Cost of Foldable Bike in Singapore

Cost of Foldable Bike in Singapore 2024

The cost of foldable bikes in Singapore can vary widely depending on the brand, build quality, materials, and additional features. Here is a general idea of what you might expect:

  1. Entry-Level Foldable Bikes:

    • Price Range: SGD 200 - SGD 500
    • These are typically basic models suitable for casual riding and short commutes.
  2. Mid-Range Foldable Bikes:

    • Price Range: SGD 500 - SGD 1,000
    • These bikes often offer better build quality, more gears, and improved components, making them suitable for regular commuting and longer rides.
  3. High-End Foldable Bikes:

    • Price Range: SGD 1,000 - SGD 3,000+
    • These are premium models from well-known brands, featuring lightweight materials like carbon fiber or titanium, advanced gearing systems, and superior ride comfort.
  4. Specialty and Electric Foldable Bikes:

    • Price Range: SGD 1,500 - SGD 5,000+
    • These include electric foldable bikes with integrated motors and batteries, offering pedal assist and longer range.

As with any purchase, prices can vary based on the retailer, ongoing promotions, and specific model features. For the most accurate and current pricing, it's best to check local bike shops, online retailers, and official brand websites.


Key Takeaways:

  • Foldable bikes are convenient, space-saving, and reduce the risk of theft.
  • They are suitable for a variety of users, including commuters and those with limited storage space.
  • Top 10 list provides affordable options for those seeking a budget-friendly foldable bike in Singapore.

What Are the Best Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore?

Foldable bikes in Singapore offer a versatile and practical solution for urban commuters and space-savvy individuals. These bikes combine the full functionality of a traditional bicycle with the convenience of portability and storage. With options like the Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike for its large weight capacity, or the Phoenix Foldable Bike for its affordability, there's a foldable bike to suit every need and budget. The Dahon Foldable Bike stands out for its ease of folding and low price point, making it a top pick for those seeking a cheap foldable bike in Singapore. Whether for commuting, leisure, or exercise, a foldable bike is a smart investment for efficient and flexible urban transportation.

Quick Guide to Foldable Bike Singapore

Are Foldable Bikes Allowed on MRT?

Yes, you may bring your foldable bikes on an MRT and buses in Singapore.

Foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices must be folded all the time inside the MRT stations, bus terminals, and including inside the trains and buses.

When bringing motorized personal mobility devices on board trains and buses, they must be turned off.

Are Foldable Bikes a Good Idea?

Yes, they are the ideal bike for commuters to and from work. In addition to their functionality, they are simple to transfer via public transit networks.

You will not have to be concerned about them being stolen because you can carry them with you.

And to top it all off, they fold up into a small package that helps make storing them in your workplace or at home really simple.

Is a Foldable Bike Safe to Use?

Yes, as much as you adhere to the weight constraints, they are completely risk-free. Almost every foldable bike has a maximum weight limit that must not be exceeded.

Folding bicycles have a solid structural design and are built to last for a long time.

Top 10 Cheap Foldable Bike Singapore that can be taken wherever you go

Cheap Foldable Bike Singapore
that can be taken wherever you go
Why do we like it? Best Prices
Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike Large weight capacity $286.12
Hito X6 Foldable Bike Perfect for public transportation $370.00
Java X3 Foldable Bike Very lightweight $419.90
Phoenix Foldable Bike Very affordable $131.20
Camel Foldable Bike Easy to clean $188.00
Yongqi Foldable Bike Very comfortable to use $139.00
Bird & Fish Foldable Bike Already assembled $139.00
SGCYCL Foldable Bike Manufactured by a local brand $175.00
RIFLE R8 Foldable Bike Wide range of colors to choose from $460.00
Dahon Foldable Bike Easy to fold and it is the lowest priced foldable bike on this list $113.85
What is the best cheap foldable bike in Singapore?

1. Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

The Schwinn Hinge is a foldable bike that is designed to match riders of all sizes, with a total rider weight of 220 pounds advised. With this single-speed folding bike, you can avoid headache-inducing traffic and get to work by bicycle.

In addition to having a robust steel frame, 20-inch alloy wheels, and a practical folding system, the Schwinn Hinge is also lightweight and easy to transport, fold, and store. It comes with one folding pedal and one standard pedal for simpler storage, and it can be folded down when it is not in use.

The Schwinn Hinge folding bike makes commuting quick and simple because to its one-speed drivetrain, which allows you to coast when you need to take a breather.

It comes equipped with full-wrap fenders to keep you clean and dry while riding, and the accompanying rear carrying rack is ideal for toting around your work bag on the go.

This bike comes fully constructed and has a heavy-duty nylon storage case, making it an excellent choice for urban commuters and city cyclists alike.

Get it at Amazon.

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2. Hito X6 Foldable Bike

Hito X6 Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

This Hito X6 Foldable Bicycle is well-suited for usage as public transportation conveyance. It is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission.

The pedal has been updated to aluminum so that it can take heavier loads more effectively. An improved suspension seat has been installed to provide a more pleasant ride.

We like that this foldie is also incredibly lightweight, with a net frame weight of 11kg and a gross weight of 12.8kg. It is also quite compact. It has a carrying capacity of 200 kilograms (kilos).

Get it now at

3. Java X3 Foldable Bike

Java X3 Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

The Java X3 is a lightweight and small foldable bike with an aluminum alloy frame made of lightweight aluminum alloy.

It is equipped with a kickstand, foldable pedals, and an adjustable handlebar angle and height for maximum comfort.

It boasts a 9-speed gear shifter with 16-inch wheels on the front and back.

We love that it can be folded to acceptable size. It fits into the trunk easily and is really easy to fold and unfold.

Approximately 10.7kg is the estimated weight of the item. It has the capacity to support a weight of up to 100kg.

Get it now at

4. Phoenix Foldable Bike

Phoenix Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

Phoenix is one of the most reasonably priced foldable bicycles on the market today.

Due to the size of the bicycle's wheels (20 inches), it is perfect for long-distance comfortable and stable riding. Additionally, it includes double disc brakes on the front and back wheels.

Capable of everyday city use, this bike is made of high-carbon steel and is capable of operating at speeds of up to seven miles per hour. With a weight of about 14kg, it is also quite portable.

It has a bearing weight of 180 kg and a height ranging from 120cm to 180cm.

Phoenix Foldable Bike

We took an hour to assemble the front basket, rear seat, paddles, rear foot rest and it was really sturdy. Good ride for the price it seems.

Get it now at

5. Camel Foldable Bike

Camel Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

High carbon steel is used in the construction of this foldable bike.

This Foldable bicycles is electrostatically spray painted and also has a water and dust-resistant coating applied to it. As a result, it is incredibly simple to clean.

It has a weight of 12kg and can go at speeds of up to 7 miles per hour.

This bicycle is suitable for people with a height ranging from 140 to 180cm.

Brakes work well, nice efficient bike, although it is not exactly like those lightweight bikes. Folding and unfolding is easy with simple steps that the delivery guy will show to you.

Get it now at

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6. Yongqi Foldable Bike

Yongqi Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

The Yongqi folding bike is constructed of carbon steel and is equipped with a twin-disc brake system.

With a soft tail frame and a spring fork in the front, it is a comfortable bike to ride. It has a carrying capacity of 200 kilograms (kilos).

A wide range of colors is available for purchase with this product as well. It is available in three different colors: red, black, and white.

Get it now at

7. Bird & Fish Foldable Bike

Bird & Fish Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

You won't have to worry about putting it together yourself because the Bird & Fish Foldable Bicycle is already assembled when it is delivered.

The high-carbon steel frame of the foldable bike is equipped with mechanical disc breaks on both the front and rear wheels.

It is extremely tiny, weighing only 13-14kg and about 20 inches in length and width.

It has a weighing capacity of 100 kilograms (kg).

Get it now at

8. SGCYCL Foldable Bike

SGCYCL Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

The manufacturer of this foldable bicycle is SGCYCL, which is a Singaporean company that is known for being cost-effective.

Because of its small size (20 inches) and ultra-lightweight (12 kg), you can easily transport it to the MRT or bus station.

It has a 7-speed Shimano cassette, and a Shimano rear derailleur. It is equipped with disc brakes.

Get it now at

9. RIFLE R8 Foldable Bike

RIFLE R8 Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

The RIFLE R8 is constructed of aluminum alloy and weighs 10.5kg. Its overall length is 20 inches, and its weight is 10.5kg.

It has a Ltwoo 9-speed transmission.

It has a maximum load capacity of 110kg and a height range of 145cm to 195cm. It is also available in black, white, red, silver, and green.

Get it now at

10. Dahon Foldable Bike

Dahon Foldable Bike - Cheap Foldable Bikes in Singapore

When folded, the Dahon foldable bike is a lightweight, portable, and adaptable bike that can be used for a variety of activities. It is ideal for any occasion.

This bike can be folded up and stowed with minimal effort at home or at the office, making it the most convenient biking alternative available.

It is an excellent alternative for a commuter on a tight schedule because it can be folded up in seconds and can transport you from one location to another in no time at all.

It has a net weight of 14kg to 15kg and a length of 20 inches. It is made of steel. It is constructed from high-carbon steel.

Get it now at

Cheap Foldable Bike Singapore

Should I get a foldable bike Singapore?

Getting a foldable bike in Singapore can be a great choice for anyone looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to commute and get around.

The main selling point of owning a foldable bike is the fact that you can store and transport it with minimal space required.

This makes them a perfect choice for city dwellers who don't have the luxury of owning a car or large amounts of storage space.

Singapore has great infrastructure to accommodate cyclists by providing wide cycling paths and dedicated bike lanes.

You'd feel much safer when you hit the roads compared to other cities in the Southeast Asia region where cycling can be dangerous.

Lastly, it's cost-effective as maintenance is relatively low compared to cars and other modes of transport.

How do I choose a foldable bike?

When it comes to choosing a foldable bike, there are a few things that we need to take into account.
1. Frame Material and Size - Contributes to Weight of Bike
2. Wheel Size
3. Type of Suspension System
4. Folding Method
5. Purpose

Browse around for and test different models until you find one that meets your individual needs.

Can foldable bikes go long-distance?

While foldable bikes are not typically designed for long-distance travel, you can still use them to travel from Jurong to Changi.

The reason why they can be used for this is because they are very portable and easy to store.

Furthermore, they're relatively lightweight and folded up easily which makes them easier to be taken on a journey.

So if you're looking for an eco-friendly and convenient way to get around town or across town, a foldable bike might just be the perfect solution!

What are the disadvantages of a folding bike?

The biggest disadvantage to a folding bike is that they lack the stability of a traditional, full-sized bicycle.

Folding bikes are designed to be as small and lightweight as possible, which limits the amount of support they can provide. They are also not as comfortable to ride as a full-sized bicycle due to the limited frame size and suspension.

Moreover, because good folding bikes tend to be more expensive than traditional bicycles, they can be out of reach for some people on a budget.

Finally, their limited size, lower weight and foldable frame can make them vulnerable to theft if they are left outside unlocked.

Do folding bikes break easily?

Generally speaking, folding bikes are designed to better withstand wear and tear than a regular bicycle.

However, no bicycle is immune from damage. Folding bikes may be more prone to damage if not maintained correctly and not cared for properly. They can be broken or damaged if improperly folded and stored, or if the component parts are cheaply made or poorly assembled.

Moreover, folding bikes are generally appropriate for riding on flat surfaces, as some off-road terrain can be more challenging for them to manage and thus more likely to cause wear and tear.

All in all, with proper care and maintenance, folding bikes should not break easily.

Folding Bike vs Regular Bike

Here's a comparison table for foldable bikes versus other types of bicycles (e.g., road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes):

Feature Foldable Bikes Other Bicycles
Portability Highly portable due to their ability to fold into a compact form. Ideal for commuting and combining with public transport. Generally not portable in the same way; larger and require bike racks for transport.
Storage Easy to store in small spaces, such as apartments, offices, or car trunks. Require more space for storage, often necessitating a dedicated bike rack or storage area.
Weight Typically heavier than road bikes due to the folding mechanism, but lighter than some mountain or electric bikes. Weight varies by type; road bikes are usually lighter, while mountain and electric bikes can be heavier.
Performance Designed for convenience over performance; generally suitable for short to moderate distances and casual riding. Optimized for performance in their respective categories (speed for road bikes, durability for mountain bikes, etc.).
Durability Robust enough for regular use but may not withstand the rigors of off-road or competitive cycling. Built for specific purposes, with some designed to handle rough terrain, high speeds, or long distances.
Speed and Efficiency Often have smaller wheels and fewer gears, which can limit speed and efficiency over longer distances. Typically have larger wheels and more gears, which can enhance speed and efficiency.
Cost Can be more expensive than basic bicycles due to the complex folding mechanisms. A wide range of prices depending on the type and quality; some basic models may be more affordable.
Maintenance May require more maintenance due to additional moving parts in the folding mechanism. Maintenance needs vary by type but may be less complex due to the absence of folding components.
Ride Quality Smaller wheels may result in a less smooth ride over bumpy surfaces. Generally provide a smoother ride, especially models with larger wheels and advanced suspension systems.
Terrain Adaptability Best suited for urban environments and paved surfaces. Varies by type; mountain bikes are suited for off-road, road bikes for paved surfaces, and hybrids for a mix.
Customization Limited customization due to the need to maintain folding ability. Often highly customizable with a wide range of accessories and components available.
Frame and Wheel Size Smaller frames and wheels to allow for folding and carrying. Standard frame sizes with larger wheels for optimized performance.
Versatility Great for multi-modal commuting and short trips. Designed for specific uses, from casual riding to specialized forms such as touring, racing, or trail riding.

When choosing between a foldable bike and other types of bicycles, consider your primary use case, storage and transport needs, and whether performance or convenience is your top priority. Each type of bicycle offers distinct advantages depending on the rider's lifestyle and cycling goals.

Lightweight folding bike Singapore

​​These top-rated folding bicycles in Singapore are ideal for commuting or for pleasure riding around the city. You can also use it for exercising and going for an errand.

Your choice of foldable bike will be determined by the size of the wheel, your budget, the durability of the bike, and the warranty.

In general, we advise buyers to keep quality as the most crucial consideration when making a purchasing decision. Although the initial purchase price may be greater, high-quality parts and design will result in lower overall maintenance expenses in the long run.

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