Best Logistics Company in Singapore

Best Logistics Company in Singapore 2024

Some of the best logistics companies in Singapore known for their comprehensive services and reliable operations include:

  1. DHL Supply Chain Singapore: DHL is a global leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, offering a wide range of services including warehousing, distribution, and transportation.

  2. FedEx Express: FedEx is renowned for its international shipping and logistics services, providing reliable and efficient delivery solutions for businesses and individuals.

  3. DB Schenker: DB Schenker offers a comprehensive range of logistics services in Singapore, including air and ocean freight, contract logistics, and supply chain management.

  4. UPS Asia Group Pte Ltd: UPS is a well-established logistics company in Singapore, providing a broad spectrum of logistics and supply chain solutions to meet diverse business needs.

  5. Toll Group: Toll Group offers integrated logistics services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution, with a strong presence in the Singapore market.

When choosing a logistics company in Singapore, it's important to consider factors such as the company's track record, service reliability, network coverage, and the ability to provide tailored solutions to meet specific business requirements. Additionally, consider the company's technological capabilities, customer service, and industry expertise when making a decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of the top 10 logistics and freight companies in Singapore.
  • Essential services and unique offerings highlighted.
  • Guide for businesses to choose the right logistics partner.

Singapore's strategic location makes it a global logistics hub. This guide profiles the top 10 logistics and freight companies, showcasing their services, strengths, and how they can support your business needs. Whether you're a multinational or a local enterprise, selecting the right partner is crucial for supply chain success.

Who are the top logistics and freight companies in Singapore and what do they offer?

The top logistics and freight companies in Singapore include established players like DHL, FedEx, and UPS, as well as local specialists. They offer a range of services from international freight forwarding to innovative supply chain solutions, catering to diverse business requirements.

What are The Pillars of Best Logistics Company?

The essence of businesses that create, produce, and exchange goods or services in the market is to provide a convenient transaction for the consumers.

To achieve that, logistics will be the team to handle the transactions. And we have to remember that when there is no movement of goods, there will be no transactions or profits.

1. Material Sourcing

This matter involves finding the lowest-cost but high-quality supplier that could provide raw materials used in manufacturing.

This includes the calculation, managing the costs and factors, competitor priority rankings, possible backorder delays, add-ons services, and shipment costs.

Finding and relying upon the right supplier in any given material or factor needed matters in the industry. This is why planning and executing the task plays a vital role in sourcing.

2. Transportation of the Goods

The main point of logistics is to transport goods from Place A to Place B, which means that the logistics company must have the best mode of shipment.

Selecting the best logistics company means knowing their shipment modes, whether on-air or on land. And, of course, handling the speed, distance, and optimizing the courier routes and regulation compliance.

3. Proper Warehousing

Whether the storage is for short or long-term purposes, warehousing is one of the vital parts of a logistics company. However, logistical planning is also a complex matter.

The company must determine the availability and requirements needed for the goods, such as cold storage, docking facilities, and proximity modes of transportation.

Furthermore, the organization within the warehouses must also consider a lot of matters such as handling the perishable goods, if the oldest items are shipped out first or if the products are usually stored beside one another, and a lot more.

4. Order Fulfillment

In order to complete a transaction, the products must be “picked” from the warehouse per the customer’s order and properly packed, labeled, and then shipped to the customer’s address.

This fulfillment process comprises the order fulfillment through this sequence.

5. Inventory

This element is related to storage and warehousing – this is about what stock is to hold, the number of stocks available, and the control of the number of goods.

The sales data and previous orders of the consumers matter in this aspect.

6. Information and Control

These elements play a significant role in all the operational procedures. The role of this organization is to help design information systems, store data, and control operational procedures.

What are the Four Areas to Get Started with a Logistics Company?

A successful logistics company needs an equal part of the strategy, planning, and execution that encompasses movement that favors the company and client.

A plan must possess all the steps necessary to bring the strategies into execution, and every person in the company must have the proper skills needed for each position.

1. Spatial Management

The industry requires sufficient space for all the goods, such as the warehouses, handling equipment, package, labels, and the people that would receive, store, pick, pack, and ship out the products.

2. Management

This is one of the most outstanding expenses and one of the most needed in any warehouse and, of course, business.

From HR-related employees to warehouse people, workers who would guard, store, and ship the products. A well-managed logistics team means providing the proper salary, benefits packages, and workers' insurance.

3. Equipment and Information Technology

Logistics businesses require specialized equipment and IT Infrastructure that could accommodate all the work in the company such as the truck fleet, robotics, forklifts, and of course the website, online channels, online ordering, warehouse automation, and other keys that play a big role in the logistics strategy.

10 Best Logistics Company in Singapore that offer order processing and services like warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping

1. Bollore Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

Image Source: Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

This company is a long-established and one of the top 10 transport and logistics companies with the largest integrated logistics network in Africa.

Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in international transport and logistics.

The mission of this company is to support its clients by providing a customized service that will allow them to be on top of their respective markets.

What Customers Say…

“Great firm, innovative solutions.” – Keith Carter

Available Services:

  • Transportation
  • Trade Compliance
  • Contract Logistics
  • Global Supply Chain
  • E-commerce
  • Industrial Projects
  • Customer Care


Address: 101 Alps Avenue #03-01, Singapore 498793

Contact Number: +65 64 16 8333

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2. Malaquay Logistics

Image Source: Malaquay Logistics

Malaquay Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

The Malaquay Logistics is an all-rounded service provider for all port to port or door to door shipments. They believe that every part of their service and shipment handling must never compromise the quality of what they can provide.

Their main goal is to work closely with their clients to provide a shipping solution that will exceed every expectation of the clients.

What Customers Say…

"Thanks to all!! The delivery was perfect! All in time and with a perfect service!!! I have not doubts!!!" - Dessous Gianfranco

Available Services:

  • Integrated Logistics Plan
  • Freight Service


Address: 50 Bukit Batok Street 23, #01-14 Midview Building, Singapore 659578

Contact Number: +65 6659 2090

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 3. Global Alliance Logistics

Image Source: @globalalliancelogistics via Instagram

Global Alliance Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

Global Alliance Logistics started its humble beginnings way back in 2013.

This company has grown significantly and continues to pave its way in the industry by providing and expanding to meet its client’s needs.

Through the years, they have established a global presence alongside reliable worldwide partners in transporting goods securely around the world.

They are also harnessing industry knowledge that keeps their supply chain management robust.

What Customers Say…

“Global Alliance Logistics is very prompt in replying to our inquiries and professional in following up with our consignments from the moment documents are given to them especially urgent shipments. Will continue to use Global Alliance Logistics for our business needs and will also recommend their services to our clients who are looking for trustworthy logistics services.” – Nex Technologies

Available Services:

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Transportation
  • Project Cargo Handling
  • Dangerous Cargo Handling
  • Personal Effect Shipment
  • Warehouse and Contract Logistics
  • Supply Chain and Customized Solutions


Address: 37 Tannery Ln, #04-03, Singapore 347790

Contact Number: +65 6886 1973

4. ALPS Global Logistics

Image Source: ALPS Global Logistics

ALPS Global Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

ALPS Global aims to provide ease and cost-saving services for their clients. The company ensures to provide 100% high-quality service in every transaction. Impressive, agree? Well, there is more.

Its mission is also to achieve excellence in customer service.

ALPS Global aims to have success in logistics with networking too. In addition, this company delivers professionalism and pride in working with solutions through innovation.

What Customers Say…

"Very very good service,keep us updated from time to time, Kelvin service is good and fast, highly recommend." - Ann Ying

Available Services:

  • Warehouse Storage
  • Land Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • General Freight Services


Address: 21 Woodlands Cl, #04-46A Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854

Contact Number: +65 6710 4851

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5. Danke Logistics

Image Source: Danke Logistics

Danke Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

Danke Logistics is one of the leading freight-forwarding companies. This company ensures to provide nothing but 100% high-quality service through their innovative shipping management and arrangement service worldwide.

They also aim to offer unparalleled service at the most competitive rates.

What Customers Say…

"Kevin was so nice, helped us a lot!" - 張瑞紀

Available Services:

  • Door to door transportation
  • Trucking and warehouse
  • Freight Insurance


Address: 7 Temasek Blvd, 1, 12-07 Suntec Tower, Singapore 038987

Contact Number: +65 6815 9061

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6. FPS Global Logistics

Image source: FPS Global Logistics via Linkedn

FPS Global Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

FPS Global Logistics Pte Ltd is one of the leading local companies specializing in Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier operations.

FPS is a trusted and reliable logistics partner (a subsidiary of Singpost) that provides high-quality and cost-efficient solutions for its clients.

FPS Global Logistics Pte Ltd's mission is to create quality services by optimizing the supply chain and continuously enhancing their productivity in all aspects of their work.

It is why FPS Global Logistics has worldwide coverage with their own offices as well as a strategic partnership with top market players.

What Customers Say…

“Giving five stars.” – Vimal PBS

Available Services

  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Project Management


Address: 511 Kampong Bahru Road #05-03 Keppel Distripark, Singapore 099447

Contact Number: +65 6240 1900

7. OECL Pvt Ltd

Image source: OECL Pvt Ltd

OECL Pvt Ltd - Logistics Company Singapore

Since 2008, OECL is one of the best and most active companies. The company holds its main headquarters in Singapore as one of the region's premier global logistics and supply chain partners.

Their passion, devotion, and goodness are likely enough throughout the years.

They believe that the perfect management of people, place, and time is the key to providing maintained work with their clients. Pretty awesome, right?

So if you're looking for an honest freight forwarding company that will take care of all the details so you can focus on your business instead of logistics headaches, then OECL should be at the top of your list!

What Customers Say…

"OECL has been a very good logistics partner for me and at the heart of their incredible services is their complete commitment to customers and the professional and quality services delivered. They have a splendid team of logistics experts who give you with viable and best scenario options for your cargo movements. Keep up the good work, appreciate it." - Andreas Fernadus

Available Services:

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Custom Clearance
  • Project Cargo
  • Container Reposition


Address: Blk 511 Kampong Bahru Road, #04-02 Keppel Distripark, Singapore 099447

Contact Number: +65 6224 1338

8. Omni Logistics

Image Source: Omni Logistics

Omni Logistics - Logistics Company Singapore

Omni Logistics is the answer if you are searching for global shipping, specialized warehousing, or third-party logistics!

Their expanding global presence aims to provide their clients with comprehensive solutions for their transportation or warehousing needs.

Moreover this logistic company offers a wide range of shipping solutions, including import/export cargo management, ocean transport, warehousing and storage facilities, courier services, as well as overseas shipment consolidation and distribution.

Their team of experienced professionals is fluent in multiple languages ​and can handle any type of shipment with ease.

What Customers Say…

"Awesome customer service for all your transportation and expedited needs." - Javier Ramirez

Available Services

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Retail Logistics
  • High Tech Logistics
  • Semi-Conductor Logistics
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • E-commerce Logistics
  • Automotive Supply Chain
  • Aviation and Aerospace Logistics


Address: Cargo Agent Building D #02-23 Singapore, Singapore 819827

Contact Number: +65 6545 4041

9. Yusen Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

Image Source: Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd - Logistics Company Singapore

Yusen Logistics Singapore is a reliable freight forwarding company that has been providing quality logistics services to businesses and individuals in Singapore for over 70 years since its founding.

They are well known for their customer service, efficient shipping practices, and speedy delivery times.

Yusen Logistics based in Singapore helps each customer revolutionize their logistics and creates swift and effective logistics solutions.

With their given skills knowledge in various industries, Yusen Logistics has become one of the most reliable service providers in the market.

What Customers Say…

“Good and friendly people." - Ho Ying Yau

Available Services

  • Transportation Services
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Project Cargo
  • Supply Chain Management
  • IT Solutions
  • Temperature Controlled Services
  • 4PL & Lead Logistics Provider


Address: 119 Airport Cargo Rd #02-05/06/07 Changi Cargo Agents Megaplex 1 Changi Airfreight Centre, Singapore 819454

Contact Number: +65 6542 5133

10. M&P International Freights Pte. Ltd

Image Source: M&P International Freights Pte. Ltd

M&P International Freights Pte. Ltd - Logistics Company Singapore

M&P International Freights offers a variety of logistics services to importers and exporters globally.

As one of the world’s leading international freight forwarders based in Singapore, they have successfully managed international trades between a wide variety of countries over the past 12 years.

Under globalization, they ensure to be proactive and are constantly adapting to the market’s ever-changing needs.

What Customers Say…

"I have used the freight and storage service in 2020. Their service is professional and quick response. Air-conditioned storage is able to keep my stuffs in good condition. Highly Recommending Company!" - Hyomin Im

Available Services:

  • Sea Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Custom Clearance
  • Air Freight
  • Trucking
  • Refrigerated Trucking
  • Door to Door Shipping
  • Dangerous Goods Shipping


Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #04-10 MAPEX, Singapore 577177

Contact Number: +65 6221 2218

Which is the best logistic company Singapore?

What is the purpose of a logistics company?

The purpose of a logistics company is to provide a range of services related to the transportation, storage, and distribution of goods and products. Here are some of the main functions of a logistics company:

  1. Transportation: Logistics companies are responsible for arranging the transportation of goods from one location to another, whether by air, sea, or land. They may work with a variety of carriers, including shipping companies, airlines, and trucking companies, to ensure that goods are moved efficiently and cost-effectively.
  2. Warehousing: Logistics companies may also provide warehousing services, which involve the storage and management of goods in a warehouse or distribution center. This can include inventory management, order fulfillment, and other services related to the storage and handling of goods.
  3. Supply chain management: Logistics companies may also be involved in managing the supply chain for a particular product or industry. This can involve coordinating the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors, and ensuring that products are delivered on time and in good condition.
  4. Customs and compliance: Logistics companies may also be responsible for managing customs and compliance issues related to the transportation and distribution of goods. This can include ensuring that all necessary permits and licenses are obtained, and that goods are properly labeled and packaged for shipment.

Overall, logistics companies play a critical role in the global economy, helping to ensure that goods and products are transported, stored, and distributed efficiently and cost-effectively. By providing a range of services related to transportation, warehousing, supply chain management, and customs and compliance, logistics companies help to support businesses and industries around the world.

Is logistics just transportation?

No, logistics is not just transportation. While transportation is an important part of logistics, it is just one component of a larger process that involves the management of the movement and storage of goods and products. Logistics encompasses a range of activities, including transportation, warehousing, inventory management, supply chain management, and other related services.

Logistics involves the coordination of various activities and processes to ensure that goods are moved efficiently and cost-effectively from one location to another. This can include planning and scheduling transportation, managing inventory levels, coordinating with suppliers and customers, and ensuring compliance with customs and regulatory requirements.

In addition to transportation, logistics companies may also provide a range of other services related to the storage and management of goods, such as warehousing, order fulfillment, and inventory management. They may also be involved in managing the supply chain for a particular product or industry, which can involve coordinating the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors.

Overall, logistics is a complex and multifaceted process that involves the management of various activities and processes related to the movement and storage of goods and products. While transportation is an important part of logistics, it is just one component of a larger process that involves a range of activities and services.

Is Singapore good for logistics?

Yes, Singapore is considered to be a global leader in logistics and is recognized as one of the most efficient and competitive logistics hubs in the world. Here are some reasons why Singapore is a good location for logistics:

  1. Strategic location: Singapore is located at the crossroads of major shipping lanes in Southeast Asia, making it an ideal location for logistics and transportation. The country has a well-developed port infrastructure, including the world's second-busiest container port, which handles millions of containers each year.
  2. Efficient logistics infrastructure: Singapore has a highly efficient logistics infrastructure, with modern and well-maintained transportation networks, including roads, railways, and air transport. The country also has a well-developed warehousing and distribution network, with advanced technology and automation systems to support logistics operations.
  3. Business-friendly environment: Singapore is known for its business-friendly environment, with low taxes, minimal bureaucracy, and a supportive government that encourages foreign investment. This makes it an attractive location for logistics companies looking to expand their operations in the region.
  4. Skilled workforce: Singapore has a highly skilled and educated workforce, with a strong emphasis on training and development in the logistics sector. The country has a large pool of talent in areas such as logistics management, engineering, and IT, which helps to support the growth and competitiveness of the logistics industry.

Overall, Singapore's strategic location, efficient logistics infrastructure, business-friendly environment, and skilled workforce make it an ideal location for logistics companies looking to expand their operations in the region.

Logistics Companies Singapore

The transportation and trading market has vastly improved, which is why several logistics companies have come to pave their way into the market.

Yet, as the clients or consumers, we must ensure that the logistics service provider we are aiming for could provide us with every single requirement that we need to provide high-quality service for our business as well.

And to create a positive impact on our business by covering all the business' needs, we must adequately plan, create strategies, execute, and partner with the right manufacturers, suppliers, and even logistics service providers.

As a business owner, it is best to find the right person on each business aspect, and everything will surely fall into the right places.

We hope this thorough list is an informative guide. Happy reading to all!

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