at home for that instant coffee fix. It also has 24 varieties to whip up standard coffee into flavored blends. With just a couple of buttons, it’s very easy to use. There’s also a milk frother to help you create latte or cappuccino.

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2. Bodum Chambord Set French Press Coffee Maker 8 cup 1L/34 oz and 2pcs Pavina Double Wall Glass 3 cup 0.35L/12oz

Bodum Chambord Set French Press Coffee Maker - Coffee Machines Singapore


  • Simple to use
  • Beautiful design
  • With double wall glasses


  • Takes a few minutes to brew

If you are a big fan of French press coffee, then you might want to check out this coffee maker from Bodum. The French press way is basically one of the simplest ways of making great-tasting coffee. All you need is hot water and ground coffee beans to bring out the tastiest coffee flavor.

This coffee maker in particular has a sleek design that will make it stand out among your kitchen essentials. It also comes with double wall glasses to keep your coffee hot and ready, without burning your hand. Same goes if you want to keep your drinks cold. Without the messy condensation, you can prepare hot or cold drinks anytime.

Get it now at

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3. Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker HD7431

Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker HD7431 - Coffee Machines Singapore


  • Makes strong coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • LED switch
  • Nice design


  • Limited functions

For a quick caffeine fix, we recommend you look for coffee machines that are simple to use, without breaking your budget.

The Philips coffee maker has an impressively low price with all the functions you need. Just ground coffee, filter, and water, literally. Despite its compact and simple look, this powerhouse coffee maker can actually brew 7 rich cups of pot coffee. That’s more than your daily dose.

It comes with a glass jug, aroma twister, LED switch, and drip stop to avoid coffee spills. It is also dishwasher-friendly.

Get it now at

4. Braun KF7120 Drip Filter Coffee Maker (Black)

Braun KF7120 Drip Filter Coffee Maker (Black) - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Opti Brew System
  • Coffee strength selector
  • Anti-drip system
  • Programmable timer


  • For drip coffee lovers only

With the automatic drip system of the Braun coffee maker, you can make your favorite gourmet coffee at home anytime, any day. It has a compact and simple design that’s easy to use.

You can set this on your kitchen counter and conveniently make a delicious coffee every morning. Its unique optibrew technology makes that perfect cup every single time.

Choose how strong you want your coffee to be with its strength selector setting.

Get it now at

5. Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker (Silver)

Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Fast brewing capacity
  • Even heat distribution
  • Aluminum body


  • Limited serving
  • Cannot work on induction

Make your morning incredibly delicious with a great-tasting coffee with the Bialetti Moka coffee maker.

It creates a rich taste with its fast brewing capacity that allows you to brew three good cups everytime.

It is constructed with eight sides in order for heat to become evenly distributed so you get the exact brewing temperature all throughout. Really classy.

Get it now at

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6. Philips Grind and Brew Coffee Maker - HD7762/00

Philips Grind and Brew Coffee Maker - HD7762/00 - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Integrated coffee grinder
  • Automatic power timer
  • Drip stopper
  • Water level indicator
  • 2x bean containers


  • A bit on the pricey side

If you want to make a fresh hot simple cup of coffee, all you really need is this Philips Grind and Brew coffee machine.

The coffee maker is made with an integrated coffee grinder that instantly grinds your beans and brews it right after.

It comes with a glass jug, automatic timer, 2x bean containers, and drip stopper to avoid messy coffee spills. Don’t we all love a 2-in-1.

Get it now at

7. Delonghi EC685 Coffee Machine

Delonghi EC685 Coffee Machine - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Adjustable height
  • With drip tray
  • With milk frothing system
  • Thermolock heating system


  • A bit on the pricey side

Get your inner barista soul up and running with this powerful coffee machine that allows you to brew your favorite espresso into a flavorful latte or cappuccino in an instant.

You are free to maximize the adjustable settings for a more professional feel and taste. For a sophisticated coffee maker, the price is reasonable enough.

Prepare hot concoctions with impressive foam layers on top for your family and friends, and be praised for that, too.

Get it now at

8. KitchenAid - Siphon Coffee Maker 5KCM0812BOB

KitchenAid - Siphon Coffee Maker 5KCM0812BOB - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Automated full immersion siphon brewing
  • Brew unit stand
  • Reusable filter
  • Comes with cloth filter pack
  • Premium glass design


  • Limited function

If you want to make that velvety siphon coffee at home, then this coffee maker is all you need. It practically boils water as efficiently and as quickly as it can.

The automated full immersion siphon brewing gives you that wonderful cup. It includes a cleaning brush and reusable stainless steel filter for easy cleaning.

Get it now at

9. illy Y3.2 iperEspresso and Coffee Machine

illy Y3.2 iperEspresso and Coffee Machine - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Removable water tank
  • Two programmable modes
  • Comes with two different capsules
  • Stylish look


  • A bit on the side

Get your own take of full-bodied Italian espresso right at your own home with this espresso coffee machine.

It has a sleek look that complements the elegant and modern look of your kitchen. It can fill any cup size and has a removable water tank.

Get it now at

10. Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker 10W

Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker 10W - Coffee Machine Singapore


  • Coffee release lever
  • Removable tank
  • Strength selector


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Takes longer time to brew

You can make up to 7 great cups of coffee with this coffee machine. When it comes to cleaning, it’s also pretty convenient since it comes with a removable tank.

The glass carafe can also store extra brewed coffee for a couple more weeks. Just put it in the fridge and you’re good.

Get it now at

Where to Buy Starbucks Coffee Machine Singapore

Well Starbucks does not make coffee machines so we can't find exclusive Starbucks coffee machines. However we can achieve barista-level drinks as well with our Top 10 Coffee Machines listed above too!

Which coffee machine is best for home?

What is the difference between barista and coffee maker?

The difference between a barista and a coffee maker is quite simple. A barista is a professional who is skilled in the art of preparing and serving specialty coffee drinks such as espresso and latte.

A coffee maker, on the other hand, is a machine used to brew coffee.

The main difference between the two is that a barista is able to create more custom-crafted specialty drinks than a coffee maker, and is also able to engage with the customer in a more personalized way.

Furthermore, a barista will likely use high-end equipment to craft the desired coffee drink while a coffee maker is typically automated and requires less technical knowledge to extend its services.

How much should I spend on a coffee maker?

When asking how much you should spend on a coffee maker, the answer largely depends on how often it will get used.

If you are always drinking coffee everyday and are hoping to invest in a coffee maker that will last, it is generally recommended to spend at least $150 to $300 while higher-end models can cost up to several hundreds dollars.

If you plan on using the coffee maker just occasionally, you may save some money by looking for a unit that is within the $100 range, as these usually meet basic coffee needs.

How long do home coffee machines last?

Home coffee machines generally last anywhere from 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance and care.

On the other hand, a higher end espresso machine may have a lifespan of up to 8 years, depending on the quality and make of the machine.

The best way to maximize the life of a home coffee machine is to keep it clean and well-maintained, and make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, replacement parts, and maintenance.

Is coffee maker coffee better than instant coffee?

Coffee maker coffee generally has a richer and more full-bodied flavor than instant coffee.

This is because when you use coffee makers, the freshly brewed coffee grounds are in direct contact with the hot water for an extended period of time.

This allows for more of the coffee's oils and flavors to be extracted, creating a deeper and more complex flavor profile.

Moreover the temperature of the water in a drip coffee maker is usually higher than the temperature used in instant coffee preparation.

The hotter water helps to break down the oils in the coffee grounds and release more flavorful compounds. The higher quality beans and preparation of coffee maker coffee also contribute to a better overall cup of coffee than instant coffee.

Coffee Machine Singapore

In conclusion, having the right coffee machine Singapore for your home can make all the difference when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

With a wide variety of models and features to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect coffee machine for your needs.

Whether you're looking for a more traditional machine, something modern, or a machine with advanced technology, you're sure to find one that fits your needs. So don't wait any longer and get that perfect cup of coffee with the best coffee machine Singapore for you.

Get your own machine for your daily caffeine fix now. Let us know your recommendations, too.

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