Cost of Shoulder Bags in Singapore

Cost of Shoulder Bags in Singapore 2024 for Causal, Travel & Work

The cost of shoulder bags in Singapore can vary widely based on several factors such as brand, material, design, and place of purchase. Here are some general price ranges to give you an idea:

  1. Budget Brands: Shoulder bags from budget or lesser-known brands can range from SGD 20 to SGD 100.
  2. Mid-Range Brands: Bags from mid-range brands typically cost between SGD 100 and SGD 500.
  3. Premium and Luxury Brands: High-end designer shoulder bags can range from SGD 500 to several thousand dollars, depending on the brand and specific design.

For the most accurate and current prices, it's best to check local retailers, online shopping platforms, or visit brand-specific stores in Singapore.

A new era has dawned upon this generation where fashion and lifestyle come together. Men definitely fit into the picture of a glamorous world of accessories and needs.

Today the trendy chic and stylish accessories for men are shoulder bags. Not only does it match the outfit of the day, but it also fulfills its purpose to hold all the other necessary things a guy needs for today.

Carefully browse through the compiled list of some of the best shoulder bags for men that you can find in Singapore and decide today to be confident, stylish, modern and suave in your choice of accessory.

Take into consideration your reason for going outside and the things that you would need to take with you, then decide for the perfect bag that would match your attire and needs for the day.

Best Shoulder Bags for Men in Singapore for Causal, Travel & Work Price (SGD)

Mark Ryden 2020 New Men Shoulder Bag


Men’s Cross-body Messenger Small Bag


FILA Mini Sling Bag


Men Chest Leisure Canvas Messenger Bag


Men's Single-shoulder Bag: Oxford Cloth Canvas


JDM Men's Sling Backpack


7.9" IPAD Mini Men's Shoulder Bag


Tactical Sling Bag


Hip Hop Chest Bag


Multi-Function Pocket Fashion Strap Vest


Cheap Men's Cross Body Shoulder Bags in Singapore

Top 10 Cheap Shoulder Bags for Men in Singapore to Carry Personal Items

1. Mark Ryden 2022 New Men Shoulder Bag - Suitable for Work and Causal

Mark Ryden 2022 New Men Shoulder Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore, best Sling Bags for Men, sling bag singapore

Mark Ryden 2022 New Men Shoulder Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

A versatile, multilayer space shoulder bag that any office businessman can use for work is now available for everyday use.

The Mark Ryden 2022 New Men Shoulder Bag features promising quality using an oxford cloth that makes the shoulder bag both smooth and water-repellent.

A YKK zipper that can fit your 10.5 inch iPad and can be trusted to be strong and durable, a front pocket and an anti-theft back pocket and with a good interior compartment space.

This surely is a must- have!

Get it now at

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2. Men’s Cross-body Messenger Small Bag - Best for Traveling

Men’s Cross-body Messenger Small Bag is the Top 10 Shoulder Bags for Men in Singapore

Men’s Cross-body Messenger Small Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

Going out for a short trip to the market or the grocery? Taking your loved ones out or just taking a walk out alone?

You cannot forget the necessary things like your wallet, smartphone, keys and those will not fit in your pocket. A quick grab of all the necessary things you will be needing for the day and you are good to go.

This small shoulder bag designed especially for these needs is very typical and classic.

It features an outside pocket and a soft texture material. You can grab your items and go out and enjoy the day with ease.

Get it now at

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3. FILA Mini Sling Bag

FILA Mini Sling Bag is the best Men's MESSENGER BAGS Online in Singapore

FILA Mini Sling Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

Another daily casual mini bag experience for men is this FILA mini sling bag.

A day-to-day easy grab bag that can be worn a single shoulder or slanting back is both fashionable and light. It can easily go with an outdoor activity or casual everyday errand.

This crossbody bag features a sleek, oval design with two-zipper pockets that can fit all the necessary grabs you need to have. It is made from canvas fabric texture and polyester lining that can accomplish a smooth texture for the skin.

Get it now at

4. Men Chest Leisure Canvas Messenger Bag

Men Chest Leisure Canvas Messenger Bag is the best Crossbody & Shoulder Bags Products in Singapore

Men Chest Leisure Canvas Messenger Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

This Men Chest Leisure Canvas Messenger Bag is a perfect fit for all men out there who use a casual outfit to work.

This crossbody bag features one outside pocket, two wide-sized space pockets that can fit your umbrella, some documents, smartphone, wallet and even a small snack or lunch box. With your headphones, you can listen to your favorite music as you travel with ease.

It also features an easy way for you to adjust the sling so you can wear it comfortably and according to your preference.

Get it now at

5. Men's Single-shoulder Bag: Oxford Cloth Canvas

Men's Single-shoulder Bag: Oxford Cloth Canvas is the Best Shoulder Bags for Men in Singapore, working adult, men causal

Men's Single-shoulder Bag: Oxford Cloth Canvas - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

A shoulder bag that uses an Oxford clothing material? This men’s single-shoulder bag uses an Oxford cloth material that is infamous for being light, lustrous, and soft!

This vertical square shaped shoulder bag is both stylish and practical as it features an inside zip pocket, mobile phone pouch, a document-sized space with a mezzanine sipper and a single shoulder strap that is soft to touch.

The ideal and exquisite shoulder bag is the one you need for your trip to the office, school, or even regular outdoor activities.

From the documents that you need to bring or the umbrella you have to use for the afterwork’s weather condition to the everyday necessities such as wallet, smartphone and keys, this lightweight shoulder bag can meet your everyday needs and poise.

Get it now at

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6. JDM Men's Sling Backpack - Best for Teenagers

JDM Men's Sling Backpack is the 10 Best Bags for Men in Singapore

JDM Men's Sling Backpack - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

JDM Men's Sling Backpack is conveniently light, portable, and stylish that perfectly goes with your dashing attire.

It features a waterproof design that will take your rain-worries away, a lightweight wear-resistant fabric, a shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your height, a main compartment that suits your iPad 4/5/6, mobile phones and other necessary items.

It is the perfect travel companion for camping, grocery shopping, work and school life or even just a daily life errand.

The front pocket features a magnetic buckle closure that can tightly secure your belongings and suspension ribbons for easy- grab headphones.

Get it now at

7. 7.9" IPAD Mini Men's Shoulder Bag


7.9" IPAD Mini Men's Shoulder Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

A newly arrived luxurious shoulder bag that can fit your iPad and your taste in leather is now up for grabs! Featuring a black and brown leather color, this shoulder bag is made for you and your preference.

It is incredibly sturdy and steady enough that it can stand on its own, with its high-end look. It features an easy, adjustable strap to your liking, a double security magnetic snap and strong zippers and premium material that makes it waterproof and long-lasting.

This luxurious shoulder bag proves you can use a shoulder bag for work in a suit and tie, and still look dashing and presentable at the same time.

Its leather mark completes your astounding chosen wardrobe for the day that can brighten your profile.

Gear up for your business, school, or everyday travel today with this sophisticated shoulder bag!

Get it now at

8. Tactical Sling Bag - Best for Outdoors

MicroBang Tactical Sling Bag is popular Crossbody bag men Singapore, sling bags for men, branded sling bags for men, best sling bag for men, crossbody bag for men, leather sling bag for men,

Tactical Sling Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

A strong and army-like sling bag with its camouflage design can certainly match your personality.

The MicroBang Tactical Sling Bag features a concealed back pocket, a shape-compound ergonomics two-way zipper that is fine and practical, and a horse- honeycomb thick sponge that greatly reduces the back feel of the pad making it comfortable and breathable.

It is designed with waterproof material, multiple zippered pockets to keep your things in place and organized. This one of a kind sling bag is perfect for hiking, hunting, camping and even biking.

Get it now at

9. Hip Hop Chest Bag

Hip Hop Chest Bag, The Best Bags For Men Who Carry Bags in Singapore, best men's crossbody bag for travel, crossbody bags men, men's crossbody bag designer, mens crossbody bag amazon, streetwear crossbody bag, nike crossbody bag men, small crossbody bag for men,

Hip Hop Chest Bag - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

Men can wear bags for the sake of hip hop and style, right? The answer is a big yes! This outdoor Hip Hop Chest bag is uniquely designed for the people on the street making civilized cosmopolitan events happen. This features a casual nylon material with multi-function and durable compartment.

The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to your preferred length and the zippers are designed for smooth movement. The style of this chest bag can perfectly match any streetwear or casual attire.

Make a statement of confidence and elegance today with this Hip Hop Chest Bag.

Get it now at

10. Multi-Function Pocket Fashion Strap Vest

Multi-Function Pocket Fashion Strap Vest is the best crossbody bag, branded sling bags for men, best men's crossbody bags, 
men sling bag, leather crossbody bag men, best crossbody bags for men, men bag, men's cross body sling bag singapore, porter messenger bag,

Multi-Function Pocket Fashion Strap Vest - Men's Shoulder Bag Singapore

Another option for a fashion- perfect streetwear that can go with the hip hop and chill vibe is this Multi-function Pocket Fashion Strap Vest.

This sling bag features an oxford clothing material that is suitable for any weather because it is water-resistant, two outside pockets that can secure your small stuff, a main pocket with a hefty zipper and an easy-to-adjust strap vest.

This just means you can still be vibrant, active and energetic without worrying that the things inside your bag might fall and crash. How convenient and amazing this hip hop vest can be!

Complete your cool and hip vibe with this fashion strap vest today.

Get it now for only

Where to Buy Shoulder Bag for Men in Singapore

Can guys wear shoulder bags?

Guys can and should use and wear shoulder bags as they are fashionable and useful.

Shoulder bags for men come in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from conventional models to ones that are trendy and eye-catching.

Some organizations have even begun offering bags specifically designed for male customers, ensuring they don't have to compete with women when looking for the perfect bag.

Men's shoulder bags offer the same convenience and practicality of any bag--excellent for carrying items to and from the office, or for weekend trips and errands--and make a great accessory that reflects a man's fashion sense.

Are shoulder bags stylish?

Shoulder bags are always a stylish choice. These bags are incredibly versatile and come in a wide range of styles and sizes, making them suitable for every occasion.

With their hands-free portability, they are the perfect choice for when you need the convenience of carrying something yet don’t want the added bulk of a larger bag.

This type of bag is also incredibly stylish, as they come in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors.

Whether you’re looking for a classic leather design or a cheerful floral pattern, you can find a shoulder bag that fits your style.

What bag should a man wear?

A man's bag should be selected for its practicality, as well as for its style. A backpack, briefcase, messenger bag, or tote bag can all suit a man’s needs, depending on how much he needs to carry and the purpose of carrying it.

For work or professional outings, a man should generally opt for a sturdy leather briefcase for a more polished look.

A simple, casual canvas or leather backpack is ideal for school, errands, travel, or outdoor activities, while duffel or messenger bags can be suitable for day trips.

Every man can find the perfect bag for their own lifestyle and aesthetic.

Which bag brand is best for men in Singapore?

Popular brands for bags for men in Singapore are Herschel Supply Co., Crumpler, Fjällräven Kanken, JanSport, The North Face, Converse and Deuter.

Shoulder Bag for Men Singapore

One may say that men do not need any type of bag for the rest of the day, but breaking that stereotype is putting your personality together. Shoulder bags are a statement of confidence and responsibility for your belongings and yourself.

Choosing the right shoulder bag for the day to match your outfits and your needs requires effort and dependence.

You can know what type of shoulder bag you would be needing for today, and this list of the best shoulder bags in Singapore might be the must-have list you have always been looking for.

Whether it is going to work, to school, to a trip on the mountains or hiking, to a casual walk or everyday errand, shoulder bags are convenient and neatly ready to accompany you.

Carry your shoulder bag with confidence today!

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