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Last updated: April 2024

In recent years, the petrol market in Singapore has experienced fluctuations with several factors influencing the prices. As a consumer, I always find it essential to stay informed about these changes, especially when it comes to one of the leading fuel providers in the country – Caltex. Their petrol prices play a significant role in Singapore's transportation and economy, making it a crucial aspect to discuss and understand.

Caltex, a well-established brand in the fuel industry, offers a range of petrol products catering to various vehicle types and driving needs. From my experience, not only do they provide high-quality fuel, but also excellent services, including rewards and discounts for motorists, making it a preferred choice for many drivers in Singapore.

With a clear understanding of the different petrol types offered by Caltex and the factors affecting their prices, it's much easier to make informed decisions when it comes to fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and overall transportation costs. By staying updated on the Caltex petrol prices in the Singapore market, I can optimise my fuel consumption and make better choices in the long run.

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Caltex Petrol Price in Singapore

Regular 92 with Techron® SGD 2.790 SGD 2.651
Premium 95 with Techron® SGD 2.840 SGD 2.698
Platinum 98 with Techron® SGD 3.500 SGD 3.325
Caltex Diesel with Techron® SGD 2.650 SGD 2.518
Last Updated November 21, 2023 08:00PM

Overview of Caltex Petrol

As a frequent driver in Singapore, I've observed that Caltex offers a variety of petrol grades to cater to the different needs of motorists. Their petrol types include Ultra-Premium Platinum 98 with Techron, Caltex Gold 95 with Techron, and Caltex Regular 92 with Techron. Each have their respective octane ratings, providing a range of engine performance levels.

In my experience, Ultra-Premium Platinum 98 with Techron is the premium grade petrol designed for high-performance vehicles. This petrol grade provides greater engine responsiveness, enhanced power, and cleaner fuel delivery, which helps maintain optimum engine health.

On the other hand, Caltex Gold 95 with Techron is a popular choice among motorists who seek a balance between engine performance and fuel economy. It offers a suitable level of engine protection and fuel efficiency, catering well to the needs of most vehicles on the road.

Lastly, for those on a tighter budget, Caltex Regular 92 with Techron serves as an affordable yet reliable option. Though it delivers slightly lower engine performance compared to the other two grades, it still provides the necessary engine protection and fuel efficiency.

Caltex petrol stations in Singapore also emphasise on customer convenience. Most stations are strategically located near major roads and highways, providing easy access to refuelling services. Additionally, Caltex stations usually offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Convenience stores
  • Car wash
  • Tyre inflation
  • Auto LPG

It's also worth noting that Caltex petrol prices in Singapore are competitive when compared to other major petrol brands in the country. They frequently run promotions, offering discounts on petrol prices, which can result in significant savings for motorists over time.

In summary, Caltex petrol provides drivers with a range of petrol choices based on their engine performance and budgetary preferences. The well-located petrol stations and various services contribute to a convenient and satisfactory experience for Singaporean motorists.

Caltex Petrol Price Factors

When analysing Caltex petrol prices in Singapore, I have identified several key factors that influence the cost. I will briefly discuss the main elements that contribute to the pricing of petrol at Caltex stations.

1. Crude Oil Prices

The most significant factor affecting petrol prices is the cost of crude oil. As petrol is extracted from crude oil, fluctuations in the global market directly impact the prices at the pump. Caltex, like all petrol providers, has to adjust its prices in response to changes in oil market dynamics.

2. Exchange Rates

Since crude oil is traded on international markets, its price is influenced by exchange rates. As the Singapore Dollar (SGD) strengthens or weakens against the US Dollar (USD), the price of crude oil will change accordingly. This, in turn, affects the cost of petrol at Caltex stations.

3. Taxes and Levies

The Singapore government imposes taxes and levies on petrol, which contribute to the price at the pump. Currently, petrol duty rates are S$0.64 per litre for 98-octane grade petrol and S$0.56 per litre for 95-octane grade petrol. Any changes in these rates will affect Caltex petrol prices.

4. Refining, Transportation, and Retail Costs

Refining crude oil into petrol incurs costs, which are passed on to customers. Additionally, transportation from refineries to petrol stations and various retail expenses, such as station maintenance and employee wages, play a role in the final pricing. Caltex, like other petrol retailers, must factor in these costs when setting their prices.

5. Market Competition

The petrol retail market in Singapore is competitive. With multiple providers vying for customers, factors like promotions, discounts, and reward programmes can impact the apparent price of petrol at Caltex service stations. While these may not directly affect the core pricing, they do influence the consumer's perception of value and may sway their decision on where to fill up.

In summary, the pricing of Caltex petrol in Singapore is affected by various factors, including crude oil prices, exchange rates, taxes, and operating costs. By understanding how these elements interact, consumers can make informed decisions about petrol purchases.

Historical Caltex Petrol Prices in Singapore

In my research, I have found that Caltex petrol prices in Singapore have experienced fluctuations over the years. These changes are influenced by various factors such as global oil prices, exchange rates and taxes.

To provide a clearer understanding, I have listed the average prices of Caltex petrol from 2018 to 2022:

Year Regular 92 Regular 95 Premium 98 Diesel
2018 2.05 2.20 2.40 1.90
2019 2.10 2.25 2.45 1.95
2020 1.80 2.00 2.15 1.70
2021 2.30 2.45 2.65 2.10
2022 2.45 2.60 2.80 2.25
2023 2.81 2.85 3.49 2.64

It's essential to emphasise that the petrol prices mentioned above are rough estimates, taken at different points within each year. This is due to factors such as changing exchange rates and adjustments in crude oil prices.

During 2020, we saw a significant decrease in Caltex petrol prices. This decline can be attributed to the global COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on international oil demand. Oil-producing countries were left with excess inventory, causing prices to drop.

Conversely, in 2021, there was a significant increase in Caltex petrol prices, which continued into 2022. As economies started to recover from the pandemic, the demand for oil rose, causing global prices to surge. Additionally, the implementation of new taxes and levies contributed to a higher petrol price for consumers in Singapore.

In summary, Caltex petrol prices in Singapore have experienced a degree of volatility. It's essential for consumers to be aware of these fluctuations and consider possible future trends when making decisions related to fuel expenses.

Price Comparison with Competitors

In this section, I am going to discuss the price comparison of Caltex petrol with its main competitors in Singapore. To provide a clear comparison, I will make use of formatting tools such as tables, lists, and bold and italic fonts.

When comparing the petrol prices in Singapore, I have observed that the five most prominent competitors are Shell, Esso, SPC, and Sinopec. Following is a brief comparison of their current petrol prices:

Company 92-octane 95-octane 98-octane Premium Diesel
Caltex $2.79 $2.84 - $3.50 $2.65
Shell - $2.84 $3.33 $3.55 $2.65
Esso $2.79 $2.84 $3.31 - $2.65
SPC $2.79 $2.83 $3.31 - $2.64
Sinopec - $2.84 $3.31 $3.44 $2.64

As seen in the table, there is minimal price variance between Caltex petrol and its competitors. However, some differentiating factors play a significant role when customers choose which petrol station to patronize, such as:

  • Quality of fuel: While prices may be similar, customers may be inclined to think that a given brand provides better fuel performance, longer engine life, or improved mileage.
  • Customer Loyalty Programmes: Each petrol company has its loyalty programme that rewards regular customers with discounts, exclusive deals, and personalised offers.
  • Location & Availability: The proximity and accessibility of petrol stations greatly influence customer behaviour in choosing a petrol brand.

In conclusion, while the price differences amongst Caltex and its competitors are marginal, customers may judge the brands based on their perceived quality, loyalty programmes, and convenience of petrol stations.

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