Cost of Freezer in Singapore

Cost of Freezer in Singapore 2024 for Home Use

The cost of freezers in Singapore can vary depending on the type, brand, capacity, and features. Here are some approximate price ranges for different types of freezers:

  1. Chest Freezers:

    • Small capacity (100-200 liters): Around SGD 300 - SGD 600
    • Medium capacity (200-400 liters): Around SGD 600 - SGD 1,000
    • Large capacity (400+ liters): Around SGD 1,000 - SGD 1,500+
  2. Upright Freezers:

    • Small capacity (100-200 liters): Around SGD 400 - SGD 800
    • Medium capacity (200-400 liters): Around SGD 800 - SGD 1,200
    • Large capacity (400+ liters): Around SGD 1,200 - SGD 2,000+
  3. Portable Freezers:

    • Small capacity (up to 50 liters): Around SGD 200 - SGD 500
    • Medium capacity (50-100 liters): Around SGD 500 - SGD 800

Popular brands like Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Hisense, and Electrolux offer a range of models across these price categories. Prices can vary based on sales, promotions, and the specific retailer. It's advisable to compare prices across different stores, both online and physical, to find the best deal. Additionally, consider looking at reviews and ratings to ensure you're getting a freezer that fits your needs and budget.



Key Takeaways:

  • A reliable freezer is essential for long-term food storage and convenience.
  • Singapore offers a variety of freezer models to suit different household needs.
  • Considerations include size, energy efficiency, and special features.

Preserving your food's freshness while optimizing kitchen space is key. This guide highlights the best freezers in Singapore, designed to meet diverse storage requirements and enhance your home's efficiency.

Featured Snippet:
What features should you look for when buying a freezer in Singapore? When selecting a freezer, consider the appliance's size to ensure it fits your space and meets your storage needs, energy efficiency ratings to keep electricity costs down, and additional features like frost-free technology or rapid freezing capabilities. The ideal freezer should align with both your lifestyle demands and kitchen design.

What are The Types Of Freezers Available in Singapore?

Before we dive into learning what freezers are the golds of the market today, we should see what their basic types are first.

Freezers come in two variations: chest freezers and upright freezers. Both are great for storing items for weeks to months but differs on things like the outline created below:

Chest Freezer

It is the type of freezer with a box design and top-mounted lid-like door. To that, it keeps the cold air successfully and moves downwards.

Since it also has a huge capacity, you can store hulking pieces here like meats of epic cuts and more.

Upright Freezer

On the other hand, upright freezers are more traditional in look. They are like a typical fridge with its front attached door but suits usual kitchen settings. By its horizontal stacking structure, stored food is easier to get and access as well.

Best Freezer in Singapore for Home Use Best Deal (SGD)
PowerPac Upright Freezer 50L Mini Bar Freezer (PPFZ60) $228.00
MIDEA Chest Freezer MDRC152FZG01-SG $280.00
Farfalla Upright Freezer FUF-EP120 $304.90
Farfalla Slim Chest Freezer FCF-W70  $259.00
TNG Upright Freezer TGU85 $280.00
MG Small Chest Freezer $185.00
Mini Fridge for Beauty Products or Skincare $38.12
Aerogaz Chest Freezer AZ-1080CF $285.00
LeMaison Upright Freezer LUF85 $270.00
EF Chest Freezer EFCF109WB $299.00
LeMaison Chest Freezer $188.00
Butterfly Upright Freezer BUF-S75 $299.00
Which are the Cheap Freezer & Chillers in Singapore?

Top 12 Freezers in Singapore for Home Use That Suits Every Budget

1. PowerPac Upright Freezer 50L Mini Bar Freezer (PPFZ60)

PowerPac Upright Freezer 50L Mini Bar Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Imagine having your very own personal icebox at home – sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, make that happen and purchase one like this Upright Freezer PPFZ60 by PowerPac!

It is one of the cheapest and best in the market today due to its performance and design. Motorized by a top-notch compressor, this freezer can produce enough coldness for the food items to be stored.

You can fill tons of things here like ice creams, drinks, and even baby deals.

Yes, PowerPac Mini Upright Freezer PPFZ60 is a fantastic alternative for piling food, breast milk, and other essentials for newborns! It even has an anti-bacterial filter which means storing items like those mentioned is safer.

What is more, you can clean it easily and place it in spaces like tabletops. For someone who is looking for a worthy home freezer, this one exceeds all expectations!

Key Features:

  • Small in Size yet Effective to Use
  • 2 to 10 Years of Full Warranty with European Energy Efficiency Standard
  • Low Noise and CFC Free – Ozone Friendly
  • High-Quality Compressor
  • Manual Defrost System
  • Installed with Full Functioning Pieces like Safety Hinge & Leveling Feet
  • With Temperature Control and Thick Frozen Foaming Design
  • Impressive Freezer Compartment – 50L Capacity
  • Baby Exclusive and has an Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • Affordable, Best for Home Use, and Handy

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2. MIDEA Chest Freezer MDRC152FZG01-SG

MIDEA Chest Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Level up your food storage at home or in your business spot by availing this MIDEA Freezer MDRC152FZG01-SG. The chest-type freezer with remarkable features like sound design, cooling system, and vast volume. It cools down excellently based on its top-class D+ System.

Also, MIDEA Freezer MDRC152FZG01-SG has an option to adjust the multiple temperatures freely. You can alter the coolness depending on the items inside so it can maintain its quality and freshness.

It is a long-lasting and affordable investment for personal or work use. No wonder it became popular among the Singaporean crowd due to these facts.

Thus, skip the worrying and add this freezer deal to your list!

Key Features

  • Safe to Use and has a Local Warranty of 1 to 2 Years
  • Flawless Look and Design with Single Piece Door
  • Optional Spare Parts Available like LED Lights, Wire Baskets, and More
  • The Capacity of 99L and has a Stronger Hi-Tech Insulation
  • Multiple Temperature
  • D+ System for Cooling Performance
  • Reasonable in Price and Convenient
  • For Home/Business Use

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3. Farfalla Upright Freezer FUF-EP120 (120L)

Farfalla Upright Freezer - Freezer Singapore

A traditional freezer like the Farfalla Upright Freezer FUF-EP120 can also be a good choice for a reliable freezer. It has a 120L capacity which is a massive size for stocking meats or frozen deals at home.

Since its upright type, this Farfalla Freezer is handy and complements home kitchen setups best.

Moreover, it includes an electric shock resisting detail that makes it safe to use and rated 4- stars by customers. Such a total must-have, right?

Key Features:

  • Electric Shock Resistant
  • Mechanical Temperature Control
  • Flat Back with an Inside Condenser
  • Low Noise Function and Energy Saving
  • Volume Capacity of 120L
  • Warranty of 1 Year and has a Safety Mark
  • Protection Classified and has an Upright Front
  • Handy and Best for Home Use

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4. Farfalla Slim Chest Freezer FCF-W70 (70L)

Farfalla Slim Chest Freezer - Freezer Singapore

It is excessive how manufacturers keep on developing freezers over time like the Farfalla Chest Freezer FCF-W70.

This freezer is not just an average icebox but has a modish slim fit with pure white interiors and exteriors. To that, you can style and display it seamlessly in your kitchen area!

When it comes to its performance, it can also cool down stored foods just like others. It has mounted castors, thermostats, and even a safety lock for extra features to enjoy.

You can ensure that your stored items are in a non-risk room and can stay that for a long time. Mothers love this freezer to store breast milk for a few days.

On top of that, it is the brand that matters too. Farfalla is one of the most trusted providers of quality freezers in Singapore and other places. So, we think this concludes why this frost angel is worthy of purchase!

Key Features:

  • Modern Look and Slim Chest Freezer Type
  • 70L Volume Capacity and has a Safety Mark
  • Mechanical Temperature Control Feature
  • Adjustable and has a Key Lock
  • Installed with 4 Castors, LED Lights and Thermostat
  • Fast Cooling System and Easy to Use
  • Budget-Friendly and Best for Home/Business Use
  • 1 to 2 Years of Warranty

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5. TNG Upright Freezer TGU85 (85L)

TNG Upright Freezer TGU85 - Freezer Singapore

If you are still thinking about which freezer is the best, consider checking this award-winning deal from TNG. Presenting, TNG Upright Freezer TGU85!

It is a 220V powered freezer finished in matte black with an adjustable leg. You can move this at ease from one place to another.

Aside from that, this has an 85L volume attached with a lock for safekeeping. Lastly, it is below $500 that makes it more tempting to buy. Come on, add this to your list of options!

Key Features:

  • 1 Year of Warranty with Safety Mark
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Net Capacity of 85L
  • Modern Matte Black Color
  • Trusted and High in Market Ratings
  • 220V Power
  • Adjustable Leg
  • Mounted with a Lock and Handles
  • Low Noise with Graded A+ Performance
  • Best for Home Use

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6. MG Small Chest Freezer

MG Small Chest Freezer - Freezer Singapore

If you are looking for a freezer for breastmilk, the best option we have here is this MG Small Chest Freezer. Of course, this freezer is not just for that.

You can store your favorite beverages or foods here with a freezing capacity of 5.2kg/24h. This is a good size chest freezer for an apartment for 2 to 3 persons.

Key Features:

  • Top opening mode
  • Non-intelligent type
  • Level 2 Energy efficiency rating
  • Refrigeration and freezing

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7. Mini Fridge for Beauty Products or Skincare

Mini Fridge for Beauty Products or Skincare - Freezer Singapore

Many would probably know that most beauty and skincare products need refrigeration like facial masks, soothing gels, and creams. 

This mini-fridge is a great choice for that. This 4L capacity fridge is a portable cooler for your skincare needs, plus it’s eco-friendly in consumption. 

What’s good about this is its dual purpose, both cooling and heating for any products that need proper temperature. 

The design is very stylish and unique, and this fridge is really convenient and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Dual purpose, cooling, and heating
  • Perfect gift for girls
  • Portable and convenient

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8. Aerogaz Chest Freezer 100L AZ-1080CF

Aerogaz Chest Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Starting small businesses that feature food is challenging, and more so if you don’t have sufficient stock space. For starters, you have to look someplace to store your supplies rather than piling them in your fridge. Luckily, Aerogaz Chest Freezer 100L AZ-1080CF is a seemly candidate.

This freezer has a massive net of 100L that you can use wisely for your needs. It has an outstanding cooling performance with a switch control for enhancement.

You can alter the cold whenever you like. And since approved by specialists, Aerogaz Freezer AZ-1080 CF is also famous to households in Singapore. Amazing, right?

Key Features:

  • Years of Warranty
  • 100L Net Volume
  • Authorized by Experts
  • High-Quality Compressor
  • Remarkable Freezing Capacity
  • Anti-Scratch Cabinet and has a Thermostat Modification
  • Functioning as a Fridge and Freezer
  • 240V Power Supply
  • Suitable for Home/Business Use

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9. LeMaison Upright Freezer LUF85 (85L)

LeMaison Upright Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Storage capacity is a vital factor if you are going to have a commendable freezer hunt. If that is, then it is only dead-on if you decide on the Upright Freezer LUF85 from LeMaison!

It is a traditional-looking icebox with a massive volume of 85L. We know that’s a lot of space and what is more, is that super easy to use.

It reaches power up to 220V while staying in minimal sound so it will be less distracting.

Last but not least, it is a fast freezer deal to be delivered to certain Singaporean homes with a full-on warranty. Thus, there is no hesitation that this LeMaison Upright Freezer LUF85 deserves its spot on the list.

Key Features

  • Traditional yet Efficient to Use
  • 85L Quantity for Storage
  • 220V Power Rate
  • Low in Cost
  • Adjustable Bottoms/Legs and Easy Procedure
  • Local Warranty of 1 Year
  • Simple White Finish
  • For Home Use
  • Well-Organized Compartments
  • Effective Cooling Effect
  • Low Noise Function
  • Fast Delivery

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10. EF Chest Freezer EFCF109WB (100L)

EF Chest Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Treat yourself extra space for your bulk of foods with the EF Chest Freezer EFCF109WB. It is a single-door chest type freezer with a 100L net size available at an affordable cost.

Like most freezers, it has top interiors that are easy to dust off and sanitize. What is more, it has a manual defrosting mode and an adjustable thermostat.

You don’t have to worry about the item safety for EF Freezer EFCF109WB mounts a lock and key set. So, if you are already out of room for your frozen food items, give this freezer deal a go!

Key Features:

  • Affordable and Eco-friendly
  • Wide in Range and Storage Efficient
  • 1 to 2 Years of Warranty
  • Large in Size but Suits Both Home and Business Setting
  • Detachable Storage Basket Add-ons
  • Available in White Color Only
  • 100L Volume Capacity
  • 85W Input Power and 240V Voltage
  • Best Freezing Ability and has a Manual Defrosting

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11. LeMaison Chest Freezer (50L) - Best for Small Spaces

LeMaison Chest Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Let your foods like drinks, treats, and even breast milk be stored in comfort, and try this LeMaison Chest Freezer (50L) today. It is a 2-in-1 Chiller Freezer with a surety and low-cost market offer.

You can get this online that fits any home setting effortlessly. This LeMaison Chest Freezer has a thick foam scheme which creates a proficient outcome.

Also, it takes in an adjustable control for temperature that you can play with +5 to -20 degrees based on your liking. With its rear wheelset, moving it is also easy.

Last of all, using this chest freezer saves both your budget and energy.

Key Features:

  • 2-IN-1 Chiller and Freezer
  • 1 Year of Full Warranty with 5 Years Compressor Warranty
  • High-Efficiency Freezing
  • 50L Volume Capacity
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Suitable for Household Usage
  • Thick Frozen Foam Design
  • Energy Saving and Low-priced
  • Convertible with its Rear Wheel Leg

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12. Butterfly Upright Freezer BUF-S75 (75L)

Butterfly Upright Freezer - Freezer Singapore

Organize your food stocks well with the Butterfly Freezer BUF-S75! It is an upright type freezer manufactured through long-lasting materials and valuable features.

Using its rated voltage quality, it modifies coldness for storing between 0 to -18 degrees.

Furthermore, Freezer BUF-S75 by Butterfly has a condenser outside and mounted interior lights for convenience. It is a perfect addition to your home or use for businesses due to its 75L volume dimensions.

So, check this Butterfly Freezer BUF-S75, and who knows, maybe you have a soft spot to it that you will end up purchasing!

Key Features:

  • Energy Efficient and Easy to Use
  • Reversible Door made from Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Temperature Control
  • Net Storage Capacity of 75L
  • External Condenser and Interior Lighting
  • Low Noise with Rated Voltage
  • Temperature Rate of 0 to -18
  • Years of Warranty
  • Perfect for Home/Business Use

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Guide to freezer in Singapore

Here are some handy questions most folks have about freezer…

What is the freezer used for?

A freezer is a household appliance used for storing and preserving food at low temperatures. Freezers work by removing heat from the interior of the unit, which lowers the temperature and preserves the food. Freezers are typically used for long-term storage of food, as they can keep food fresh for several months or even years, depending on the type of food and the temperature of the freezer.

Here are some common uses for freezers:

  1. Storing frozen food: Freezers are commonly used to store frozen food items, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, and prepared meals. These food items can be stored for long periods of time, which can help to reduce waste and save money.
  2. Making ice: Freezers can be used to make ice cubes, which are commonly used in beverages and cocktails.
  3. Preserving food: Freezers can be used to preserve food items that are not typically frozen, such as bread, cheese, and butter. These items can be stored in the freezer to extend their shelf life.
  4. Emergency preparedness: Freezers can be used as part of emergency preparedness plans, as they can help to preserve food during power outages or other emergencies.

Overall, freezers are an important household appliance that is used to store and preserve food at low temperatures. They can help to reduce waste, save money, and provide a convenient and reliable way to store food items for long periods of time.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Freezer?

Identifying which freezer is right for you is a little thought-provoking. To lure such a flawless choice, you need to consider common factors.

These are typical yet significant aspects to reflect better in your hunt. Here is a list for you to have a better understanding:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Consumption of Energy
  • Noise Level
  • Freezing Performance
  • Climate Classification
  • Amount of Use
  • Manual or Self-Defrost System
  • Safety Grants and Warranty

Without these so-called points, expect that you will have a stressful day rather than a cool refreshing one. Thus, if you are still searching, try to find the following factors in your choices. In this way, you will have less regrets.

What is the best freezer size for home?

The best freezer size for a home depends on several factors, including the size of the household, the amount of food that needs to be stored, and the available space in the home. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the best freezer size for a home:

  1. Small households: For small households or individuals, a compact freezer with a capacity of 5 to 7 cubic feet may be sufficient. This size can accommodate a few frozen meals, a small amount of meat, and some ice cream.
  2. Medium households: For medium-sized households, a freezer with a capacity of 7 to 14 cubic feet may be appropriate. This size can accommodate a larger amount of frozen food items, such as meat, vegetables, and prepared meals.
  3. Large households: For larger households or families, a freezer with a capacity of 14 to 20 cubic feet may be necessary. This size can accommodate a large amount of frozen food items, such as bulk meat purchases, frozen fruits and vegetables, and prepared meals.
  4. Available space: It's important to consider the available space in the home when choosing a freezer size. A larger freezer may require more floor space, while a smaller freezer may be more suitable for a smaller kitchen or living space.

Overall, the best freezer size for a home depends on the individual needs and circumstances of the household. It's important to consider factors such as the size of the household, the amount of food that needs to be stored, and the available space in the home when choosing a freezer size.

Freezer Singapore

Aside from having a thorough look at the specific product details, we recommend seeing a worthy list of preferences like this one. It will not only provide you with a smooth route to purchase freezers but teach you to consider guides often. Well, this guide is full of your needed information for the best freezers in Singapore.

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