Recommended Furniture Carpenters in Singapore

Recommended Furniture Carpenters in Singapore 2024 that are Cheap and Good

When it comes to finding reputable furniture carpenters in Singapore, it's essential to consider factors such as craftsmanship, quality of materials, design expertise, and customer satisfaction. Here are some recommended furniture carpenters in Singapore known for their craftsmanship and custom furniture services:

  1. Second Charm - Specializes in custom furniture and restoration services, offering a range of bespoke pieces crafted with attention to detail and quality materials.

  2. Masons Home Decor - Known for their custom furniture designs and carpentry services, Masons Home Decor offers personalized solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

  3. Kuhl Home - Offers custom-made furniture and carpentry services, specializing in contemporary designs and high-quality craftsmanship for modern interiors.

  4. Mountain Teak Furniture Gallery - Known for their solid wood furniture and custom carpentry services, Mountain Teak focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly designs for residential and commercial spaces.

  5. Locus Habitat - Specializes in custom furniture and carpentry services, offering a range of bespoke designs and personalized solutions for luxury interiors.

It's important to conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and inquire about the portfolio and design capabilities of each furniture carpenter before making a decision. Additionally, consider factors such as material sourcing, customization options, and the ability to tailor furniture to specific design preferences and space requirements.


Carpenters are real heroes and lifesavers in our lives, and as such, they play a crucial part in our lives.

Carpenters are the people whose duty it is to build and repair wooden things and constructions in our homes, as well as in large establishments.

There will be no good and sturdy foundations in our houses or workplaces if carpenters are not there.

Hiring a professional carpenter is a wise investment, regardless of how much it costs, because carpentry work may be difficult, complicated, and hazardous for homeowners to complete on their own.

The finest and most appropriate answer is always to seek professional guidance.

Top 10 Reliable Carpenters in Singapore - Price & Supplier Guide

One of the most important aspects of caring for and maintaining your home is carpentry.

These initiatives are concerned with the overall structure, foundation, and architecture of your home, making it the entity that physically holds everything together.

There are many best carpenters in Singapore that you may employ since they are in high demand, especially since Singapore is full of high and huge buildings, corporations, and real estate that require the upkeep and services of a professional carpenter.

If you reside in Singapore and are looking for great and reputable professional carpenters, read this article all the way through because you will learn a lot about the Best Carpenters in Singapore who can help you and how to pick a good carpentry service in Singapore. Let’s get started!

1. Bideas Creations

Image Source: Bideas Creations Pte Ltd via Facebook

Bideas Creations - Best Carpenters in Singapore

Bideas Creation is a carpentry company that offers in-home carpentry services to its customers.

They are experts in space planning and interior design, as well as COVID-19 Acrylic Shield protection solutions and promotional support.

Bideas Creation, on the other hand, are committed to providing its clients with the best management services possible, regardless of the occasion.

With their assistance, any event you organize is guaranteed to receive top-tier branding.

Customer Review...

“Samson was very responsive in answering my queries. He was punctual both in measurement meetup as well as installation. The cost was very reasonable. Workmanship is also good. Will recommend” - sivan nanthiran

Bideas Creations

Address: 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, #04-01, Singapore 757291

Contact: +65 6743 3122

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2. Singapore Carpentry

Image Source: Singapore Carpentry via Facebook

Singapore Carpentry - Best Carpenters in Singapore

Singapore Carpentry is constantly in high demand in Singapore with its classic, handcrafted furniture designs that are suited to your particular needs and desires.

Singapore Carpentry is well-known for their customized kitchen cabinets, storage drawers, display cabinets, kitchen countertops, closets, and other products.

Singapore Carpentry provides interior design services for both residential and business projects, so you are not restricted to just one.

You may also budget ahead of time because they supply a list of items and materials with comprehensive pricing.

Customer Review...

“found this company online, great project manager who was willing to work hard to complete the renovation project on time, even though there were small delays due to covid related reasons, in the end the result of the a&a works were commendable. It was a great experience working with Singapore carpentry” - qi lin

Singapore Carpentry

Address: 4A Bury Rd, Singapore 119824

Contact: +65 8100 4193

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3. Rogers & Son

Image Source: Roger&Sons via Facebook

Rogers & Son - Best Carpenters in Singapore

Rogers & Sons is a family-owned company that specializes in the creation of classic works of art.

With ecologically friendly materials, solid construction, and attractive design, their antique furniture lines are among the best on the market.

Rogers & Sons can assist you if you appreciate this design style.

Customer Review...

“Honest and good work 🙂 always a great choice for someone with a high level of taste for high class furnitures” - Boaz Lin

Rogers & Son

Address: 115 King George's Ave, #01-01, Singapore 208561


4. The Production Workz

Image Source: The Production Workz

The Production Workz - Best Carpenters in Singapore

The Production Workz is indeed a one-stop carpentry company that manufactures high-quality wooden goods based on the specifications of each customer.

Because Production Workz have qualified and experienced in-house carpenters, this carpentry shop is able to provide high-quality carpentry services for residential and commercial projects.

Customer Review...

“My husband and I engaged them to construct our walk-in wardrobe for our new home through a friend’s recommendation. The team is friendly and patient and they took time to explain the various types of materials to us so that we could make an informed decision. They were also very honest and transparent with pricing. Installation was done perfectly and they made sure that our place was cleaned up before leaving. The whole experience exceeded my expectations! Highly recommended!!!!” - Stefanie Fong

The Production Workz

Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #03-36 SYNERGY @ KB, Singapore 417800

Contact: +65 8101 9929

5. Imagine by SK

Image Source: SK66 Carpenter via Facebook

Imagine by SK - Best Carpenters in Singapore

Imagine by SK, a third-generation family business has been specializing in carpentry for over five decades and is still doing so now. Their carpenter and designer families have a long history of serving the broader Singapore area and beyond.

Imagine by SK is distinguished by their high-quality woodwork and hardware, which distinguishes them from their competitors. They have their own carpentry facility in Singapore, allowing them to make a high-quality product at an affordable cost utilizing high-quality hardware.

Their design philosophy is based on quality, creativity, and utility.

Customer Review...

“I highly recommend this company for all your carpentry and interior design and styling needs. The designers their are very positive and cordial.” - Sejal Hadiya

Imagine by SK

Address: 122 Eunos Ave 7, Unit 04-13 Richfield Industrial Center, Singapore 409575

Contact: +65 6604 8330

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6. IM Carpenter

Image Source: IM Carpenter

IM Carpenter - Best Carpenters in Singapore

IM Carpenter can help you with your carpentry and woodwork needs. Their team of professional carpenters in Singapore collaborates with their clients to create an amazing concept that far exceeds expectations.

IM Carpenter specializes in residential homes, and its designs are well-known for being both simple and efficient. They can create a pleasant environment in anyone's home with their unique storage solutions and clever ideas.

IM Carpenter

Address: 1C Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545509

Contact: +65 6983 7924

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7. Blackwood Carpentry

Image Source: Blackwood Carpentry & Vinyl Flooring Singapore via Facebook

Blackwood Carpentry - Best Carpenters in Singapore

Blackwood Carpentry specializes in custom cabinets for kitchens, closets, TV consoles, and other goods. Additionally, this business has undertaken projects ranging from HDB apartments to condominiums and landed properties, displaying its versatility.

Blackwood Carpentry is able to give high-quality service within the required time limit because to the skill and knowledge of their in-house carpenters.

Customer Review...

“We initially engaged with another carpentry who failed to deliver our work on time. I came across Blackwood carpentry and that’s when the magic happens. Fei managed to fulfill my work in 2 weeks time with excellent outcome also reasonable pricing. He spent time discussing my request before commencing works and carried out what I needed perfectly. Although it's a small job, Fei still given his full attention and provided me with professional ideas. If you are looking for a responsible and dedicated service, Blackwood carpentry will definitely not disappoint you. Thumbs up!” - Lynn Leong

Blackwood Carpentry

Address: 38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1, #05-01, Singapore 757700

Contact: +65 9019 1919

8. La Maison Carpentry

Image Source: La Maison Carpentry Pte Ltd via Facebook

La Maison Carpentry - Best Carpenters in Singapore

Singaporeans may rely on The Maison Carpentry for cutting-edge carpentry and interior design services. They make robust furniture that is also aesthetically attractive.

Their cabinet designs, wall dividers, and island countertops, like everything else they offer, are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Customer Review...

“Good work and great for value! Highly professional. Thank you Mr Lee ZX for all u have provided us!” - Brendan Tan

La Maison Carpentry

Address: #09-31 21 Woodlands Cl, Primz Bizhub, Singapore 737854

Contact: +65 9663 6305

9. Pop Motif

Image Source: Pop Motif via Facebook

Pop Motif - Best Carpenters in Singapore

The Poppy Motif is a team of dedicated and passionate carpenters. Under their guidance, every customer's dream home becomes a reality.

The crew is supervised by a professional head carpenter with over 30 years of experience. Pop Motif's major purpose is to provide high-quality goods, transparent pricing, and trustworthy service. Pop Motif's carpenters all have at least 5 years of experience and excellent carpentry experience.

Customer Review...

“Got ourselves a new home, we were unsure of who to engage for our renovation works as both myself and wife are busy with work, we decided to engage a interior designer. Furthermore we have made a comparison with other contractors but we personally felt that POP MOTIF quotation was the best among the rest, it was very detailed and itemised. Farhan was our ID and he is truly meticulous and honest about his work. We had our own ideas and he polished it up for us, advising us on a better ideas and suggestions. It was a pleasant experience, we hand out our empty home to him with great trust and he was able to deliver our demands and last minute changes. He constantly updates you on the progress and any shortfall if there's delay due to manufacturing. Our renovation project was completed on time based on his estimated date he gave us. Overall experience and to end this review, i would say that it was worth it, worth the price, worth the time and definitely a recommended Interior Designer Company to engage with. Thumbs up to Farhan and his team, Wishing POP MOTIF continued success.” - Muhd Hazwan Abdul Ghani

Pop Motif

Address: 280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Harvest @, Singapore, Singapore 757322

Contact: +65 8755 6538

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10. Tian Fu Creation Interior

Image Source: Tian Fu Creation Interior Pte Ltd via Facebook

Tian Fu Creation Interior - Best Carpenters in Singapore

in all projects they work on, on giving outstanding service to their clients. They may design a room that matches your own preferences and requirements.

They are a group of interior designers and carpenters with years of experience in their respective fields.

They also run a carpentry firm, ensuring that their clients receive high-quality work.

Customer Review...

“We had a very pleasant experience working with Evelyn and Ivy on our BTO in the last quarter of 2021! Tian Fu is able to envision what we desired (based on our verbal description) and on most occasions provided visual documentation to help us confirm the end products. They have also sufficiently chipped in with their professional views to help us strike a balance between form and function of our installations. We highly recommend Tian Fu Creation for your renovation consultant!” - Richard Koh

Tian Fu Creation Interior

Address: No 280 #07-08 Woodland Ind Park E5 Harvest@Woodland, Singapore 757322

Contact: +65 8118 3727

All You Need to Know about Carpenters in Singapore

Do Carpenters do Small Jobs in Singapore?

A carpenter's typical tasks and jobs include:

  • Interior renovations
  • Formwork for concreting
  • Building pergolas, decks, and gazebos
  • Installing cladding
  • Adding small finishing touches
  • Framework construction
  • Installing flooring, doors, and windows
  • Making furniture or cabinets

Overall, yes, carpenters can do a variety of work, no matter how small or large. Carpenters will design and organize the project, mark, measure, cut, and arrange the materials, and connect them to high quality, all while working to your specifications, wants, and expectations.

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What are the Different Types of Carpenters?

Carpenters can specialize in one or two types or subtypes of carpentry where they continue to hone their skills. Some of the types of carpentry work include:


Joister is the one who constructs, repairs, and fixes floor surfaces. They usually require the use of more detailed processes to result in a more polished finish.

Rough carpentry

Rough carpentry constructs roofing, framing, and wooden structures involved in either initial building or house repair.

Ship carpentry

Ship carpentry or also known as the shipbuilders are the ones who construct replicas of previously built ships, while others focus on building modern-day ship portions for cruise liners, smaller boats, or freight ships.

Trim carpentry

Trim carpenters specialize in building and creating trims and molding a room. They also have specific preferences in materials and uses of materials, which are the cornices, mantles, skirting boards, architraves, and many more.


From the name itself, framers exclusively build framing for buildings and housing. They only specialize in framework and are often individually hired for lone projects or on a contract.

Cabinet carpentry

Cabinet carpenters specialize in carpentry that focuses on building and fixing cabinets for rooms, kitchens, laundry, bathrooms, and other areas of a housing and building.


Roofers specialize in building and maintaining the trusses, rafters, and beams involved in a house’s or building’s roof construction. Roofers, on the other hand, specialize in roof-related carpentry only.

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What to Consider when Hiring a Carpenter in Singapore?

Living in Singapore's city-state has become a very appealing proposition for many individuals from all over the world. This is due to Singapore's rapid expansion in all areas.

However, living in the city means that you may occasionally want the services of carpenters to mend and repair your kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

This implies that if you live in this bustling city, you will need to hire a professional carpenter.

However, how would you go about finding the finest and most trustworthy worker?

Here are some of the things and factors you should think about and verify before you begin the process of easily hiring a carpenter in Singapore:

What Type of Carpenter do You Need in Singapore?

Carpenters often deal with wood, yet each has unique expertise. It is recommended that you spend some time determining which sort of carpenter is most suited for your project, needs, and demands.

Some carpenters solely do structural work, such as framing or formwork. Meanwhile, there are carpenters who exclusively do repairs. Hiring the wrong carpenter might have devastating consequences for your future endeavors.

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Check the Credentials of the Chosen Carpenter

A qualified and reliable carpenter must be licensed to work. To check these qualifications, look up carpenters in your area in local directories or on the internet.

The most crucial item to check is if they provide insurance when working on their projects since this is required in Singapore to ensure that the carpenter will accept responsibility for any injuries, damages, or accidents that occur on-site.

Check the Skills and Experience

This aspect benefits greatly from client comments and feedback. When looking for a carpenter service, it is a good idea to read the reviews and comments of prior clients about their carpentry services and workmanship.

When speaking with a carpenter, do not be afraid to ask for recommendations from prior projects and pleased clients. It is your right to pick the best, most skilled, and most experienced carpenter, thus asking such questions is perfectly acceptable.

Be Mindful with the Budget

A good and finest carpenter will always and should be upfront and honest about the rates they will charge you. The carpenter you employ must be able to follow your orders and do the work to the anticipated level while staying within your budget.

Make certain that the quotation you receive includes a breakdown of the various expenditures, such as labor, materials, and others. This method of verification ensures that all of these goods are covered by your contract.

Check for Guarantees

When speaking with a carpenter, you should also inquire about service warranties. Inquire whether they provide warranties on any materials or tools used in the job. Knowing these items ahead of time guarantees that you receive recompense later on in the form of repairs or replacement.

What are the Services of Carpentry in Singapore?

Carpentry services focus on a wide range of home and construction renovations and installations. Carpentry services often tailor each job to your individual vision and demands.

Carpentry services may also be in charge of building upkeep, minor masonry repair, gutters, roofing systems, and downspouts. As well as the repair of furniture, seats, windows, cabinets, desks, and countertops, in general areas and offices, worn from normal use.

Carpentry Services Does Charge for the Following:

  • Small renovation jobs
  • New flooring
  • Major installation purchases
  • Carpet and tile repair
  • Roof repair
  • Damaged roof ceiling tile replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Furniture repair

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Wardrobe in Singapore?

Description Price Unit
Wardrobe with normal sliding doors from $230 per foot run
Wardrobe with casement doors from $210 per foot run
Wardrobe with soft-closing sliding aluminum glass doors from $250 per foot run
Customized Wardrobe Price List Singapore

While a basic wardrobe, including a frame and four wardrobe doors, can cost anywhere from $400 up to $1500, this does not include the additional storage solutions you may desire.

Building a high end wardrobe with customisable storage solutions and wooden doors can range anywhere from $2000 up to $5000, and any additional storage needs will add to the cost.

The total cost of building a custom wardrobe in Singapore depends on factors such as the size, type of wardrobe, type of storage solutions and the materials used.

Many carpenter companies offer services where they will construct custom-built wardrobes to suit your space, style, and needs.

This can include everything, from design and construction to installation, paint and finish work. By hiring a professional, you can also rest assured that your space will be designed with both form and function in mind, making sure that storage needs are met and quality of build is to the highest standard.

Carpenters Singapore

We hope that now that you're well-informed about the best carpenters in Singapore and what you should always search for and consider first before selecting a carpentry firm, you're quite certain about which carpentry firm and what exactly carpenters you need in Singapore.

We understand how difficult it may be to choose the best carpenters in Singapore, which is why we are always here to serve as your guide in such things. Always remember that while selecting and deciding which carpenters are the best, they should be licensed to work, have insurance, months and years of experience, and give service guarantees.

All of the above-mentioned top carpenters in Singapore are only a few of the companies that satisfied all of those qualifications and are also highly recommended by many Singaporeans. Having said that, we are excited to share more information with you in our next articles!

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