Cheapest Plant Nurseries in Singapore

Cheapest Plant Nurseries in Singapore 2024

Finding affordable plant nurseries in Singapore can be a delightful experience for plant enthusiasts. Here are some nurseries known for offering plants at reasonable prices:

  1. World Farm (Hua Hng Trading)

    • Location: 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd, Singapore 769962
    • Details: A well-known wholesale nursery offering a wide variety of plants, gardening tools, and supplies at competitive prices.
  2. Far East Flora

    • Location: 555 Thomson Road, Singapore 298140
    • Details: A popular nursery with multiple locations, known for its extensive selection of plants and regular promotions.
  3. Chye Heng Orchid Garden

    • Location: 5 Lorong Pasu, Singapore 699011
    • Details: Specializes in orchids but also offers a variety of other plants at affordable prices.
  4. Candy Floriculture

    • Location: 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183
    • Details: Offers a wide range of plants and gardening supplies with frequent discounts and promotions.
  5. Bedok Garden & Landscaping

    • Location: 4A Bedok South Road, Singapore 469279
    • Details: Known for its reasonable prices and a good selection of plants and gardening materials.
  6. Island Group

    • Location: 3 Joan Road, Singapore 298897
    • Details: Offers a variety of plants, pots, and garden accessories at competitive prices.
  7. Ban Nee Chen

    • Location: 24 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769968
    • Details: A well-established nursery with a wide selection of plants and garden supplies at reasonable prices.
  8. Sing See Soon

    • Location: 32 Punggol East, Singapore 828824
    • Details: Offers a variety of plants and gardening services, often with good deals and promotions.

It's always a good idea to visit these nurseries personally to check out their current stock and prices, as these can vary. Additionally, many nurseries offer seasonal sales and discounts, so keeping an eye out for these can help you get the best deals.

If you have an unbelievable green thumb, bring life to your home.

Nothing can be more uplifting than bringing in greenery to decorate your home, since most of the time we spend nowadays is at home!

Whether you're a plant enthusiast or looking for something to beautify your home, you can never go wrong with adding hanging or tropical plants.

First timer and no idea about these plants? Start taking care of low-maintenance plants like Succulents or Monsteras – bet you'll have fun handling them!

The biggest question here may be where to get these plants and others that you've been eyeing to add to your collection.

Worry no more! We have searched the town and gathered the top plant nurseries all over the island! From classics to rarest ones, these awesome nurseries have curated selection of greens to spice up your homes.

Top 10 Plant Nurseries to Buy Lovely Houseplants in Singapore

1. Pick a Plant

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Image Source: Pick a Plant

Pick a Plant - Plant Nursery Singapore

Recognized as the house of air plants and other beautiful plants from their vast assortment, Pick a Plant is indeed a must-visit place to get a curated plant to beautify your home.

Whether you're a beginner or a plant connoisseur, Pick a Plant has great selections to enhance your space sorted according to your needs. Aside from those, Pick a Plant also organizes workshops to help you get familiar with taking care of your plants.

Most customers love how well and healthy the available plants are. Just a little reminder to get yourself ready to walk for minutes to get in the nursery.

We also like that plants are sold here at a reasonable price and there plenty of airplants and indoor plants to choose from.

Cheap Plants from Pick a Plant Prices
Compact Succulent in Polybag Selection $3.00
Assorted Small Bromeliad $4.00 - $5.00
Air plant - Tillandsia usneoides Spanish Moss Selection $4.00
Haworthia and Succulents in Polybag Selection $4.00
Spathiphyllum spp (Peace Lily) Low Bud with Flaws $10.00
Pick a Plant Price List

Here is one of the feedback from them:

"Offers a wide selection of air plants and other plants, all of them were beautiful and healthy, although getting in there was difficult as you need to walk 5-7 minutes." – Marc

Pick a Plant, 50 Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Track 14, Singapore 698940

Phone: (+65) 8133 6803

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2. Noah Garden Centre

Noah Garden Centre is top 10 Boutique Plant Shops In Singapore With Aesthetic Plants, Buy Plants & Pots From The Largest Plant supplier, Where can I buy plants online in Singapore? Noah Garden Centre location, Noah Garden Centre review
Image Source:

Noah Garden Centre - Plant Nursery Singapore

Considering your overall convenience, Noah Garden Centre is an online plant nursery! Wide collection of plants is sorted from small to elevated ones, helping you choose the best size to design your home.

Besides those, you'll get to have adequate knowledge about the sunlight it needs and how frequently you should water them to let them live to the fullest! Get tips on how to take care of these plants properly.

On top of that, there are also gardening supplies available in their shop – indeed a one-stop-shop for your plants! Most customers praise swift deliveries and hassle-free transactions.

Cheap Plants from Noah Garden Centre Price
Crocheted Kokedama, Haworthia Limiifolia Variegata ‘Fairy washboard’ (0.20mH) $55.00
Cotyledon Undulata, Silver Crown Plant (0.15m) $16.50
Calathea majestica 'White Star' Pink (0.6m) $25.00
Paphiopedilum dianthum in ceramic pot (0.50m) $126.50
Beallara Marfitch ‘Howard’s Dream’ 5 in 1 Arrangement in ceramic pot (0.70m) $228.80
Noble Fir Christmas Tree w/ Tree Stand 4ft From $364.00
Garden Soil 7L From $3.80
Noah Garden Centre Price List

Have your plants delivered at its best quality! Here is one of the feedback from one of the previous customer:

"Fast Delivery. Plants were well protected and handled during delivery, and were in excellent condition. The leaves of the Persian Shield are gorgeous." – Kee Ann L.

Other Services Provided:

  • Gardener Services
  • Plant Disposal

Noah Garden Centre

Contact: +65 8374 6156


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3. Potta Plantta

Potta Plantta is top 10 Plant Nurseries In Singapore For All Your Gardening materials, equipment, plant-loving community and help them bring nature into their living spaces
Image Source:

Potta Plantta - Plant Nursery Singapore

Aside from focusing on giving you high-quality plants, this little plant nursery also offers lovely curated pots that can simply beautify your home or working table. Potta Plantta is known to provide exceptional customer experience while buying plants that catch your eyes!

Besides, they make sure to help you determine the best plants that you can add to your home – bet you'll never leave without knowledge in taking care of the greens to help them live. Also, they feature its great purpose, not letting the plants experience over-watering!

Previous customers love how the staff assisted them in choosing the best plants to buy. Here is one of the feedback from their customers:

"The most beautiful little plant shop! The staff are so friendly and give you the best advice about looking after your plants! Have taken all my friends and family and they love it ❤️" Ankita D.

Top Selling Plants at Potta Plantta Price
Rubber plant + White Stripe Pot $54.00
Aglaonema Combo + Black Pot $62.00
Minature Tree Fern + Grey Ash Bowl Pot $75.00
Opuntia Cactus + Brown Square Pot $35.00
Pink Syngonium + Black Round Pot $32.00
Potta Plantta Price List

Potta Plantta, 55 Lor L Telok Kurau, #1-57, Singapore 425500

Phone: (+65) 8615 4322

4. Candy Floriculture

Candy Floriculture is Top 10 Plant Nurseries in Singapore, Orchids, Succulents, Fresh cut flowers, planting media, glassware, fertilizer and more, wedding favors, CANDY FLORICULTURE christmas Tree, Candy Floriculture Promo code
Image Source: Candy Floriculture

Candy Floriculture - Plant Nursery Singapore

If you're a succulent connoisseur and looking for something to add to your collection, you can never go wrong with visiting Candy Floriculture! Get the best unique plants here – surely worth your every buck.

Having said that, Candy Floriculture makes sure to provide you with high-quality of an artisanal selection of plants they have. Thinking of creating a mini garden in your backyard? Candy Floriculture also features its landscape designs and garden furniture – bet gardening will be more fun than before!

In search of plant rental for your one-time big event? Candy has it all. No need to keep on searching! Visiting their website can surprisingly blow off your minds with the vast collection of plants categorized depending on your needs!

Previous customers love their unique collections and high-quality plants. Also, how staff assisted them well is a major plus. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"I went to 7 nurseries last weekend and Candy Floriculture had rare and unique species of indoor flowers I was looking for. They are not as big as the others, however, the plants are special with proper care. They have plants that others don't have. The staff was very friendly too!" – Maria S.

Cheapest Plants at Candy Floriculture Price
Sedum spurium Schorbuser Blut 'Dragon's Blood' (Japan) $18.00
Sinnigia Bullata $28.00
Starfish Flower, Stapelianthus decaryi Catus $10.00
Acacia cultriformis (Knife-Leaf Wattle) $20.00
Mini Dendrobium Orchid $10.00
Candy Floriculture Price List

Candy Floriculture, 567 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298183

Phone: (+65) 6256 6788

5. Spa Flora

Spa Flora is 10 Popular Plant Nurseries In Singapore To Buy Gorgeous Plants for CNY Chinese new year, hari raya, christmas, wedding gift, spa flora bedok, cheapest plant nursery in singapore, plant nursery singapore online, plant shop singapore, plant nursery singapore near me, 24 hour plant nursery singapore, low maintenance outdoor plants singapore, plant nursery near me, nursery bedok,
Image Source: Spa Flora via Facebook

Spa Flora - Plant Nursery Singapore

Indulge yourself with extensive variation of plants from Spa Flora! Specializing in tropical plants, they can remarkably provide you with premium quality plants to design your home!

Additionally, they also feature garden landscape and maintenance – you're ultimate gardening needs! From residential to building plants, Spa Flora gives an exceptional experience in choosing the best plants to design. Get the best advice from their experts!

Most customers praise the wide selection of plants they offer and the overall experience with the staff. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"Have only had great experiences here! The friendly auntie who does the sums of your purchase on a piece of paper the old school way is wonderful." Matti L.

Spa Flora, 553 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298139

Phone: (+65) 6252 8512

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6. Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island is a place to buy seedlings in Singapore, huge variety of rare and common plants for homes and offices, Rabbit Island – Noah Garden Centre, Rabbit Island opening hours, cheapest plant nursery in singapore, plant nursery singapore online, plant shop singapore, plant nursery singapore near me, 24 hour plant nursery singapore, low maintenance outdoor plants singapore, plant nursery near me, nursery bedok,
Image Source: Rabbit Island via Facebook

Rabbit Island - Plant Nursery Singapore

A wing under Noah Garden Centre, Rabbit Island is Singapore's largest succulent importer. Whether you want to shop online or visit their physical nursery, Rabbit Island provides the best looking plants that you desire! From classic to unique succulent plants, this nursery has really gorgeous plants we love to decorate our homes perfectly!

Besides having great plants to adorn your apartment, you don't want to miss adding accessories to complete the embellishment! If you're looking for a gift for your friends who are pretty much plant lovers, amaze them with Rabbit Island's surprise green box.

Previous clients love how quick the delivery is and having the plant she wants! Definitely worth your every buck. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"First purchase with Rabbit island. Did not expect to find olive plant in Singapore and was really happy to finally own one. The plant arrived two days after order , pretty and healthy. Will be back to buy more plants." – Vivian Y.

Rabbit Island,  39 Woodlands Cl, #08-67, Singapore 737856

Opening hours: 1 - 6pm on Weekdays, 2 - 6pm on Weekends, Closed on Mondays & Thursdays

7. Far East Flora Garden Centre

Far East Flora Garden Centre is a popular place to buy plants in Singapore, Is Far East Flora open, far east flora market, far east flora wholesale, Is it cheaper to buy plants at a nursery?, cheapest plant nursery in singapore, plant nursery singapore online, plant shop singapore, plant nursery singapore near me, 24 hour plant nursery singapore, low maintenance outdoor plants singapore, plant nursery near me, nursery bedok,
Image Source: Far East Flora

Far East Flora Garden Centre - Plant Nursery Singapore

Knowing as one of the leading brands of providing beautiful flower arrangement, Far East Flora also features their plant nursery! Select high-grade plants from their vast collection and buck up your home!

Highlighting Plantplus series, Far East Flora helps starters and future plant parents remove all the worries as their self-watering system attached gives enough water supply – preventing them from being overwatered.

On top of that, it also offers essentials to complete your garden! Want to grow your own plant? Far East Flora bargains its Sow your seeds kit – indeed an excellent gift for your loved ones who aspire to be plant parents.

Most customers love a wide variety of gardening tools and equipment available at the store. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"Those with a green thumb, this is the place for all your needs. A wide variety of flora and gardening equipment for almost every garden." - Alastair

Far East Flora, 555 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298140

Phone: (+65) 6254 6662

8. World Farm

World Farm is top 10 plant nurseries and stores in Singapore, World Farm Singapore opening hours is from 8am–6pm
Image Source: World Farm via Facebook

World Farm - Plant Nursery Singapore

Attention all self-respecting plant lovers, amid the best plant nurseries in town, you don't want to skip this one! All your gardening needs all lie in World Farm!

Having several hectares of available plants, you'll definitely not leave without getting the one that catches your eyes!

Besides having a wide selection of plants to choose from, almost all of the gardening tools are also available here! Also, you can have your plants and plant essentials delivered to you!

Enjoy a hassle-free transaction and get high-quality of plants to bring happiness in your homes.

Oh! Don't forget to bring your cameras. This picturesque plant haven hard to resist! Previous customers recommend this place to those who have green thumbs. Here is one of the feedback from one of them:

"A place must visit for plant lover! Mega plant and flower farm to buy home! Also nice place to visit and enjoy the plants there for some nice pictures too!" – Seow Onz T.

World Farm, 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd, Singapore 769962

Phone: (+65) 6257 3259

9. Corona Florist & Nursery

Corona Florist & Nursery sells quality products ranging from Bonzai trees to Burmese pots and everything in between, Corona Florist & Nursery is top 10 Plant Nurseries In Singapore For All Your Gardening needs, plant nursery in bukit timah
Image Source: Corona Florist and Nursery

Corona Florist & Nursery - Plant Nursery Singapore

Operating since the '50s, Corona Florist and Nursery have known better. Providing you remarkable experience with a huge collection of plants! Besides, the staff are pretty friendly to help you get through the whole buying process – especially if you're having trouble choosing the best plants to beautify your home.

Here at the Corona Florist & Nursery, popular items are already available to deliver right on your doorsteps. Take out all of your worries away and get the most delicate plants you'll ever see.

Want to do landscape planning to build a mini or large garden? Get the advice from their CUGE certified team! Customers keep on praising the services that they experience at Corona. Especially how good and calm the location is. Here is one of the feedback from them:

"Great service - gave good recommendations and advice on what to buy given the sunlight availability / home placement + how to care for plants post purchase. Nice rustic location with easy parking." – Meijuan X.

Corona Florist & Nursery, 388F Clementi Rd, Singapore 599473

Phone: (+65) 6466 2827

10. Chin Ling Nursery

you can buy plants from Chin Ling Nursery in Singapore, Chin Ling Nursery is a Landscape services company in Singapore to build gardens and greenery, katong nursery, plant nursery singapore
Image Source: Chin Ling Nursery & Landscape Services via Facebook

Chin Ling Nursery - Plant Nursery Singapore

Aside from indoor plants, you may also want to spice up your balcony with outdoor plants from Chin Ling! This precious gem shouldn't be hidden.

Choose the plants that can wonderfully add up to the overall charming and refreshing vibe it gives.

Your outdoor plant haven is just right at Chin Ling Nursery! Having a wide variety of plants is just one of their special products. Besides, operating for about 30 years, unsurprisingly makes them one to beat in providing quality plants.

Previous customers were amazed by how knowledgeable the staff are when it comes to plants. Leaving several positive reviews online. Here is one of the feedback from them, just a little proof of how remarkable their services are:

"This nursery is a gem. All the staff have very good knowledge of the plants. Very definitely be coming back!" – Alex L.

Chin Ling Nursery, 10 Bedok S Rd, Singapore 469274

Phone: (+65) 6448 8602

Where can I buy plants in Singapore?

Is it better to buy plants from a nursery in Singapore?

When it comes to buying plants, you should go to a nursery in Singapore as plants are healthier and better-adjusted there.

A nursery also typically have more variety of plants than you would find at a regular store, especially if you are looking for unique and exotic specimens.

Furthermore nurseries typically have a wider selection of plants that are more likely to thrive in our climate zone. Plus, the local growers can surely advise and help you select the perfect plant for your needs.

On the other hand, if you're just looking for some cheap flowers or shrubs, buying them online might be an easier (and affordable) option.

Just make sure that you research which types of plants will grow well in your area before making a purchase!

Can I sell plants in Singapore?

Yes, you can sell plants in Singapore. However do take note of the Nparks regulations when you are importing plants into Singapore.

How do I find cheap plants for my garden?

Finding cheap plants for the garden doesn't have to be difficult! Plant wholesalers are a great option, as they sell plants in bulk, often for much cheaper than prices at retail stores.

Local nurseries and garden centers also often sell discounted plants, particularly during the end of the summer season.

Moreover searching online through sources such as plant classifieds can help gardeners find what they need at great prices.

Finally, don't forget to check garage sales and classified ads in local newspapers, which can be a great way to find deals on plants!

What is the easiest plant to grow in Singapore?

One of the easiest plants to grow in Singapore is the Chinese Money Plant, also known as the pancake plant or UFO plant.

This perennial perennial succulent with its round, pancake-shaped leaves, loves moderate to indirect sunlight and requires little pruning and maintenance. It is perfect for all indoor and outdoor settings, including balconies and window sills where one can easily monitor the amount of light and water the plant receives.

The Chinese Money Plant's leaves have an attractive sheen that adds to its lush, tropical charm. Furthermore, this plant is known to bring fortune and peace to the space where it is kept.

Can I buy plants from overseas Singapore?

Yes, you can buy plants from overseas Singapore but you need a phytosanitary certificate to import from Npark.

Most of the major plant nurseries in Singapore offer online shops that allows customers to purchase plants from the comfort of their own home without having to leave Singapore.

Moreover, it is possible to find numerous online nurseries that specialize in international shipping, offering a variety of plants from all around the world. While it is important to research the plants that are available, since many nurseries only ship to certain countries, it is possible to order plants from overseas Singapore with just a few clicks.

Plant Nursery Singapore Near me

Whether you have a green thumb or an aspiring plant parent, having a quick tour with the best plant nurseries in town is essential.

It's best to always have a background check before going to such places to avoid disappointments.

Take it easy and check out these best plant nurseries island wide! All of them can uniquely provide an exceptional experience and high-quality plants to spice up your homes!

Whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor plant, these nurseries are all up for your desires.


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