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How Much Salary Job Hopping Singapore 2024

Last updated: March 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the expected salary increase when changing jobs.
  • Factors influencing pay rise include skills, experience, and market rate.
  • Negotiation is key to securing a fair increment.

In the competitive landscape of job transitions, understanding the financial benefits is essential. This concise guide outlines what job seekers should expect in terms of salary increment when moving to a new role, considering their expertise, industry benchmarks, and the current job market.

How much should my pay increase when I get a new job?

When changing jobs, a typical salary increase ranges between 10-20%, depending on the individual's skills, experience, and the market rate for the position. Effective negotiation can further enhance this increment.

Salary increment for Job Hopping in Singapore: A Reality Check

An array of surveys conducted amidst an array of potential office going people suggested that a majority of people are not satisfied with their present jobs.

Talking in number, over 85% or the individuals feel like quitting their job & find a new one. Shockingly only seven percent of the people are happy with their current jobs.

Job statistics also pointed out you can expect an average of 20% for each job hop in Singapore.

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros as well as cons of job hopping, it’d be evident to say that changing the profession or roles can be one way of refreshing yourself when it comes to job satisfaction.

We will talk about the factors that are associated with job hopping & they will seriously help you when it comes to keeping your next role for a long time.

Is Job Hop in Singapore even a good option?

When it comes to trying different roles, switching jobs can be an out of the box pick. If you’re looking forward to finding and building a robust & steady career, then job hop can act as a catalyst for finding your dream job.

An array of roles which you might encounter during job hop can help you gain experience blended with exposure. You can build up your network of contacts through the same, it is always good to have a flavour and your presence in more than just one domain.

When it comes to your salary, it can be said that it might not switch as fast as you can switch job. But, sticking to a single job can help you jump corporate steps and hence, it will help you in the long run.

If you’re more like a money oriented person, then switching jobs aka job hops can be your only state of the art choice as the same can increase your salary manifolds.

But more than necessary inflation in your resume can depict signs of discontinuity.

Hence, it might make you look unreliable or even flaky. Potential employers take many precautions while hiring a person for such profile.

You must be prepared to answer them whenever asked about, try to make a positive impact no matter what.

There might be a case where you switch your job without even establishing yourself. In other words, getting the required skillset and increment in a salary is necessary before you start looking for a job hop.

If you’re too quick then it might place you at the bottom chain of command at your new workplace. The main thing here is evaluating whether it’s even feasible to switch your current job?

What would happen if you stay & get an increment? Will you get a higher salary or exposure you’re looking forward to after the job hop?

Try asking these fundamental questions to yourself, it’ll only make things easier for you.

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Calculated risks are a win-win when switching jobs

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Calculated Risks You Should Be Taking In Your Career - Job Hopping Singapore

One must take utmost precaution when we talk about switching jobs as you might not really want to leave the job which guarantees you a stable and continuous income.

Always remember that you have responsibilities, you got dependents. For example, supporting your parents can be your big responsibility or paying monthly bills for other chores can be a great deal too.

It’s not so advised to leave an established network of co-workers which you have built from scratch. Always remember starting again from the zero & building a rigid network in the domain with which you’re not familiar is no easy task. But, change is what drives the innovation right?

So, taking calculated risks can be your out of the box solution here. Change is the law of nature, calculated risks just help you change easily and ensure a healthy run for a long time

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How to pick the job that suits you?

Selecting your dream job from an array of job profiles is not an easy task. You should try to evaluate your interests & think about the big picture, that is your end game.

You must keep the milestones which you wish to achieve in your mind. Try to keep things at your tips which you’re looking forward to achieving in coming few years.

Keep a track of an active time span, keep a regular check on your goals, hence always fulfil them at the desired time. A pool of goals with an achievable timeline can help your career in numerous ways.

What benefits might follow?

Your new job encapsulates a pool of opportunities blended with experience.

You get the new type of training, you can be entitled to several bonuses, in short, you can literally start fulfilling the goals from that pool.

You might also get access to a flexible working environment with timings of your likings or even work from home type opportunity.

When you switch a job, you might be entitled to better health and travel allowances at your new workplace, which is a great thing. A balance amidst the work and your life can be achieved when you switch a job.

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Satisfaction over Money?

There comes a time when you will be asked to accept a lower pay scale, well this is not that depressing actually. If you’re getting access to a ton load of experience, then settling for a bit less is still a win-win for you and your career.

You might ask your employer about the hikes in the future, but remember if the experience is what you’re craving? Then take the shot. Enthusiasm is what drives the endeavours in this condition.

Still not satisfied?

Let us say that you have made your switch and you have this new array of responsibilities. It takes some time to settle in, knowing how a company really functions requires a bit of time.

If you’re still not satisfied and desire to leave, then think twice before doing that. Remember, you don’t wish to depict inflation in your resume, it’s highly advised to go to your employer or visit HR department and ask them for a pay raise or even more training or supervision.

Hoping for your next job requires an utmost level of care.

Now watch about Millennials Job Hopping where money is NOT everything.

Job Hopping Singapore

Is 2 years considered job hopping?

Well, it can be considered job hopping if you have worked at 2 different jobs in the past 2 years and have not been employed continuously at any of those positions.

If your reason for leaving one position was to take a short break or go on maternity leave, then that gap would not be counted as an instance of job hopping.

Is job hopping acceptable in Singapore?

Yes, job hopping is generally acceptable in Singapore as long as you are not caught up in an illegal or unethical situation.

For instance, if you are looking for a promotion that does not correspond to your skills and qualifications, then it may be difficult to stay put at one job for too long.

Moreover, it's important to note that salary is often only one factor when hiring personnel; employees also look at other factors such as work/life balance and company culture.

So while you might want to consider switching jobs regularly, do so responsibly and avoid making any hasty decisions.

How much job hopping is too much?

Excessive job hopping can eventually lead to burnout and decreased productivity.

In general, job hopping should not exceed 2 to 3 times within a 3-year period. And Ideally, job hoppers should settle down into one position before trying again elsewhere.

It's important to periodically evaluate whether switching jobs is really the best option for you at that particular moment in time.

If it isn't, then consider taking some time off to recharge your batteries before resuming work search activities.

Is it easy to switch job in Singapore?

Finding a new job in Singapore can be challenging for many job seekers due to the competitive job market. While there are job opportunities available in the market, switching jobs may not be as easy as one may think.

It can require a bit of hard work and dedication in order to find a new job that suits your experience and qualifications. Many job seekers are also challenged when changing their portfolios and updating their resumes to suit the new job they seek.

Furthermore, the new job may require you to be based in a new location and even possess additional skills such as coding or fluency in a language.

Therefore, it is important to have a solid plan and strategy for job hunting in order to maximize success in this endeavor.

What skill is in demand in Singapore?

In Singapore, the skills that are currently in high demand are mainly those related to technology and digitalisation.

With an increasing number of businesses and organisations embracing the benefits of technology, professionals with expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, and digital marketing are highly sought-after.

Moreover skills related to healthcare, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, are also in demand. This includes healthcare management, medical research, and epidemiology.

Professionals with strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as leadership abilities, are also highly valued.

As Singapore continues to position itself as a hub for innovation and technology, there will continue to be a strong demand for professionals with these skills.

Does job hopping look bad on CV?

Job hopping, which refers to frequently changing jobs, can sometimes look bad on a CV or resume, depending on the circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Length of employment: If a candidate has a pattern of staying at jobs for only a few months or less than a year, it may suggest to employers that the candidate is not committed to their work or is unable to perform well in the role.
  2. Reason for leaving: If a candidate has a legitimate reason for leaving a job, such as a layoff, company closure, or personal circumstances, this may be viewed more favorably by employers than if the candidate left voluntarily without a clear reason.
  3. Industry norms: In some industries, such as technology or creative fields, job hopping may be more common and less stigmatized than in other industries, such as finance or law.
  4. Overall career trajectory: If a candidate has a pattern of job hopping but can demonstrate that each move was a deliberate step in their career progression, this may be viewed more positively by employers than if the moves appear random or without direction.

Overall, while job hopping can sometimes look bad on a CV or resume, it's important to consider the context and circumstances of each job change. Candidates can mitigate the negative impact of job hopping by being transparent about their reasons for leaving previous jobs, highlighting their accomplishments and skills, and demonstrating a clear career trajectory.

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