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DBS Vantage Card Review Singapore

In assessing the DBS Vantage Card, I've taken a close look at its place in Singapore's competitive premium credit card market. Launched not too long ago, the DBS Vantage Card aims to offer a blend of travel perks and lifestyle advantages. As a potential cardholder with an interest in optimising credit card benefits in a logical manner, I find this card piques my curiosity, especially considering its appeal to a more discerning clientele.

My analysis of the DBS Vantage Card considers its rewards structure, which is a critical aspect for any premium card. The ability to earn travel miles or cashback tailors to those who are often caught between these two popular rewards schemes. Knowing the card requires a minimum annual income of S$120,000, it's important to determine whether the benefits justify the necessary expenditure.

My investigation into the card's sign-up offers, annual fees, and benefits provides a comprehensive picture of what one can expect. With the market offering a variety of options, the DBS Vantage Card's upsized sign-up offers for existing and new DBS customers particularly stand out. This feature may significantly enhance its overall value proposition, but it's essential to weigh it against other market contenders before making a commitment.

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Overview of DBS Vantage Card

In this section, I'll walk you through the distinct advantages and requirements of the DBS Vantage Card, crafting a clear outline of its offerings and how it stands within the premium credit card sphere.

Key Features

The DBS Vantage Card packs a punch with its sign-up bonus and rewards structure. Upon sign-up, cardholders can amass a generous bonus, enhancing the card's appeal. For transactions in dining and petrol, earnings of 4 miles per dollar (mpd) are particularly competitive, underscoring the card's value for those expenditure categories.

Benefits and Perks

The benefits associated with the DBS Vantage Card are indeed enticing. Cardholders enjoy travel and dining privileges that extend well beyond the borders of Singapore. With flexibility to switch between air miles and cashback, it provides an intriguing choice for the savvy spender. The earn rates are lucrative, with 1.5 mpd on local spending and an even more rewarding 2.2 mpd on foreign currency expenditure, with no imposed earnings cap.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the DBS Vantage Card, there's a threshold regarding annual income, with a requirement of a minimum of S$120,000, pinpointing the card's audience within the higher earning bracket. This positions the card in a premium category, aimed squarely at the mass affluent consumer.

Rewards Programme

The DBS Vantage Card offers a competitive rewards programme designed to cater to frequent travellers and those who spend heavily. Here, I'll detail the points earning structure, the redemption options available to cardholders, and the policy regarding points expiry.

Earning Points

Cardholders of the DBS Vantage Card can expect to accumulate points swiftly. On local spending, I earn 1.5 miles per dollar (mpd). For overseas transactions, the rate improves to 2.2 mpd. Additionally, there's a welcome gift of up to 60,000 miles when certain conditions are met.

Redemption Options

My points can be readily redeemed for a variety of rewards which include air miles, hotel stays, and lifestyle experiences. One of the most attractive redemption options is converting points to airline miles, with many leading frequent flyer programmes accessible through the DBS rewards scheme.

Points Expiry Policy

The DBS Vantage Card offers a point of relief when it comes to expiration worries; the accrued points do not expire, providing a significant advantage for me as it allows the flexibility to build up rewards over time without concern for losing them.

Costs and Fees

In this section, I'll be detailing the specific costs and fees associated with the DBS Vantage Card. It's important to understand these financial obligations as they affect the overall value you'll get from the card.

Annual Fee

The DBS Vantage Card carries an annual fee of S$599.50 for the principal cardholder, with supplementary cards exempt from this charge. The fee for the first year is mandatory, but for subsequent years, it can be waived if I spend a minimum of S$60,000 per membership year.

Interest Rates

For this card, the standard interest rate on purchases is currently set at 27.8% per annum. It’s crucial to pay off my balance in full each month to avoid incurring these interest charges.

Foreign Transaction Fees

As for foreign currency transactions, a fee of 3.25% is levied on the transaction amount, which includes the charge by Visa for currency conversion. Making purchases in non-Singapore dollars will incur these additional costs.

Cardholder User Experience

In my examination of the DBS Vantage Card, I've focused on aspects that directly affect everyday usage: the online banking interface, customer service, and mobile app functionality.

Online Banking Interface

My experience with the DBS Vantage Card’s online banking interface has been straightforward. The platform is well-structured, offering me quick access to my account overviews, transaction history, and payment features. I find the aesthetic clean, which aids in hassle-free navigation.

Customer Service

When I have needed assistance, the DBS customer service team has been readily accessible. Wait times for phone support were minimal, and my queries have been addressed with expertise. The bank also offers assistance through email and live chat, which I have found to be efficient and helpful.

Mobile App Functionality

The DBS mobile app complements the cardholder experience with its robust functionality. I can monitor transactions, redeem rewards, and manage my account security with ease. Alerts and notifications are customisable, keeping me informed without being intrusive. My overall interaction with the app has been positive due to its user-friendly design and reliable performance.

Security and Protections

In my examination of the DBS Vantage Card, I've taken particular notice of its robust security features. It's crucial for cardholders to understand the protections in place to safeguard their transactions.

Fraud Protection Measures

The DBS Vantage Card has implemented stringent fraud protection measures to ensure that my finances are safe. I appreciate the real-time transaction alerts I receive, allowing me to immediately detect any unauthorised activity. Additionally, the card benefits from DBS’ Credit Bureau's fraud monitoring services, which scrutinise transaction patterns for any anomalies that might indicate fraudulent use.

Contactless Payment Security

When I use the DBS Vantage Card's contactless payment feature, I'm reassured by the layers of security that come with it. Each contactless transaction is protected with unique encryption, making it extremely difficult for anyone to duplicate or skim my card details. Furthermore, there's a transaction limit for contactless payments, which adds an extra layer of protection, as any large or unusual transactions would require my PIN or signature to complete.

Comparative Analysis

In this section, I will provide a detailed comparative analysis of the DBS Vantage Card, assessing its features against other premium cards in the market and its overall market positioning.

Comparison with Other Premium Cards

The DBS Vantage Card has positioned itself uniquely in the credit card arena. A distinct feature is its earn rate, which stands at 2.2 miles for local spending and 2.2% for cashback, a strong offering compared to many competitors. When comparing with other premium cards, the DBS Vantage Card's strengths include its generous sign-up bonus, though its long-term value could be more compelling. Competing cards might offer similar or higher earn rates for specific categories, but often at the cost of higher annual fees or stricter eligibility criteria.

Market Positioning

My analysis of the DBS Vantage Card's market positioning indicates that it is aimed at clients seeking luxury and convenience in their travel and dining experiences. It holds a competitive spot in the mid-tier luxury card segment with an annual income requirement of S$120,000. By targeting this specific consumer group, the DBS Vantage Card stands out for its balance between accessible luxury and tangible rewards, which is reflected in its well-received entry into a saturated premium credit card market.

Applicant's Guide

When applying for the DBS Vantage Card, it's essential to understand the specifics of the application process and the documents needed. I'll guide you through each step to ensure you have all the information required to apply for this premium credit card seamlessly.

Application Process

To apply for the DBS Vantage Card, I'd begin by visiting the DBS website. Here, I'd navigate to the credit card section and locate the Vantage Card offering. Typically, there’s an online application form I'd fill out. The process involves verifying my personal information and income. Since this is a premium card, DBS tends to offer an expedited application service for eligible customers, so I'd be prepared for a swift response, usually within a few business days.

Required Documents

For the documentation, DBS requires several key documents to process my application:

  1. Proof of Identity: A passport or NRIC for Singaporeans and PRs.
  2. Proof of Income: This may include:
    • For Salaried Employees: The latest payslip, CPF statement (showing the last 12 months of contributions), or Income Tax Notice of Assessment.
    • For Self-Employed: The last two years of Income Tax Notice of Assessments.
  3. Employment Details: If employed, I'll need a digital copy of my employment letter or contract.

DBS may request additional documents depending on my circumstances, and it's crucial to have these prepared to avoid any delays in my application.


In assessing the DBS Vantage Card, I've taken a close look at its rewards structure, benefits, and overall value proposition in Singapore's competitive credit card landscape.

Final Thoughts

The DBS Vantage Card has certainly made a mark as a mid-tier luxury card, thanks especially to its high earn rates for local and overseas spend. It grants access to exclusive dining privileges and an Accor Plus membership which is a significant plus for individuals who appreciate such perks. However, the lack of certain benefits such as an unlimited lounge pass might be felt by some users.


For potential cardholders, I would suggest considering the DBS Vantage Card if the significant mile earn rates align with your spending habits and if the dining and travel benefits match your lifestyle needs. If these factors are less important to you or if you value unlimited lounge access and other premium conveniences, you might want to explore other options. It's also important to consider any sign-up bonuses that could add immediate value to your decision.

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