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Cheap Dance Classes Singapore 2024 for Adult Beginners - with Prices

In Singapore, there are several options for affordable dance classes that cater to various styles and skill levels. Here are some places where you can find reasonably priced dance classes:

  1. Community Centers: Many community centers in Singapore offer dance classes at affordable rates. These classes may cover a range of dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and traditional dance forms.

  2. Dance Studios: Some dance studios in Singapore offer beginner-level classes at competitive prices. Look for introductory courses or trial classes that provide an affordable way to explore different dance styles.

  3. University Dance Clubs: Consider joining dance clubs or organizations at local universities or colleges. These clubs often offer affordable classes and workshops for students and non-students alike.

  4. Group Fitness Centers: Some fitness centers and gyms in Singapore offer dance-based fitness classes at reasonable rates. These classes may include Zumba, aerobics, or other dance-inspired workouts.

  5. Online Platforms: Explore online platforms and mobile apps that offer affordable virtual dance classes. These platforms often provide a wide range of dance styles and skill levels at budget-friendly prices.

When searching for affordable dance classes, consider the location, class schedule, and the specific dance styles offered. Additionally, inquire about any promotional offers, package deals, or student discounts that may be available to make the classes even more affordable.

Dance is a form of art. Dancing is not simply a typical dance, hence it could be a great way to express your feelings and emotions. It is both a skill and a passion.

Dancing has many distinct forms and genres, including hip hop, ballet, ballroom, jazz, contemporary, and modern dance.

Everyone is not born with the ability to dance. As a result, dancing courses have grown in popularity in Singapore.

It is a good opportunity for everyone, including those who are not particularly skilled at dancing, to begin learning and improve their dance skills.

I'm guessing you've come to our site because you're seeking good and affordable dance lessons in Singapore that can actually help you enhance your dancing skills.

We understand how difficult it is to find good and affordable dancing courses in Singapore because there are many factors to consider before looking for one.

Before you do anything else, you must assess yourself to determine which and how much assistance you require. And, of course, what is your preferred dancing style? These are just a few of the crucial factors to consider before enrolling in a dancing class.

As a result, we've compiled a list of good and affordable dance classes in Singapore that you may check out and possibly join their dance team. We've also included a list of other key details you should be aware of before enrolling in dancing courses in Singapore.

And, of course, we want you to be informed about the things you should know before taking a dancing lesson. So, without further ado, let's get this topic started!

Where Can I Practice Dancing in Singapore?

We've compiled a list of the Top 10 Best and Most Affordable Dancing Schools and Dance Classes in Singapore that provide and teach various dance genres and are generally open to both kids and adults, which you should consider enrolling in.

Singapore has various dance lessons, however the ones listed below are certain to be affordable yet taught by competent and professional dance instructors.

Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore for Adult Beginners

1. STEP Studio - Affordable Dance Classes in Singapore - From $10

Image Source: STEP Studio via Facebook

STEP Studio - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

STEP Studio is well recognized for developing a healthy and inspiring atmosphere for students to have a better and secure area to learn, explore, and, of course, to have a comfortable room to move around and rest after each dance class session.

STEP Studio is ideal for all beginners since they strive to improve and develop dancers of all levels. Instructors are really polite and courteous, and they never fail to encourage and motivate their students.

Not only that, but the STEP Studio also provides open lessons in a variety of genres, annual recital performances, and carefully selected courses and programs.

You don't have to be afraid to attend STEP Studio's dance classes because the instructors and your co-dancers are very welcoming and will never make you feel alone or left behind.

Do you want to learn and enhance your street jazz, hip hop, or contemporary dancing skills? Begin your journey with STEP Studio now!

Customer Review...

“A very cosy and homey studio - perfect to learn dancing when you’re a complete beginner like me. Took the street jazz beginner course and I really enjoyed it!” - Stephanie Wong

Dance Class  Cost
Members $10.00 - $15.00 per class
Single Class $18.00 per class
STEP Studio Price List

STEP Studio

Address: Peace Centre #04-13, 1 Sophia Road, Singapore 228149

Contact: +65 6397 4989

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2. Converge Studios - From $15

Image Source: Converge Studios via Facebook

Converge Studios - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Converge Studios, a dance school in Singapore that offers some of the top dance lessons in Singapore, can help you learn a strong dance style.

This Dance classes in Singapore for adults have the most friendly and skilled dancing instructors who are also passionate about what they do.

Converge Studios is also the greatest place to learn hip hop, urban fusion, k-pop, street jazz, jazz fund, and other popular dance styles.

The Converge Studios is also a beginner-friendly dancing school since they provide several levels of training so that both pros and novices can quickly learn and adapt to a new style of dance, genre, and, of course, environment.

Converge Studios also provides one-time and short-term exposure seminars with a customized experience.

Customer Review...

“Took tap level 1 and beginner hip hop here. Just a newbie here but always an amazing session. Instructors are friendly and very helpful, really easy to pick up the dance moves.” - Hana Leong

Dance Class Cost
Single class $15.00
5 class package $65.00
10 class package $120.00
20 class package $220.00
Student package (5 class package) $45.00
Converge Studio Price List

Converge Studio

Address: 137 Cecil St, #02-01, Singapore 069537

Contact: +65 6221 7980

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3. DF Academy - From $50 for 4 sessions

Image Source: DF Academy via Facebook

DF Academy - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Do you love K-pop dancing? Join DF Academy's growing family of students. DF Academy is one of Singapore's most prominent dance schools, offering classes to students ranging in age from 5 to 50.

Instructors are highly trained dancers who conduct each dancing class session. DF Academy is also well-known for their excellent weekly dance classes.

DF Academy, on the other hand, is well renowned for its extensive dance lessons, particularly K-pop and hip hop. Not only that, but the DF Academy also provides their students with the opportunity to perform on stage, earn exposure, and acquire confidence in dancing in front of a large crowd.

They also provide DF Scholars awards to its students, making them one of Singapore's top dance studios. Now is the time to improve and develop confidence with DF Academy!

Customer Review...

“My daughter absolutely loves it, has talked me into letting her attend multiple classes. DF Academy is also very flexible with moving dates, something that is highly appreciated in times of Covid.” - Daniel Shäpper

Dance Class Cost
1 trial session $10.00
4 class package $50.00
DF Academy Price List

DF Academy

Address: 3 #04-13 Gateway Dr, Westgate, Singapore 608532

Contact: +65 8717 8869

4. Urban Steps Academy

Image Source: Urban Steps Academy via Facebook

Urban Steps Academy - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

If you're searching for a smaller group dancing class to join, the Urban Steps Academy is the best option. By dividing the groups into smaller ones every session, Urban Steps Academy aims to prioritize their students' proper amount of supervision and attention. Urban Steps Academy is also suitable for beginners, since they provide an introduction workshop suitable for all levels.

If you're new to dancing, you'll have a great time at their dance sessions due to their energetic music and simple, beginner-friendly choreographies.

The instructors are kind and will assist you from the beginning to the end of your dancing classes. They always inspire their students and never put them under any strain. Get pumped up and grow with dance at Urban Steps Academy!

Customer Review...

“Having learned there for multiple years, I find that I have grown not only as a dancer but as a person through the medium of dance. I have become more aware of how my body moves, as well as more confident about myself. I give credit to the instructors there for being supportive and detailed” - Luke Ang

Urban Steps Academy

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-16 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Contact: +65 6465 5335

5. Dancexpression

Image Source: @dancexpression_sg via Instagram

Dancexpression - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Do you love ballroom and social dancing? The Dancexpression is one of Singapore's premier dance schools, offering wedding dance courses, social dance classes, and ballroom dancing classes. They provide courses as well as private lessons for events or shows.

Instructors are incredibly professional, and the Dancexpression team is always improving to ensure that they provide the greatest and most appropriate support to their students.

They teach and encourage their students to learn accurate and proper skills, as well as to have correct notions about movement and body synchronization.

As a result, dance instructors always ensure top-notch coaching and enjoyable dancing sessions for all of their students. Join the Dancexpression and get to meet their worldwide ballroom competition winning instructors.

Dance Styles

  • Waltz
  • Tango
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Foxtrot
  • Quickstep
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Samba
  • Paso Doble
  • Rumba
  • Disco Rock
  • Salsa & more...


Address: Kallang Way, 158, Singapore, 349245

Contact: +65 92772373

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6. Danz People

Image Source: Danz People via Facebook

Danz People - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Danz People is one of Singapore's longest-running dance studios. They have expert dance instructors that teach both adult and children's dance lessons. They provide adult dancing courses in a variety of dance genres, including hip hop, K-pop, contemporary, street, and lyrical jazz, among others.

Meanwhile, Danz People aims to improve these children's posture and listening abilities. The kids are generally taught fundamental jazz and hip-hop dancing movements.

It's no surprise that Danz People has the greatest dancing courses in Singapore. They also run several student-focused programs that highlight the importance of dancing and promote social activities. Many students registered in these dancing classes. Improve your dancing talents with the Danze People right now!

Customer Review...

“We signed up our girl for her first dance class with DP. She start off with kids class to now open classes. It has been years and still attending the classes. I will say the instructors are very professional, teaching and guiding the kids very well each step of their way. My to go dance classes studio for kids and adult open classes.” - Yeo Cheng

Dance Class at Danz People Cost
Single class $16.00 - $24.00
10 class package $135.00
1-month class package $200.00
2 months class package $360.00
Danz People Price List

Danz People

Address: 6 Raffles Blvd, #02 - 15 / 17, Singapore 039594

Contact: +65 6884 9072

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7. 5th Avenue

Image Source: 5th Avenue via Facebook

5th Avenue - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Learn how to jazz and street dance at 5th Avenue, a dance studio in Singapore that places a high value on dance education. 5th Avenue is well-known for its conducive and secure dance learning atmosphere, as well as its progressive learning, which is why it is one of the most highly recommended dance classes in Singapore.

They also express their appreciation by awarding certificates to their students after they attend dancing class sessions. If you want to develop your hip hop, jazz-funk, or lyrical jazz dancing skills, 5th Avenue could be a perfect dance class for you.

Encourage your friends to join you since 5th Avenue provides a unique deal and discounts for group registration. In fact, if you go to dancing classes with your pals, it's a lot of fun. If you are still unsure, they also provide trial lessons for anyone interested in joining their team.

5th Avenue

Address: Various Locations

Contact: +65 6355 6368

8. The Brass Barre

Image Source: The Brass Barre via Facebook

The Brass Barre - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Do you enjoy pole dancing? The Brass Barre is a good pole dancing class in Singapore where you can improve and strengthen your pole dance forms as well as learn other pole dancing techniques. Regardless of your age or body type, The Brass Barre and its instructors will assist you till the finish of your dancing class session.

If you're a novice, The Brass Barre also has a variety of classes that are appropriate for everyone, such as different class types and level courses. The Brass Barre can help you discover the beauty of lyrical dance and improve your strength and control in pole dancing. We all know how tough pole dancing is, which is why dance courses are so important for all pole dancers out there.

Customer Review...

“I attended a trial on a weekend afternoon. The vibe was fun and open, a lot of us were coy but the instructor was cheery and encouraging but at the same time let us know how the proper form should be when doing pole techniques. No one who attended trial had any prior experience so we were all learning together, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

The trial included techniques (we tried 2) which was basically holding on to the pole with our legs up, and a small portion of choreography. All manageable and easy to follow!” - Veronica Yap

Dance class (8-week package) Cost
Pole level (fundamentals and technique) $275.00
Pole level (choreography) $285.00
Chair dance $250.00
Lyrical dance or Stilettos dance $250.00
Splits and Backbends $210.00
The Brass Barre Price List

The Brass Barre

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, #02-24 Orchard, Singapore 238858

Contact: +65 6282 6962

9. Bellydance Extraordinaire

Image Source: Bellydance Extraordinaire via Facebook

Bellydance Extraordinaire - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Bellydance, like pole dancing, is one of the most difficult yet distinctive kinds of dancing. Dance schools in Singapore do not just include popular dance styles such as hip hop, jazz, and k-pop.

Belly Dancing is also popular in Singapore, which has resulted in a variety of Bellydance workshops, most notably Bellydance Extraordinaire.

The Belly Extraordinaire introduced the public to oriental dance as a unique performance art form.

Oriental dancing, such as Bellydancing, may support and promote excellent health, muscular control, and fitness, as well as improve and enhance the dancer's self-confidence and gain exposure.

Bellydance Extraordinaire instructors are extremely professional and nice to all of their students. They often teach students modern belly dance, tango, traditional Egyptian and Turkish forms, and a variety of other dancing genres.

Customer Review...

“Classes are really great, fun, upbeat, and very well conducted to suit all levels. I like that instructor, Jamila explains all the variations of ethnic dancing with fervor, and incorporates mini drills into choreography to help us get the right moves. Expect to sweat a little, groove along and enjoy a lot” - Peggy Teo

Dance Class Cost
10 hour class  $250.00
Burlesque techniques (4 hour class) $120.00
Bellydance Extraordinaire Price List

Bellydance Extraordinaire

Address: 390 Victoria Street 03-35 Golden Landmark, Singapore 188061

Contact: +65 9126 3420

10. EN Motion Dance School

Image Credit: EN Motion Dance School

EN Motion Dance School - Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore

Are you looking for a good and reasonably priced street Latin dance school in Singapore? EN Motion is where I would go for dance courses that focus on street Latin, mambo, bachata, and other genres.

The EN Motion Dance School was named the most award-winning street Latin dance school in Singapore.

Also, all dance courses are administered by skilled and well-trained teachers who are capable of supporting every student in correcting their fundamental flaws from the beginning.

EN Motion's dance instructors have won the Asia Latin Championship 9 times and placed in the top 5 at the World Championship.

You will definitely learn and enhance your dancing talents with EN Motion if you attend your dance class sessions on a regular basis. Enroll now to spice up your learning journey with EN Motion Dance School!

Customer Review...

“Was a bit hesitant learning salsa for the first time but everyone at En Motion was welcoming! Instructions from the instructor were very clear, description and understandable, and many opportunities were provided for us to practice (in class, at practicum, videos to practice at home). Keep up the wonderful work and ambience, guys!” - Esther Lee

Dance Class Cost
Trial classes (Introduction to Salsa and Bachata Partner-work) $20.00 each
$40.00 per couple
EN Motion Dance School Price List

EN Motion Dance School

Address: 03-05/05A Cineleisure, 8 Grange Rd, Singapore 239695

Contact: +65 9159 7811

Guide to Dance Studios and Classes in Singapore

How Much Does it Cost to Dance in Singapore?

If you truly want to take a dance lesson, the cost will most likely vary based on the dancing school, instructor, and package that you choose.

However, most dancing schools, particularly in Singapore, would cost between $100 and $350 a month for one to two weekly dance lesson sessions.

However, it will still vary on the package and the dancing school you enroll in.

If you don't want to spend too much money, the ideal package choice is to start with a single class or an hourly package before upgrading to a monthly package.

This way, you may also determine whether or not you will be comfortable with the dancing school, particularly the environment.

Place Space Type Rates
Tinystudio Dance Studio from S$32
Bolly Dancing Studio Studio Space from S$10
(KBR) Sirene Studio Entire Venue from S$28
Caliente Dance @ Bugis Midland House Dance Studio from S$40
Let's Move Dance Studio Dance Studio from S$50
The Common Good (TCG) Studio Space from S$40
Dance studio 2 Geylang Bahru Dance Studio from S$30
White Room@ Caliente Cecil Building Studio Space from S$45
Yellow Room@ Caliente Cecil Building Studio Space from S$45
Dance Studios for Rent in Singapore

Is Dancing Expensive in Singapore?

Dancing may be both expensive and affordable. It really depends on the dance genre you want to learn and, of course, the dancing school itself.

Expect to pay big bucks if you enroll in a prestigious dance school. However, if you are savvy enough, dancing will not allow you to spend that much money.

If you're happy with it, go for it. Dancing is a great hobby. It is a skill that not everyone is endowed with. However, we understand how frustrating it may be to continue with your passion if you aren't financially capable of growing and enhancing it. But did you know that you may continue your dancing journey even if you aren't attending a dance class?

Online dance tutorials are getting increasingly popular on YouTube these days.

It can be a great alternative way for you to continue your dancing journey even if you are at home. There is always a way if there is a will. If you enjoy dancing, look for opportunities to further your interest.

What kind of dance is suitable for adults?

The best kind of dance for adults depends on each of our personal interests and preferences.

However, some popular types of dance that are suitable for adults include ballroom dances (such as waltz and polka), latin dances (like salsa and mambo), electric jazz, hip hop & breakdancing, contemporary/modern styles like b-boying or graffiti dancing, aerobic workouts with a rhythm component such as Zumba and HIIT classes.

So go out there and have a blast!

What should a beginner dancer do?

If you're just starting out as a dancer, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First of all, it's important to find a style of dance that you enjoy and feel comfortable with. Don't be afraid to try out different styles until you find one that suits you.

Next, practice is key. Set aside regular time to practice your skills and try to incorporate dance into your daily routine as much as possible.

Finally, take advantage of any resources available to you, like online tutorials or dance classes. Don't be afraid to ask questions and seek advice from more experienced dancers as well.

With time, dedication, and hard work, you'll be able to improve your skills and become a confident dancer.

Where Can I learn Breakdancing in Singapore?

Breakdancing is a high-energy dance genre with a unique style. There are also several break dancing classes in Singapore. If you're looking for break dancing lessons in Singapore, these are the top 5 breakdance classes you should consider taking:

  • O School
  • Dance Pointe Academy
  • Actfa School of Dance and Performing Arts
  • Centre Stage School of the Arts
  • Leftside Session

Overall, the average cost price of breakdance courses in Singapore is $230 with an average duration of 1 hour per session.

Can you dance in public in Singapore?

You may be surprised that dancing in public in Singapore is generally allowed and acceptable as long as the music being played is not too loud and does not disturb other people.

However, if you are considering having a dance party in public places such as parks, beaches, or the streets, it is advised to check with the relevant local authority first to ensure the event complies with local regulations. Space rental fees or other restrictions may apply.

Cheap Dance Classes Singapore

Dancing is fun, especially if you continue to practice and improve your dancing skills, and, of course, if you are surrounded by individuals who constantly inspire and push you to step beyond your comfort zone.

Overall, we hope that we were able to assist you in locating good and cheap dancing courses in Singapore. We are always pleased to have the opportunity to assist you with such matters. We are excited to see you on your dancing journey!

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