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OCBC Rewards Card Review Singapore 2024: Maximising Your Shopping Perks

In reviewing the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card (now known as OCBC Rewards Card), I find it to be an essential piece of plastic for those who take their shopping seriously. Specifically designed for the savvy spender, this credit card packs a punch with its rewards programme that caters extensively to both local and overseas spending. As someone who values a good deal, I appreciate the way this card multiplies the points on offer, granting cardholders the opportunity to accrue an enviable amount of rewards points on a wide range of spending categories including fashion, electronics, and online purchases.

My understanding of the OCBC Rewards Card is that it doesn't just stop at generous points accumulation. It goes a step further by providing a suite of benefits that align well with a modern lifestyle. From complimentary travel insurance to coveted deals and discounts across numerous merchants, the perks associated with this card ensure that users get more value beyond just the points. It's clear to me that this card is targeted at consumers who are not just looking for returns on their spending, but also those who enjoy the finer aspects of a well-curated lifestyle, making it a potentially invaluable addition to one's wallet.

Moreover, my attention is drawn to its competitive annual fee, which is often waived under certain conditions, adding to the card's overall appeal. As an added bonus, the OCBC Rewards Card frequently runs promotional offers that serve to enhance the rewards, allowing cardholders like me to maximise the benefits. With all things considered, this card certainly stands out in the crowded market of rewards cards in Singapore, and warrants a closer look by anyone aiming to optimise their spending habits.

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Overview of OCBC Rewards Card

The OCBC Rewards Card is renowned for its generous perks that cater to avid shoppers. My review zeroes in on the card's main attributes to furnish you with a comprehensive understanding of its offerings.

Key Features

  • Annual Fee: SGD $196.20 (waived for the first two years)
  • Interest Rate: 25.92% per annum
  • Minimum Income Requirement: SGD 30,000 for Singaporeans, SGD 45,000 for foreigners


  • Age: At least 21 years old
  • Income: As specified above

Transaction Coverage

  • Both local and overseas spending

Rewards Programme

Earning Points

  • Online and Retail: Earn 10 OCBC$ (reward points) for every SGD 1 spent on clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, gadgets, and babies' and children's wear both locally and overseas, including online shopping.
  • Other Spendings: 1 OCBC$ for every SGD 1 spent on other categories.


  • Rewards: OCBC$ can be redeemed for vouchers, miles, or to offset purchases directly.
  • Miles Conversion: 10 OCBC$ equals to 4 miles.


  • OCBC$ do not expire, allowing me to accumulate and redeem them without any urgency.

Card Design and Variants

  • Main Design: The card features a sleek, silver-coloured finish with a distinctive pattern.
  • Variants: Two variants available – Blue and Pink, differentiated primarily for targeting different customer segments.

Eligibility and Application Process

When you're considering the OCBC Rewards Card, it's important to understand the criteria for eligibility and the required documents for the application process. I will guide you through each step to ensure a smooth experience.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Age: You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Income: A minimum annual income of S$30,000 is required for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. For foreigners, the minimum annual income is S$45,000.

Required Documents

For a successful application, you'll need the following paperwork:

  • Singaporeans/Permanent Residents:
    • Proof of Income:
      • Latest 12 months' CPF contribution history statement; or
      • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and latest original computerised payslip.
  • Foreigners:
    • Passport: Must have at least 6 months' validity.
    • Proof of Residence: Utility bills or bank statements with your residential address.
    • Proof of Income:
      • Employment Pass with at least 6 months' validity; and
      • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and original computerised payslip.

Application Steps

Follow these steps to apply for the card:

  1. Online Application: Visit the OCBC website and navigate to the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card page.
  2. Form Filling: Complete the online application form with your personal, employment, and income information.
  3. Document Submission: Upload the necessary documents as listed above.
  4. Review and Submit: Double-check your information and submit your application.
  5. Approval Process: Await the bank's approval, which typically takes between 1 to 2 weeks.

Once approved, you'll receive your OCBC Titanium Rewards Card and can start enjoying its benefits.

Earning and Redeeming Rewards

In this section, I'll walk you through how to maximise the benefits of your OCBC Rewards Card, focusing on the accumulation and utilisation of rewards points.

Earning Points

For every S$1 spent on eligible transactions, I receive 10 OCBC$ (rewards points). This earning rate is applicable across a wide variety of categories which are particularly geared towards fashion and electronics purchases.

Reward Categories

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card allocates increased points for spending in specific categories:

  • Fashion Retailers: Clothes, shoes, bags
  • Electronic Gadgets: Mobile phones, computers, and home appliances

Purchases outside these categories typically earn me a standard rate of 1 OCBC$ per S$1.

Points Redemption

I can redeem my accumulated OCBC$ for a range of rewards:

  • Vouchers and Deals: Redemption of shopping and dining vouchers.
  • Miles Conversion: Conversion to frequent flyer miles with partner airlines.
  • Online Shopping Rebates: Use OCBC$ to offset transactions on select e-commerce platforms.

Expiration Policy

OCBC$ that I earn have a validity period. They expire two years from the end of the quarter in which they are earned, prompting me to plan my redemptions accordingly to avoid losing out on the rewards I have accumulated.

Fees and Charges

In this section, I will provide a detailed overview of the fees and charges associated with the OCBC Rewards Card that are crucial for cardholders to be aware of.

Annual Fee

My OCBC Rewards Card comes with a first-year waiver on the annual fee. From the second year onwards, I am billed an annual fee of S$192.60, including GST.

Interest Rates

The standard interest rate for my card is 25.92% per annum, but this can be avoided by paying the balance in full by the due date every month. Additionally, if I don't make full payment, the charge starts accruing immediately on new purchases.

Foreign Transaction Fees

When I use my OCBC Rewards Card for payments in a foreign currency, I am subject to a fee of 2.8% on the converted Singapore dollar amount, which includes the currency conversion charges and administrative fee.

Late Payment Charges

If I fail to make my minimum monthly payment by the due date, OCBC charges me a late payment fee. This fee is currently set at S$100 for any statement balance above S$50.

Benefits and Perks

In my review of the OCBC Rewards Card, it's evident the card offers a diverse array of travel, dining, and shopping benefits that are quite attractive to cardholders.

Travel Benefits

With the OCBC Rewards Card, I can enjoy a suite of travel benefits that make my journeys more comfortable and rewarding. First and foremost, cardholders receive complimentary access to selected VIP airport lounges globally, which is a boon for frequent travellers. For each S$1 spent overseas, I am entitled to four miles, effectively quadrupling my rewards on travel-related expenses.

Dining Privileges

When it comes to dining, the OCBC Rewards Card does not disappoint. Cardmembers can indulge in up to 15% off at participating restaurants across Singapore. This perk extends to a range of cuisines, ensuring there's something for every palate, and the discount is automatically applied, which makes the process seamless for me.

Shopping Protections

For avid shoppers, the shopping benefits that come with the card are particularly enticing. Every dollar spent on shopping earns 10 OCBC$ for both local and online retail purchases in specific categories. Additionally, the card offers e-commerce protection for my online purchases, giving me peace of mind when I shop online. In case of accidental damage or theft of purchased items, I am covered by a purchase protection insurance plan for a specified period after the purchase date.

Card Security

In my analysis of the OCBC Rewards Card, I focus acutely on the security features provided. These features are integral for ensuring the safety of transactions and personal information.

Fraud Protection

Real-time monitoring is a pivotal component of the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card's fraud protection strategy. Every transaction I perform is closely scrutinised for unusual activity that could indicate fraud. In the event of any suspicious transactions, OCBC promptly notifies me to verify the authenticity of the charge.

Customer Liability Policy: In cases where I report an unauthorised transaction promptly, my liability is minimized. OCBC's policy ensures that I am not held responsible for transactions I have not authorized, conditional upon adherence to their reporting guidelines and cooperation during the investigation.

Online Safety Measures

One-time password (OTP): For added security during online purchases, I receive an OTP sent to my registered mobile number. This is a compulsory step that offers an extra layer of authentication, ensuring that only I can complete the transaction.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is employed when I manage my account online or via the OCBC mobile app, which means my personal data is always encrypted.
  • Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode: This provides an additional authentication process to protect against unauthorised use of my card when shopping online at participating merchants.

Customer Service and Support

OCBC's Rewards Card promises robust customer service and support to ensure a seamless experience for cardholders. I'll discuss the available helpline and the online banking service the bank provides.

Helpline and Assistance

OCBC maintains a dedicated helpline for Rewards Card customers. Cardholders may contact the customer service team at any time, as the service operates 24/7. The helpline is staffed with trained professionals ready to assist with various inquiries ranging from transaction issues to rewards redemption. Here's how you can reach them:

  • Phone number for Customer Service: 1800 363 3333 (Singapore) or +65 6363 3333 (Overseas)
  • Service Hours: Always available (including weekends and public holidays)

Online Banking Service

OCBC also offers an extensive online banking service for managing the Titanium Rewards Card. Cardholders can access services such as transaction tracking, rewards balance checks, and bill payments. The online platform is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, such as:

  • Account Management: View your credit card transactions and pay your credit card bill.
  • Rewards Tracking: Keep an eye on your rewards points and redeem them directly online.
  • Security: Enhanced security features including one-time passwords and transaction alerts.

Comparison With Other Reward Cards

In my review, I compare the OCBC Rewards Card to its competitors based on their rewards programmes and market positions. This will give the reader an insightful look at where the card stands in relation to its peers.

Competitor Analysis

I find that the OCBC Rewards Card offers a competitive rewards rate of (10X) points for specific purchasing categories such as electronics, fashion, and department stores. This is noteworthy when compared to cards like the DBS Woman's World Card, which also provides (10X) points on online purchases, but has a higher reward cap.

Card Name Reward Points for Selected Categories Reward Cap
OCBC Rewards Card (10X) points (or 4 miles per S$1) S$1,110 per month
DBS Woman's World Card (10X) points (or 4 miles per S$1) S$2,000 per month
UOB Preferred Platinum Visa (10X) points on contactless payments S$1,000 per month

Additionally, cards like the Citi Rewards Card offer (10X) rewards on fashion and online shopping, but with a monthly cap that might limit the earning potential for heavy spenders.

Market Positioning

My analysis positions the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card as a solid option for those with a heavy focus on the categories it rewards. It is important to note its uncapped accumulation throughout the year, which could be favourable over those with monthly caps.

In contrast, the American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card is targeted at frequent travellers, offering rewards on flight bookings and overseas spend, which is a different market segment than that of OCBC's Titanium Rewards Card. This clear distinction helps potential customers decide based on their spending habits and rewards preferences.

Pros and Cons

In evaluating the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, I'll be dissecting the specific advantages and disadvantages to equip you with relevant insights that could influence your decision.


  • Reward Points: On spending with this card, I earn 10 OCBC$ for every S$1 spent on eligible purchases, which is quite competitive among reward cards.
  • Bonus Categories: The card shines in bonus categories such as electronics, clothes, and department stores where I receive the aforementioned points rate, both locally and overseas.


  • Annual Fee: There's an annual fee of S$192.60, although it is waived for the first two years.
  • Reward Limitations: I've observed that reward points are capped at S$1,110 per month, restricting the benefits on my high expenditure.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In examining the OCBC Rewards Card, I've identified it as a particularly beneficial option for individuals who frequently indulge in shopping, both online and offline. The card offers an impressive 4 miles for every S$1 spent on eligible fashion, electronics, and retailer spends, certainly a compelling feature.

Eligible transactions for the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card quickly accumulate miles, an attractive aspect for travel enthusiasts. Moreover, the card boasts a no annual fee for the first two years which, in my opinion, makes it an economical choice for newcomers to rewards cards.

Despite its numerous benefits, it's important to consider that the rewards are capped at 120,000 OCBC$ per year. Post-reach, spending reverts to the base rate. Additionally, the rewards points do expire; thus, it's crucial to redeem them periodically.

For shoppers who are keen on maximising their rewards, I've noticed that coupling this card with others may optimise overall gains. Nevertheless, the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card stands firmly on its own for those targeting specific spending categories.

To summarise, this card is particularly suited to frequent shoppers who are after a high rewards yield for their spending in particular categories. An appreciation for its limitations and strategic use of its benefits will yield the best returns for cardholders.


What rewards can I earn with the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card? For every S$1 spent on eligible purchases, I earn 10 OCBC$ (worth 4 miles). This applies to both local and overseas shopping, primarily in fashion and electronics retailers.

Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn? Yes, I can earn up to 120,000 OCBC$ in a year, which concurs with the card's anniversary date. After reaching this cap, subsequent spends will earn OCBC$ at the standard rate.

Are there any annual fees associated with this card? The OCBC Titanium Rewards Card charges an annual fee of S$192.60, which is waived for the first two years. Additionally, I can have the subsequent annual fee waived if I spend a minimum of S$10,000 in the previous year.

Is it possible to convert my OCBC$ into miles? Certainly. I can convert my OCBC$ to frequent flyer program miles such as KrisFlyer and Asia Miles. There's a conversion fee of S$25 per conversion.

Feature Detail
Reward Earn Rate 10 OCBC$ per S$1 on eligible purchases
Cap on Reward Earn Rate 120,000 OCBC$ per card anniversary year
Annual Fee S$192.60 (first two years waived)
Minimum Spend for Fee Waiver S$10,000 for subsequent annual fee waivers
Rewards Conversion OCBC$ to KrisFlyer or Asia Miles, S$25 fee per conversion

Does the card offer any sign-up bonuses? Promotions may vary, but sign-up bonuses are typically available. It's best to check the current offers when applying.

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