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Last updated: January 2024

50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-03 JEM, Singapore 608549
Open Mon to Fri 9am - 10pm & Weekend 8.30am - 10pm
Contact 6694 2501

313 Orchard Rd Level 1 Discovery Walk , Singapore 238895
Open Mon to Fri 11am - 9.30pm & Weekend 10am - 9.30pm
Contact 6834 4041

3 Temasek Blvd, #01 - 612 / 613 / 614, Singapore 038983
Open Mon to Fri 11am - 9.30pm & Weekend 10am - 9.30pm
Contact 6337 3134

1 HarbourFront Walk, #03 - 14 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Open Mon to Fri 11am - 9.30pm & Weekend 10am - 9.30pm
Contact 6376 8226

Marche Movenpick Menu Singapore

Marche Movenpick Breakfast Menu

Savoury Price
Continental Breakfast (Includes 1 croissant, 1 brioche, served with butter and jam) $7.90
Breakfast Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes (Ham/ Sausage, bacon and egg) $9.90
Savoury Crepe (Black Forest Ham and Scrambled Egg) $9.90
Omelette (with Ham, cheese, spring onion and 1 slice of bread) $9.90
Omelette (with vine tomatoes, onions, arugula and 1 slice of bread) $10.90
Eggs Benedict (Poached egg served on French bread with prosciutto ham and hollandaise sauce) $12.90
Norwegian Breakfast (Scrambled egg, smoked salmon and croissant, served with butter and jam) $13.90
Marche Movenpick Breakfast (Choice of 2 eggs or scrambled eggs, 3 slices of bacons, grilled sausage and oven baked tomato, served with 1 fresh bun, 2 slices of breads, butter and jam) $16.90
Marche Movenpick Breakfast Menu

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Marche Movenpick Lunch Express Menu

Lunch Express Menu Price
Truffle Mushroom Quiche (With Soup) $10.90
Ham Spinach Crepe (with Capsicum Spread and Cheese) $11.90
Roasted Whole Chicken Leg (With mash potatoes and caramelised Onions) $12.90
Black Olive and Baby Spinach Quiche (With Soup) $10.90
Original Swiss Rosti (with Chicken Fricassee) $11.90
Herb Crusted Sirloin $12.90
Vine Tomato and Caramelised Onion Quiche (with Soup) $10.90
Roasted Chicken and Corn Savoury Crepe $11.90
Jaeger Schnitzel Bacon Mushroom $12.90
Tomato Basil Quiche (With Soup) $10.90
Fettuccine Pasta $11.90
Pork Meat Loaf $12.90
Feta Cheese and Spinach Quiche (With Soup) $10.90
Spinach Spaetzle (German Pasta) $11.90
Slow Baked Graved Salmon Fillet $12.90
Marche Movenpick Lunch Express Menu

Available from Mon-Fri, 11am-3pm (excluding PH and eve) for dine-in & takeaways, while stocks last. Only at 313 Somerset, Suntec City & Vivo.

Marche Movenpick Main Course Menu

Swiss Rösti Price
Plain with Sour Cream (With choice of add-ons) $9.50
Add Veal Sausage $9.90
Add Cheddar Cheese $4.50
Add Fried Egg $1.90
Add Sour Cream $0.90
Add Smoked Salmon $10.90
Add Garlic Pork Sausage $6.90
Add Chicken Cheese Sausage $7.90
Add Mushroom Ragout $8.90
Marche Movenpick Swiss Rösti Menu
Homemade Pasta Price
Seafood Aglio Olio $22.35
Vegetable Pasta $15.90
Pasta Carbonara $19.15
Pasta Bolognese $20.20
Marche Movenpick Homemade Pasta Menu
Gourmet Pizza Price (Incl. Gst)
Parma Ham with Rocket Pizza $25.55
Smoked Duck with Hoisin Sauce Pizza $24.50
Garlic Chilli Prawns Pizza $24.50
Salami Pizza $22.35
Minced Beef with Onions Pizza $22.35
Antipasti with Onions Pizza (Vegetarian) $20.20
Roasted Chicken with Red Onions Pizza $21.25
Margherita with Basil Leaves Pizza (Vegetarian) $20.20
Marche Movenpick Gourmet Pizza Menu
Grill Price
Veal Sausages $10.60
Chicken Cheese Sausages $8.45
Garlic Pork Sausages $7.35
Pork Knuckle (Half) $27.70
Pork Knuckle (Whole) $53.40
Roast Chicken Choice of half or whole. $15.90
Chicken Breast $12.70
Pork Loin $15.90
Pork Kassler $17.00
Ribeye Steak $26.60
Lamb Rack 200g $29.00
Marche Movenpick Grill Menu
Grill Platter Price
Sausage Platter (Veal sausage, chicken cheese sausage, coarse pork sausage, garlic pork sausage, mashed potato + sauerkraut) $29.90
German Platter (Half pork knuckle, half roast chicken, coarse pork, garlic pork, mashed potato + sauerkraut) $53.35
Marche Movenpick Grill Platter Menu
Seafood Price
Pan-Fried Prawns $17.65
Pan-Fried Salmon Fillet $27.70
Pan-Fried Snapper Fillet $23.40
Calamari Fritto $15.90
Seafood Platter (Half salmon fillet, has snapper fillet, 2 pcs deep fried prawns, 5 pcs deep fried calamari) $30.90
Marche Movenpick Seafood Menu
Savoury Crepe Price
Roasted Chicken Savoury Crepe $19.15
Black Forest Ham Savoury Crepe $19.15
Smoked Salmon Savoury Crepe $22.35
Mushrooms Savoury Crepe $18.05
Anti Pasti Savoury Crepe (Vegetarian) $18.05
Marche Movenpick Savoury Crepe Menu
Soup Price
Cream of Mushroom $8.45
Soup of the Day (Non-Vegetarian) $8.45
Soup of the Day (Vegetarian) $8.45
Marche Movenpick Soup Menu
Salad Price
Caesar Salad $13.80
Vegetarian Assorted Cold Salad $14.85
Marche Movenpick Menu - Salad
Sweet Crepe Price
Plain Sweet Crepe/ Waffle $6.90
Sweet Crepe with One Spread $9.90
Sweet Crepe with One Spread + One Fruit Topping (Choose sauce: mascarpone, caramel, chocolate) $12.90
Marche Movenpick Menu - Sweet Crepe
Pastry & Cake Price
Brownie $5.85
Marché Fruit Cake (Strawberry) $7.35
Chocolate Cake $6.90
Bailey's Tiramisu $7.35
Cheesecake $6.95
Marche Movenpick Pastry & Cake Menu

Marche Movenpick Drinks Menu

Hot Beverages Price
Mövenpick Coffee $4.45
Espresso Macchiato $4.45
Single Espresso $4.45
Double Espresso $5.85
Cappuccino $5.85
Caffe Latte $5.85
Hot Chocolate $5.90
Hot Tea $4.80
Marche Movenpick Hot Beverages Menu
Fresh Juices Price
Fresh Handpressed Orange Juice $4.90
Watermelon Juice $4.90
Marche Movenpick Fresh Juices Menu
Cold Beverages Price
Homemade Lemonade $5.20
Homemade Iced Tea $5.20
Ginger Beer $5.85
Root Beer $5.85
Orangina $5.85
Applespritzer Selters (500ml) $5.20
Marche Movenpick Cold Beverages Menu
Beer Price
Lager Veltins Pilsener
The Country Beer Grevensteiner
Wheat Beer Tap 7 Mein Original
Marche Movenpick Beer Menu
Sparkling Wines Price
Mövenpick Champagne Exclusive! Champagne Premier Cru Brut by Frederic Maletrez (France) $102.70
Prosecco Bacio D’Oro Perlage (Italy) $78.10
Marche Movenpick Sparkling Wines Menu
White Wines Price
Riesling Trocken Mosel, Weingut Fritz Haag (Ger) $73.80
Sauvignon Blanc Trocken, Bernhard Koch (Ger) $73.80
Chardonnay Twin Oaks California Robert Mondavi (USA) $73.80
Pinot Grigio Friuli Colli Orientali DOC (Italy) $73.80
Chablis Champ des Ducs AOC, Domaine Alain Geoffroy (France) $84.50
Marche Movenpick White Wines Menu
Red Wines Price
Cabernet Sauvignon Twin Oaks California Robert Mondavi (USA) $78.10
Merlot Reserva Valle del Maipo Viña Santa Alicia (Chile) $73.80
Shiraz Washington State Red Diamond Winery (USA) $91.00
Marche Movenpick Red Wines Menu

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Where is Marche restaurant from?

Marche is a Germen restaurant that originated at Königstrasse in Stuttgart, Germany during 1983. It has since become popular worldwide and can be found in two continents in nine countries, including Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Germany and Slovenia.

What cuisine is Marche?

Marche Restaurant is a Swiss restaurant that specializes in European cuisine. This means that the dishes on the menu are inspired by regional specialties from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece.

There is something for everyone at Marche Restaurant so whether you're planning to try classic Switzerland dishes like Potato Rosti or delicious crusty bread with various fillings, you're sure to find something that appeals to your taste buds.

Is Marché halal in Singapore?

No, Marché is not a Halal-certified restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant serves a variety of food from French, European, and Asian influences, and does not guarantee that the food is Halal-certified.

As a result, Muslims are advised to dine with caution, to ensure that their food does not contain any haram (prohibited) items.

User Review

Always my favourite place to get my rosti crave fixed. The recent promotion for a beer at $7.90 is really value for money. Nice German brew. The chinese new year special dish, the duck crepe is worth a try. I personally quite like it. My partner like the Pork Schnitzel, no gamy taste. Thick, crispy and juicy.

- J Li on Google

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