Samsung Galaxy S20 Prices and Review in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S20 Singapore Prices and Review 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is a popular smartphone known for its advanced features and sleek design. Here’s a general overview of its prices and reviews in Singapore:


As of the most recent data, the prices for the Samsung Galaxy S20 in Singapore can vary based on the retailer, condition (new or used), and any ongoing promotions. Here are some approximate prices:

  • New Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB): SGD 1,200 - SGD 1,400
  • Used Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB): SGD 800 - SGD 1,000

Please note that prices can fluctuate with time, so it’s a good idea to check with local retailers or online stores for the most current pricing.



  1. Display: The Galaxy S20 features a 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, providing vibrant colors and smooth scrolling.
  2. Camera: Equipped with a versatile camera setup, including a 12MP wide, 64MP telephoto, and 12MP ultra-wide lens, it offers excellent photo and video quality.
  3. Performance: Powered by the Exynos 990 (or Snapdragon 865 in some regions), the S20 delivers fast and efficient performance for multitasking and gaming.
  4. Battery Life: The 4,000mAh battery supports all-day usage and fast charging capabilities.
  5. 5G Connectivity: Future-proof with 5G support for faster internet speeds.


  1. Price: The Galaxy S20 is relatively expensive compared to other smartphones in the market.
  2. No Headphone Jack: Following the trend, it does not include a 3.5mm headphone jack, which may be inconvenient for some users.
  3. Fingerprint Sensor: Some users have reported that the in-display fingerprint sensor can be less responsive than traditional sensors.

Last updated: January 2024

(This article has been updated to include the latest deals and promotions.)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the most anticipated smartphones that people have been waiting for. It is the latest addition to the Samsung’s smartphones as part of the flagship Galaxy S Series.

Along with the groundbreaking and innovative Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it was revealed on February of 2020 at the Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event showcase. One thing to note that the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the direct successor to the Galaxy S10 that was released.

Here are our top picks on:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Singapore

Later on, we are going to take a look at Samsung S20 Prices and Reviews in Singapore so stay tuned.

If Samsung Galaxy S10 is its predecessor, then why is it named Samsung Galaxy S20 and not Samsung Galaxy S11? Well, that’s up to Samsung to answer anyway but S20 does sound really cool though more than S11 (sounds like our local kopitiam chain, just saying). Like the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, the S20 line does introduces variations on their flagship smartphone. These are the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+(Plus), Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+(Plus), Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Singapore

To make it a simpler initial comparison between the three, they are great performers in many ways and will always get the job done. The most obvious difference is that the S20 and S20+ are the screen size with the S20+ has the bigger one. I like big, big is good. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on the other hand is a more of a photography and videography eccentric smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra Singapore

So today, we are going to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, let’s get started.

Physical Design

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra all have very similar features in terms of body design. It has a near bezel-less Infinity-O Display QUAD HD+ Dynamic AMOLED (3200x144) and has a 120Hz refresh rate which gives you that smooth, yet accurate display.

The S20 is probably the smallest and lightest of the bunch, having a dimension of 6.2” and a weight of 163g. On the other hand, the S20+ and S20 Ultra are the big ones, having a dimension and weight of 6.7”/186g and 6.9”/220g. Although it looks like the S20 Ultra is largest, its size are fairly close to the S20+ so there is not much difference in the hand unlike the base S20 itself.

singapore samsung s20 prices

On the display itself, there is only a small notch in the front that houses a small, front facing camera that can be used for selfies. At the back of the phone and top-left corner, there lies the rear facing cameras. Unlike the S10 line, Samsung decided not to place them in a horizontal manner. For that, it is a great decision since you can comfortably hold the phone and take pictures and video in this way rather the ones found in the S10 line. Speaking of the camera features, we will take a look later on what are the different cameras equipped within the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra.

There is a micro SD card slot for expandable up to 1TB of data storage. Like the Note 10, the headphone jack are removed which is a slight disadvantage for people who still uses wired earphones, but most people probably now uses wireless headphones. Both of these features can be found across all three models

singapore samsung s20 review

In terms of colors, there are lots of options for people to choose from. For the Samsung Galaxy S20, there are three available colors which are Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ also has the same number of available colors but these are Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue and Cosmic Black. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra only has two available colors which are Cosmic Black and Cosmic Grey.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S20 line is a great step up to the S10 in terms of physical features and design. Although the S20 Ultra and S20+ is a little bigger and may not be comfortable using with one hand, but if you simply just want a bigger screen, then this is the way to go. Otherwise, the S20 is a great option due to its smaller and compact size but has most of the amazing features that the S20+ and S20 Ultra has.

Internal Features

All the S20 line are running the latest Android 10 with One UI 2.1 which packs in a ton of internal features like revamped gesture system, improved user experience, bubbles (can be used to present content from supported apps), and updated privacy and security.

Connectivity wise, the S20 line can come configured with either LTE or 5G forms, giving you that fast and quick access to the internet, increasing productivity and gaming with no lag. RAM is also increased depending on configuration ranging from 8GB to 16GB which is already massive for a smartphone.

singapore samsung galaxy s20

Like other latest Samsung phones, you have complete access to their features like Bixby, Samsung Pay, Galaxy themes and more. The S20 line is also compatible with Galaxy Wearables. Like the S10, the S20 line is capable of Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 and Wireless PowerShare.

Camera Features

Samsung quoted the S20 line as ‘This is the phone that will change photography’, let’s see why is this true and what are its features that makes this possible. Starting off with the front camera or the selfie camera. Both the S20 and S20+ features a single 10MP (with an Aperture of f/2.2) selfie camera with incredible Dual Pixel AF which keeps you in focus all the time without worrying about it.

At the rear camera, the S20 has a triple camera set. First is a 12MP (f/2.2) Ultra-Wide Camera, a 12MP (f/1.8) Wide Camera equipped with excellent Dual Pixel AF and a massive 64MP (f/2) Telephoto Camera. All of these have Space Zoom which features Hybrid Optic Zoom 3x and Super Resolution Zoom of up to 30x. They also have great Optical Image Stabilization or OIS and Tracking AF. The S20+ also has the same cameras with an addition of a DepthVision Camera.

These cameras are good enough for everyday photography. The Telephoto Camera is great for portraits and hard to reach subjects. Coupled with the Optic Zoom, you are able to reach far away subjects which is great even on travels.

singapore samsung s20 camera specs

On the other hand, like we mentioned that the S20 Ultra is a photography-centered smartphone, it does live up to it. It features a quad camera system. The First one is a 12MP (f/2.2) Ultra-Wide Camera which entirely the same found in the previous two. There is a big 108MP (f/1.8) Wide-Angle Camera that features Phase Detect AF (PDAF), a 48MP (f/3.5) Telephoto Camera for longer reach, and a DepthVision Camera. All of these have Space Zoom which features Hybrid Optic Zoom 10x and Super Resolution Zoom of up to 100x. They also have OIS and Tracking AF.

The S20 line have video capabilities too. They can record 8K up to 24fps, 4K UHD up to 60fps, 1080 FHD up to 60fps and 720p up to 30fps. Using the 8k gives you that super detailed video but this may take up space in your computer. But overall, if you are going to use it primarily for everyday shooting, the S20 or S20+ maybe just right for you. However, people who can utilize the advance features (like photographers and videographers) may opt for the S20 Ultra instead.

Buying Galaxy S20 Singapore

Buying Galaxy S20 Singapore

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra is an overall great successor over the S10 line. It still keeps up with the latest features with some maybe incremental, but the overall improvement lies within the camera features. Now the question is, which S20 is the right one for you. For people who simply just want to upgrade their phones, the S20 is a great one for you. If you prefer a much bigger screen but does not want all the high-tech features found in the S20 Ultra, the S20+ is the one.

For photographers, videographers or people who wants the greatest smartphone from Samsung, then the S20 Ultra is the best choice for you.

Singapore Telcos Samsung Galaxy S20 Prices & Promotion

Let us check on prices by Singapore Telcos next.

Singtel Samsung S20 Prices

Model Combo 2
(S$42.90 monthly)
Combo 3
(S$72.90 monthly)
Combo 6
(S$99.90 monthly)
Combo 12
(S$239.90 monthly)
Galaxy S20 (128GB) S$788 S$498 S$368 S$0
Galaxy S20+ (128GB) S$908 S$598 S$488 S$88
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB) S$1,188 S$898 S$788 S$378
Galaxy Note20 (256GB) S$828 S$448 S$348 S$0
Correct as at 9 September 2020
Model XO 48
(S$48 monthly)
XO 78
(S$78 monthly)
XO 108
(S$108 monthly)
Galaxy S20 (128GB) S$698 S$418 S$178
Galaxy S20+ (128GB) S$818 S$538 S$298
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB) S$1,098 S$828 S$588
Galaxy Note20 S$698 S$398 S$138
Correct as at 9 September 2020

M1 Samsung S20 Prices

Model $40 plan $50 plan S$78 plan S$110 plan S$235 plan
Galaxy S20 (128GB) S$449 S$359 S$0 S$0 S$0
Galaxy S20+ (128GB) S$599 S$429 S$49 S$0 S$0
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB) S$909 S$719 S$389 S$109 S$0
Correct as at 9 September 2020

Starhub Samsung S20 Prices

Model $55/ mth
(2-year plan)
$80/ mth
(2-year plan)
$110/ mth
(2-year plan)
Galaxy S20 (128GB) S$359 S$0 S$0
Galaxy S20+ (128GB) S$355 S$0 S$0
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB) S$499 S$99 S$0
Correct as at 9 September 2020

Samsung S20, S20+, S20 ULTRA Singapore Online Prices

In Shopee Singapore, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is now priced in at S$865, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ at S$1398 and the Samsung Galaxy Ultra at S$1748 (as at 25 September 2020).

All of these come in with 128GB of storage and a 1-Year Local Singapore Manufacturer Warranty.

Samsung Accessories

You may also check out some of the awesome accessories you can pair it up with the latest Samsung Galaxy S20. The best accessories that you can get for your Samsung S20 are the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Samsung’s Galaxy Wearables. Here are some of the most recommended smartwatches for Galaxy S20.

Check out Samsung Galaxy BUDS here at Samsung Official Flagship Store in Shopee Singapore:

The Galaxy Buds+ is also a great accessory to pair along with your Samsung Galaxy S20+ since the phone does not have a headphone jack so this is a more reasonable and great option to get if you want to have a more private listening to you music. Wireless earbuds are indeed awesome for their versatility.

Other recommended accessories includes, covers the whole rear camera placement which prevents scratches, dirt, etc. Like every other smartphone on the market, you need a protective case for your S20, check out Spigen for their amazing Samsung S20 case that is made for protecting your phone against dirt, scratches and even drop fall.

Is Samsung S20 worth it?

The Galaxy S series is always full of innovation and brand-spanking-new design and technological marvel, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 is a testament to that. While there are other variants to the S20 series – like the Note 20, the S20 Plus, and the S20 Ultra – the Samsung S20 is a cheaper option with all of the flagship goodness you need.

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Why is the Samsung S20 so expensive?

The Samsung S20 is a flagship smartphone, but even considering that it’s one of the Samsung’s top of the line and most advanced smartphones ever, it’s a little pricier than we would have wanted. Looking at its specs, however, it starts to make sense. With 12GB of RAM, 5G support, and more, it’s a little easier to see the $300 difference compared to the iPhone 11.

Is Samsung S20 Waterproof?

It’s not completely waterproof, but the Samsung S20 does have one of the most capable water-resistant systems on a smartphone. The S20 is IP68 certified for the maximum possible protection against dust and with a water resistance of 8, it can stay submerged in five feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Is Galaxy S20 Ultra Too Big?

With a 6.9-inch dynamic OLED display, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a big phone. It’s so big that in terms of length, weight, and thickness, it’s even bigger than the Galaxy Note 10+, which is in itself bordering on phablet territory. However, whether or not it’s ‘too’ big is up to you – some users enjoy the large screen and premium heft. Check out this the table below for the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s dimensions, so you can say for yourself whether or not this smartphone is ‘too big’ for you:

Specification Value
Dimensions 166.9 mm x 76 mm x 8.8 mm
6.57 in x 2.99 in x 0.35 in
Gross Weight 222 grams (7.83 ounces)
Display Size 6.9 inch Display
114 cubic centimeters

Will the S20 price drop?

Gradually, eventually, and significantly, just like with most pieces of technology today. Although it’s unlikely until we see the next-generation of Samsung S-Series smartphones, the S21’s, the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone will definitely drop in price as time goes on, not to mention deals and discounts that go on year-round in phone retailers around the world.

Is S20 overpriced?

Launching at around $300 more than its main competitor, the iPhone 11, the Samsung Galaxy S20 was met with a lot of chide remarks for being overpriced. However, when you look at the specs and the performance – and the fact that the Galaxy S20 smartphone is more powerful than some computers today – the S20 is a powerful handheld machine if you can afford it, especially if you’re lucky enough to get one on sale.


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