Cost of Essential Household Items in Singapore

Cost of Essential Household Items in Singapore 2024

The cost of essential household items in Singapore can vary depending on the brand, quality, and where you purchase them. Here are some approximate price ranges for common household items:

  1. Groceries:

    • Rice (5kg bag): Around SGD 10 - SGD 20
    • Bread (loaf): Around SGD 2 - SGD 4
    • Milk (1 liter): Around SGD 2 - SGD 4
    • Eggs (dozen): Around SGD 2 - SGD 4
    • Vegetables (per kg): Around SGD 2 - SGD 5
    • Chicken (whole): Around SGD 5 - SGD 10
  2. Cleaning Supplies:

    • Dishwashing liquid (1 liter): Around SGD 2 - SGD 5
    • Laundry detergent (3kg): Around SGD 10 - SGD 20
    • Multi-purpose cleaner (500ml): Around SGD 3 - SGD 7
    • Toilet paper (pack of 10 rolls): Around SGD 5 - SGD 10
  3. Personal Care Items:

    • Shampoo (400ml): Around SGD 5 - SGD 10
    • Toothpaste (100g): Around SGD 2 - SGD 5
    • Soap (bar): Around SGD 1 - SGD 3
    • Deodorant (spray or stick): Around SGD 5 - SGD 10
  4. Basic Kitchen Appliances:

    • Electric kettle: Around SGD 20 - SGD 60
    • Rice cooker: Around SGD 30 - SGD 100
    • Microwave oven: Around SGD 70 - SGD 200
    • Toaster: Around SGD 20 - SGD 50
  5. Furniture:

    • Dining table and chairs: Around SGD 200 - SGD 800
    • Sofa: Around SGD 300 - SGD 1,500
    • Bed frame: Around SGD 100 - SGD 500
    • Mattress: Around SGD 200 - SGD 1,000
  6. Utilities:

    • Electricity (monthly for a typical household): Around SGD 100 - SGD


Key Takeaways:

  • Essential household items enhance living comfort and organization in a new home.
  • Storage solutions like shoe drawers and drawer organizers keep belongings tidy.
  • Cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners and microfiber mops ensure a clean living space.
  • Durable kitchen utensils and gardening tools facilitate home maintenance and hobbies.

What are the Essential Household Items to Get in Singapore for a New Home?

For a new homeowner in Singapore, the essential items to get include practical storage solutions such as Plastic, Foldable Shoe Storage Drawers and Bamboo Charcoal Drawer Organizers for organizing shoes and clothing. Cleaning necessities like a powerful Vacuum Cleaner and a Spin Mop and Bucket Set are vital for maintaining a clean home. Additionally, a Multifunctional Toolbox Kit and a Gardening Tool Set are indispensable tools for home and garden maintenance. These items not only simplify daily chores but also contribute to a well-managed and comfortable household.

The best essential household items to get in Singapore are those that provide effective storage, facilitate cleaning, and support home maintenance.

Essential Household Items for Storage Everyone Should Have

1. Plastic, Foldable Shoe Storage Drawer

Plastic, Foldable Shoe Storage Drawer - Essential Household Items

Talk about chic and convenient! There is no better place to put your shoes than in a shoe storage drawer.

This foldable storage protects your shoes and other footwear from dust and dirt as you take the time to use them.

Your footwear must match your outfit and your bag; and the transparent design of this shoe box allows you to see what shoes you are choosing without removing the shoe box.

These storage boxes are especially easy to assemble, saving your time and the space in your house as you assemble it.

Build your own shoe storage now and protect your shoes in a chic and convenient way.

Get each drawer for only

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2. 30 Cell Foldable Bamboo Charcoal Drawer Organizer

30 Cell Foldable Bamboo Charcoal Drawer Organizer - Essential Household Items

You are running late, and have a hard time looking for the correct match for your socks? Well, here’s the solution. This 30- cell foldable drawer can organize, not only your socks but also your underwear.

No need to run around the room to search for matching socks! Because this organizer is foldable, it can maximize the space in your room or in your cabinet.

Made with bamboo charcoal material, the non-woven organizer guarantees absorbing power for moisture and smell to keep musty smells off your wardrobe.

Get it now for only

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3. 4- Piece Acrylic Seasoning Box Storage Container

4- Piece Acrylic Seasoning Box Storage Container - Essential Household Items

Confused by the many condiments in your kitchen. Identifying your condiments one by one is a chore.

However we have the 4 - piece acrylic seasoning box storage container that can definitely make your life easier.

Open one condiment at a time, season your food one at a time in a clean and organized manner. It is a tool designed to store your seasoning and condiments, making it fresh, odor- free and safe from dusts and dirt. Happy cooking!

Get it now at

4. Fruit and Vegetable Storage Basket

Fruit and Vegetable Storage Basket - Essential Household Items

When you get home from the grocery store, it’s all chaos.

All the items you bought are everywhere but with the help of this storage basket for your fruits and veggies, you do not need to worry about sorting.

With its high-grade plastic material, this basket can bear heavier weight and is very durable.

Designed to maximize the space in your pantry, the bright colors will blend well with the interior design of your kitchen. Stack and store your fruits and veggies with this storage basket.

Get it now for only

5. Bathroom Shelf Organizer

Bathroom Shelf Organizer - Essential Household Items

This bathroom shelf organizer can bring comfort to your comfort room. Its aluminum and waterproof material can erase your worries about rust as you shower with style and satisfaction.

This bathroom shelf can easily be assembled with its Nano- adhesive technology and hooks can withstand stronger loads.

Now you can place your shampoo, conditioner and body wash together along with your other beauty and skin care products within reach. And you can put a little extra touch by adding an orchid or a snake plant on this shelf organizer.

Get it now for only

6. Wall Hooks and Rack

Wall Hooks and Rack - Essential Household Items

Wall hooks and racks are both convenient in organizing kitchen tools or bathroom essentials. Whether you are drying pots and spatulas or hanging towels and scrubs, wall hooks are reliable.

The materials used to manufacture this hanging rack is space aluminum that features a no-rust substance. With its solid and high-quality materials, it sure can live up to your high expectations.

The space saving rack has a punching- free installation that includes auxiliary screw for your ceramic, marble, metal, glass or solid wood walls and a screw package if you need to screw it on your plaster, wallpaper, and painted walls.

Now you can hang your towel, bathrobe, or your hang pots, and scissors in an orderly manner.

Get it now at

7. Wardrobe Garment Suit Bag

Wardrobe Garment Suit Bag - Essential Household Items

Some of your clothes like suits or coats, whether for business or leisure, are not cheap thus requiring proper care and storage.

Other clothes may envelope sentimental value and require extra care as time goes by. Using garment suit bags for these delicate and important clothes can ensure that they do not accumulate dust, moths, or unwanted elements over the months.

This wardrobe garment suit bag can also be placed together with your regular clothes inside your wardrobe or can be used as a go-to tool in your business trips or vacations.

It is water-resistant with the zipper, not harmful to the fabrics and is lightweight in nature. Easy to carry around.

Get it now at

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8. Underwear Storage Box

Underwear Storage Box - Essential Household Items

Underwear is, no doubt, an essential part of anybody’s closet. However, this clothing also occupies the most since there are a variety of women's and men’s underwear, including different types of socks.

With this in mind, this Underwear Storage Box is the best option for you. Not only do you organize your closet, but it will help you locate the type of underwear you would like to wear for the day.

The storage box is made from premium materials that are waterproof, moisture-proof and heat proof. This durable underwear organizer can be assembled easily and folded flat for easy storage when not in use.

This is designed to have 6 compartments for storing bras, up to 14 panties or briefs and 11 compartments for socks. This can truly maximize the space in your closet!

Get it now at

9. Creative Bedside Storage

Creative Bedside Storage - Essential Household Items

Is reading your favorite book, checking your emails or simply browsing your social media apps before going to bed your habit?

Do you always put your tablets by your side after using and they end up on the floor once you wake up in the morning because you unconsciously trip over it?

Worry no more! With this creative Bedside Storage, your smartphone, books, magazine, or even your tablet can have its own place. Simply insert this organizer under the mattress or other heavy objects and it's good to go.

The stylish carrier is sturdy and durable with neat stitches and elegant design.

It has a large opening which can provide enough space for your large and small office or reading and writing materials. Get this chic bedside storage in different colors, too!

Get it now at

10. Rack Plug Holder

Rack Plug Holder - Essential Household Items

Tired of occasionally untangling the wires underneath your table?

This Rack Plug Holder does a very good job in keeping all the wires from your computer and other device together, making it look organized and neatly assembled.

This innovative organizer is made up of ABS material that is wear-resistant and substantial.

You can install and arrange this easily using an adhesive that is included in the package, screw fixing, double-sided staggered wire groove that will organize the wires and plugs in order.

Get it now at

Essential Household Items for Cleaning Everyone Should Have

11. Vacuum Cleaner Plus 2 in 1 Hand-held Wired vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Plus 2 in 1 Hand-held Wired vacuum cleaner - Essential Household Items

Would it be possible to clean every nook and cranny inside your house? What about the stubborn hair/pet hair, dust and chips?

Bobbot Appliances comes with a new upgraded technology that would make your cleaning chore fast and tidy. With 14000pa suction power, this light stick vacuum cleaner can clear every nook and cranny of your sofa, windows, corner gaps, hard floor, brick or carpet!

This cordless vacuum cleaner can also be adjusted up to 120º degrees with its steering swivel. Easily clean high and low places without effort using this lightweight vacuum cleaner now!

Get it now for only

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12. Reusable Latex Gloves, Waterproof

Reusable Latex Gloves, Waterproof - Essential Household Items

Is there a way to protect your sensitive skin and keep them smooth still, as you clean the house, or do your daily chores?

The answer is a big yes! Using waterproof, reusable latex gloves, you do not have to worry about damaging your hands or your skin from the harmful chemicals the cleaning solutions have.

The anti-skid design prevents your elegant dishes from getting broken and gives you a better grip on your other household chores. Protect your hands as you clean your house using these latex gloves.

Get it now for only

13. Decorative Cleaning Cloth

Decorative Cleaning Cloth - Essential Household Items

The cleaning cloth can also be stylish and sophisticated. From spilled tea or coffee to grease and stains on your dining or coffee table, the cleaning cloth can be used in almost every part of the house.

The polyester material in this cleaning cloth makes it super absorbent and durable for long-term use. It comes in various designs in every set too.

Get it now for only

14. Spin Mop and Bucket Set

Spin Mop and Bucket Set - Essential Household Items

Choosing a spin mop and bucket set would guarantee a glimmering floor afterwards. The washable spin mop can rotate up to 360º degrees and scrub your floor with its microfiber fabric.

Do the cleaning, scrubbing, and drying now without exerting too much power. Aside from saving your time and energy as you clean, it is also designed to save you water from all the rinsing.

Get it now for only

15. SNAIL LIFE TPR Silicone Toilet Brush

SNAIL LIFE TPR Silicone Toilet Brush - Essential Household Items

Cleaning every corner of our house, especially our “comfort room” can be frustrating at times when we cannot reach the inner most corners.

Good news! A new technology by Snail Life was developed to help us in cleaning the stubborn corners.

The Snail Life TPR Silicone Toilet Brush is designed to help the outer and inner layers of your bathroom, leaving it glistening and truly comforting. It can stand on the floor when not in use or mounted in the wall.

Featuring the self-volatile technology that maintains the cleanliness, with no fluid accumulation and no dripping process.

Get it now at

16. Detachable and Flexible Washing Scrubber

Detachable and Flexible Washing Scrubber - Essential Household Items

Stubborn dirt that accumulated in the deep corners of window doors, or heavy stains on the surface of the sink or toilet can sometimes be a puzzle to clean.

This scrubber is designed to reach deep gaps and clean complicated parts of your house easily. The handle is made up of material that is easy to handle and comfortable for tight grips.

The flexible, fixed brush head is designed with scouring pad material which has a strong cleaning power.

Get it now at

17. Scotch-Brite Scouring Sponge Pad

Scotch-Brite Scouring Sponge Pad - Essential Household Items

Scotch- brite has been proven to remove tough stains, grease and keep your eating and cooking utensils squeaky clean.

From grunge on the grill to the pots, plans and plates that sat in your sink overnight, Scotch- brite scouring sponge pad can do it right. It also lasts three times longer than other scouring sponge pad products.

Get it now at

18. Fully Automatic Sweeping Robot

Fully Automatic Sweeping Robot - Essential Household Items

A new technology called Fully Automatic Sweeping Robot is the greatest help in sweeping your floor without hassle and struggle.

The mopping machine is suitable for variety of floors, wood panels, marbles and tiles. The sweeper turns on automatic cleaning which prevents collision, steering and noise.

This robot sweeper also features humidification spray while sweeping the floor, and a choice between dry or wet wipes. Convenient and fitting in a busy life.

Get it now at

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19. Sorting Trash Can

Sorting Trash Can - Essential Household Items

Not only does segregating and organizing your trash can be an effective way to teach your family to save nature, but this can also help garbage collectors and recyclers to identify the trash.

By using the Sorting Trash Can, your family can be disciplined in putting their trash in the proper place and help nature recover in small ways.

Get it now at

20. Active Mold Control Lite 250ml Spray

Active Mold Control Lite 250ml Spray - Essential Household Items

Active Mold Control Lite Spray removes mold and mildew in just a few minutes!

This is made effective especially on wood, fabric and leather and contains active formulas to help prevent the return of molds and fungi.

Given its strong features, this mold controller is alcohol free and non-toxic that is safe for your family and even your pets.

Get it now at

Essential Household Tools for a New Home

21. Multifunctional Toolbox Kit

Multifunctional Toolbox Kit - Essential Household Items

This toolbox is certainly a playbox for the handyman in the household. The electric drill tool also contains a 12V lithium battery that can be of great help as you fix or decorate your house.

Now you can fix your room, kitchen, backyard, bathroom, or any broken object in your house with ease. Here is a suggested purchase that can surely help you deal with any last minute problem and mishap.

Get this handy toolbox now for only

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22. Gardening Tool Set

Gardening Tool Set - Essential Household Items

Release your inner green thumb as you redecorate your yard with the help of this gardening tool set. Gardening can be a fun activity especially if you have the right tool.

This gardening tool set showcases lightweight, stainless steel, and rust- proof materials that are extremely sturdy and long- lasting.

You can now look forward to an exciting pruning, planting, transplanting, digging, and weeding all over your garden or yard. Go out in the sun and breathe the joy of gardening with this gardening tool set!

Get it now for only

23. 2 pcs Cooking and Baking tools

2 pcs Cooking and Baking tools - Essential Household Items

Do you hang out in the kitchen and cook your comfort food in the middle of the night or in the light of day? Either way, this cooking and baking set is designed to help you in every way!

The high-quality silica gel and heat resistant design is safe for baking and cooking.

Rest assured that your tools will not be deformed as you stir that pasta or damage your baking pan as you take out that freshly- baked chiffon.

The kitchen utensil set has stable chemical properties that are neither non-toxic nor tasteless. Bake and cook to your heart's content with the help of these reliable tools.

Get it now for only

24. Mini Electric Desktop Sewing Machine

Mini Electric Desktop Sewing Machine - Essential Household Items

Broken zippers, missing buttons and ripped dress can easily be mended using this Mini Electric Desktop Sewing Machine.

You can use this sewing machine to sew all kinds of fabrics such as silk, denim and even leather. It features two stitching speed, thread loop, illumination, scissors thread and many more. Sewing can always be complete in just a snap.

Get it now at

25. Leifheit High Quality Stainless Steel Can Opener L24068

Leifheit High Quality Stainless Steel Can Opener - Essential Household Items

One of the simple kitchen aids that is also exceptionally essential is a Can Opener.

Leifheit High Quality Stainless Steel Can Opener features elegant, shard and sleek design that can match your sophisticated kitchen.

The stainless steel tin opener’s technology has been proven to cut cans open securely and quickly. The oval- shaped grips fit pleasantly and securely in your hand.

Get it now at

26. ROCKBROS 16 in 1 Multifunction Repair Tools Kit

ROCKBROS 16 in 1 Multifunction Repair Tools Kit - Essential Household Items

Repair on-the-go wherever you are, this Multifunction repair tools kit from RockBros brings delight to men as they fidget and twitch items in the house or at work.

It features various sizes of HEX Socket, socket spanner, extension rod, slab ratchet, cross screwdriver and flathead screwdriver. Perfect for fixing other tools in the house!

Get it now at

27. Heavy Object Furniture Moving Device Tool

Heavy Object Furniture Moving Device Tool - Essential Household Items

Thick and solid dusts and dirt have piled up under the bed, sofa or heavy cabinets over the months that it was not cleaned and dusted properly.

The vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools cannot fully reach, then this moving device tool will take its turn.

This simple tool works like a lever to lift the corner of the furniture easily.

Using durable ABS pulleys, it has a 150kg weight bearing capability to help move really heavy cabinets or sofas. We also love this ergonomically designed weight lifter with its 90 degree rod bar that is adjustable and makes the lifting really efficient.

A little help from this tool will certainly help you to save plenty of time and effort.

Get it now at

28. Steamer Iron Mini Generator

Steamer Iron Mini Generator - Essential Household Items

Ironed clothes manifest elegance and modesty. This steam brush features a long- lasting stable steam injection and straight line jet that does not disperse the steam.

It is important to keep creases at bay with the unique secondary heating and supercharging technology, with aluminum alloy nozzle, ceramic glaze and negative ion powder panel.

Winning feature of this handheld steam brush is the light weight that can be very useful anytime, anywhere.

Get it now at

Where to Get Essential Household Items in Singapore

Best Home Improvement & Living Essentials Items to Get Price (SGD)
Plastic, Foldable Shoe Storage Drawer $4.00
30 Cell Foldable Bamboo Charcoal Drawer Organizer $4.70
4- Piece Acrylic Seasoning Box Storage Container $13.39
Fruit and Vegetable Storage Basket $7.84 - $9.30
Bathroom Shelf Organizer $15.80
Wall Hooks and Rack $8.50
Wardrobe Garment Suit Bag $2.00 - $4.00
Underwear Storage Box $7.90
Creative Bedside Storage $4.17
Rack Plug Holder $3.92
Vacuum Cleaner Plus 2 in 1 Hand-held Wired vacuum cleaner $54.00 - $80.00
Reusable Latex Gloves, Waterproof $16.41
Decorative Cleaning Cloth $4.13
Spin Mop and Bucket Set $16.80 - $28.80
Silicone Toilet Brush $14.43
Detachable and Flexible Washing Scrubber $1.30
Scotch-Brite Scouring Sponge Pad $6.30
Fully Automatic Sweeping Robot $22.90
Sorting Trash Can $23.38 - $44.93
Active Mold Control Lite 250ml Spray $17.00
Multifunctional Toolbox Kit $61.20
12 pcs Cooking and Baking tools $26.90
Mini Electric Desktop Sewing Machine $17.85
Leifheit High Quality Stainless Steel Can Opener $15.10
ROCKBROS 16 in 1 Multifunction Repair Tools Kit $6.99
Heavy Object Furniture Moving Device Tool $12.50
Steamer Iron Mini Generator $34.00
Home Essential Items Check List Singapore

Knowing the needs of your house from inside out is as important as knowing your preference for its design and furniture.

For every frame you put up on the wall, every curtain you chose to partner with the paint of your house or for every ceramic vase you put on the coffee table, a proper dusting and cleaning comes into place.

From the type of sofa you put in the living room to the carpet or type of floor you choose, a proper vacuuming and maintenance is required.

The personal belongings that need to be organized and put into order and the kitchenware that has to be non-toxic and durable at the same time, the tools that you need to make these things happen are an important part of your lists to buy.

Explore and expand your knowledge about the essentials of your living room, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and even your yard or backyard.

You may find yourself admiring the aura and glamour of your house in its entirety.

What are the essentials for a new home in Singapore?

What are 15 common household items?

Here are 15 common household items that you may have heard of, but could be valuable additions to your survival kit:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Hand soap
  • Dish soap
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Trash bags
  • Diapers and baby wipes
  • Feminine products
  • Pet supplies
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Facial tissues
  • Kitchen sponges

What should I prepare for a new house in Singapore?

When preparing to move into a new house in Singapore, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary items required for a successful move-in.

If you are renting from someone, be sure to check your rental agreement to know what household items and furniture you need to bring with you.

Moreover, it is essential to ensure that all the utility bills, such as internet, electricity, water, and gas are arranged before moving in, in order to avoid unnecessary hassle during your stay. Other preparations may involve obtaining the measurements, registering your address, and purcashing basic groceries.

Furthermore, it is wise to avail of a trusted cleaning service to give your new home a thorough clean. Making sure that these steps are followed before moving in will help to ensure a successful move and a hassle-free stay!

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List of small things at home

In organizing household materials and furniture, one must consider how to organize, clean, and create elegance and sophistication at the same time.

It is also important to identify the needs of each part of our house to be in full control and manage the order. Here are lists of essential household items you need to add in your must-have list.

From the smallest to the biggest household tools and materials, knowing what your house needs should be a part of responsibility. These are the lists of essential household materials that you can buy and practice using for a more convenient and organized household.

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