Cost of Xiaomi Cleaners in Singapore

Cost of Xiaomi Cleaners in Singapore 2024 that are Good and Cheap

The cost of Xiaomi cleaners in Singapore can vary depending on the model and features. Here are some approximate prices for different types of Xiaomi cleaners:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P: Around SGD 400 - SGD 500
  2. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential: Around SGD 250 - SGD 350
  3. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: Around SGD 150 - SGD 200
  4. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10: Around SGD 350 - SGD 450


Key Takeaways:

  • Xiaomi offers a variety of vacuum cleaners suitable for different cleaning needs and budgets.
  • Before purchasing, consider your home size, flooring type, and desired features.
  • Robot vacuums offer convenience and efficiency, especially for busy individuals or larger spaces.
  • Prices range from affordable handheld models to more expensive, feature-rich robot vacuums.

In the quest for a spotless home, Xiaomi vacuum cleaners stand out for their blend of innovation, efficiency, and value. From handheld devices to sophisticated robot vacuums, Xiaomi provides a range of options to keep your living space pristine. This guide highlights the top Xiaomi vacuum cleaners available in Singapore, tailored to your cleaning needs and budget.

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Q: What are the best Xiaomi vacuum cleaners in Singapore?
A: The best Xiaomi vacuum cleaners in Singapore cater to various preferences and include models like the Roborock S7, known for its ultrasonic mopping and child lock, and the Roborock S5 Max, praised for its quality and ratings. For more budget-friendly options, consider the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and Mop Essential or the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini. Each model offers unique features designed to make cleaning your home easier and more effective.

What are the Different Types of Cleaning Vacuums?

Canister Vacuum

It is one of the most common vacuum turns. A canister vacuum has a separate canister with similar attachments.

Light to carry, using this vacuum type is perfect for making stairs dust-free. Though, they are a little hard to store and move around, unlike others.

Stick Vacuum

It is the best vacuum for a quick cleaning in your kitchen, flat, or picking up your dear pet’s fur. It is slim and battery-powered.

Almost twinning with a broom and dustpan, stick vacuums are not that great with carpets.

Upright Vacuum

If you have a large home space, this one is the perfect type of vacuum that you have to get.

Upright vacuums are the ones that can make spacious areas spotless based on cleaning experts. Easy to use, they are easier to store and empty.

Yet, you only have to be careful when using this vacuum variety since it is not easy to adjust for various floor types at all times. It can be hard to move around.

Cordless Vacuum

Similar to the stick kind, this one is only smaller in size.

Also called handheld vacuums, these cleaning gadgets are super easy to carry and strong in effect.

It is best for spot cleaning and even tidying up your car.

Robot Vacuum

These are the vacuums that are smart counterparts of traditional cleaners from their robotic and advanced points. Modern in design, robot vacuums can run at any time.

Whether you are at home or not, these cleaners can make your floor mess-free.

How Do I Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

Being unsure of what to look for in a quality cleaning gadget like a vacuum cleaner is normal. That is why we are here to give you some tips that you can keep in mind.

Your Home

Of course, you need to check your house space before buying the necessary cleaning gadget. See how your flooring is or how thick your carpet is at home.


Vacuums are high in price, especially the latest robot types. Thus, you need to have a budget for it. There are cheaper types available.

However, you can lose the chances of experiencing premium deals from the robot vacs when you settle for the cheaper ones. Either way, they are still both skillful for home cleaning.

Brand and Features

When looking for a quality vacuum, you also need to find a great brand.

Too, the features the model can provide when used. You do not want to have a vacuum that comes in tricky, right?

Top 11 Cheap Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners that You can Get Here in Singapore

Top 11 Best Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Why We Like It? Best Price
Roborock S8 Ultra-Sonic Mopping and Child Lock  $799.90
Roborock S5 Max High In Quality and Ratings  $529.90
Robot Vacuum X10 Efficient dust collection but pricey $659.00
Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini Easy to Carry and Use. Plus, Available at a Cheap Price  $46.90
Roborock S4 Max Selective Room Cleaning and Trusted by Many Homeowners $599.00
Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly FVQ Small, Light, and 100% Effective $47.90
Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover Anti-Dust and Mites  $61.90
Xiaomi Deerma CM1900  Mite Remover and Great Suction Power $94.00
Xiaomi Mi G10 Has a Smart High-Torque Floor Brush $269.00
Jimmy Cordless Vacuum VW302 2-In-1 Vacuum and Glass Wipe $44.10
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and Mop Essential Multi-functional and Convenient $179.90
What are the best xiaomi vacuum cleaners in Singapore?

Xiaomi is one of the many brands open in Singapore that you can trust when shopping for quality vacuums. It is the name that became a standard for so many homeowners today.

To guide you on which one fits your style and budget, here are our prime choices based on type, price, and more. Read on!

1. Roborock S8

Roborock S8 - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

Grab a vacuum that ensures safety even when your child or pet is present.

Try the latest Roborock S8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner today! It is an advanced and high performing robotic vacuum with a mopping pad, sonic sensor, child lock, and more. You can use this for a whole new level of cleaning with its sonic tech too.

With a powerful suction system, advanced mapping capabilities, and intelligent route planning to navigate your home efficiently, we are sure it can help you keep your floors and carpets clean without having to break a sweat.

Moreover, it offers a long battery life. Although it may be slightly pricier than other models on the market, the Roborock S8 is definitely worth the investment if you are looking for a quality vacuum that can keep your home clean with minimal effort.

Is Roborock same as Xiaomi?

Roborock is a robotic vacuum cleaner maker owned by the Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi.

While both brands are associated with the same company and can be used to complete the same task, they are separate and distinct product lines.

Roborock provides autonomous robotic cleaning, while Xiaomi also offers a wide range of other consumer goods, such as smartphones and kitchen appliances.

The overall design language of their devices come from the same source, but when it comes to feature sets and actual cleaning performance, each of the two products vary in important ways.

Key Features:

  • Cordless Robot Vacuum Type Tech, and an Auto Lift Up Mop
  • Smart Navigation with 3D Obstacle Avoidance and App Controlled
  • Increased Suction Power at 6,000 Pa suction
  • Effective and Reliable with Sensor Carpet Detector
  • Reasonable at Cost and has a Warranty Deal
  • Includes a Gyroscope with Automatic Dirt Disposal and Cleaning Modes

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2. Roborock S5 Max

Roborock S5 Max - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

No more mess on your floors at home with the Roborock S5 MAX! It is the vacuum cleaner that will meet all your floor care needs.

In just a single press on the power button and all filings are long gone. What is more, it is a robot vacuum type that has a list of superb points.

From multiple cleaning modes to smart sensors, you name it! Roborock S5 Max can fit all your wants and needs. It is ideal for your pet's fur, carpets, and any floorings. That is why it is one of the top picks by pros: a worthy buy!

Key Features:

  • App Control, and Works with Alexa
  • Powerful Suction Feature and Prevision LiDAR Mapping
  • Easy to Clean, Low Noise Level, and Handy to Use
  • Extremely Stylish and Sleek in Design
  • High in Quality and Trusted by Singaporean Homeowners
  • 290 mL of Digital Smart Water Tank Capacity
  • Running Time of 180 Minutes and Rechargeable Battery Power
  • Granted with Supplier Warranty

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3. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 is a must-have cleaning tool at home. Overall, it is a good investment for busy folks who want to keep their homes clean without putting in much effort.

Its smart mapping and advanced obstacle avoidance features make it easy to navigate around furniture and other objects.

Moreover, the suction power is quite strong and can pick up a variety of debris, including pet hair and crumbs. However, some users have reported minor connectivity issues.

Overall, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 is a valuable addition to any home automation system and certainly worth considering if you're looking to streamline your cleaning process.

Key Features:

  • 2.5L high-capacity disposable bag, stores up to 60 full cleans
  • 4000Pa fan blower with powerful suction
  • 5200mAh battery, up to 180 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • Advanced LDS laser navigation
  • App supports voice control and custom cleaning plans

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4. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

The Mijia Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner may not be a robot vacuum, but this is close to one. It is one cleaning deal offered by Xiaomi that can make dirt go in a swift.

High in play, this cordless vacuum is ideal for cleaning up the fur from your pets or the bits or crackers hiding beneath your sofa sides. It may not be instant in the process, but using this is fun.

100% able and thinner than other vacuum types. All you need to do is to add this to your shopping cart now. This little one got it!

Key Features:

  • Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wireless and Mini in Size
  • Brushless Motor and One-Button Dust Removal Feature
  • Surging Power and Flexible
  • Light Weight that includes Multi-Stage Cyclone Technology
  • Battery Powered and Handy
  • Slimmer than a Vacuum Flask
  • Best Seller and Perfect for Home or Office Use

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5. Roborock S4 Max

Roborock S4 Max - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

Guess there is no better battery capacity than the Roborock S4 Max! It is a robot vacuum that has long battery life that can last for literally hours.

So, deep cleaning is not a problem with this guy. All you need to do is control it from the app. What is more, it has an amazing suction power that can wipe off as much dust as it can detect.

Cool, right? For a cleaning gadget, Roborock S4 Max is a worthy buy to start with!

Key Features:

  • 2000 PA Strong Suction Factor with LiDAR Mapping System
  • Wi-Fi Connected that includes Total App Control
  • Has a Long Battery Life
  • Economical in Cost and Ideal for Home Use
  • Robotic Form and Good Customer Reviews

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6. Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly FVQ

Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly FVQ - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

Make not only your house space free from dust but also your car with the Xiaomi Mijia Cleanfly FVQ. This little one is so chic in look and a very easy-to-use type of handheld vacuum.

It has a long list of features that you can enjoy, as effective as a robot vac. You can never miss a corner when you use it. Get this today to meet your various needs!

Key Features:

  • Fast Charging Technology and Reliable for Cleaning Task/s
  • Durable and Strong Filtration System
  • High-Performance Battery Power with a Telescopic Two-in-One Nozzle Design
  • Portable, Small in Size, and Light to Carry
  • Stylish and comes in a Budget-Friendly Price

Get now at

7. Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover

Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

Want to make sure that even mites are going to be long gone within your home? Then, go for the new XIAOMI Mijia Handheld Vacuum Cleaner!

It is a handheld vac that has active suction power and other cleaning features. Whether those mites are hiding at your bedside or chair, this XIAOMI Mijia can detect them all!

Also, it can reduce the pollution rate across your space. Pretty great, right?

Key Features:

  • Triple Filtration Effect and has a Hot Air Dehumidification Feature
  • Wired Vacuum Type that is also Handheld
  • Good Cleaning Effect with Convenient
  • Sweep-UV Light System
  • 1200 PA Suction and Good Market Cost

Get the wired version now at

8. Xiaomi Deerma CM1900

Xiaomi Deerma CM1900 - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

If you want a convenient canister type of vacuum, this Xiaomi Deerma CM1900 Cordless is a best seller. Like robot vacuums, using this variety of vacs is super handy.

It has an able suction power to make sure you can kiss dust and bed mites goodbye. Also, it has a dust cup and filter that you can remove and wash.

Key Features:

  • Cordless and Handheld Type of Canister Vacuum
  • Built-In Battery Power with Quality Suction Power
  • Easy to Clean and Use
  • Ideal for Home Use and to get rid of the Mites
  • Good Market Price and Multi-Functional

Get now at

9. Xiaomi Mi G10 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi G10 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

If you have allergies or any respiratory matter related, making your home dustless is essential. Thus, something like the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 will help you up!

It is a gadget that works as both a vacuum and mop. Powered with a double cleaning factor, this one can clear dirt from the dirt of your flooring at home.

Lastly, it has three operating modes from which you can choose. It is one of the latest offers from Xiaomi. Yet, this is now making a mark for many shoppers.

Key Features:

  • Battery-Powered Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with 150 Suction Power
  • Includes an LCD Display and 65 Minute Extra Battery Life Span
  • ‎79 dB in Noise Level with 5 Stages of Filtration
  • Smart, 12 Cyclone Dust Separation System and Handy for Home Cleaning
  • High in Ratings and an All-in-One Vacuum and Mop

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10. Xiaomi Jimmy Cordless Vacuum VW302

Xiaomi Jimmy Cordless Vacuum VW302 - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

Your glass window at home needs some cleaning too. And if that happens, using a robot vacuum might be not fit. Instead, a glass vacuum like the Jimmy Cordless Window Glass Vacuum is what you need.

It is a cordless handheld vac that you can use to clear up the stains in your mirror and even tiles. Make sure to consider this one on your shopping list. A total buy!

Key Features:

  • Modern in Design with Long Endurance System
  • Multi-Functional Vacuum and Glass Wipes
  • Battery Capacity of 2000mAh
  • Low in Noise, Easy to Carry, and has a Soft Rubber Handle
  • Granted with Local Warranty, Global Version, and Ideal for Home Cleaning

Get now at

11. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential - Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners Singapore

The chance of rubbing or mopping around the house without too much effort is at 100%!

With this latest robot vacuum cleaner of Xiaomi, you keep a great cleaning partner due to its suction power. It has a smaller dimension than other robot vacuums.

So, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Essential can fit most unseen spaces at home. Yes, even under your closet and sofa. Cool, right? In addition, it can also control the water needed up its levels.

Key Features:

  • Automatic with Multi-Functional Features
  • Includes a Remote Control for System Operation and Checking
  • Adjustable and 2200 Strong Motor Suction with Laser Sensors
  • Simple in Design and Comes in a Good Price
  • Wireless and Convenient
  • 3 Water Outlet Modes
  • Triple Level of Particle Filtration for Pollution Removal
  • All-In-1 Mop and Vacuum

Get now at

Guide to Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some handy questions most folks have about xiaomi vacuum cleaners…

What is the main purpose of vacuum cleaner?

The main purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to remove dirt, dust, and other particles from carpets, flooring, furniture, and other surfaces.

Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of styles, such as upright, canister, handheld, wet/dry, and robotic.

Upright vacuums are the most popular option, as they offer the most thorough cleaning and are highly maneuverable.

Canister vacuums are another popular choice for deep-cleaning carpets, as they can reach into tight spaces, in addition to offering more power than most upright models.

Handheld vacuums are great for spot-cleaning, sucking up quick spills and touching up random messes.

Wet/dry vacuums are designed for use with liquids and solids, making them ideal for more complex cleaning tasks.

Finally, xiaomi robotic vacuums are great for daily maintenance as they require very little effort — simply set them on the floor and let them do the work.

How much should I spend on a good vacuum?

When deciding how much to spend on a good vacuum, it is important to consider the type of vacuum you will need, the brand and model you are interested in, and the features that best fit your needs.

Generally speaking, an upright or canister vacuum will cost more than a cordless, stick, or handheld model, since they offer more power and a larger dust capacity.

Furthermore, higher-end models like Dysons typically offer additional perks like a higher suction power, detachable dust canisters, and a number of extra tools and accessories.

The price range of good-quality vacuums can vary significantly, so be sure to do your research and find the best option for your specific needs.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Singapore

It is without a doubt that Xiaomi is one of the most famous labels today. Even with home cleaning deals, they are outstanding with their offers.

So, while the world keeps getting modern every day, it is best to keep things worth getting.

Remember, gadgets are not the only ones that have to be wise but also the consumers such as us. So, hoping this guide gives a glimpse of what is the best deal you have to get.

Take a good look at it once again - happy shopping!

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