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Cheap Private Investigator Singapore for Hire 2024

It is important to note that when it comes to private investigation services, the quality and professionalism of the investigator are crucial factors to consider. The cost of hiring a private investigator in Singapore can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the experience of the investigator, and the specific services required. It's important to prioritize reliability, professionalism, and ethical standards when choosing a private investigator, rather than focusing solely on cost.

That being said, here are some reputable private investigation agencies in Singapore that are known for their professionalism and quality services:

  1. Asia Top Investigation LLP - Known for their experienced team of private investigators and a wide range of investigative services.

  2. SK Investigation Services - Offers professional and discreet investigative services with a focus on integrity and confidentiality.

  3. AK Global Investigation - Provides a comprehensive range of private investigation services with a team of experienced and licensed investigators.

When seeking a private investigator, it's essential to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and consider the reputation and track record of the agency or individual investigator. Additionally, it's advisable to inquire about the specific services offered, the investigative approach, and the cost structure before making a decision.


Do you need someone to conduct a background check on a possible business partner? Consider yourself fortunate since we are here to give our recommendations on the top private investigators in Singapore.

A private detective or investigator hunts for clues in order to obtain evidence for court proceedings or private clientele.

They conduct interviews, check information, perform surveillance, locate missing people, and gather important evidence for cases.

Some of us assume that private investigators are only needed in criminal instances.

However, these investigative companies may be utilized for a variety of different personal and corporate issues.

Such services can immensely benefit in the uncovering of critical information that can aid in effective decision-making.

When hiring an investigative service in Singapore, you should check into their reputation.

If you’re interested in knowing much more about the Private Investigators in Singapore, make sure to read this article until the end so you won't miss any important information!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Cheap Private Investigators in Singapore who are Affordable and Experienced

1. DP Quest Investigation Consultancy

Image Source: DP Quest Investigation Consultancy

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy - Private Investigator Singapore

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is a local private investigation service that has done hundreds of personal and business-related investigations with success.

It provides a 10-hour minimum monitoring service at an affordable price. Its licensed private investigators have law enforcement backgrounds, so you can be confident that your case will be handled in compliance with Singapore law.

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy

Address: 261 Waterloo Street #02-17, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

Contact: +65 6333 3315

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2. International Investigators

Image Source: International Investigators

International Investigators - Private Investigator Singapore

International Investigators is a private investigator agency that specializes in matrimonial and business investigations. It is one of Singapore's largest private investigative agencies, yet it has the experience and devotion to assist every customer with a personal or commercial problem.

You would not only obtain technical and legal assistance but also counseling to help you deal with what is occurring.

Client Review...

“My boss authorized me to find a professional & reliable detective agency to gather proof of current & ex-employees breaching their employment contracts years ago, excellent job was done. Recently our company engaged International Investigators again, similar problem was resolved. Well done!” - Wawa Zheng

International Investigators

Address: 60 Albert St, #08-06, Singapore 189969

Contact: +65 6337 6608

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3. Asia Top Investigation LLP

Image Source: Asia Top Investigation LLP

Asia Top Investigation LLP - Private Investigator Singapore

Asia Top Investigation is a well-known private investigation agency that has been featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, The Strait Times, and The Times, among others.

The commercial investigation, general surveillance, matrimonial investigation, digital forensics, and anti-spy smartphone detection are some of the matters covered by its private investigators.

Client Review...

“It is the best decision I have made to engage your agency. Your regular update and 5 stars service are just remarkable especially when I m at a loss. Vincent, just to show my appreciation for a job well done. Thank you” - Alex Ong


Asia Top Investigation LLP

Address: 31 Rochester Dr, Suite 1, Level 24, Singapore 138637

Contact: +65 8820 0007

4. Cheating Spouse International (CS INTL)

Image Source: CS INTL

Cheating Spouse International (CS INTL) - Private Investigator Singapore

CS INTL is one of Singapore's few private investigative organizations that specializes in detecting unfaithful spouses. It mostly assists those who wish to divorce their spouses but lack specific proof.

There is no need to hunt for a divorce lawyer because CS INTL also provides legal services. They provide services such as cheating spouse investigations, marital monitoring, and child custody battles.

They excel in handling complex matrimonial investigations.


Address: 60 Albert Street #08-06, Singapore 189969

Contact: +65 6337 6608

5. Ranger Security

Image Source: Ranger Security

Ranger Security - Private Investigator Singapore

Ranger Security may appear to be just another private investigative agency, yet it distinguishes itself when it comes to defending its clients' lives and property. It is outfitted with high-tech security systems to safeguard your most valuable items.

Customers who want immediate assistance may contact the company at any time of day or night. They are founded on firm principles such as integrity, honesty, transparency, and communication with clients.

Ranger Security

Address: 808 French Road, #07-183 Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200808

Contact: +65 6296 9582

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6. SK Investigation

Image Source: SK Investigation

SK Investigation - Private Investigator Singapore

SK Investigation is one of the country’s longest-running investigation organizations, providing a wide range of investigation services.

The most notable feature of this organization is that it does an initial examination at the beginning of each project, presenting clients with many strategic choices before finalizing the strategy for each case.

Client Review...

“My company needed a background check / additional investigation done on a potential business partner, your services uncovered and provided everything needed for us to make the right decisions !Highly recommend your professionalism and approach.” - Controversial Contents

SK Investigation

Address: 511 Guillemard Road #01-31 Grandlink Square, Singapore 399849

Contact: +65 6440 4683

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7. Detective Don PI Pte Ltd

Image Source: Detective Don PI Pte Ltd

Detective Don PI Pte Ltd - Private Investigator Singapore

Detective Don PI Pte Ltd stands as Singapore's oldest Private Investigation agency, renowned for exceptional global investigative services. The company's expertise spans three generations, comprised of former military and police personnel, along with skilled investigators.

Their specialized areas encompass surveillance, background checks, corporate matters, fraud investigations, uncovering infidelity, child custody disputes, and various private investigation concerns. Complimentary consultations help clients determine if a Private Investigator is necessary. With a demonstrated history of delivering dependable, high-quality outcomes, Detective Don goes above and beyond, offering expert guidance and services. Employing advanced technology and investigative methods, they secure evidence effectively.

Detective Don PI Pte Ltd tailors their services to individual client needs, ensuring results and customer contentment, solidifying their position as the ultimate dependable and credible choice.

Key service(s): Catch cheating spouse, child custory investigation, surveillance investigation, espionage/undercover operations, mystery shoppers.

Detective Don PI Pte Ltd

Address: 111 Macpherson Rd (strictly by appointment only)

Contact: +65 8810 0981

8. Privateye Investigation & Consultancy

Image Source: Privateye Investigation & Consultancy

Privateye Investigation & Consultancy - Private Investigator Singapore

Privateye Investigation & Consultancy is a full-service private investigation and consulting organization. Its expert team of private investigators is led by Jeffrey Lim, a former Singapore police officer with over 20 years of experience.

Privateye is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing consumers with emergency requirements to use its services at any time.

Client Review...

“A big thank you to Jeffery & his team for not only professional, dedicated but also care about their client. They are so experience and that helps the service to work within budget and the task was fulfilled even before my expected time frame.” - Melissa Koh

Privateye Investigation & Consultancy

Address: Paya Lebar Square, Office Lobby 2, #12-41, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051

Contact: +65 9046 5299

9. Resilient Investigation

Image Source: Resilient Investigation

Resilient Investigation - Private Investigator Singapore

Resilient Investigations provides private investigative services across Singapore. They are professional and discreet in their work, and their costs are affordable.

They are well aware of their constraints and will ensure that they respect the law in whatever activities they perform since they are licensed by the Singapore Police Force.

Client Review...

“I needed some details to process notices. Within 3 days information provided & more information than I expected. The price was very reasonable. No nonsense, quick, prompt & to the point. Highly recommended” - Kishore Vedangi

Resilient Investigation

Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3 Vertex Building, #07 37B, Singapore 408868

Contact: +65 8752 0225

10. AK Global Investigation

Image Source: AK Global Investigation

AK Global Investigation - Private Investigator Singapore

For more than a decade, AK Global Investigation has been assisting local and worldwide business and government entities.

AK Global Investigation is one of the few Singapore investigative services that can gather digital evidence such as email traces and surfing history.

It also offers bug sweeping, which is a thorough physical and technical examination of your house or business to detect surveillance cameras.

AK Global Investigation

Address: 5001, #07-52 Beach Rd, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Contact: +65 6222 7227

11. CDiC Consultants

Image Source: CDiC Consultants

CDiC Consultants - Private Investigator Singapore

CDiC Consultants' competence in computer forensics has led to them becoming one of Singapore's most trusted investigative organizations by businesses of all sizes.

Its investigative services are mostly focused on family affairs and corporate operations, including commercial investigation, matrimonial investigation, intellectual property, and even litigation support.

CDiC Consultants

Address: 164 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150164

Contact: +65 6377 2723

What do real private investigators do?

Real private investigators (PIs) are professionals who are hired to conduct investigations and gather information on behalf of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Here are some of the main tasks that real private investigators may perform:

  1. Surveillance: Private investigators may conduct surveillance to gather information about a person's activities, such as their whereabouts, behavior, and interactions with others. This can involve using cameras, GPS tracking devices, and other tools to monitor a person's movements and actions.
  2. Background checks: Private investigators may perform background checks on individuals or businesses, to gather information about their criminal history, financial status, employment history, or other relevant information.
  3. Skip tracing: Private investigators may perform skip tracing, which involves locating missing persons, debtors, or other individuals who are difficult to find. This can involve using public records, databases, and other tools to track down individuals and gather information about their whereabouts.
  4. Fraud investigations: Private investigators may investigate cases of fraud, such as insurance fraud, financial fraud, or identity theft. This can involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and working with law enforcement or other agencies to build a case.
  5. Litigation support: Private investigators may provide support to attorneys and law firms in legal cases, such as by conducting witness interviews, gathering evidence, and performing background checks on individuals involved in the case.

Overall, private investigators perform a range of tasks related to investigation and information gathering, using a variety of tools and techniques to gather evidence and build a case. While the specific tasks that a private investigator performs may vary depending on the case, their ultimate goal is to provide their clients with the information and evidence they need to make informed decisions or take appropriate action.

Private Detective vs Private Investigator in Singapore

Aspect Private Investigator Detective
Employment Often self-employed or work for private investigation firms Employed by law enforcement agencies or government organizations
Jurisdiction Limited by legal boundaries and regulations Typically has jurisdiction within a specific geographic area or district
Authority Limited legal authority, operates within the confines of the law Has legal authority to conduct investigations, make arrests, and gather evidence
Cases Handled Handles a wide range of cases including corporate, civil, and personal investigations Primarily focuses on criminal cases and law enforcement matters
Clientele Works for private clients, attorneys, corporations, and individuals Serves the public and government agencies as part of law enforcement
Methods Utilizes surveillance, research, and information gathering to uncover facts and evidence Employs a range of investigative techniques including interviews, forensics, and surveillance
Legal Constraints Must adhere to strict legal and ethical guidelines in conducting investigations Operates within the framework of laws and regulations, with authority to obtain warrants and make arrests
Testimony in Court May provide testimony and evidence in civil cases or administrative hearings Often testifies in criminal trials and legal proceedings as a representative of law enforcement
Training and Qualifications May have diverse backgrounds and training, often with specialized skills in specific areas Typically undergoes extensive training through law enforcement academies and departments
Resources Relies on personal networks, databases, and public records for information Has access to law enforcement databases, forensic labs, and other government resources
Public Perception Viewed as independent investigators with specialized skills and expertise Seen as representatives of law enforcement agencies with authority and public trust
Accountability Accountable to clients and regulatory bodies, subject to industry standards and regulations Accountable to the law, departmental policies, and professional standards within law enforcement
Detective vs. Investigator: What's the Difference?

Are Private Investigators Legal in Singapore?

The Private Security Sector Act, as well as relevant supplemental regulations, govern the commercial operations of the private investigation industry in Singapore.

Before they may do PI business, all PIs and their respective agencies must be licensed. As a client, you should verify the PI agency's address or office to ensure its dependability.

Operations investigating political people, foreign diplomats, consuls, or their families, as well as surveillance on some protected areas, foreign consulates, government buildings, exit and entrance checkpoints, or certain private schools, require the Singapore Police's specific authorization.

Are there Private Investigators in Singapore?

Aside from the aforementioned top and finest private investigator agencies in Singapore, there are currently 95 PISA active private investigation licenses or licensed private investigation agencies across Singapore as of May 2022.

How Much Does a Private Investigator Earn in Singapore?

For most of us, becoming a Private Investigator (PI) in Singapore is exciting yet mysterious employment and career path because we only see them in action in television shows.

In truth, what we recall is that 90% of the Private Investigators depicted in these shows are probing extramarital affair situations.

A typical Singapore Private Investigator Agency charges an hourly cost of $80 to $120 with a minimum of 10 hours for each case.

Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the private security business, particularly the Private Investigator sector, has witnessed consistent growth and demand.

With the number of security service purchasers outnumbering the number of available service providers, the need for trained and licensed Private Investigators remains strong.

SalaryExpert reports that the average beginning salary for an entry-level PI in Singapore is $35,568 per annum, with an average level earning up to $47,580 per annum and a senior PI earning up to $57,919 a year.

Information Fees
Private Investigator Course - WSQ module Perform investigation activities in compliance with a legal requirements (PI) From $515.85
Private Investigation License (to SPF) $16
ID Card made at the Union of Security Employees $22.50
How much does it cost to become a private investigator in Singapore?

What Does a Private Investigator Really Do in Singapore?

As we enter the contemporary era, the private investigation industry has grown rapidly. A Private Investigator's job is to conduct surveillance on the subject and acquire as much data and information as possible for the client in order to substantiate a theory or solidify a future court case.

Private investigators are experts who know how to find information. They must follow the law in order to obtain the necessary information, but they can assist with a range of duties.

This might involve looking for birth parents, catching cheating spouse, inspecting a business's security for the owner, or searching for a missing individual.

What makes a good private investigator?

A good private investigator (PI) possesses a range of skills and qualities that enable them to conduct investigations effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the key qualities that make a good private investigator:

  1. Attention to detail: A good PI has a keen eye for detail and is able to notice even the smallest details that may be relevant to an investigation.
  2. Analytical skills: A good PI has strong analytical skills and is able to analyze and interpret complex information and data.
  3. Communication skills: A good PI has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and is able to clearly and effectively communicate their findings and recommendations to clients.
  4. Discretion: A good PI is discreet and able to maintain confidentiality, especially when conducting sensitive investigations.
  5. Persistence: A good PI is persistent and tenacious, and is able to follow leads and pursue information even in the face of obstacles or setbacks.
  6. Technical skills: A good PI has strong technical skills, including proficiency in using surveillance equipment, computer software, and other tools and technologies that are relevant to investigations.
  7. Ethics: A good PI is ethical and operates within the bounds of the law, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in their work.

Overall, a good private investigator possesses a combination of skills, qualities, and experience that enable them to conduct investigations effectively and efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Private Investigator Singapore

This concludes our list of Singapore's top private investigators. Whichever of them you pick, they should be able to come up with a solution for you.

Of course, keep in mind that hiring private investigators necessitates careful consideration of several issues. It's totally appropriate, for example, if you wish to look into more than one of the investigators on this list first.

With the steady rise in crime rates, the need for experts is also skyrocketing. Hiring a private investigator is the finest alternative for dealing with any personal or serious issues.

We hope that this article was helpful if you were seeking a list of the best private detective agencies in Singapore. Rest assured that all of the private detective firms mentioned above are permitted to work with individuals, including Singaporeans, and are authorized to operate.

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