Best Slimming Centres in Singapore

Best Slimming Centres in Singapore 2024 for Effective Weight Loss Programs

If you're looking for reputable slimming centres in Singapore, here are some of the best options known for their effective treatments and professional services:

1. London Weight Management

  • Overview: Renowned for its comprehensive weight loss programs tailored to individual needs.
  • Popular Treatments: Slimming body wraps, detox therapies, and advanced fat-burning treatments.
  • Website: London Weight Management

2. Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

  • Overview: Combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern weight loss techniques.
  • Popular Treatments: Acupuncture, herbal therapy, and dietary consultations.
  • Website: Aimin Acupuncture

3. Slim Couture

  • Overview: Utilizes traditional Chinese medicine principles for weight loss.
  • Popular Treatments: Divine Slim treatment, which includes TCM techniques and dietary guidance.
  • Website: Slim Couture

4. Dorra Slimming

  • Overview: Specializes in lower body slimming, targeting areas like the tummy, hips, and thighs.
  • Popular Treatments: Intensive fat-burning treatments and body contouring.
  • Website: Dorra Slimming

5. BottomSlim

  • Overview: Focuses specifically on lower body slimming and postpartum weight loss.
  • Popular Treatments: Body contouring and targeted fat reduction therapies.
  • Website: BottomSlim

6. Lush Aesthetics

  • Overview: Offers a variety of non-invasive slimming treatments.
  • Popular Treatments: Fat freeze, laser lipo, and radiofrequency body contouring.
  • Website: Lush Aesthetics

7. Marie France Bodyline

  • Overview: A well-established slimming centre with a range of advanced treatments.
  • Popular Treatments: Body contouring, cellulite reduction, and muscle toning treatments.
  • Website: Marie France Bodyline

8. Absolute Slimming

  • Overview: Uses a combination of cupping and gua sha techniques for weight loss.
  • Popular Treatments: Cupping therapy and gua sha for detoxification and slimming.
  • Website: Absolute Slimming

9. Halley Medical Aesthetics

  • Overview: Medical aesthetic clinic offering advanced body contouring treatments.
  • Popular Treatments: CoolSculpting, Exilis Ultra 360, and Vanquish ME.
  • Website: Halley Medical Aesthetics

10. Amaris B. Clinic

  • Overview: Offers a range of medical and aesthetic treatments, including body contouring.
  • Popular Treatments: VASER liposuction, laser lipolysis, and fat transfer.
  • Website: Amaris B. Clinic

Tips for Choosing a Slimming Centre

  • Research: Look for reviews and testimonials to gauge the effectiveness and reliability of the centre.
  • Consultation: Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and understand the treatments offered.
  • Certifications: Ensure the centre is certified and the staff are qualified professionals.
  • Follow-up: Check if the centre offers follow-up sessions to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.

These slimming centres offer a variety of treatments to suit different needs and preferences, helping you achieve your weight loss goals safely and effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional slimming methods are being surpassed by modern slimming centers offering advanced technology and professional guidance.
  • The top slimming centers in Singapore offer personalized treatments, incorporating methods like TCM, RF, and PMF.
  • These centers provide comprehensive services beyond weight loss, including overall wellness, beauty treatments, and post-treatment care.
  • Options for non-invasive procedures and natural approaches are available, catering to different preferences and needs.

In the fast-paced lifestyle of Singapore, traditional diet and exercise regimens can be daunting and impractical for many. Slimming centers have risen to the occasion, offering state-of-the-art solutions to sculpt and slim down with ease. This guide showcases the best slimming centers across the island, where cutting-edge technology meets personalized care, ensuring your journey to a slimmer physique is as seamless as it is successful.

Featured Snippet:
What are the best slimming centers in Singapore? The top slimming centers in Singapore include Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre, known for its "Shi's Weight Loss Method," and Slim Couture, which utilizes the TCM-based Divine SlimTM technique. Adonis offers tailored treatments with unique oil formulations, while BodyPerfect Pte Ltd and Shou Slimming Centre promise effective results with advanced technology like RF and PMF. Bio Skin, Absolute Wellness, Beaute Hub, Expressions, and Halley Body Slimming Clinic round out the list, each offering their distinctive approaches and treatments to cater to a variety of slimming needs and preferences.

Here are some of our top picks on:

  • Executing a healthy diet while doing some exercises can be challenging and inefficient – for those who can do both to maintain a cola shape body, I salute you all.

Top 10 Slimming Centres for Weight Loss in Singapore

1 Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

Slimming Centres Singapore (Image from: Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre)

From China to Singapore, we are truly blessed to have this slimming centre right just in town! For over 27 years in service, no wonder they know how everything works!

Applying the newest technology in the process makes it more of an exquisite experience.

Not only that, they have been sticking to the process called "Shi's Weight Loss Method" – known to help thousands of people with a successful outcome in losing weight from the first years of performing.

Also, they feature long-term programs to keep your body in fantastic shape.

Get 90 minutes of weight loss treatment at just $68 (U.P $459) for your first treatment.

If you're new to this kind of process, Aimin is also offering a weight loss treatment trial! Most of their clients loved the outcome of treatments, leaving Aimin an excellent complement and fair reviews. Here is one of them:

"After the whole weight loss program, I managed to drop 18.1kg! Not only that, my insomnia condition also got better. This program doesn't require intensive exercise. The physicians just recommended light exercises and diet for me to stick to." –Cyndy C.


51 Cuppage Road & Kensington Square

Phone: (+65) 6225 2321, (+65) 6346 5595

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2 Slim Couture

Slimming Centres Singapore (Image from: Slim Couture)

Originated from our homeland – Singapore, there can't be any reason why we should miss this slimming centre! Slim Couture's tag is to be beautiful in our own way.

They hallmark TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) methods to deliver the best result in losing weight.

Using non invasive methods, Slim Couture feature their noble signature slimming method – Divine SlimTM, promising you a fast and effective treatment in removing unwanted fats.

They also advise clients to follow a specific diet to achieve the best results so you don't have to drink water like crazy.

Slim Couture is not merely a perfect spot in trimming down your weight. Programs they perform also include other health benefits for your overall wellness, especially fixing your sleep hours.

Besides, they are offering a money-back guarantee! With 3 outlets scattered island wide, you can have your sessions done at the nearest one!

How much is a slimming treatment?

A standard treatment with Gua Sha and cupping (TCM) costs $220.

Many clients have praised the slimming center and keep on signing packages to maintain the weight they want! Here's feedback from one of their long-term clients, proving how excellent their services are:

"I've graduated from Slim Couture for almost 5 years and my weight is so well maintained! Lost a total of 25kg with them after I gave birth! They've always treasured their clients like their own family members and even sent us a care gift during the Circuit Breaker! Do not look elsewhere if you have weight issues! They live up to their promises!" – Michelle C.

Slim Couture, Locations

Phone: (+65) 6534 0747, (+65) 6536 8586, (+65) 6336 8665)

3 Adonis

Slimming Centres Singapore (Image from: Adonis)

Combining the best technological devices and inimitably oil formulations, you can achieve maintaining your figure. Adonis has been using their signature treatments depending on your needs!

You can always tell them what you desire, they will absolutely assist you and help you achieve that perfect body curve you ever wish!

Besides, this clinic can be your one-stop pamper spot!

They not only focus on providing weight losing treatments.

Also, they feature massage therapies, facial care, and anti-cellulite treatments – just a perfect step to remove that unwanted stretch marks.

Adonis, Various Locations

Phone: (+65) 6444 3033

4 BodyPerfect Pte Ltd

Image from: BodyPerfect Pte Ltd

Featured from various women's magazines, Bodyperfect no wonders is a must-visit place to treat weight management! Guaranteeing you effective results from day one!

Besides, they do not require any crash diets and injections – proving how safe every session is.

Given the fact that we have different types of bodies, the results per session may vary. It's best to talk with their well-trained staff to get the results that you want!

Various clients keep on making noise about how every session are worth your buck! You can also check out their locations on the link below and check out their page.

Here is one of the feedbacks from them:

"Had a few slimming sessions with Bodyperfect and the results are awesome. Already down 5kg. Cant wait to see the end results. Great service provided by staff at yishun outlet too. Overall, good experience. Recommend all to try." - Lynn S.

BodyPerfect, Various Locations

5 Shou Slimming Centre

Image from: Shou Slimming Centre

Where west and east meet, Shou Slimming center is a spot for your body's overall wellness. Get a chance to experience painless weight loss treatments!

Also, they promise visible results from your first session with them – bet you'll keep on coming back to this place.

Besides, their staff is not only focusing on performing the treatment you availed, but they are also amiable and passionate, delivering you the best slimming service! Not to mention having three outlets for your convenience.

Oh! By the way, Shou is exclusively offering the first-ever FDA approved RF (Radio Frequency) and PMF (Polarization-Maintaining Fiber).

Get those stubborn fats off and be confident with your body again!

Clients are much happier with the results that they get in the process of losing weight. Plus, the team is being praised for being committed to assist every client. Here is the feedback from one of them:

"Super attentive team of therapists who will combine the latest in spa-aesthetic technology and Chinese Traditional Medicine techniques to help you slim/ detox or shape. I found a combination of spa-aesthetics treatments and exercising helps greatly. I enjoyed all my treatments and will most definitely go back!" – Ruth C.

Shou Slimming Centre, Various Locations

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6 Bio Skin

Image from: Bio Skin

Highlighting the use of advanced technologies and special procedures, Bio Skin no wonders made it to this list! Slimming treatments vary to indulge yourself effectively.

From Electrotherapy to Robotrim 3-in-1, they can help you remove those unwanted fats!

First time? No need to fuss.

They have the skilled-professionals to assist you every session! No need to name the one you want to do the treatment, all of them are professionally trained therapists who can give the same services every time.

On top of that, you can also have your hair care or body care with them! Your pamper day can be done in just one spot – thanks to Bio Skin.

Slimming Centre Review

Most clients loved how every staff handled their concerns in detail. Proving how exceptional every service is in this remarkable place. Here is one of the feedbacks from them:

"The staff here are really professional and detailed, making the experience really pleasant. Honestly no matter who serves me, the experience is still equally great. I trust their skills and highly recommend them!" – Winnie K

Bio Skin, Various Locations

7 Absolute Wellness

Image from: Absolute Wellness

Operating for about 18 years, it's no surprise that Absolute Wellness serves their name right! Losing weight are indeed frustrating, but with the help from Absolute Wellness, you'll get to trim those fats without any challenging activities and diets!

Following strict policies about unethical sales practices, this clinic doesn't tolerate hard-selling – letting you feel safe and unpressured with the packages their offer.

Also, they are more on natural ways of effective slimming techniques!

You may want to try their so-called 3-step program named CSH Therapy®, featuring a traditional Chinese slimming approach that helps thousands of people island wide.

Slimming Centre Review

Clients keep on leaving such great feedback about how exceptional their experiences are in Absolute Wellness. Here is one of them:

"Happy to have started the treatment here because I really did lose weight. But I need to lose more so hopefully this treatment will help me achieve that. There's no hard selling here and they also don't sell any products so I'm grateful for that. Most importantly the service is really good." – Wileen L.

Absolute Wellness, Various Locations

8 Beaute Hub

Image from: Beaute Hub

While some slimming centres are using needles to remove unwanted fats, Beaute Hub beg to differ with their exclusive and signature slimming techniques!

They are incorporating traditional acupuncture, advanced technologies, and science to make sure that everything works safely!

Also, Beaute Hub features its other beauty services and products to avail. Indeed a haven place to get yourself pampered.

Beaute Hub, Various Locations

9 Expressions

Image from: Expressions

This award-winning slimming centre shouldn't be missed! Promising innovative ways to remove those fats, Expressions has been known to help people for over 30 years! They make sure to give high-quality services to all their clients.

Also, Expressions are branded for using herbal ingredients with their products – ensuring the safety of everyone. Beside those, they are also offering other treatments – be it facial, aesthetics, or even IPL, this is the best place to go!

Clients has been leaving great comments about their experience with the process they availed. Proving how effective their services are. Here is one of the feedbacks from a client:

"Lost 14kg in the span of 3 months. Saw huge improvement in reduction of my belly! Greatly satisfied with my results. Angela, Erica & Yvonne from Thomson Branch are very helpful and provide great advice." -Jin L.

Expressions, Various Locations

10 Halley Body Slimming Clinic

Image from: Halley Body Slimming Clinic

Slimming techniques without a professional's help can take longer, bet you'll be weary before seeing the visible results. Of course, nobody wants that. This is why Halley is here to help you!

As they keep on saying, let your dream body take shape and starting with Halley is the first step in doing so! Remove those stubborn fats without any challenging workouts!

From meal replacement to using injectable weight loss pen, they services are no wonder exceptional and effective! Clients love how they performed treatments in a very proficient and pleasant way. Here is one of the feedbacks from their clients:

"The doctors and staffs here are very professional and friendly. They make sure that the services that they provide are catered to your needs and also provides valuable insights to help you achieve good results. Thank you Team Halley ~" – Natasha S.

Services Single Application
(One off Pricing)
12 Applications
(Price Per Application)
CoolSculpting (Tummy, Back, Thighs, Arms, Legs) $690 $520
CoolAdvantage (Tummy, Back, Thighs, Arms, Legs) $760 $590
Halley's HIFU Intense Fat Reduction  $690 $575 For Tummy
Halley's HIFU Intense Fat Reduction  $360 / area $287.50 For Inner Thighs / Back Of Thighs / Hips / Arm
Exilis Ultra 360 (RF and Ultrasound Skin Tightening) $390 $290 30 minutes Session
Fat Freezing Price List

Halley, 277 Orchard Rd, #03-16 Orchard, Gateway 238858

Phone: (+65) 6246 8806

How To Lose Weight Fast in Singapore

Belly fats are usually considered as the number one enemy in the fight against obesity. And nowadays everyone is looking at blood cholesterol levels.

To reduce cholesterol level, the best way is to reduce weight. Losing weight requires both time and effort which means it cannot be done easily within just a few days.

Although there are multitude of diet plans, medications, and low-calorie alternatives promising to promote weight loss efficiently, the bulk of them failed to have empirical support.

Don’t despair though, various scientifically validated weight-loss practices succeeded which will be helpful to your journey.

We have listed below the ways you can use as your reference in losing weight fast and healthy at the same time in Singapore.

Simple Tips To Lose Weight Fast in Singapore

1. Increase your vegetable consumption

Image Source: Rawpixel

Eat More Vegetables - How To Lose Weight Fast

Alternatively, you can eliminate certain dishes or refined carbohydrates, and stay concentrated on including a diversity of nutritional meals into your meal plan to boost general nutrition and lifestyle control.

Vegetables are typically fat-free with plenty of vitamins and minerals while yet being nutritionally heavy and substantial. You may prepare reduced alternatives of delectable meals by substituting fresh vegetables and fruits for greater calorie components.

2. Prepare a more nutritious breakfast

Image Source: Rawpixel

Make a nutritious breakfast - How To Lose Weight Fast

Breakfasts that will give you energy, leave you pleased, and keep you from overeating throughout the day are perfect.

For your hearty breakfast, strive for 400 to 500 kcal and incorporate a balance of high-quality protein, satisfying fat, with fiber.

You can lose weight by commencing your morning with a sugar level concoction of vitamins.

3. Sugary drinks should be avoided

Image Source: Rawpixel

Sugary Beverages Are Harmful to Your Body - How To Lose Weight Fast

Eliminating sweetened sodas is one of the quickest strategies to reduce fat, and it's also excellent for cardiovascular health and diabetes management.

In addition, sugary drinks induce a rapid spike and decrease in glucose levels. This leads you to become ravenous quicker and snack too much.

So, a bottle of juice or a mug of the chocolate espresso is not substantial as it will just make you more hungry within the day.

4. Initiate exercising

Image Source: Rawpixel

Begin your fitness program - How To Lose Weight Fast

Muscle strength increases muscle tissue, which eliminates extra calories 24 hours each day, even at work or at rest. The more compact body you possess, the more efficiently you will burn fat. You can begin by performing a couple of lifts, hops, or crunches.

Simple shoulder twists and tricep stretches may be accomplished with weight training in the convenience of your room or workplace.

5. Consider early bedtime

Image Source: Rawpixel

The Benefits of an Early Bedtime - How To Lose Weight Fast

There is a great deal of information stating that obtaining fewer over the prescribed length of sleep time will dial back your digestion.

Prolonged insufficient sleep has been linked to changes in appetite enzymes, and other research indicated a link involving deficient dietary habits and sleep deprivation.

How can I lose weight extremely quickly?

Losing weight is great because it gives us tons of health benefits when done properly. That is why it is important to be cautious of the ways we follow in burning calories and fats.

Always make sure that you do not starve yourself to avoid any complications in your health.

If you are attentive to both what you ingest and participate in continuous athletic engagement or a healthy lifestyle, surely you will be productive in reducing and holding off additional kilos, despite any standard approaches that assist you in losing weight fast.

Are Slimming Centre effective?

Visiting a Slimming Centre can be an effective way to lose weight, but there are many factors that you need to consider before making a decision.

For example, the type of program that is offered, how often you will be in attendance, and your dietary choices while at the center.

Singapore Slimming Centres may offer several different types of programs ranging from intensive sessions lasting 2-3 weeks to 12-week plans that include food counseling and meal planning.

While all programs offer calorie counting and nutritional analysis help, some may provide more personalized guidance than others. Furthermore, weekly weigh-ins allow members to track their progress and make modifications as needed.

Ultimately it's important to choose the program that best suits your needs and see if it successfully provides results for weight loss.

Does slimming centers really work?

Slimming centers have become an increasingly popular way to tackle weight loss, but whether they actually work depends on the individual and the program they are taking part in.

Recent research has shown that participation in a slimming center can lead to a decrease in body fat and weight, however this varies depending on the program and how strictly a person adheres to it.

Investigations into the success of slimming centers have shown mixed results, with users losing anywhere from a few pounds to several stone.

Overall, slimming centers can be an effective way to take charge of your health and fitness needs, but people need to be careful when selecting one, as not all of them offer the same level of service, diet plans, and activity plans.

How does slimming treatment work?

Slimming treatments typically involve the use of an Electric Muscle Stimulator, which is a device that gives electrical pulses to the body through a set of pads placed on various muscles to stimulate or activate the muscle fibers.

The electric current mildly contracts the muscle, similar to how an exercise would. This contraction helps to improve blood flow, break down fat and improve tissue elasticity.

Many slimming treatments also incorporate other fat-burning techniques such as radio-frequency and ultrasound to further boost results.

These treatments, depending on the patient’s individual needs, can be done several times a week for several months to achieve the desired results of slimmed and toned body.

Reduce Your Belly Fats Fast & Safe in Singapore

While limiting yourself to the foods you love to eat can be a little frustrating and indeed hard to do and exercises are such a time-taking, or you might don't have the energy to do so, these slimming centers will reduce the fats of your belly fast and safely.

You can bring back the confidence after losing weight with the clinic that you think is suitable for your concern — giving you the best techniques and technologies in town.

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