Cheap Florists with Delivery in Singapore

Top Cheap Florists in Singapore with Cheap Flowers Delivery 2024

If you're looking for affordable florists in Singapore that offer delivery services, there are several options to choose from. Here are some popular and budget-friendly florists:

  1. Floral Garage Singapore:

    • Known for its affordable prices and wide range of floral arrangements, Floral Garage offers same-day delivery services.
    • Website: Floral Garage Singapore
  2. A Better Florist:

    • Offers a variety of bouquets and arrangements at competitive prices, with free same-day delivery across Singapore.
    • Website: A Better Florist
  3. Fiona's Floral Boutique:

    • Provides a range of budget-friendly floral arrangements and bouquets with delivery options.
    • Website: Fiona's Floral Boutique
  4. The Bloom Room:

    • Offers stylish and affordable floral arrangements with same-day delivery services.
    • Website: The Bloom Room
  5. Happy Bunch:

    • Known for its simple and elegant bouquets at reasonable prices, Happy Bunch offers free same-day delivery.
    • Website: Happy Bunch
  6. Little Flower Hut:

    • Provides a wide range of affordable floral arrangements and bouquets with 24/7 delivery services.
    • Website: Little Flower Hut
  7. Floral Passion:

    • Offers a variety of budget-friendly floral options with same-day delivery.
    • Website: Floral Passion
  8. Farm Florist:

    • Provides affordable and fresh flower arrangements with free same-day delivery services.
    • Website: Farm Florist
  9. Flowers and Kisses:

    • Known for its affordable bouquets and floral arrangements, with same-day delivery available.
    • Website: Flowers and Kisses
  10. Flora Moments:

    • Offers a variety of budget-friendly floral arrangements with delivery services.
    • Website: Flora Moments

These florists provide a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring you can find the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flower delivery services offer convenience and variety.
  • The article highlights Singapore's finest florists.
  • Timeliness and floral quality are emphasized.

Which flower delivery services are the best in Singapore?
For those looking to send a bouquet in Singapore, we have identified the best flower delivery services that stand out for their reliability, variety, and quality. These top florists provide an array of stunning arrangements, ensuring that whether it's for a special occasion or just to brighten someone's day, your floral gift will arrive on time and impress with its freshness and beauty.

Cheap Florist Services in Singapore for Fresh Flower Arrangements

1. Hello Flowers! - For Bridal Floral Singapore

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Image from Hello Flowers!

Hello Flowers! - Best Florists Singapore

This Social Enterprise Floral Studio amazingly provides not only high-quality flower arrangements for any events but also partners with various social service agencies and delivers a lot of good working opportunities for most women who need flexible working hours.

The florists here are trained with the program known as Kins by Hello Flowers to develop women with the craftsmanship and entrepreneurial skill.

This lovely florist believes in the therapeutic power of flowers and nature and they organize floral therapy workshops. Also, you can build your own bouquet at the flower bar or scroll down their website at to see the ready-made bouquets they have arranged for your special day.


  • Everyday Flowers
  • Baby Gift Boxes
  • Bridal Florals
  • Venue Decorations
  • Flower Arranging Workshops
  • Corporate Workshops

Moreover, you can have your favorite flowers delivered! Sounds interesting right? You can visit their studio located at Blk, 52 Chin Swee Rd, #03-39, Singapore 160052 or contact them at (+65) 9341 3646.

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2. Far East Flora

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Image from Far East Flora

Far East Flora - Best Florists Singapore

Some people may think twice about buying a bouquet of lovely flowers as it will wither a day or 2 after buying it, but Far East Flora takes that worry away!

This awesome florist offers wonderfully arranged flowers that are preserved with non-toxic chemicals and make it last for about 1-2 years or longer if well taken care of!

Aside from a wide variety of fresh flowers to choose from, they also offer plants that are pleasingly arranged and a perfect office or home display!

Also, they offer hampers for different occasions which includes other gifts rather than just a bunch of flowers that make it a go-to gift for almost any occasion. Hand Bouquets start from $26.65 including delivery.

Far East Flora supports in-store shopping and in-store pick-up which is definitely a less hassle transaction. Better check out their online store or visit the physical store at 565 Thomson Road 298184 Singapore (located within Goodwood Florist) or call them at (+65) 6251 2323 for any questions or concerns.

3. Flowers and Kisses

Flowers and Kisses is the Top Florists in Singapore, #1 Florist in Singapore, Florists in Singapore: Where to Get Gorgeous Flowers for Any occasion, Flowers and Kisses: Same Day Fresh Flower Delivery Online, flowers and kisses promo code, flowers singapore, flower delivery singapore, flowers graduation,
Image from Flowers and Kisses

Flowers and Kisses - Best Florists Singapore

At Flowers and kisses, they promise fresh flowers that are personally hand-picked by their expert florist at the flower market!

Their bouquet was a reasonable size for the price and we loved the touch of the green paper with the kraft paper as it had a cheerful feel. They could also provide a paper bag for the bouquet too if you request.

Looking at those lovely bouquets, no wonder this shop is loved by many and leaves good reviews from clients. Here are some of them:

“Beautiful bouquets, easy-to-navigate website and wonderful experience. I ordered two bouquet of flowers (I live in KL) less than 12 hours before the intended delivery date and yet Flowers n Kisses got the flowers sent to my niece in Sg, as scheduled! The team was really prompt in their response and accommodated to my requests. It was a breeze ordering from Flowers and Kisses. More importantly, the flowers are gorgeous!!! Thank you, Flowers and Kisses for lighting up our day.”

- Grace K.

Aside from those, Flowers and Kisses are also being praised for how they are very efficient in fixing any undesirable situation that makes the clients still leave such a wonderful review! We like their Venice bouquet ($64, fresh roses surrounded by baby's breath), a classic and elegant piece that can show your love and passion on a romantic day.

You can check out their website at and delight your loved ones with their wide range of lovely flower arrangements for any occasion!

Visit their physical store at 18 New Industrial Rd, #03-05, Singapore 536205, or call them for any bookings at (+65) 8161 5935.

4. Flower Addict

Flower Addict is best 10 Florists in Singapore, Where can I buy cheap flowers in Singapore?, Where can I buy flowers online Singapore?
Image from Flower Addict

Flower Addict - Best Florists Singapore

Admit it or not, a person who loves flowers doesn’t need to wait for any occasions to buy bouquets. With a FlowerAddict subscription, you can have your favorite flowers delivered to you (free delivery charge) – be it style yourself, a bouquet presentation, or a surprise of freshly hand-picked flowers by the professional florist that changes weekly!

Aside from a lot of gorgeous flower arrangements available, they also offer pampering gifts which make the Flower Addict a one-stop-shop gift for almost every occasion! Add on a box of chocolate to make life more beautiful!

Pick your hand-tied bouquet or loose in bespoke boxes that you can arrange yourself! Check their website at and look for the best gift for your loved ones!

Visit them at their physical store at 17, #01-02 Woking Rd, Singapore 138696, or call them at (+65) 9859 7127.

5. Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio is Top Florists in Singapore, Cheap flower delivery Singapore
Image from Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio - Best Florists Singapore

Behind every business's success is a person with passion – that’s how Sarah Lim started her journey when she left her job in 2000 to build Poppy Flora Studio.

What she holds on to that time is the floral bouquets in the market are not what she wanted. Look how Sarah and her team made to be one of the best florists in the town during these times!

Home/office styling is also available where you will meet Sarah at your space to discuss how you want the flowers to be designed at your place!

Poppy Flora also offers workshops where they focus to train students with different flower arrangement techniques and types of flowers to arrange for every season. For those who love flowers, consider their 2.5h bouquet making class ($250) for a start.

You can visit their website at and check the products and services that they offer!

Also, check their studio located at 9A Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247698, or call them at (+65) 9188 1247.

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6. Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist is Top Florists in Singapore, Who is the best florist in Singapore?, Which online florist is the best Singapore?, Best florists in Singapore: Flowers delivered to your door
Image from Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist - Best Florists Singapore

Whether you’re looking for a bunch of fresh bouquets or modern preserved flowers, Windflower Florist got your back!

Looking at their astonishing hue blend for each arrangement, clients keep on leaving a good review with their overall experience from Windflower Florist team! Here are some of them:

“Excellent experience so far, both as a sender and as a receiver. The flowers arrived mostly as depicted on their website, with only minor variations in colour tone. My loved ones and I both like the unique designs of the flower arrangements a lot! Looking forward to buying more of their bouquets next time ~”

– Felicia C.

Give yourself or your loved ones a stunning unique flower arrangement that can surely lighten up the day! Check their website at for more dashing and sophisticated bouquets you’ll ever see!

Or you may want to visit their studio located at 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-27/28 Primax Industrial Building, Singapore 536208, or call them at (+65) 9785 2570.

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7. Little Flower Hut - Cheap Flower Delivery Same Day

Little Flower Hut is Top Florists in Singapore, Get Flower Delivery Singapore, florist near me, Which online florist is the best?, Where can I buy flowers in Singapore?, Flowers Delivered Within Hours, flower delivery singapore, Flower Delivery Services Singapore, How to send flowers online in Singapore?, Can I send flowers to someone in Singapore?, same day delivery bouquet, next day flower delivery, Flower shop near me,
Image from Little Flower Hut

Little Flower Hut - Best Florists Singapore

In a rush to buy a bunch of flowers for your special someone? Fret no more with the express delivery that Little Flower Hut offers! Receive your bouquet in no more than 60 minutes and experience a hassle-free transaction.

Little Flower Hut is 24/7 open so you can pick your favorite flower in an amazing arrangement any time of the day!

On top of that, all of the flower arrangements are customizable from the message on the card, balloons, and other additional designs to make it more special!

Order your gift at their website or visit their physical store at 25 Jalan Chegar, Singapore 578483. You can also call them at (+65) 6503 9750.

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8. Floral Garage Singapore

Floral Garage Singapore is top 10 Florists in Singapore, Where can I buy flowers online Singapore?, How can I send flowers from UK to Singapore?, Florist specialises in flowers, gifts & weddings, flower delivery singapore, Flower Delivery Services Singapore, How to send flowers online in Singapore?, Can I send flowers to someone in Singapore?, same day delivery bouquet, next day flower delivery, Flower shop near me,
Image from Floral Garage Singapore

Floral Garage Singapore - Best Florists Singapore

Who says flowers are just for women? Check out the For Him corner at the Floral Garage. You can enjoy free and contactless delivery with any purchase on any day!

You can also join their loyalty program and earn exclusive rewards and discounts on your future orders! Heavenly. Aside from a very affordable price, they have a wide variety of flower arrangements that will perfectly fit your preference!

Check out this review from one of their satisfied clients:

“I’m very happy with my first purchase here. Thoughtful form that asked for a description of the person receiving the flowers, and impressed that matured and less feminine flowers were picked for my friend who is a senior male. Best thing is - free same day delivery. Will come back for more!”

– Chee F.

Order on their website and use this exclusive code of 10% off when you : BESTPRICEFG
Valid until Dec 31st 2024.

Visit their physical store located at 8 New Industrial Road, LHK 3 Building, #06-01, Singapore 536200, or contact them at (+65) 6282 2813.

9. The Floral Atelier

Top Florists in Singapore, flower delivery singapore, Flower Delivery Services Singapore, How to send flowers online in Singapore?, Can I send flowers to someone in Singapore?, same day delivery bouquet, next day flower delivery, Flower shop near me,
Image from The Floral Atelier

The Floral Atelier - Best Florists Singapore

Whether arranged in a box, displayed in a majestic vase, or even simply tied with a gorgeous ribbon, the Floral Atelier can give you the best flower arrangements for your loved ones!

Pamper your boyfriend or husband with this gentleman box and let them feel precious as well!

Check out the other available flower arrangements on their website at and spice up your loved one's day!

You can also visit their physical store at 2 Alexandra Road, Delta House, Level 8, Singapore 159919.

10. Petite Fleur Singapore

Top Florists in Singapore, flower delivery singapore, Flower Delivery Services Singapore, How to send flowers online in Singapore?, Can I send flowers to someone in Singapore?, same day delivery bouquet, next day flower delivery, Flower shop near me,
Image from Petite Fleur Singapore

Petite Fleur Singapore - Best Florists Singapore

Planning for your wedding may be a little frustrating, who wouldn’t want an aesthetically picture-perfect flower decoration on your big day right?

With Petite Fleur, your dreams can come true! They provide exquisite flower arrangements from high-quality blooms and offer great services on your special day.

All you have to do is to sit back and relax, let them do the magic, and imagine how they will give you the best experience in your life! Here are some of the reviews from their client:

“Requested for the Violette bouquet to be arranged in a box instead. They were flexible enough to make this customization. Very fast with their replies and everything was arranged and delivered real quick. Very impressed with their service. And finally, the flower arrangement was gorgeous!”

– Yun Ting S.

Check out their physical store at 22 New Industrial Rd, #03-18/19 Primax Building, Singapore 536208, or call them at (+65) 9270 8473. Or website here.

Delight your special someone with these Singapore flower delivery services

What are the cheapest flowers at a florist?

The cheapest flowers at a florist often depend on the season, time of year, and what type of flower you are looking for!

Many people look for carnations as they are typically a cheaper flower option and they last longer than other types of flowers.

Baby breath and daisies are also a very cheap option and can brighten up a room or make a simple but nice bouquet on a budget. Alstroemeria or lilies are also usually an affordable option.

Don't be afraid to ask your florist for their recommendations - they will likely provide helpful advice on the best options available for you.

What is the cheapest way to buy flowers in Singapore?

The cheapest way to buy flowers in Singapore is to order them online. Many major supermarkets and floral delivery services now offer discounted prices for online orders.

Alternatively, it may be possible to buy flowers directly from a local florist, provided they are not subject to peak season demand.

As a last resort, one can also purchase pre-packaged flowers from supermarket chains, although these are typically far more expensive than other options.

What is the most popular flower?

The rose is often considered the most popular flower worldwide. Roses are widely recognized for their beauty and are commonly used in bouquets, arrangements, and as gifts for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, weddings, and anniversaries.

In addition to roses, other popular flowers include lilies, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, and orchids. The popularity of flowers can also vary depending on the season and availability.

How much do flowers cost in Singapore?

Flowers in Singapore can vary greatly in cost depending on the variety and quality of the bloom.

Popular varieties of flowers like roses and lilies can range anywhere from $1.50 to $5 or more, while exotic flowers can often cost much more.

In addition to these prices, the bouquet sizes, types of flowers and the flower arrangement can also affect the cost.

For example, a bouquet of fresh-cut roses can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 while an extravagant arrangement of expensive blooms can cost up to $100 or more.

What is the most happy flower to gift someone?

Some flowers are commonly associated with happiness and positivity due to their bright colors and cheerful appearance. We see them our hearts become warm and we become happy, don't know why.

Here are some flowers that we considered to be happy flowers for that happy someone:

  1. Sunflowers: Sunflowers are known for their brilliant yellow color and large size, which can evoke feelings of sunshine happiness and warmth.
  2. Daisies: Daisies are simple and cheerful flowers that come in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, and pink.
  3. Gerbera daisies: Gerbera daisies are similar to regular daisies but have larger blooms and come in a wider range of colors, including bright pink, orange, and red.
  4. Marigolds: Marigolds are bright orange or yellow flowers that are often associated with happiness and positivity.
  5. Pansies: Pansies are small, delicate flowers that come in a variety of bright colors and have a cheerful appearance.

Overall, any flower can be a happy flower for you depending on the context and the emotions it evokes. However, sunflowers, daisies, gerbera daisies, marigolds, and pansies are often considered to be particularly happy and cheerful flowers.

Cheap florists Singapore

Spoil yourself or your loved ones with a lovely bouquet on any occasion or even for no reason and reveal that genuine smile of happiness!

No need to search for more florists as we have gathered the best ones that can offer you an incredible experience!

Start browsing along with their website and have your favorite bouquet delivered.

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