Best Pet Friendly Dog Cafes in Singapore

Best Pet Friendly Dog Cafes in Singapore 2024 - All You Need to Know

Singapore is home to a variety of pet-friendly cafes where you can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee with your furry friend. Here are some of the best dog-friendly cafes in the city:

1. Sun Ray Café

Located in Serangoon, Sun Ray Café is a popular spot for pet owners. The café has a dedicated pet-friendly area and offers a menu specifically for dogs, including treats and main courses.

  • Address: 79 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore 559218
  • Highlights: Pet-friendly menu, cozy atmosphere, and regular pet events.

2. The Garden Slug Pet Patio

Situated in Telok Kurau, The Garden Slug Pet Patio is a great place for both pets and their owners. The café offers a spacious outdoor area where pets can roam freely.

  • Address: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61, Bright Centre, Singapore 425500
  • Highlights: Spacious outdoor seating, pet-friendly menu, and a relaxed vibe.

3. We Are The Furballs (WTF)

This is Singapore's first dog café, and it's located in Bugis. While it's more of a dog petting café where you can interact with resident dogs, you can also bring your own dog along.

  • Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #07-07, Singapore 188067
  • Highlights: Interaction with resident dogs, pet-friendly environment, and a fun atmosphere.

4. Ah B Café

Located in Sunny Heights, Ah B Café is a well-known pet-friendly café that offers a wide range of food for both humans and pets. The café has a large outdoor area and even a swimming pool for dogs.

  • Address: 110 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288000
  • Highlights: Large outdoor area, dog swimming pool, and a comprehensive pet menu.

5. Canopy Garden Dining

Located in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Canopy Garden Dining offers a serene environment with plenty of greenery. The café is pet-friendly and offers outdoor seating where pets are welcome.

  • Address: 1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Bishan Park 2, Singapore 569931
  • Highlights: Beautiful garden setting, pet-friendly outdoor seating, and a relaxing ambiance.

6. The Coastal Settlement

Situated in Changi, The Coastal Settlement is a vintage-themed café with a spacious outdoor area that's perfect for pets. The café offers a variety of dishes and a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Address: 200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529
  • Highlights: Vintage decor, spacious outdoor seating, and a pet-friendly environment.

7. Five &2

Located in Punggol Park, Five &2 is a socially conscious café that offers a pet-friendly outdoor seating area. The café serves a variety of dishes and is known for its community initiatives.

  • Address: 97 Hougang Avenue 8, Punggol Park, Singapore 538792
  • Highlights: Pet-friendly outdoor seating, socially responsible initiatives, and a peaceful park setting.

8. Ulu Ulu Pet Café

Located in Yishun, Ulu Ulu Pet Café is a cozy spot where pets are welcome. The café offers a range of food and drinks for humans and a special menu for pets.

  • Address: 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-150, North Spring Bizhub, Singapore 768089
  • Highlights: Cozy atmosphere, pet-friendly menu, and friendly staff.

Tips for Visiting Pet-Friendly Cafes:

  • Check Pet Policies: Always check the café’s pet policies before visiting to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Bring Essentials: Bring your pet’s essentials like a water bowl, leash, and waste bags.
  • Socialization: Ensure your pet is well-socialized and comfortable around other animals and people.
  • Respect Others: Be mindful of other patrons and their pets to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

By visiting these pet-friendly cafes, you and your furry friend can enjoy a delightful outing together in Singapore.

It's just right that we will want to enjoy the best things with our best friends.

And if our bestie happens to be four legged, we are all indeed lucky to still have cafés to bring them out and play with them and have fun while dining, here in Singapore!

Scouring the town to give you an up-to-date list of dog cafés to visit on your next weekend, there is never a need to choose between food or dog!

No need to fuss whether an outlet is not pet-friendly, surely these dog cafés can provide you and your furry buddy with an exceptional experience when it comes to dogs and the menu.

If you’re looking for a place for your pet to socialise while you sip cafe latte, check out these cafés and chill out! Leave no dogs behind.

Top 10 must-visit Dog Cafés in Singapore

1. The Garden Slug - Pet Cafe at Telok Kurau and Kovan

Image Credit: @thegardenslug

The Garden Slug - Dog Cafe Singapore

If you’re up for an old-school-looking café that is pet-friendly, you should be booking a table at The Garden Slug!

Promising you a relaxed and calm space, you can surely spend your time with your cutie pooches here.

Also, you can have your favorite dishes delivered to you! So whether you want to stay home, you can still savor their exquisite menu!

From starters to mains and dessert, sure you’ll be back to taste their whole food collection!

However, please bear in mind that they are closed during Tuesdays so better reserve seating first to avoid any inconvenience.

Image source: @thegardenslug

Have a waggy party at The Garden Slug Dog Cafe Singapore

Beyond that, you can expect to enjoy their foods, and spending your time here at this dog cafe with your dogs is worth your every buck!

For those who wish to cater food for gatherings and parties, The Garden Slug offers their party tray (includes appetiser, main course, centre piece and dessert). 5% of the party tray sales proceed is also donated to SOSD!

Also, come every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (WTF!) ~ enjoy 2 pastas and 2 drinks at an incredible bundle price of $32.10.

What customers say…

“Great family restaurant, pet-friendy. Good service. Straight-forward menu and good honest "Western" food with some fusion dishes. Some of the drinks are a tad bit pricey but not exorbitant.” – Mark Yeo

Locations: At Telok Kurau and Kovan

Phone: +65 8166 8888/ +65 8948 4668

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2. Sun Ray Café - Pet Cafe at Serangoon Garden

Image Credit: @sun_ray_cafe - Dog Cafe Singapore

Sun Ray Café - Dog Cafe Singapore

Sip their signature brewed coffee and indulge yourself and your fur baby with their curated meals!

If you’re looking for a breakfast spot to bring your pup, going to Sun Ray Café will never be a mistake! I insist.

Image source: @sun_ray_cafe

Searching for the place to celebrate your puppy’s birthday? Sun Ray’s bake pet cakes should not be missed! You can choose from fruit or meat as a base – your pup will surely relish every bite of it.

Much to the delight of our taste buds, their menu can incredibly provide an amazing taste at a very reasonable price!

Of course the Charcoal full loaves is still going strong. Prices are decent here with brewed coffee from $2.50.

Just keep in mind to refrain from visiting the café on Wednesday as they are closed that day. For the rest of the week, they are open from 8:30 am to 10 pm, including public holidays!

What customers say…

“Great ambience and affordable price. Even have a menu for the fur kids. Space is cosy when not too crowded. Wide selection of coffee and tea thou the one I had was too acidic for me.” – Kevin C.

Location: 79 Brighton Cres, Singapore 559218

Phone: (+65) 8909 8458

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3. W39 Bistro & Bakery - Certified pet-friendly Cafe in West Coast

Image Credit: @memphis_mia

W39 Bistro & Bakery - Dog Cafe Singapore

If you’re a green enthusiast and a dog lover at the same time, visiting the quaint W39 Bistro & Bakery is certainly welcomed.

The rustic decor here creates a therapeutic vibe with its cozy and sophisticated ambiance that one’ll surely love!

Whether it's indoors or outdoors sitting, there is still the same calming effect to enjoy!

You can bond here with your friends and even with your fur babies – but of course, you’ll be requested to sit outdoors alfresco area but it's no biggie!

The soothing fresh air is already tranquil enough.

In terms of food, W39 Bistro & Bakery's chicken roulade was nicely cooked, juicy and tender with fresh pumpkin puree.

I can say that the exquisite presentation of each meal is just a bonus considering that the foods there are quaint delicious! Main dishes start from $22 and Drinks pairing at $7.90.

However do note that the cafe doesn't sell food for pets.

What customers say…

Went to W39 after looking around for a pet friendly place for brunch in the West side. Food is good, ordered the Atas Toast and lamb shank sandwich with 63 deg egg…..Delicious!
Staffs are friendly, will go back again if I'm at the West side.

Jonathan Ng


Location: 39 Jalan Mas Puteh. S 128637

Phone: (+65) 9646 5372

4. Wooftopia Pet Café - Pet Cafe at Bukit Timah

Image Credit: Wooftopia Pet Café - Dog Cafe Singapore

Wooftopia Pet Café - Dog Cafe Singapore

Located inside the old turf club, if you’re up for a nice ambiance with a great menu for you and your fur baby, spending your time at Wooftopia Pet Café will undoubtedly give you a remarkable experience!

Since you can customise your pet’s meal, surely your dog will also enjoy being at this place. Craft a your furkid's preferred meat and side with glaze and spinkles and viola, your pet's own special meal to go (match and mix from $7 onwards)!

And then, to satisfy your own appetite, you should not miss ordering the Wooftopia Chicken Burger ($19). Their various pasta creations and crispy chicken wings are a must try here as well.

Bet you’ll come back here from time to time with your furkid.

Also, they have available coffee and tea of your choice – be it classic or new and unique drink, they can surely fulfill your liking!

What customers say…

“Thank you Wooftopia Pet Cafe for the wonderful time! 2nd visit there! Nice place for doggies and kids to interact together! Celebrated my niece and little doggie’s birthday! Will head there again soon!” – HuiXuan Chen

Location: 200 Turf Club Rd, #01-29, Singapore 287994

Phone: (+65) 6966 8818

5. Menage Café - Pet Cafe at Bishan

Image Credit: @menagecafesg - Dog Cafe Singapore

Menage Café - Dog Cafe Singapore

Now you don’t have to feel bad leaving your furry friends at home while you enjoy a day out. The Menage Café is not your typical pet café.

What makes it more special is the amiable staff and patrons with their friendly dogs to play with!

Also, Menage Café features plenty of food choices for you and your pup to delight in! Notwithstanding, the place is pretty wide enough for the dogs to take a tour and meet other dogs around!

So, occasional barking is expected.

On top of that, the services here are great and swift! You can also check out their fine dining for your dogs! Plus, having a delicious menu at a very affordable price beyond your expectation!

You can book a table reservation before heading to the café to avoid any disappointments.

What customers say…

“Better food than expected for a dog café. Efficient service. Lots of dogs and friendly owner and staff. Recommend booking. Price are acceptable.” – Kevin Wang

Location: 6 Sin Ming Rd, #01-01/02, Singapore 575585

Phone: +65 9669 8372

6. Chow Cute Café - Discover the Story of Chow Chow

Image Credit: Chow Cute Cafe - Dog Cafe Singapore

Chow Cute Café - Dog Cafe Singapore

Whether you’re planning to spend a breakfast or dinner, Chow Cute Café features a scenic and picturesque view inside and outside! Bring your cameras to capture every moment with your fur babies.

There are also board games available to play with your friends and family! If you’re craving for some waffles and ice cream, Chow Cute Cafe is a go-spot to satisfy your sweets craving.

This place is also a perfect spot for your date night, sure you’ll have the best times in this place.

In terms of menu, just to give you a hint before going to the place and to set an expectation, the foods are a bit pricey but reasonable enough with a great vibe.

The outdoor playground at The Oval is also awesome for children to hide and seek.

What customers say…

“Great for chilling with cute Chows strolling past you at times. Food is decent but unfortunately quite pricey. Will return again!” – Jun He Neo

Location: 16 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 797873

Phone: (+65) 6974 7916

7. Open Farm Community - Pet Cafe at Dempsey Hill

Image Credit: Open Farm Community - Dog Cafe Singapore

Open Farm Community - Dog Cafe Singapore

Another amazing dog café amidst the concrete jungle. You may want to consider coming to Open Farm Community !

This little urban restaurant surrounded by lush greenery in the middle of the city is a tranquil spot we all should not skip.

Not to mention the efforts to minimize wastes and save electricity and water, this environmentally friendly cafe truly offers more than just a dog café!

Furthermore, this awesome dog cafe features their local luncheon that is customisable to your palate and the ingredients are curated spirits of their own blend.

If you abhor a crowded place, I suggest avoiding this place on weekends as it will be pack-full and rowdy during these periods.

For those looking for a romantic place, this sustainable kitchen is perfect to bring a date with the ambience at night, full of fairy lights providing starry like lighting!

Do check out their small garden as well.

What customers say…

“One stop place for a perfect brunch... Food, ambience, service and culture.. The pet friendly outdoors makes it better..” – Sa Nu

Location: 130E Minden Rd, Singapore 248819

Phone: +65 6471 0306

8. The Coastal Settlement - Pet Cafe at Changi

Image Credit: @thecoastalsettlement - Dog Cafe Singapore

The Coastal Settlement - Dog Cafe Singapore

Elevating vintage style amid modernity, The Coastal Settlement incredibly brings back the good old days – from its antique display to its local dish collection with a modern twist, you can undoubtedly spend your best times in here!

Of course, bringing your lovely fur babies is positively a plus! Aside from those, private events such as weddings or engagements can also be held here!

Your needs are relatively tailored by their well-trained event specialist.

The restaurant features outdoor seating where you and your dog can relax for a drink or meal.

On top of that, they are offering deliveries sin service fees and 20% for self-collection! Such an awesome deal right?

You should also check out other happening promotions at different periods of the day.

Whether you’re up for an afternoon high tea or an evening drink, they can provide you an exceptional dining experience with your loved ones and dogs!

What customers say…

“Nice ambience, quiet and relaxing place. Staff are nice, providing a fast and warm service. The food is good, Definitely better than many bars and cafe. Pets friendly, but you will have to be seated at the outdoor area when you bring your fur kids.” – David Chai

Location: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529

Phone: (+65) 6475 0200

9. I.N.U Café and Boutique - Dog Friendly Cafe at Balestier

Image Credit: I.N.U Café and Boutique

I.N.U Café and Boutique - Dog Cafe Singapore

Aside from being just a typical dog café, I.N.U Café and Boutique is definitely a must-visit pet shop to fulfil your pet grooming needs, foods, and toys!

You can never go wrong in coming to this dedicated place!

Besides, this outlet also provides pet grooming services and a robust zhi char menu for the hooman.

So, you can absolutely relax, unwind and fill your tummy, while waiting for your pet to be prepped.

On top of that, their products are guaranteed top quality from the best brands! Their prices are pretty competitive as well. You’ll truly be getting what you paid for.

They also have different treats and grooming needs for cats and other small animals!

Be sure to check out their website and browse all the products available!

Do note that weekend dine in is limited to 2 hours.

What customers say…

“Food was good, whole place set up was also spacious for our puppies to move around. And very nice lady boss. Will recommend this great place to friends whose has a pet dog.” – Koh Yew Chin

Location: 530 Balestier Rd, #01-06/07 Monville Mansions, Singapore 329857

Phone: (+65) 8189 8092

10. The Urban Hideout - Pet friendly Cafe in Singapore

Image source: @theurbanhideoutsg

The Urban Hideout - Dog Cafe Singapore

The Urban Hideout is a small and cozy pet friendly cafe. On a hot regular day in Singapore, just relax here with the chill out music while having your lunch.

We think the Herb rosti is special but bratwurst can be improved. Should order their signature waffles, pretty generous on their ice cream - big scoop. Pistachio and Earl grey lavender ice cream are our picks.

Since The Urban Hideout is a pet friendly cafe, they also offer pet menu such as a raw bowl from PAWFF. My puppy enjoyed the beef cubes, staff was really nice, he helped me cut the pieces smaller.

Price and portion are reasonable for cafe food here.

Customer Review

Exploring of cafes around north area. Chance upon this cafe at Springleaf area. Ordered Eggs Royale with waffles, Flat white & Mentaiko fries. Food & service is good. It’s a pet friendly cafe which patrons brought their dogs out for the food. The eatery has limited tables, do make a reservation before going.

Allie L on Google

Address: 60 Springside Walk, #01-05, Singapore 786020

Contact Number: +65 8879 9722

Operating Hours: 12 pm-10.30 pm (Tuesday to Friday); 10.30 am-10.30 pm (Saturday to Sunday)

11. We’re the Furballs - Petting Cafe Singapore in Town (Closed in Oct 2022)

Image Credit: @wearethefurballs - Dog Cafe Singapore

We’re the Furballs - Dog Cafe Singapore

Being the pioneer dog petting café in town, We’re the Furballs highlights its resident fur babies of different breeds! You can have fun and play with their well-trained lovely dogs.

To avoid any displeasure, you should check out their terms and conditions first before booking for a reservation! Sadly, they are not allowing 10 years old kids and below to play with their dogs for everyone's safety sakes.

Just a small tip, their weekdays' rate is much lower than the weekends, so better visit them from Monday to Thursday to save some bucks.

And oh, by the way, every entry will enjoy a drink to sip while having fun and cuddling with the pups!

What customers say…

“Fun place to visit! The puppies are very cute! But make sure that you are not visiting during their “nap time”, which is sometime during the late evening.” – Tan Han Wei

Adorable Dog Cafe in Singapore

How does a dog café work in Singapore?

There are some coffee shops and cafes in Singapore that have a special area where dogs can play with their human friends together.

Just like humans, dogs need to interact with other dogs to have a good time, as dogs are also social creatures.

Therefore, a dog café is a suitable place where dogs can exercise, play and socialize properly, while their owners enjoy a nice cup of coffee and meal.

A Singapore dog café provides the owner and their pet the best experiences together.

What can you do in a pet cafe?

If you love animals, the pet cafe is definitely the place for you. You get to enjoy your coffee and cake while interacting with animals such as dogs and cats in a comfortable environment.

You can play, snuggle, hold, feed and sometimes even adopt the animals in a pet cafe. Pet cafes are also an ideal place to meet and interact with other pet lovers in a relaxed environment.

Is Singapore a dog friendly country?

Yes, Singapore is a very dog friendly country. With a unique mix of urban and natural spots, many of which cater to owners of furry friends, Singapore is a great place for pet owners.

You can find dog-friendly cafes, restaurants, and even open spaces that allow you to bring your pup along for a fun day out. Dog owners can also head to dog parks and beaches to let their canine companions burn off some energy.

Moreover, many hotels in Singapore are starting to accommodate guests traveling with their dogs, making it a great place for dog-owners to vacation.

Cat Cafes vs. Dog Cafes: Which Would You Rather?

Aspect Dog Cafe Cat Cafe
Animal Interaction Provides an environment for patrons to interact with dogs, play, and socialize with them Offers a setting for patrons to interact with cats, play, and observe their behavior
Atmosphere Typically characterized by a lively and energetic atmosphere, with dogs engaging in play and social activities Often known for a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with cats lounging, playing, or resting
Allergen Sensitivity May pose challenges for individuals with dog allergies May pose challenges for individuals with cat allergies
Exercise Offers opportunities for physical activity and play with dogs, promoting exercise and movement Provides a more relaxed environment for patrons to observe and interact with cats, promoting a sense of calm
Pet Ownership Offers a chance for patrons to interact with dogs without the commitment of pet ownership Offers a chance for patrons to interact with cats without the commitment of pet ownership
Socialization Encourages social interaction between patrons and with the dogs, creating a lively and dynamic social atmosphere Encourages a more relaxed and contemplative social environment, often centered around observing and interacting with cats
Noise Level Tends to be noisier due to the energetic nature of dogs and their interactions with each other and patrons Tends to be quieter, with cats engaging in more subdued activities and interactions
Popularity Gaining popularity as a unique social experience for dog lovers and pet enthusiasts Established as a popular destination for cat lovers and individuals seeking a tranquil environment
Health Benefits Offers potential health benefits such as stress reduction, increased physical activity, and social interaction Offers potential health benefits such as stress reduction, relaxation, and companionship through cat interaction
Regulations Subject to regulations and guidelines for animal welfare, hygiene, and safety Subject to regulations and guidelines for animal welfare, hygiene, and safety
Pet Adoption Some dog cafes collaborate with animal shelters to facilitate dog adoptions Some cat cafes collaborate with animal rescues to facilitate cat adoptions
Activities Offers activities such as dog yoga, training classes, and themed events Offers activities such as cat yoga, movie nights, and themed events centered around cats
Cat Cafes vs. Dog Cafes

10 Best Pet-Friendly Cafés in Singapore Where You Can Bring your Dog

As most cafés and restaurants in Singapore don’t allow us to bring our little pooches, finding a place to chill with our dogs is always a bit of a challenge.

Well with this list, you can now breathe easy!

Just a friendly reminder, dogs must be leashed in public places as it's under Singapore’s law to do so.

It's illegal to let your furry friend run without a leash and a first offender may face a fine of up to $5000.

So do pardon the cafes if you are asked to leash your pet. And pets at the hawker centres is a sure no-no.

I know how these past few days can be stressful, so here’s a chance to unwind and have some bonding with your dogs!

Bet they also missed walking outside and playing with other dog pals.

I hope this blog helps you find the perfect spot for you and your best friend.

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