Recommended Feng Shui Master in Singapore

Recommended Feng Shui Master Singapore 2024 for Good Luck This Year

  1. Master David Tong - With over 20 years of experience in Feng Shui, Master David Tong is highly recommended for his expertise and personalized consultations.

  2. Master Kenny Hoo - Known for his modern approach to Feng Shui, Master Kenny Hoo is a popular choice for those looking for practical and effective Feng Shui solutions.

  3. Master Han - A well-respected Feng Shui master in Singapore, Master Han is known for his deep knowledge and understanding of traditional Feng Shui principles.

  4. Master Jace Tan - With a strong focus on enhancing prosperity and harmony, Master Jace Tan is highly recommended for his comprehensive Feng Shui consultations.

  5. Master Vincent Koh - Renowned for his accurate predictions and effective Feng Shui remedies, Master Vincent Koh is a trusted choice for those seeking expert guidance in Feng Shui.


Key Takeaways:

  • Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of harmonizing energy in spaces for health and prosperity.
  • A Feng Shui master uses knowledge of directions and surroundings to balance positive and negative energies.
  • Consultations can include advice on home layout, object placement, and personal horoscope analysis.
  • Costs vary, with fixed, per square foot, and short consultation options available.

Unlock the secrets of balance and energy with the wisdom of Feng Shui. In Singapore, masters of this ancient practice guide individuals and businesses to harmonize their environments, fostering well-being and success. Whether it's aligning the energies of a home or optimizing a commercial space, the right Feng Shui master can be a transformative force in achieving equilibrium and prosperity.

Featured Snippet:
Q: What is a Feng Shui master?
A: A Feng Shui master, or geomancer, is an expert who applies the principles of Feng Shui to analyze and optimize the energy flow in living and working spaces. They consider an individual's horoscope, the physical layout of spaces, and the balance of the five elements to promote health, wealth, and positive living conditions. Masters in Feng Shui can provide tailored advice to improve one's environment and life circumstances.

Highly Recommended Feng Shui Master in Singapore to Change Your Luck

1. The Classical FengShui Consultancy - Recommended feng shui master for house

Image Source: The Classical FengShui Consultancy

The Classical FengShui Consultancy - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Edwaard Liu is one of Singapore's few Feng Shui specialists who also have spiritual training.

He has his own ways and abilities that have helped many clients in both home and business settings.

They understand that because we are born with our fate, we cannot change our features, abilities, or shortcomings.

To use them, we just need to construct environments and establish parameters.

Client Testimonial...

“Had the opportunity to consult Master Edwaard again today (2 years in a row). I am situated overseas and grateful that he can accommodate and do a Whatsapp video call. Extremely glad to gain more insights (strengths & weaknesses) on my life and my husband’s life. It was relatively true. Master Edwaard gave me/us lots of advice and detailed analysis on what to look out for. There was also no hard selling of any fengshui ornaments. Overall, Master Edwaard is friendly and nice to talk to, I would highly recommend him.” - Sherlyn Sam

The Classical FengShui Consultancy

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, #07-86, Ubi Techpark, Lobby E, Singapore 408564

Contact: +65 9320 4100

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2. MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery - Feng shui master for HDB

Image Source: MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery

MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Master Alvin founded MZ Fengshui Mastery and the Jade Metaphysics Academy.

He has over 15 years of metaphysical expertise and uses feng shui to build, balance, avoid, and link electromagnetic fields.

Classical Feng Shui is all about producing, balancing, avoiding, and linking electromagnetic fields that have a positive impact on humans.

Client Testimonial...

“Lessons with Alvin is fun and interesting. He incorporates many practical practices to ensure that you can understand the essence of the lessons. As his course are in both Mandarin and English, it is easier to grasp the explanation of lesson. I am indebted to him for his amazing teaching skills as I am now able to put his lesson into practical use. “ - Boon Tiong

MZ玄 Fengshui Mastery

Address: 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969

Contact: +65 8023 1861

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3. Master Kevin Foong

Image Source: Master Kevin Foong

Master Kevin Foong - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Master Kevin Foong is one of the world's most in-demand professional Feng Shui and Bazi consultants.

Every year, he talks to over a million people and delivers keynote presentations in over 18 countries.

His consulting business has assisted customers with human resource planning, recruiting the finest individuals, and choosing the ideal locations for headquarters and branches for well-known brands.

Master Kevin Foong

Address: Level 11, Marina Bay Financial Centre, 8 Marina Blvd, Tower 1 Singapore 018981

Contact: +65 8700 8988

4. Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Image Source: Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting - Feng Shui Master Singapore

CMG Consulting (Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting) is a multi-award-winning and top Feng Shui consultation organization in Singapore.

This company provides a wide range of services, including classical feng shui, Bazi Destiny Analysis, Date Selections, and so on.

David Tong has done significant consultations for all sorts of homes and enterprises to date and has a diverse clientele of all ages, ethnicities, nations, and vocations.

Client Testimonial...

“The overall experience was very good. David being a friendly person to start with eased my nervousness away. The Bazi calculation given was pretty much true, and he surprised me on a few occasions with his words and how accurate they are. With such information on hand, I can plan my life and career path easier.” - Claire

Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting

Address: 571 Upper Serangoon Rd, The Yardley, Singapore 534798

Contact: +65 9829 9670

5. Master Tay Consulting

Image Source: Master Tay Consulting

Master Tay Consulting - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Master Simon Tay, famous for his superb classical and contemporary geomancy talents, established Master Tay Consulting.

The consultancy tries to help people by empowering them to incorporate energy and qi into their daily lives.

It only offers the best and most effective consultation services based on its considerable expertise and comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui.

Client Testimonial...

“Master Tay has a strong analytical ability and always show accurate results. My 偏財 4D / ToTo wealth amazingly improved a lot after 开钱库 within a month. Happy to receive winning 4D & ToTo prizes regularly. Highly recommend !!” - Ngawang Norpu Lim

Master Tay Consulting

Address: Blk 1 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Singapore 310001

Contact: +65 9789 3389

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6. Divineway Fengshui

Image Source: Divineway Fengshui

Divineway Fengshui - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Master Louis Cheung is an award-wining Feng Shui Master, Bazi Reading Consultant and Taoism Ritual Practitioner.

He is a leading master who can provide vital services like Fengshui and Rituals at the same time for your home, office and project.

The master to go to in a one-stop, one on one consultation for all matters.

Client Testimonial...

My friend recommended Master Louis Cheung. I found he is very knowledgeable and approachable. I like him because he won’t ask me to buy additional Fengshui items unless it’s really necessary. He visited my house twice to run through my renovation questions and answered all my questions even after Fengshui report analysis.

Divineway Fengshui

Address: 374 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427619

Contact: +65 8488 6100

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7. Loshi FengShui Consultancy

Image Source: Loshi FengShui Consultancy

Loshi FengShui Consultancy - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Loshi Fengshui Consultation is one of the best consultancy organizations in Singapore.

They have done thorough study for a large number of properties and a diverse spectrum of clients since 2005.

They have supplied services in homes, offices, retail stores, and industries.

They also supply auspicious names for infants.

Loshi FengShui Consultancy

Address: Block 32 New Market Road #03-1034, Singapore 050032

Contact: +65 6226 1700

8. Master Sean Chan

Image Source: Master Sean Chan

Master Sean Chan - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Sean Chan is Singapore's foremost metaphysical practitioner.

His interest in Chinese philosophy began when he was 18 years old.

He is a self-taught practitioner with no teachers since he feels there is no need to learn from someone else's watered-down knowledge.

If that's what you're searching for, contact him right away.

Client Testimonial...

“This is a testimonial for Master Sean. I sought his services after a challenging year. I had been studying bazi on my own for a few years just as general interest and I chanced upon his website recently. Engaged him for a reading, and got a report in a very short time even as he had a backlog of work. He is unique in that he has a strong command of both English and Mandarin. He is a friendly approachable person if you come to him to work on your life and not expect miracles. His analysis is detailed, and sharp. Some of the insights were truly profound, and made me realise why I went through some of things I went through in the past. It has provided me great clarity for the years ahead. Highly recommended.” - Chern Houng

Master Sean Chan

Address: BLK 207A Seng Kang. Singapore 542207


9. FengShui Master Lim

Image Source: FengShui Master Lim

FengShui Master Lim - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Master Lim of China's XuanKong Wu Chang Sect uses the nine stars to determine the Feng Shui environment of a property and how it will evolve and influence the fortunes of the people who live there.

In the FengShui audit, no commercial things are required to be purchased, and you simply need to change your house route and water, as well as the five elements acknowledged in metaphysics.

According to known history, Geomancy science has a few thousand years of history.

FengShui Master Lim


Contact: +65 9026 4251

10. Way Fengshui Group

Image Source: Way Fengshui Group

Way Fengshui Group - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Weng FengShui Group is a group of people who will collaborate to give you professional, practical solutions that are especially matched to your needs.

They think that we should always work with our nature rather than against it.

Furthermore, they understand that we are born with our destiny and cannot change our characteristics, abilities, and shortcomings.

Way Fengshui Group

Address: Fu Lu Shou Complex, 149 Rochor Road, #02-10/11, Singapore 188425

Contact: +65 6338 3800

11. Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

Image Source: Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Adelina Pang is a well-known figure in Singapore's Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology circles who need no introduction.

Adelina's inherent talent and academic competence in deciphering true Feng shui code shines through and is noticed by others.

She works on residential, commercial-retail, and macro-scale projects such as the country's biggest shopping malls, hospitals, and other facilities.

Client Testimonial...

Was referred by a friend and decided to engaged Adelina to advice on our office. It has been about 4 years and we still go back to her for FS advice for our up and coming new home. Very friendly and comfortable to talk with. Results proven! Thumbs up!” - Stella Leong

Adelina Pang Fengshui Consultancy

Address: The Penthouse #43-01A Suntec Tower One 7 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038987

Contact: +65 6430 6766

Is Feng Shui a Real Thing?

Image source: @gaiamamart

How accurate is Fengshui? - Feng Shui Master Singapore

Feng shui is known to examine how energy, pronounced "chee," flows through a certain room, house, structure, or garden in order to promote prosperity, good health, and overall well-being.

Furthermore, there is no scientific proof to back up Feng Shui's spiritual claims.

Scientists have yet to discover chi in laboratory trials, and while arranging your environment may clearly boost your productivity, the results are fairly restricted.

Feng shui consultations often begin with a discussion of what you want to work on, your priorities, and then a review of your astrology and/or numerology—this is where your intake form comes in handy because it will have already been created ahead of time.

What is a Feng Shui Master?

A geomancer, or feng shui master, is known to consult an individual's Chinese horoscope to determine what is best for that person.

Geomancers use complex mathematical calculations based on the ancient I Ching (Book of Changes) to determine which aspects of the house are out of balance.

Feng Shui programs teach practitioners how to build healthy surroundings that promote the flow of positive Qi and remove obstructions to natural energy flow.

Feng Shui graduates frequently come from fields such as interior design, landscape design, and holistic health.

How Much Should I Pay a Feng Shui Master?

The price of Feng Shui sessions differs widely.

Also, it is crucial to know that there are several schools of Feng Shui, and some require more elaborate work than others - which typically translates to a larger cost.

Now, here is a list of how much a feng shui expert would most likely cost you in Singapore:

Fixed Cost Consultation

The fixed cost option charges a flat price, which ranges between $288 and $888 depending on the size of the property.

This is the most often used method of payment for a consultation.

For Feng Shui schools that entail rituals or talismans, they are often included in the fee.

Many of these services may be located using search engines.

Per Square Foot Consultation

Residential Fengshui - Feng Shui Master Singapore

The most usual fee is from 80 cents to S$1 per square foot, while some experts charge as little as 50 cents per square foot.

This is sometimes considered a higher-end advisory service, generally provided by a well-known geomancer.

Some of these experts may not even take you on as a client unless you are introduced to them by someone.

Some of them even offers overseas site consultantion.

Different Type of Houses Price
HDB Flat 3 room/ 4 room From $688
HDB Flat 5 room From $788
HDB Flat 5 room Exec/ Mansionette From $1088
Condominium Studio Apartment From $888
Condominium 2 Rooms and below From $1188
Condominium 3 Rooms and above From $1388
Terrace House From $2588
Semi Detached From $2888
Bungalow From $3600
Residential Fengshui Consultation Fee

Short Consultation

Some Feng Shui specialists may give general guidance for a fixed cost of roughly S$58 to S$88.

You could merely be required to bring photos or a floor plan of your unit.

If you want a spontaneous consultation, go to a street fortune-teller or a tiny business in Chinatown.

What Should I Ask a Feng Shui Master?

Whether you're new to feng shui or have been practicing it for years, it can be difficult to find reliable solutions to concerns that occur.

This list of the most frequently asked feng shui questions has a plethora of information and specifics about these topics.

  • What Is the Bagua Feng Shui Map?
  • I'm new to Feng Shui. Where Do I Begin?
  • In which direction should I sleep with my head?
  • Which front door should I choose while laying out the Bagua map?
  • What If My Wealth Area Has a Toilet?
  • Is Having a Mirror in the Bedroom Good Feng Shui?

What Should You Not Do in Feng Shui?

Avoid putting anything behind a door that stops it from opening at least 90 degrees.

Even if you have lovely hooks that are neatly arranged and clutter-free, if the door cannot be opened, it is not good feng shui.

On an energetic level, it restricts the amount of positive energy and possibilities you may get.

With that, here are some additional things to be aware of and avoid if you want to avoid bad feng shui:

  • a raised toilet,
  • clutter,
  • rushing to decorate,
  • mirrors in the foyer,
  • a mix of flooring; and
  • greenery in the bathroom

Which area in Singapore has the best fengshui?

Singapore has many areas with good Fengshui, but if one must be singled out, Chinatown is the area with the best Fengshui. This area has a vibrant energy which is believed to bring success to its inhabitants.

The area has a harmonious balance between yang and yin, luck and prosperity and therefore attracts people from all walks of life. Chinatown also has numerous spiritual shops and temples, which further amplifies its energy to a peak.

Other areas, such as Marina Bay and Orchard Road also have auspicious Fengshui, but Chinatown is unmatched in terms of its power, energy and balance.

Is Singapore built on feng shui?

Singapore has often been said to be built on feng shui, the ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to harmonize man and nature.

This belief is based on the placement of important buildings in the city, such as the Marina Bay Sands and Sun-Tec City, as well as other indications that the city’s planners were conscious of the importance of feng shui when deciding where and how to build.

The land around the Singapore River was considered to be of particular importance, and careful planning was used to ensure that the river ran north-south and was crossed by the Singapore River Bridge at an ideal angle.

Furthermore, Chinatown and even the nearby island of Sentosa, have been designed to follow the principles of feng shui.

Is feng shui really effective?

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice, has been gaining renewed popularity over the past few years. It is believed to be an effective way to influence the natural flow of energy "chi" within a space to benefit the people living in it.

Some believe chi can help create a balance and promote positive vibes in a space, while others cite improved health and wealth.

While its effectiveness can be subject to debate, many claim positive outcomes from Feng Shui, ranging from improved interpersonal relationships to enhanced career prospects and increased prosperity.

Ultimately, whether or not Feng Shui truly works will depend on the individual; however, the potential is certainly there.

Feng Shui Master Singapore

Building a successful house or business is without a doubt a huge challenge. A professional Feng shui expert can help you achieve such a high aim.

With the growing number of Feng shui masters, locating one requires extensive study and nitpicking. When done properly, you may expect a prosperous home or business.

We hope that we have assisted you in evaluating and picking the ideal feng shui master for your needs and desires.

We understand how difficult and risky it is to speak with a feng shui expert, but we can promise you that all of the feng shui masters listed above are professional and recognized in Singapore.

We had a great time discussing this topic with you, and we hope you will consider hiring one of the feng shui professionals we recommended.

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