Freelance Personal Trainers in Singapore

Popular Freelance Personal Trainers in Singapore 2024 that are Cheap and Good

Finding a freelance personal trainer in Singapore can offer you personalized fitness guidance and flexibility in scheduling. Here are some reputable freelance personal trainers in Singapore:

1. Coach Damien

  • Overview: Specializes in weight loss, muscle gain, and functional training.
  • Qualifications: Certified Personal Trainer with extensive experience.
  • Contact: Instagram

2. Fitness Tutor - Darren Ong

  • Overview: Offers customized training programs for individuals and small groups.
  • Qualifications: Certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).
  • Website: Fitness Tutor

3. Coach Sharm

  • Overview: Focuses on strength training, weight loss, and sports performance.
  • Qualifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
  • Contact: Instagram

4. Trainer Jeremy Ng

  • Overview: Provides personalized fitness plans and nutritional advice.
  • Qualifications: Certified Personal Trainer with a background in sports science.
  • Contact: Instagram

5. Coach Eelin

  • Overview: Specializes in pre and postnatal fitness, weight management, and functional training.
  • Qualifications: Certified Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist.
  • Website: Coach Eelin

6. Coach Kelvin

  • Overview: Offers customized training sessions focusing on overall fitness and health.
  • Qualifications: Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
  • Contact: Instagram

7. Coach Sean Lim

  • Overview: Focuses on strength training, bodybuilding, and weight loss.
  • Qualifications: Certified Personal Trainer with a background in competitive bodybuilding.
  • Contact: Instagram

8. PTWorks - Coach Eugene

  • Overview: Offers one-on-one personal training sessions and group fitness classes.
  • Qualifications: Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.
  • Website: PTWorks

9. Coach Lynette

  • Overview: Specializes in functional training, weight loss, and injury prevention.
  • Qualifications: Certified Functional Training Specialist.
  • Contact: Instagram

10. Coach James

  • Overview: Provides tailored fitness programs focusing on strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Qualifications: Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
  • Contact: Instagram

Tips for Choosing a Freelance Personal Trainer

  • Qualifications: Ensure the trainer has relevant certifications and experience.
  • Specialization: Choose a trainer who specializes in your fitness goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or sports performance.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Look for feedback from previous clients to gauge the trainer's effectiveness.
  • Trial Session: Many trainers offer a trial session; use this opportunity to assess their training style and compatibility.
  • Location and Flexibility: Ensure the trainer can meet at a convenient location and has a flexible schedule that fits yours.

These freelance personal trainers offer a range of expertise and personalized attention to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freelance personal trainers in Singapore offer customized fitness plans and dedicated attention.
  • They cater to various needs, from home workouts to gym training and online sessions.
  • The top trainers provide science-backed methods, nutritional guidance, and flexible scheduling.

Who are the Best Freelance Personal Trainers in Singapore?

The best freelance personal trainers in Singapore are those who provide personalized, science-backed fitness programs and demonstrate a commitment to their clients' goals. They are flexible, offering services at home, in the gym, or online, and they specialize in a range of fitness needs. Top trainers in Singapore include those from Ultimate Performance, One Personal Training, Urban Active Fitness, My Fitness Comrade, and several others who offer bespoke services to help clients achieve their health and fitness objectives.


In a world where the pandemic has shifted our approach to fitness, the demand for personalized training has surged in Singapore. Freelance personal trainers are rising to the challenge, offering bespoke services that cater to individual needs, schedules, and fitness levels. This guide provides a curated list of Singapore's elite personal trainers, each bringing a unique set of skills to the table, ensuring that your fitness journey is as effective as it is personal. Whether at home, in the gym, or through a screen, these professionals are here to guide you towards your fitness aspirations.

Top 12 Popular Freelance Personal Trainers in Singapore to Suit All Budgets

When you want to get the most out of your workouts, the hard truth is you’re not going to get very far without science-backed methods that work for you, personally. Whether it’s to hit the gym, or let the gym come to you, another popular alternative to help one keep fit is by hiring a freelance personal trainer.

After all, there is no one-size fits all approach to fitness - we all have different dietary needs, different schedules, different energy reserves at the end of the work day - so it makes sense that we all need to take a unique, tailored approach to fitness if we want to get the best results and get the best returns on the time, money, and effort we invest in getting in shape.

Here are the top 12 best freelance personal trainers in Singapore that can help people like you and me accomplish exactly that.

1. Gary Ang - Freelance Personal Training

Gary Ang - Freelance Personal Trainers Singapore

Gary graduated with a Bachelor in Sports Science from University of Western Australia.

He has also worked in a professional football club as a trainer where he trained and carried out rehabilitation, strength and conditioning exercises for professional footballers.

Under his watchful eye, many footballers have managed to achieve peak fitness and remained strong to last the grueling football season and they all credit it to Gary’s training.

Furthermore Gary is a Singapore Sports Council certified Personal Trainer who has more than 10 years of training experience, he has a wide range of trainees, they range from professional athletes to senior citizens who has gone through joint replacements.

Gary has kept himself updated in the fitness industry by regularly attending courses to upgrade himself.

Below is a list of courses he has attended over the years.


Currently Gary is very passionate in mobility training which is a specialized type of strength training which aims to expand joint ranges or return joint ranges previously owned by the individual either because of injuries or lifestyle habits.

He believes this is the missing piece in today’s fitness industry.

With mobility training, an individual will be well prepared for any type of movement required and will be able to mitigate injuries a-lot better.

Come train with Gary to not only look better, but also move better and feel better overall.

His rates ranges from $120 - $150 depending on your location.
Check out Gary's guides for more training tips!

About Gary Ang
Contact Details: +65 9784 2615 (Get 10% off when you mention
Availability: By Appointment

2. Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers

Image credit: Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers

Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers - Freelance Personal Trainers Singapore

More than just a gym, Ultimate Performance is the best place in Singapore to go if you want to leverage the experience and commitment of trainers who have dedicated their lives to honing their fitness craft.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran gym rat, Ultimate Performance helps you get the best results.

They also have online personal training so you can get all of the best fitness training through online sessions.

Here’s what their customers have to say:

“Inspirational, very professional help to achieve goals which are set out very clearly. Extremely happy with the results and never expected to attain my new body at this point of my life. Would recommend UP and my trainer to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and make a real lifestyle change. I feel confident to continue to maintain when I have achieved in such a short period of time.”

About Ultimate Performance Personal Trainers

Address: 8 Cross Street Ground Floor, Singapore 048424
Contact Details: +65 6536 8649
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 6AM – 10PM
Saturday: 8AM – 5PM
Sunday: 9AM – 3PM

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3. One Personal Training

Image credit: One Personal Training

One Personal Training - Personal Trainers Singapore

Dedicated and hands-on, One Personal Training’s fitness trainers use a science-based, client-proven approach to helping you get the best results for the time and effort you put in.

For most clients - especially those who are serious about their weight loss and fitness goals - follow One Personal Training’s fitness to the T and get amazing results in as short as a month and a half.

Of course, for some people it might not be possible to get their dream bod in such a short time, but One Personal Training also has plenty of long-term clients that have achieved so much more with their help than they ever could have done alone.

One Personal Training makes sure that every program is tailor-made to suit the goals, lifestyles, and fitness experience of each and every one of their clients, and so far, the results speak for themselves.

Here’s what one satisfied customer has to say about One Personal Training:

“Hands down best PT gym in Singapore. If you're looking for a dedicated individual to support your fitness goals, you'll find them here. Been training here a few months now and I've seen drastic changes.”

About One Personal Training

Address: 133 Cecil St, #01-01A/02 Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535
Contact Details: +65 6226 2128
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 5AM – 10PM

4. JG Fit

Image credit: JG Fit

JG Fit - Personal Trainers Singapore

JG Fit focuses on individuals aged 35 - 55 who believe that investing in one's physical wellness leads to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Their curated program is designed to help you lose 5kg in 2 months through building sustainable habits such as eating right and exercising safely and efficiently.

The team of JG Fit consists of client-centric fitness coaches with Sports and Nutrition qualifications.

The qualifications include sports-related degrees and diplomas, as well as recognized industry certifications.

Their personal trainers possess a great array of skill sets and tap on each other's strengths and experiences to journey their clients towards greatness.

About JG Fit


Concorde Hotel Gym, 100 Orchard Road, #04-100, Singapore 238840
Centum Fitness Lab, Block 26, 18 Sin Ming Ln, #06-07 Midview City, S573960
Contact Details: +65 9789 8963
Operating Hours: By Appointment

5. Urban Active Fitness

Image credit: Urban Active Fitness

Urban Active Fitness - Personal Trainers Singapore

For one of the best home personal training experiences – anywhere, anytime – Urban Active Fitness won’t disappoint.

With a team of experienced fitness professionals at the ready to provide top-notch training services, Urban Active Fitness brings everything you need straight to your doorstep.

Urban Active Fitness is a widely-regarded group of freelance personal trainers that make working out as easy as booking an appointment.

You don’t have to do anything or go anywhere, their trainers will come to you, and help you work out effectively and efficiently in the comfort of your own home (or your condo’s fitness center).

Urban Active Fitness works for everyone, including your whole family. Here’s what customers say:

My husband, my son and I have been training with Jay now for four weeks. We love it. We've been gradually feeling our fitness increase. Of course we still have a long way to go, and need to work on nutrition too. But we have been enjoying working hard with Jay -- he makes us do different things -- and we like the martial aspect, too. One thing's for sure -- working out with Jay is never boring!

About Urban Active Fitness

Address: Home Service
Contact Details: +65 9145 0605
Operating Hours: By Appointment

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6. My Fitness Comrade

Image credit: My Fitness Comrade

My Fitness Comrade - Personal Trainer Singapore

Designed for all fitness levels, My Fitness Comrade (MFC) is an industry-leader in tailor-made personal fitness training whether on-site or online.

MFC is personal training for everyone, whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or keep healthy for a variety of reasons, including pre-natal fitness and more.

With over 54 accredited partner gyms and locations to train at - including the comfort of your own home - My Fitness Comrade is your personal fitness training service anywhere you go in Singapore.

Receive top-notch fitness training anywhere in Singapore - be it your condo’s gym, your home, your local track, or any of the top fitness centres endorsed by MFC.

Here’s a testimonial from just one of MFC’s many satisfied customers:

As an active gymmer, I’ve actually tried out many personal trainer programs, and I have to say none of them does it quite like MFC. They offer the best rates, especially for the quality of trainers they have available!

About My Fitness Comrade

Address: 18 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #02-13 Singapore 415978
Contact Details: (65) 8776 6850 |
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 5AM – 11PM
Saturday: 5AM – 10PM
Sunday: 5AM – 9PM

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7. Strings SG

Image credit: Strings SG

Strings SG - Personal Trainer Singapore

Strings SG isn’t a gym, it’s a service provider that helps connect service providers to the clients who need them.

Here, you’ll find some of the best freelance personal trainers in Singapore who can give you the time, dedication, and focus that you need to get the best results.

If you’d rather have your very own trainer without having to share their time and attention with other gym members in your location, one of the best courses of action is to reach out to any of the top-rated freelance personal trainers listed on Strings, and deal with them personally.

Since the service is between you and your trainer of choice, you can get the best training for you on your own terms.

About Strings SG

Contact Details:

Operating Hours: By Appointment

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8. Rodandac Home Personal Trainers

Image credit: Rodandac Home Personal Trainers

Rodandac Home Personal Trainers - Personal Trainer Singapore

One of the best options for condo-dwellers, Rodandac Home Personal Trainers come to you and your gym to give you the best tailored training experience available.

Get fast results – on your time, at your location – so you can focus on your fitness goals.

Rodandac has designed their service to cater specifically to the needs of their exclusive clientele - that means that you decide when to workout, where to workout, and what fitness goals that you want to achieve.

Their job is to teach you how, and help you on your way to a newer, better, healthier you.

Here’s what customers have to say about Rodandac Home Personal Trainers:

Home training has provided greater convenience for me to exercise under proper guidance. It has also taught me that keeping fit can be easily done in the comforts of one's environment and not necessarily at the gym. I have greatly benefited from the training program since I have joined.

About Rodandac Home Personal Trainers

Address: Home Service
Contact Details: +65 9429 3644
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8AM – 7PM

9. Level Gym Personal Training

Image credit: Level Gym Personal Training

Level Gym Personal Training - Personal Trainer Singapore

Level Gym’s Personal Trainers have been helping their customers level-up since they first opened shop back in 2014 as one of Singapore’s premiere boutique gyms.

With world-class fitness facilities, the latest gym technologies, and a host of top-ranked fitness instructors at their disposal, Level Gym is one of the best places to go to help you level up.

Don’t just take our word for it: Level Gym has been featured and awarded numerous times for its cutting edge gym facilities, and above all else, for helping their clients get the results they want.

Combining fitness routines with proper nutrition, Level Gym’s personal trainers are among the best in the business.

Here’s what their customers have to say:

Working out at Level is pretty much one of the best choices I made for my fitness. It keeps me on my toes and the grind is well worth it. The trainers are experienced and they know how to push you to your limit, within safe standards. Definitely would recommend it to any of my friends.

About Level Gym Personal Training

Address: 137 Telok Ayer St, #01-03, Singapore 068602
Contact Details: +65 6222 4766
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7AM – 8PM
Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 1PM

10. Genesis Gym Singapore

Image credit: Genesis Gym Singapore

Genesis Gym Singapore - Personal Trainer Singapore

Tell Genesis Gym’s trainers what you want and they’ll help you get there in the most efficient way possible. With experienced trainers and science-backed fitness systems, Genesis Gym Singapore’s personal trainers know how to get you the results you want.

Depending on your goals and your lifestyle, Genesis Gym Singapore takes a proactive approach - they’ll tailor make a program to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible, at your own pace and speed, using the best methods that have helped clients take their fitness to newer, greater heights.

Here’s what a happy customer had to say about his Genesis Gym experience.

Am happy with the results obtained so far after 10 weeks... I lost about 5%of body fat and I am now undeniably stronger. The Genesis team in Katong have the right balance of not being intimidatingly due yet being able to push you. Still work in progress but am pleased with what I have achieved so far.

About Genesis Gym Singapore

Address: Katong/ Raffles Place/ Alexandra
Contact Details: +65 9337 4188
Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:30AM – 1:45PM, 5:30PM – 9:30PM
Saturday: 8:30AM – 1PM
Closed on Sunday

11. EzFIT Singapore - Personal trainer home visit

Image credit: EzFIT Singapore

EzFIT Singapore - Personal Trainer Singapore

As Singapore’s first 24/7 personal fitness training service provider, EzFIT is dedicated to making your fitness goals reachable despite loaded schedules.

Their fitness plans include nutrition and education, so you can learn best how to get your body in the best condition. Plus, they’re so flexible that you’ll be able to find time for fitness no matter how hectic your schedule gets.

EzFIT Singapore offers some of the best home personal training services. Here’s what a customer had to say about one of their best personal trainers, Vanan:

Vanan is an excellent trainer with great patience and understanding of a particular individual’s requirements to achieve short, medium and long term outcomes. His sessions are varied, rarely humdrum, and it’s a real pleasure to burn through some calories and get great conditioning over 45-60 mins. Look forward to more!

Services Price
Personal Training $130 - $170 / Session
Corporate Program Ask for Quotation
Rehab Training $150 - $170 / Session
Personal Training for Kids $100 / Session
4-months Holistic Health Program $5999 / 4 Months
Postural Correction Program $150 - $170 / Session
EzFIT Singapore Services Price List

About EzFIT Singapore

Address: Personal trainer home visit
Contact Details: +65 6777 4612
Operating Hours: Open 24/7

12. UNREAL Personal Training

Image credit: UNREAL Personal Training

UNREAL Personal Training - Personal Trainer Singapore

At UNREAL Personal Training, fitness professionals are dedicated to blowing your mind with how quickly you can get results with the power of tailored fitness plans and focused training.

Their trainers don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, too. UNREAL Personal Training prides itself on using tested and proven methods to help you get the body you want, and their fitness plans and programs take into account personal nuances to give every client a unique approach tailor-made for where they’re at in life.

Here’s what customers have to say about their UNREAL Personal Training experience:

If you are looking to push yourself and get results this is the place! Just got some new machines in too. Staff and trainers are awesome. Not too crowded. Seb is the perfect personal trainer and will support you whatever your goals short or long term.

About UNREAL Personal Training

Address: 105 Cecil St, #21-01/04 The Octagon, Singapore 069534
Contact Details: +65 9711 5905
Operating Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 5AM – 10PM
Sunday: 9AM – 1PM

Where to Find Female Personal Trainers in Singapore

Gender matters, even when choosing the best personal trainer for you! Personal trainers serve an integral role for us to meet our desired body goal and physique. They help us with our forms during training and keep us motivated.

However, our comfort and relationship with the trainers also contribute to the success of our workouts. Some women were only comfortable with working with other women.

During training, they would always keep proximity to guide you- sometimes even touch you. How will you be able to perform well if you don’t feel comfortable and safe with your personal trainer?

If you require a female personal trainer in Singapore, we have listed some of the best and most trusted coaches you can have in the country!

Singapore’s Best Female Personal Trainers

13. My Fitness Comrade

Photo Credit: My Fitness Comrade

My Fitness Comrade - Female Personal Trainer Singapore

My Fitness Comrade is one of the biggest gym outlets you can try in Singapore. The company has over 20 different female coaches you can work with.

Hence, if you feel shy or feel like your personality wouldn’t match your current mentor, they can help you find one. MFC will let you fill out a form for them to know our preferences.

After this, they will be providing a list of female trainers for you to choose from.

Aside from having a female comrade, they also create a personalized training program different from men. This company understands the difference between the muscle mass between a man and a woman.

So, if you want to lose or build muscle, they can create a workout plan fit for your needs!

About My Fitness Comrade


Address: 18 Kaki Bukit Road, #02-13, Singapore, 415978

Phone: +65 8776 6850

14. Evadne Woon - Pre & Post Natal Personal Training

Photo Credit: Level Singapore

Evadne Woon - Female Personal Trainer Singapore

Who says that working out and training is not for moms! As a mom, you would need a lot of physical energy required to run after and take care of your child.

With this, having a personal trainer could help you get fit!

Eva is a pre-or post-natal personal coach in Singapore. During her teenage years, she realized the importance of having a healthy and robust body.

As a result, exercising has become part of her daily routine as it makes her happy.

As a mother herself, she understands the struggle of juggling motherhood with having a physical and fit body. With her experience, she relates with all her mom clients and provides the support and training they need. She trains women who are in any stage of pregnancy.

Thus, if you are a mother looking for a personal coach, Eva might be the one you are looking for. Here is one of the testimonials of her current trainee:

“I started my personal training journey with Eva Woon in Jan 2021... being a mother herself (with her cutie baby Josh as my training companion sometimes) she is able to plan a personalized and holistic program for me.... now I am in a better shape to run after my toddler. I also get support from a fellow mother who train with Eva. I hope new mothers can set aside one hour a week to have your ME time and trained with level trainers... it’s hard to imagine but our babies can survive one hour without us 😬” – Sammie Y


Address: Telok Ayer & Robinson

Contact: +65 6222 4766

15. Coach Emy

Photo Credit: Coach Emy Facebook

Coach Emy - Female Personal Trainer Singapore

Do you feel uncomfortable and stiff by working outside or in a gym? Do you feel conscious when people look at you as you do your workout set?

You prefer working out at home but can’t find the motivation to continue. If you experience these instances, Coach Emy is here to help you!

Coach Emy has over ten years of experience as a personal trainer. She was able to master various types of training exercises like body conditioning, pre-and post-natal training, back and knee problems, and even circuit training.

Most of her clients love her too, as she can also be a good friend you can share your thoughts too.

You wouldn’t have to worry about your female trainer as it would only feel like you are working out with your best friend. Thus, you can be as comfortable as you can be.


Contact: +65 8403 6990

16. Sabrina Sng

Photo Credit: Level Singapore

Sabrina Sng - Female Personal Trainer Singapore

Are you an aspiring artist who wants to improve your stamina? Do you feel exhausted after a few runs during rehearsal?

Sabrina is a performer herself and believes in the importance of the body as a way to express herself. In a theater, the body is used to convey a story.

As not all performances include voice, the body is utilized to show movement essential to the act.

As an instructor, she uses her experience to share with her clients. At a young age, she started with high-energy training programs to improve cardiovascular endurance.

When she trained as a performer, she mastered the art of training for stamina and endurance.


Address: Telok Ayer & Robinson

Contact: +65 6222 4766

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17. Karen Lee Fitness

Photo Credit: Karen Lee Fitness Facebook

Karen Lee Fitness - Female Personal Trainer Singapore

Are you too busy to go to the gym to work out? Karen Lee is known as the best mobile trainer in Singapore. Using your mobile phone, you can easily do your training in the comfort of your home.

Her workouts include HIIT, MIIT, Aqua HIIT, Boxing, Functional Fitness, and even Rehab and Resistance Training. Karen was also able to certifications in America and Singapore.

She was also recognized and featured in various media outlets. However, Karen believes that a fun and production workout starts by having a non-intimidating relationship with her trainees despite her achievements.

Karen also struggled with her weight when she was younger. So, if you want someone who could understand and motivate you, you can never go wrong in applying to her programs.

She can join you as you struggle with your inner self, as she was able to experience the same in the past.


18. Personal Trainer Solutions

Photo Credit: Personal Trainer Solutions

Personal Trainer Solutions - Female Personal Trainer Singapore

Personal Trainer Solutions is one of the leading providers of personal trainers in the country. They offer qualified and experienced coaches to their clients to work out within their homes or even public gyms.

They do this by matching clients with their trainers depending on their body goals and needs.

Their female fitness trainers mastered fitness training, weight loss program, bodybuilding, and even nutrition.

Moreover, they also understand how the woman's body works to help you achieve superior results.


Address: 10 Foch Road, Singapore, 209256

Phone: +65 8751 0501

Guide to Freelance personal trainers in Singapore

What are Personal Trainers in Singapore?

Personal Trainers in Singapore help people to achieve their fitness goals by providing personalized exercise instruction and program design.

Some trainers also offer group classes, boot camps, and other programs that are designed to target specific areas of the body.

In addition, Personal Trainers can provide guidance on nutrition and weight loss strategies that is suitable for your lifestyle.

If you're looking for someone who will motivate you to reach your fitness goals, then a personal trainer may be perfect for you!

And if you're shy or don't feel safe working out alone, a trainer might be the best solution for you as they often work with clients one-on-one.

Remember that not all trainers are created equal; make sure to do your research before choosing one so that you get the best service possible.

How much does a personal trainer cost in Singapore?


How to afford a personal trainer? - Freelance personal trainer rates singapore

Generally speaking, personal trainer fees in Singapore vary based on the level of service being provided.

A qualified personal trainer in Singapore charges from upwards of $50 per hour for one-to-one sessions. Trainers will customize and monitor your progress.

Some will include comprehensive sessions involving all aspects of wellness coaching (including diet, nutrition, strength training and cardio) to achieve optimum results.

Furthermore, experienced trainers will understand how to minimize and prevent injury.

Group classes will cost from $30 onwards however there may not be too much focus on individual performance. Nonetheless working out in a group can boost motivation and offer support for each other.

What do Personal Trainers in Singapore do?

Personal Trainers in Singapore help people of all ages to achieve their fitness goals by providing individualized plans and workouts for them.

They may also offer instruction in Contemporary Pilates, Strength Training, Cardio Zumba, TRX Suspension training, and aquatic work-outs.

Most Personal Trainers in Singapore are certified through the National Fitness Association of Singapore (NFAS), which ensures that they have met stringent guidelines and standards set by the organisation.

In addition to this rigorous certification process, many Personal Trainers also hold degrees or diplomas in fields like exercise science or sports conditioning.

They typically charge a fee for their services which may include partial reimbursement for meal costs and transport while working out with them.

Some personal trainers also offer complementary workshops on topics such as healthy eating habits or stress relief techniques.

Is personal trainer worth it in Singapore?

Personal trainers can be a great investment in Singapore. Not only will they help you to train effectively and safely, but they can also provide you with personalized advice and proper guidance, which will ultimately help you achieve your personal fitness goals in a shorter period of time.

Personal trainers can also help to motivate you and hold you accountable, providing the guidance and motivation that is needed to maintain focus and commitment during your workout routine.

They can also modify your workouts and provide guidance on nutrition, which is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, a personal trainer is worth it in Singapore, as they provide knowledge and expertise which can help you reach your goals faster and keep you motivated.

Take 1-to-1 Personal Training With A Fitness Expert

Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer to spot you at the gym and make sure your form’s okay, or one to come to you and give you the best results from your home workout, or even one to consult with online so you can stay on top of your fitness game, we hope this list of freelance personal trainers in Singapore helped you find what you need.

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