uob visa infinite metal card review

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card Review

The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card is one of Singapore's most talked-about entrants in the realm of luxury credit cards, compelling me to analyse its benefits and offerings. Crafted for the affluent individual, this card is not just a statement of wealth but a gateway to a suite of privileges that cater to a lifestyle of exclusivity and convenience. My assessment will cover the array of rewards, travel perks, and lifestyle services that define the card's value proposition.

My experience with the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card reveals the emphasis on travel comforts, particularly airport lounge access and expedited immigration clearance at key airports, which are significant advantages for the frequent flyer. Additionally, the card's earn rate on local and overseas expenditure positions it competitively among premium credit cards in the market. It’s essential to dissect these features to determine whether the card stands up to its promise of luxury.

The card's design speaks of sophistication, with its metal construct and minimalist aesthetics, making it a noticeable addition to any wallet. Yet, beyond its physical allure, it is the comprehensive insurance cover and the exclusive dining and hotel privileges that round off the card's appeal. I'll explore whether these perks justify the card’s annual fee and how it stacks up against rival cards vying for the attention of the discerning spender.

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Card Overview

In this section, I provide a focused breakdown of the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, detailing its main features, eligibility requirements, and annual fee structure. This card caters to affluent clients seeking a premium credit card experience.

Key Features

  • Rewards Programme: I earn UNI$ for every S$5 spent, which can be converted to air miles or redeemed for vouchers and goods.
  • Travel Benefits: I enjoy complimentary airport lounge access and travel insurance coverage.
  • Dining Privileges: As a cardmember, I have access to gourmet dining offers and the UOB Dining PrivilegES programme.
  • Concierge Service: I can utilise a 24/7 concierge service for personal assistance on various services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Age: I must be at least 21 years old.
  • Income Requirement: My minimum annual income should be S$150,000.
  • Other Considerations: The card is by invitation only, ensuring an exclusive clientele.

Annual Fee

  • Primary Card: The annual fee for my card is S$654 yearly (inclusive of 9% GST).
  • Supplementary Card: Each supplementary card carries an annual fee of S$293.38 yearly (inclusive of 9% GST).
  • Fee Waiver: I should note that there is no fee waiver for the first year or subsequent years.

Rewards and Benefits

The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card offers an impressive suite of rewards and benefits designed to enhance my lifestyle, from luxurious travel perks to exclusive lifestyle privileges.

Reward Point Structure

For every S$5 spent, I earn UNI$1 which equals 2 miles when converted to frequent flyer programmes. UNI$ are valid for two years, giving me ample time to accumulate and redeem them for attractive rewards. The points structure is as follows:

  • Local Spend: 1.4 miles for every S$1 spent
  • Overseas Spend: 2.4 miles for every S$1 spent
  • Selected Luxury Retailers: Additional rewards under the UOB LuxePay plan

This rewarding structure is particularly beneficial for those, like me, who frequently make high-value purchases or travel abroad. However please be aware that UOB has S$5 earning blocks, which may result in a lower actual earn rate, particularly for small transactions.

Travel Perks

As a travel enthusiast, the travel benefits of this card resonate with my lifestyle:

  • Airport Lounges: Unlimited access to over 1,000 airport lounges for you and one guest globally through Priority Pass.
  • Travel Insurance: Complimentary travel insurance with coverage up to S$1,000,000 when I charge my travel fares to the card.
  • Concierge Services: 24/7 Visa Infinite Concierge Services to assist with travel bookings, event tickets, and other conveniences.

Lifestyle Privileges

The lifestyle advantages of holding a UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card are substantial:

  • Dining: Up to 50% dining privileges for 2 or more diners at selected upscale restaurants.
  • Golf: Complimentary green fees at prestigious golf clubs around Asia.
  • Hotel Stays: Preferential treatment at luxury hotels, including late check-out, room upgrades, and extra amenities.

These curated privileges bring added value to my daily and leisure activities, affirming the card as a gateway to a world of exclusivity.

Fees and Charges

In my analysis of the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, I'll outline the specifics of the fees and charges that users can expect. It is vital for cardholders to be cognisant of the various costs incurred in different transactions to manage their finances effectively.

Foreign Transaction Fees

When I make a transaction in a foreign currency with my UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, a foreign transaction fee of 3.25% applies. This is composed of the bank's administrative costs and the fee levied by Visa for currency conversion.

Late Payment Charges

If I fail to pay the minimum amount due on my UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card by the payment due date, late payment charges will incur. A fee of S$100 is charged if the outstanding balance is above S$50, reminding me of the importance of timely repayments.

Cash Advance Fees

For every cash advance transaction with my UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, I am liable for a cash advance fee of 6% on the amount withdrawn, or S$15, whichever is higher. This service is costly and should be utilised judiciously.

User Experience

In my experience, the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card in Singapore provides a distinct feel in terms of customer service, digital interfaces, and overall usability. These facets are crucial for card members looking for seamless transactions and support.

Customer Service

My interactions with the customer support team have usually resulted in quick responses. When facing issues or enquiries,

  • Telephone Support: My calls are answered promptly, with minimal waiting times.
  • Email Support: Email queries are typically addressed within one business day.
  • In-Person Assistance: Visits to the bank branches for immediate assistance are met with professional and helpful staff.

Online Banking Interface

I find the online banking portal convenient and secure for managing my card transactions and accounts.

  • Navigation: The interface is intuitive, allowing for easy access to my financial overview.
  • Security: Enhanced security features ensure that my personal banking details remain protected.

Mobile App Usability

The mobile application is an essential tool for my banking needs on the go.

  • App Design: The app is designed with a user-friendly layout.
  • Functionality: I have access to a comprehensive set of features, such as card activation, reward points check, and transaction history review, all from my mobile device.

Pros and Cons

In examining the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, I have identified various benefits and drawbacks explicitly related to its features and offerings.


  • Exclusive Rewards: I appreciate the access to a rewarding points system. For every S$1 spent overseas, 2.4 air miles per S$1 spent in foreign currency. Just note that all overseas transactions are subject to a 3.25% fee, so using your UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card overseas represents buying miles at 1.35 cents each. And for local spends, I can receive 1.4 UNI$ (equivalent to 2.8 miles).
  • Comprehensive Insurance: I am covered by extensive travel insurance of up to S$1,000,000, which provides peace of mind while travelling.


  • High Annual Fee: The card carries a steep annual fee of S$654, which strictly cannot be waived.
  • Exclusivity by Invitation: Not everyone can apply; I must be an existing UOB customer or by invitation, limiting accessibility for many potential cardholders.

Comparison with Other Cards

When comparing the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card to other premium credit cards in Singapore, I consider various factors such as rewards, annual fees, travel perks, and exclusive privileges.

Feature UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card Competitor A Competitor B
Annual Fee S$654 S$588 S$680
Welcome Bonus High points upon sign-up Cashback Air miles
Rewards Rate Up to 1.4 miles per S$1 1.2 miles per S$1 1.5 miles per S$1
Travel Perks Unlimited lounge access Limited lounge visits Unlimited lounge access
Minimum Income Requirement S$120,000 S$120,000 S$200,000

In rewards earning potential, the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card provides competitive miles accumulation. Competitor B may offer a slightly higher rate, but my card's unique luxury travel benefits may appeal to frequent travellers looking for unlimited lounge access.

My annual fee is in the higher range compared to Competitor A, but the trade-off is the access to a broader range of luxury benefits and services. For high earners who prioritise exclusive experiences and travel frequently, this could justify the higher fee.

The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card demands the middle ground in terms of income requirements, making it accessible to a broad segment of high-income professionals, while still maintaining the exclusivity expected from a premium card.

Final Thoughts

In my analysis of the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card, I've assessed its benefits, fees, and exclusive perks. It's crucial for prospective cardholders to weigh these against their lifestyle and spending habits.

  • Annual Fee: At S$654, it's on the pricier side, but justified for frequent travellers and those who value luxury experiences.
  • Points Earning: The card is efficient for accumulating UNI$ on overseas spending, particularly appealing to globetrotters. Remember, 1 UNI$ is equivalent to 2 miles.
  • Travel Perks: Complimentary travel insurance and airport lounge access enhance its appeal to regular flyers. However, the worth of such benefits is tied to the frequency of use.
  • Dining Benefits: Dining privileges under The Dining Advisor Programme may entice food enthusiasts.

It's paramount to consider if the high annual fee aligns with the benefits received. I find this card suits high-income individuals who travel often and dine out regularly. For those who do not frequently utilise the luxury perks, a card with a lower fee might be more cost-effective. The UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card stands out in the premium credit card market for its metal build and status symbol, but its true value is realised through active usage that leverages all it has to offer.

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