Cost of Refrigerators in Singapore

Cost of Refrigerators in Singapore 2024

The cost of refrigerators in Singapore can vary widely based on the brand, size, type, and features. Here is a general idea of the price ranges for different types of refrigerators:

  1. Mini Fridges:

    • Price Range: SGD 100 - SGD 300
    • These are compact and suitable for small spaces like dorm rooms or offices.
  2. Single-Door Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 200 - SGD 600
    • These are basic models suitable for small households or secondary use.
  3. Top-Freezer Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 400 - SGD 1,200
    • These are traditional models with the freezer compartment on top.
  4. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 600 - SGD 2,000
    • These models have the freezer compartment at the bottom, making the refrigerator section more accessible.
  5. Side-by-Side Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 1,000 - SGD 3,000
    • These models have the refrigerator and freezer compartments side by side, offering more storage space.
  6. French Door Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 1,500 - SGD 4,000+
    • These models have two doors for the refrigerator section and a bottom freezer drawer, often with advanced features.
  7. Multi-Door Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 2,000 - SGD 5,000+
    • These high-end models offer multiple compartments and advanced features like temperature control zones.
  8. Smart Refrigerators:

    • Price Range: SGD 2,500 - SGD 6,000+
    • These models come with smart features like touch screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced cooling technologies.

Popular brands such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, Bosch, and Mitsubishi Electric offer a range of refrigerators at different price points. For the most accurate and up-to-date prices, it's best to check local appliance stores, electronics retailers, and online marketplaces. Additionally, consider looking out for sales, promotions, and bundle deals, which can offer significant savings.


There is no denying that every kitchen is the heart and soul of a household. It is, by far, the busiest part of almost every home.

Thus, it is only normal to surround this space with only the most reliable appliances. And of course, among these best home gizmos needed, fridges are always top on the list.

While there are tons of refrigerator variations that a homeowner like yourself can get. In reality, it can be hard to choose and shop for the right one.

You need to look for the necessary details to make sure your dream purchase is worth it. Lucky you, this list will surely guide you. Read more about them today!

But first, let us get to know more about fridges and all before scrolling through the top 10 refrigerators.

What are the Different Types of Refrigerators?

The refrigerator-shopping game is a serious one, so you need to be 100% careful when choosing which you should get. Unlike other appliances, a fridge should last enough for years.

That is why learning different types of these refrigerators will give you less stress when buying. Listed below is the breakdown of various fridge types that you should know about.

Aspect Top-Freezer Refrigerator Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Side-by-Side Refrigerator French Door Refrigerator
Freezer Placement Located at the top of the unit Located at the bottom of the unit Divided vertically, adjacent to the refrigerator section Divided horizontally, adjacent to the refrigerator section
Refrigerator Access Requires bending to access lower shelves Easy access to refrigerator section at eye level Easy access to both refrigerator and freezer sections Easy access to refrigerator section at eye level
Freezer Access Requires bending to access the freezer Convenient access to the freezer at eye level Convenient access to the freezer at eye level Convenient access to the freezer at eye level
Storage Configuration May have adjustable shelves and door bins Adjustable shelves and door bins for flexible storage Adjustable shelves and door bins for flexible storage Adjustable shelves and door bins for flexible storage
Width Range Typically available in various widths Typically available in various widths Typically available in various widths Typically available in various widths
Depth Range Available in various depths Available in various depths Available in various depths Available in various depths
Capacity Offers ample refrigerator space, with smaller freezer capacity Offers ample refrigerator space, with larger freezer capacity Offers balanced refrigerator and freezer space Offers ample refrigerator space, with flexible freezer space
Energy Efficiency Generally energy-efficient Generally energy-efficient Varies based on size and features Varies based on size and features
Price Range Typically more affordable Generally mid-range in terms of price Varies based on size, features, and brand Generally higher price range due to features and design
Popular Use Common choice for smaller kitchens and budget-conscious consumers Preferred for easy access to the refrigerator section Popular for its balanced storage and accessibility Sought after for its spacious and flexible storage options
Aesthetics Offers a classic and traditional look Provides a modern and sleek appearance Features a contemporary and functional design Known for its stylish and upscale appearance
What Are the Different Types of Refrigerators?

Top Freezer Refrigerator

If you are into a basic type of fridge, this is the one you are looking for! It is a classic variation that means having the refrigerator at a lower level and the freezer at the top.

Not ideal for some buyers, but this variety is handy and low at cost. Since it is one of the cheapest on the list, top freezer fridges are open for trade offs.

What is more, it is available in different sizes to select from if your space is small or big.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Another type of refrigerator is the side-by-side variation.

For some homeowners, slimmer built is better for a fridge to be. It has a set of features like a vertical freezer and fridge placed right next to each other.

Too, this fridge has a built-in water dispense and an ice machine.

Not to mention, it has handy doors that only have a small swing space for opening. Using this type is ideal for limited home areas.

Although, it is not as energy-efficient as other available refrigerator styles, unlike others. Also, it is more limited in capacity than other designs due to its form.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Due to many reasons, the bottom freezer refrigerator is one of the most popular fridge types. Aside from the fact that it has enormous space for storage, its convenience is at the top!

You can easily find the stuff you are looking for when you have this type of fridge at your home. Each section can match directly at most eye levels.

So, there is no need to stress yourself with finding your juices anymore.

French Door Refrigerator

How about a fridge that looks chic in your kitchen? Well, leave that to the French Door Refrigerator!

It is the fridge type that has a modern design and comes in a list of points. Like the bottom freezer type, it also has a lower freezer and a large room for groceries.

The only catch for this kind is that it has the sense to open only one fridge access at a time. It lessens the release of cold air. And, of course, this has a small swing space making it perfect for users with tight kitchens - must try!

Mini Fridge

If you are not into fridges as big as you, perhaps choosing mini fridges is your best call! It is not the ideal type for most homes with many people with its size.

But, it can work if you have a small kitchen or live alone and do not need to chill tons of stuff. You can use it for other purposes like offices and more.

In addition, some of its designs for double doors are free-standing, and have a glass front. Some might have separate freezers too! Great, agree?

Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Counter-Depth fridges are low-profile fit refrigerators that can save up space in your kitchen space. No kidding, they can 100% narrow the area!

In this category, it wavers within depth ranges of 27" and 30" - the perfect reason why it can suit your layout or room.

Most homeowners that want to be wise in handling the home spheres tend to shop for this type.

Now, let us dive into more of the coolest refrigerator choices to know and remember. These are in-demand now in Singapore! Keep on reading.

How We Choose Fridges in this List...

We consider the size of the fridge, ensuring it fits perfectly into any available space without compromising on storage capacity.

Secondly, we believe energy efficiency should be taken into account, as this not only saves money in the long term but also reduces the environmental impact. We look for fridges with an Energy Star rating, as they are designed to consume less energy.

Additionally, we consider the layout and storage options of the fridge, such as adjustable shelves, door compartments, and drawers, to ensure easy organization and accessibility. We also understand everyone's needs, preferences, and budget are also imperative to ensures a sound investment in a good fridge.

10 Best Fridge in Singapore  Why Do We Like It? Best Price
PowerPac Mini-Bar Fridge  Ideal for Solo Living $290.00
Cooluli Mini Fridge 10L Sleek, Easy, and Handy to Use $133.51
Bosch KAN92VI35O 4 American Side by Side Refrigerator (604L) Reliable Brand and Big Net Capacity $2,129.00
Hitachi Stylish Line 2 Doors Top Freezer Fridge From a Trusted Brand and has an automatic ice maker $659.00
Samsung SpaceMax Long-lasting and Approved by Pros $1,667.00
Mitsubishi MR-V45EG 3 Door Refrigerator 423L Impressive Inverter System and Wide Chiller Case $919.00
LG GB-B4059MT Inverter Linear Compressor 408L Bottom Freezer with Door cooling Saves Energy At Best $1,639.00
PowerPac 2-Door Mini Fridge 114L Retro Fridge Aesthetic for Kitchen Space and Cheap in Price $449.00
Panasonic Premium 2D Refrigerator It uses the Prime Fresh System that keeps the food fresh for a long time $1,199.00
Hitachi French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Stylish and has a Dual-Fan Cooling $1,289.00
Which brand refrigerator is best in Singapore?

10 Cheap and Good Refrigerators in Singapore

1. PowerPac Mini Bar Fridge with Freezer 71L

Image Source: PowerPac SG

PowerPac Mini Bar Fridge with Freezer 71L - Best Refrigerator Singapore

A mini-fridge that we should never skip on the list! What makes this refrigerator unique is it includes a freezer to store your favorite ice cream and such.

The Mini Bar Fridge by PowerPac is one of the best that you can use when living alone in a dorm or apartment.

Plus, you can have your things stacked in this mini-fridge even your skincare products to keep them in good condition.

Also, it has an Energy-Efficient Compressor that will help you save power, making your be worry-free about your bill. This cool little one got you! All you need to do is add this to your main list of fridge choices.

Key Features:

  • Mini Fridge Type
  • It has an Energy-Efficient Compressor
  • Long-Lasting and Durable
  • Includes an Optimal Door Seal Design
  • High in Quality and Recommended by Experts
  • Includes a Non-Inverter Motor
  • Manual Defrost Cooling Setup
  • With Anti-Bacterial Filters
  • With 85L of Total Capacity and Ideal for Dorm/Apartment Use
  • Good Market Price and Trusted Brand by Singapore Households

Get yours at

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2. Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge

Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge - Best Refrigerator Singapore

Do you want a fridge that is 100% cute yet also handy? Best Answer: YES!

No worries because the Cooluli Mini Fridge got you! It is the mini-fridge that will suit your taste and style.

It has enough storage to cool your stuff, and it is also handy to use. How cool is that, right?

Key Features:

  • Mini Fridge Type
  • Convenient & Light to Carry and Move
  • Fast Switching Settings
  • With Dual-Voltage Power
  • Sleek and Fashionable
  • Includes the Advanced EcoMax Technology
  • Available in Different Colors
  • It has a Glossy Finish and is Ideal for Single-Use
  • With a Compact Form
  • Open for a Budget-Friendly Price and has an Extra Storage

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3. Bosch KAN92VI35O 4 American Side by Side Refrigerator (604L)

Bosch KAN92VI35O 4 American Side by Side Refrigerator - Best Refrigerator Singapore

If you have a big family or just a big appetite, you might want to upgrade your game! Go for something that will give you the best cooling system and the most impressive net capacity.

Add the Bosch KAN92VI35O to your shopping list! It has the biggest storage space in this guide and other features. What is more, this Side-by-Side Refrigerator has a modern form plus frame. Pretty awesome, right?

Key Features:

  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator Type
  • Modern in Design and Setting
  • Impressive Digital Display and Control
  • Low Energy Consumption (2 Ticks)
  • Includes a Multi Airflow System
  • VitaFresh Feature and Easy Handling
  • 661L Storage Capacity and a Trusted Brand
  • With an Inverter Motor and Adjustable Shelves
  • Handy and Ideal for Big Families
  • Reasonable Price and has a Stainless-Steel Fingerprint-Resistant Door Finish

Get yours at

4. Hitachi Stylish Line 2 Doors Top Freezer Fridge

Hitachi Stylish Line 2 Doors Top Freezer Fridge - Best Refrigerator Singapore

The Hitachi R-H310P7MS is one of the best top mount fridge types that you can get today. It is a model from a well-known brand, Hitachi. If you are starting a family, this fridge has the capacity for room and cooling.

Too, it has a long cut of other features like being CFC-Free, Sensing Controls, and more. You can also enjoy drinks with its automatic ice maker! That is why if you want a worthy deal, this is the one that you should buy now.

Key Features:

  • Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator Type
  • Net Freezer Capacity of 70L
  • With an Inverter Motor and Inverter Dual-Sensing Control
  • Total Space of 260L and Ideal for Medium-Sized Family
  • Includes an Eco-Thermo Sensor
  • With an Automatic Ice-Maker
  • Has Adjustable Shelves and Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Use and Durable
  • Mold Proof and CFC Free
  • Available in Different Colors like Black and More

Get yours at

5. Samsung SpaceMax Side by Side, 647L

Samsung SpaceMax Side by Side - Best Refrigerator Singapore

If you like Side-by-Side Refrigerators, adding the Samsung SpaceMax is a great idea. It is the fridge that has a massive space yet got the means of saving power.

You can store as much you want up to 647L and still consume less energy. What is more, this is 100% approved by pros!

Key Features:

  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator Type
  • Modern in Design
  • All-Around Cooling Feature with Multi-Directional Airflow
  • Works in SpaceMax and Digital Inverter Technologies
  • 50% Energy Saving and Long Lasting Performance
  • Includes a 10-Year Warranty from Local Manufacturer
  • Certified by Experts and Ideal for Big Sized Family
  • With a Built-In Filter for Odor
  • Net Total of 647L and has 2 Ticks
  • Worth the Investment and High in Ratings

Get yours at

6. Mitsubishi MR-V45EG 3 Door Refrigerator 423L

Mitsubishi MR-V45EG 3 Door Refrigerator 423L - Best Refrigerator Singapore

Do you want to have a refrigerator that has three doors to open?

Then, add the Mitsubishi MR-V45EG to your shopping list! It is a top mount type of fridge that has an impressive system and other great features. Handy to use, no need to stress yourself with cleaning it too! Shop for this today.

Key Features:

  • Top Mount Freezer Type with 3 Doors
  • 343L of Net Content and Ideal for Medium-Sized Families
  • Includes an Anti-Bacteria Food Liner
  • With a Filter Deodorizer and Vitamin Factory
  • Indirect Cooling with Wide Chiller Case
  • Impressive Inverter System
  • Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Handy and Easy to Clean
  • Non-CFC Refrigerant and Eco-Friendly
  • Good Market Price and Recommended by Customers

Get yours at

7. LG GB-B4059MT Inverter Linear Compressor 408L Bottom Freezer with Door cooling

LG GB-B4059MT Inverter Linear Compressor 408L Bottom Freezer with Door cooling - Best Refrigerator Singapore

If there is a true winner for the most energy-saving refrigerator, that would be the GB-B4059MT model by LG. It is the only bottom-type fridge on the list that has 4-ticks.

So, it means you can use this without consuming much. Also, the net capacity of LG GB-B4059MT is big enough to store a lot of stuff and, of course, super stylish.

That is why this is a must-have in any high home kitchen space. It suits the whole vibe!

Key Features:

  • Bottom Freezer Type of Refrigerator
  • With Door Cooling System and Fresh Balancer
  • High in Quality Compressor Systems
  • Energy Saving and Control
  • Convenient to Use and Clean
  • Foldable Shelves for Tall Items
  • Easy Defrosting Time
  • Stylish and Sleek in Design
  • 408L Capacity and 4 Ticks
  • Reasonable at Market Cost

Get yours at

8. PowerPac 2-Door Mini Fridge 114L Retro Fridge

Image Source: PowerPac SG

PowerPac 2-Door Mini Fridge 114L Retro Fridge - Best Refrigerator Singapore

Fridges don't have to be in their usual dark tones and style.

The PowerPac 2-Door Mini Fridge 114L Retro Fridge is a good and reliable fridge that we adore. It has been designed with retro style in mind and comes with a number of distinctive features that make it perfect for those who are looking for an attractive and efficient refrigerator.

Some of these include its small size (it measures just 98x60x90 cm), its double door design, and its slim profile.

Furthermore, it offers plenty of storage space (114 litres) as well as excellent energy efficiency ratings thanks to its impressive A+ rating from the Australasian Energy Rating Scheme (AERS).

If you want a little fancy for your kitchen space, this PPF118 from PowerPac is a total scene-stealer! With its retro end, this top-mount refrigerator is the best addition to your homey flat.

So if you're looking for a stylish refrigerator that can efficiently store your food items well, then the PowerPac 2-Doyer Mini Fridge 114L Retro Fridge would be an ideal choice!

Key Features:

  • Top Mount Freezer Type of Fridge
  • Manual Defrost Cooling System
  • 114L Total Net Capacity for Storage
  • High in Quality Compressor with Warranty
  • Low in Noise and Fast Cooling
  • A Mix of Retro and Modern Design
  • Has a Set of Leveling Leg
  • 2 Ticks Rating for Energy Consumption
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Trusted Brand and Comes in a Very Good Price

Get yours at

9. Panasonic Premium Bottom Freezer 2D Refrigerator

Panasonic Premium Bottom Freezer 2D Refrigerator - Best Refrigerator Singapore

Can't stand the funky smell of some of your grandmother's stored food?

Well, it can happen and be a total flop. What you need is a handy fridge like the Panasonic Premium 2D! It is a bottom freezer type that has anti-odor filters to purify funny-smelling stuff in your cooler.

In addition, it is an energy-saving deal with its 3-ticks feature. You can store as much as you want because it has a big room for it!

Key Features:

  • Bottom Freezer Fridge Type
  • Two-Door Refrigerator and made from Silver Steel
  • With Prime Fresh+ System
  • Anti-Bacterial Effect and with 3 Ticks
  • Energy Saver with Sensor Monitors
  • Filters Smelly Scent from the Inside
  • Safe to Use and Easy to Organize
  • Minimalist Look and 465L of Net Capacity
  • With Light Sensors for Day/Night Detection
  • Reasonable Value and Recommended by Many Homeowners

Get yours at

10. Hitachi R-WB560P9MS French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hitachi R-WB560P9MS French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Best Refrigerator Singapore

This refrigerator may be last from the list but it can surprise you on what it can offer you!

The Hitachi R-WB560P9MS French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is a good and reliable choice for larger families.

It has many features that are beneficial for those who are looking to store food efficiently and discreetly.

Hitachi R-WB560P9MS is a French door refrigerator type with a long list of points that homeowners will surely enjoy!

With its 465L room and powered sensors, this fridge is a grand purchase. It has a dual-cooling fan and is even mold-proof. So, if you want a different type of fridge, this refrigerator is for you!

Key Features:

  • French Door Refrigerator Type
  • With Eco Thermo-Sensor and Quick Cooling Mode
  • Net Capacity of 465L
  • Includes a Touch Screen Controller
  • With Tempered Glass Shelves and LED Lighting
  • Triple Power Filter
  • Mold-Proof and with Dual-Fan Cooling
  • Includes a Movable Twist-Ice Tray
  • Stylish and Fashionable
  • Worth the Purchase

Get yours at

Guide to Fridge for Your Home

Here are some handy questions most folks have about fridges...

Which brand is best for fridge?

When it comes to choosing the best brand for a refrigerator, it really depends on individual needs and preferences. Popular brands such as PowerPac, Samsung, and LG have all shown to have durable, reliable models that could be great for many households.

If you're looking for something with a lot of great features and higher energy-efficiency ratings, then an LG may be a great choice for you.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, then PowerPac may be the way to go.

Ultimately, which brand you choose should depend on your specific needs and budget.

What is the standard fridge size in Singapore?

The standard fridge size in Singapore is typically 290 to 500 liters. Standard refrigerators tend to have a width of between 55 and 70 cm, a height of between 145 and 200 cm and a depth of between 70 and 80 cm.

Most standard fridges also come with features such as adjustable shelving and side-by-side compartments, allowing you to customize the storage space to suit your needs.

Some standard fridges also come with frost-free functions and variations in temperature control so you can keep your food and drinks at the optimum temperature.

What to look for when buying a refrigerator in Singapore?

When buying a refrigerator in Singapore, it's important to consider several factors. Size is an important factor to consider – you need to make sure the fridge will fit into your desired space.

You should also consider the energy efficiency ratings of the refrigerator, to ensure you're making a conscious choice for the environment.

Moreover, look for a model that offers long-term maintenance benefits, such as a 10+ year warranty, to ensure a long-lasting refrigerator.

Consider the capacity, design and additional features you'd like – such as an ice maker and automatic defrosting.

Additionally, be sure to compare prices and check for any promotional offers.

Best Refrigerator Singapore

Choosing a fridge for your place is as hard as any other home appliance. That is why you need to know the basic tips when it comes to smart shopping.

First, you need to make sure that you will buy a refrigerator suited to your space. Then, move on by thinking about which type to consider and other features you have in mind.

And, of course, the budget to splurge with all this.

You should be careful since you will use it for the long run. It is hard if you will not consider main points like the ones mentioned. Remember, fridges are a great addition to any home.

So, do not wait up and invest in something like a refrigerator! See this guide of the best refrigerators in Singapore for starters. Best of shopping luck!

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