Cost of Essential Oils in Singapore

Cost of Essential Oils in Singapore 2024 to Reduce Stress and Help You Sleep

The cost of essential oils in Singapore can vary widely depending on the type of oil, brand, and purity. Here is a general price range for some common essential oils:

Common Essential Oils (e.g., Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree):

  • Drugstore Brands (e.g., Now Foods, Aura Cacia): SGD 10 to SGD 30 for a 10-15 ml bottle
  • Mid-Range Brands (e.g., Plant Therapy, Edens Garden): SGD 20 to SGD 50 for a 10-15 ml bottle
  • High-End or Premium Brands (e.g., doTERRA, Young Living): SGD 50 to SGD 100 or more for a 10-15 ml bottle

Specialty or Rare Essential Oils (e.g., Rose, Sandalwood, Frankincense):

  • Drugstore Brands: SGD 30 to SGD 60 for a 5 ml bottle
  • Mid-Range Brands: SGD 50 to SGD 100 for a 5 ml bottle
  • High-End or Premium Brands: SGD 100 to SGD 300 or more for a 5 ml bottle

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it's best to check local health food stores, specialty shops, or online retail platforms that sell essential oils.


Key Takeaways:

  • Essential oils are a popular natural remedy for various health and wellness concerns.
  • In Singapore, several brands offer high-quality essential oils with a range of benefits.
  • Notable brands include Young Living, doTERRA, and HYSSES, known for their purity and therapeutic properties.

Essential oils have surged in popularity as a holistic approach to wellness. In Singapore, discerning enthusiasts have a wealth of options from brands that promise purity and efficacy. Whether seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, or relief, this guide will navigate you through the top essential oil brands tailored to meet your wellness needs.

Featured Snippet Question and Answer:
Q: What are the best essential oil brands in Singapore?
A: The best essential oil brands in Singapore include Young Living, renowned for their Seed to Seal process ensuring quality; doTERRA, recognized for their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils; and HYSSES, offering oils with Asian-centric scents and natural ingredients. These brands are celebrated for their commitment to delivering pure, high-quality essential oils that cater to a variety of therapeutic and aromatic needs.

Why use Essential Oils?

First, essential oils are used as an alternative therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. Most individuals look for probably everything just to reduce their stress and using essential oils can be one to consider using.

Initial studies about aromatherapy and essential oils showed that the smell of these oils help people treat anxiety and stress.

Next, essential oils help you have a nice good night’s sleep. One study also claimed that smelling lavender oil helps improve the sleep quality of women who had just given birth.

This might be one of the solutions you need for your sleep-deprived body, new mommy! This does not only benefit women after childbirth but most individuals who are having trouble sleeping. Using essential oils makes your bedroom cozier and more comfortable which in turn helps you relax.

Finally, using these amazing essential oils prevent certain illnesses and boosts your immune system. How? These essential oils have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent diseases. These also help improve your immune system as these are breathed into your body and the medicinal properties are absorbed in the bloodstream.

Top 10 Essential Oils in Singapore to Reduce Stress and Help You Sleep

Let’s now look at the best essential oils that you can find the market!

10 Best Essential Oils in Singapore to Reduce Stress and Help You Sleep Best Deal
Ecovera Pillow Spray Lavender Essential Oil $7.90
Rainbow Abby Rose Essential Oil $12.60
Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil $21.20
Majestic Pure Brazilian Orange Essential Oil $26.27
Kirona Scent Aromatherapy Essential Oils $10.50
Biolife 100% Pure and Natural Organic Essential Oil $5.90
Now Foods, Essential Oils $27.90
Now Foods Essential Oils, Peppermint $11.90
MAJESTIC PURE Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set $47.03
NATRÄL Top Blends Set of 6, 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil Amazon
What are the 10 most popular essential oils in Singapore?

1. Ecovera Pillow Spray Lavender Essential Oil - Best for Sleep

If you need an instant mood enhancer, you can opt to buy the Ecovera Lavender Pillow Spray Lavender Essential Oil. This made in Singapore essential oil can be easily sprayed on your room and pillows for a nice and restful sleep. This spray also wards off insects and pests which can be a bother as you rest.

The Ecovera essential oil also has antimicrobial properties for instant sanitation. This product is 100% safe for babies, so it won’t be a problem to use with your little one. Drift off into dreamland with this amazing lavender essential oil.

How do you dilute lavender oil for pillow spray?

There are a few methods for diluting lavender oil for pillow sprays. One method is to simply add a few drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well to mix.

Another way is to add a few drops onto a cotton ball, completely submerge the ball in water, and shake well to mix. The second method will produce a more concentrated spray, so it is recommended for stronger odors.

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2. Rainbow Abby Rose Essential Oil - Best for anxiety

Depression is one of the emerging issues on mental health that we must not neglect. Help your family and friend on their battle with depression by boosting their mood and alleviate any negative thoughts by providing a calm environment through the Rainbow Abby Rose Essential Oil.

What is essential rose oil good for?

Inhaling essential oils transmits a message to our body’s limbic system, which is responsible for controlling our emotions. This rose essential oil is proven to reduce anxiety levels according to a study, “The Effect of Aromatherapy on Anxiety in Patients”.

Rose oil has always been used as a way to raise one’s spirits, and is perfect for those who are suffering from the winter blues.

It is also used for those who are suffering from depression, and is effective in getting rid of negative emotions. Rose oil is also used for healing wounds, and is a common ingredient in many cosmetic products.

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3. Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular aromatherapy oils in the market. The Plant Therapy Lavender Essential oil is best for its relaxation properties and brings calmness in your body.

You can use it on your diffuser to create a warm and comfortable ambiance as you rest or use it with a carrier oil and safely apply it to your body for a massage. This product is also made from 100% pure lavender oil with no fillers and additives.

Customer Review on Shopee

Plant therapy essential oils are pretty great. I really like this brand and using their oils. Plant therapy essential oils are sourced from all over the world. The quality and purity is top-notch. I use this in lotions, in baths, in my diffuser and in a lot of my DIY recipes. I also use it in skin care products for my family.


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4. Majestic Pure Brazilian Orange Essential Oil

If you are a fan of a citrusy scent to bring your homes an uplifting and rejuvenating feel, the Majestic Pure Brazilian Orange Essential Oil should be on your list!

Orange essential oil is known for its antimicrobial properties which can isolate potential causes of food poisoning and growth of fungi. Its anti-cancer and antioxidant properties are also known for its inhibition of colon cancer, lung and prostate cancer cells, as stated in PubMed.

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5. Kirona Scent Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Having a soothing aroma on your homes can be as affordable as you can think of! The Kirona Scent Aromatherapy Essential Oils offer 50 different scents and various benefits that you can choose from, for only $9.90!

This is also a water-soluble essential which you can mix with water to use as room sprays, foot bath and other water solutions which is very convenient if you do not own an aroma diffuser or air humidifier.

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6. Biolife 100% Pure and Natural Organic Essential Oil

Give your tired bodies therapeutic aromatherapy with the 100% pure, paraben-free and cruelty-free essential oils of Biolife. These come in 27 different scents that are produced naturally.

Ditch candles and incense and give your family a safer but fragrant environment with these affordable essential oils. Although very affordable, these oils are long-lasting and extremely rich with benefits just like the other essential oils on this list.

How do you use essential oils?

The Lavender essential oil is effective in boosting hair growth and the peppermint essesntial oil (when used carefully) can cleanse the skin, reducing acne outbreak.

Rosemary guarantees mental alertness and clarity, helps with fatigue. Basil promotes clarity of thought and improves memory, helps in relieving depression and nervous exhaustion, relieves stress.

Eucalyptus is related to peppermint, it helps relieve pain, boosts energy and is anti-inflammatory. Rosewood is calming, improves mood and reduces anxiety. Jasmine is revitalizing and rejuvenating, it reduces anxiety and stress.

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7. Now Foods, Essential Oils

Experiment on a different mix of essential oils for your diffuser with the Now Foods Essential Oils. You can have 20 different scents depending on your preference.

These are also 100% pure and quality tested. Revitalize your energy and get your body refreshed for every day with the Now Foods Essential Oils.

One of our favorite scent is rose oil that has been used in many products. It has a spicy and sweet scent that has been used to enhance the flavours of products.

It has also been used in aromatherapy, rose oil helps in relaxing and calming the senses. It is also used as a base in making several cosmetic products such as shampoos and creams. Rose oil is also used in many perfumes such as rose water and sandalwood.

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8. Now Foods Essential Oils, Peppermint

This highly rated essential oil is best for treating a variety of conditions such as irritable bowel movements, nausea, and other digestive problems. You can breathe in cool and refreshing air to treat common cold and headaches with the Now Foods Peppermint Essential Oil.

For topical use, this oil can be applied for immediate relief from itching and muscle for your tired body.

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9. MAJESTIC PURE Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set

Lighten up your mood with the Majestic Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set. These oils are USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils which are thoroughly tested to ensure safety in the overall production.

These are made with no additives and fillers so you can be assured that you are purchasing 100% authentic and natural essential oils. This comes with 6 essential oils that you can use depending on your preference.

The pack includes Lavender, Peppermint, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Orange. These oils are also safe for topical use but make sure to use it only on the external parts of your body and rub a small amount on your elbows to test for any allergic reactions before applying it on your body.

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10. NATRÄL Top Blends Set of 6, 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil - best essential oil for stress

Create a perfect soothing aromatherapy experience with the NATRÄL Top Blends which comes in 6 essential oils that you can choose from. Each of the essential oils has interesting names depending on which oil is needed by your body.

You can have the Immune Booster Blend, Sleep Easy Blend, Stress Relief Blend, Zen Blend, Breathe Blend and Hope Blend.

You no longer must worry about researching which oil should you use depending on what treatment you want to give to your body through these essential oils as their benefits are already named after them!

Guide to the Right Essential Oils Online in Singapore

Here are some handy questions most folks have about Essential Oils…

10 Best Essential Oils to Try Why we like it?
Bergamot Contains antiseptic properties, Good for cold and flu season
Chamomile Great for digestive issues and wound healing, promotes peace and calm
Eucalyptus Aids Respiratory Issues and antidepressant capabilities
Jasmine A floral note great for skin infections
Lavender Promotes calming and relaxing feelings, good for anxiety and insomnia
Patchouli Earthy note great for treating skin conditions and relieve stomachaches.
Peppermint Cleanse the skin, reducing acne outbreak
Rose geranium Floral scent that can be used on face and skin
Tea tree Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal to reduce inflammation
Ylang ylang Used to improve memory skill and lower blood pressure
What are the 10 most popular essential oils?

These essential oils are produced from 100% natural ingredients which are the main consideration in purchasing essential oils. You must make sure that it is all-natural to have the important benefits that these oils provide.

Having fillers or other products added to these products can alter the benefits that it can give to your body.

What are the oils for a glowing skin?

Essential oils can be extremely beneficial for glowing skin since they are highly moisturizing and nourishing. The top 5 oils for achieving a glowing complexion are rosehip seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil.

1. Rosehip seed oil is packed with essential fatty acids that help to deeply nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.

2. Argan oil is highly moisturizing and can help to reduce signs of aging.

3. Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant that can help to protect skin from environmental damage and reduce dryness.

4. Jojoba oil is a great all-around oil for smooth and glowing skin since it mimics the skin's natural oils and helps to balance the production of sebum.

5. Last but not least, castor oil is known for its rejuvenating and healing properties, and can help to keep the skin looking and feeling soft and supple.

Is it good to use essential oil everyday?

Using essential oils everyday can be a good way to improve mood, relieve stress, and even boost immunity. However, it is important to use them responsibly and in moderation.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and can be toxic if used incorrectly or in excessive amounts. It is important to research the proper dilution ratios and applications for each essential oil before using them, and to always test them on a small area first.

It is also important to be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have to certain oils. While essential oils can be a beneficial addition to your daily routine, it is important to not over use and always prioritize your safety.

How to use Essential Oil in Singapore?

You can also use these essential oils in different ways. The most popular way to use these is through the diffuser, which is a device that diffuses mist into the air you breathe. Another method is the steam method where you can add 1-2 drops of essential oils into a bowl of water then place a towel over your head to inhale the vapor from the essential oil.

Next is the dry evaporation method which is the easiest one to use. Just add a few drops of your preferred essential oil into a cotton ball and allow it to diffuse into the air. For an intense dose, you can also sniff the cotton ball or place it into your desk near you.

Lastly, you can use the spray method to immediately set a mood in a room. Just make sure to shake the bottle before spraying to ensure that the oil is suspended properly with water.

When should you avoid essential oils?

While essential oils can have many health benefits, there are certain situations where they should be avoided or used with caution. Here are some instances where you should avoid or be careful when using essential oils:

  1. During pregnancy: Some essential oils can be harmful to the developing fetus and should be avoided during pregnancy. These include oils such as clary sage, rosemary, and thyme. It's important to speak with a healthcare professional before using essential oils during pregnancy.
  2. With certain medical conditions: Essential oils can interact with certain medications and medical conditions. For example, oils such as wintergreen and birch contain methyl salicylate, which can be harmful for those with aspirin allergies or who are taking blood thinners. It's important to speak with a healthcare professional before using essential oils if you have any medical conditions or are taking medications.
  3. With sensitive skin: Essential oils can be irritating to the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. It's important to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil, before applying to the skin. Additionally, it's important to do a patch test before using a new essential oil to check for any allergic reactions.
  4. Around pets: Some essential oils can be harmful to pets, especially cats. Oils such as tea tree, peppermint, and citrus oils can be toxic to cats and should be avoided. It's important to keep essential oils away from pets and to speak with a veterinarian before using essential oils around pets.

Overall, it's important to use essential oils with caution and to speak with a healthcare professional or aromatherapist before using essential oils if you have any concerns or questions.

Essential Oil Singapore

Essential oils are probably one of the ways to easily pamper your body. There are different scents and benefits to choosing from which you can enjoy using. Give yourself a break from work or school with these amazing oils.

It is safe to be used daily to give yourself a refreshed and alert mind and body every day.

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