Where Can I Buy Books Online in Singapore

Where Can I Buy Books Online in Singapore 2024 that Deliver to My House

There are several reputable online platforms where you can purchase books in Singapore. Here are some popular options:

  1. Kinokuniya

    • Website: Kinokuniya
    • Details: A well-known bookstore with a wide range of books, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and more. They often have promotions and discounts.
  2. BooksActually

    • Website: BooksActually
    • Details: An independent bookstore that offers a curated selection of literary works, including local authors. They also offer unique stationery and literary-themed merchandise.
  3. Epigram Books

    • Website: Epigram Books
    • Details: Specializes in publishing and selling books by Singaporean authors. They offer a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.
  4. Book Depository

    • Website: Book Depository
    • Details: An international online bookstore offering free shipping worldwide, including Singapore. They have a vast selection of books across all genres.
  5. Amazon Singapore

    • Website: Amazon Singapore
    • Details: Offers a wide range of books, including e-books and audiobooks. Amazon Prime members can enjoy additional benefits like faster shipping.
  6. Popular

    • Website: Popular
    • Details: A well-known bookstore chain in Singapore that offers a variety of books, stationery, and educational materials. They also have regular promotions and discounts.
  7. Times Bookstores

    • Website: Times Bookstores
    • Details: Offers a wide selection of books, including bestsellers, children's books, and educational materials. They also have a membership program with additional benefits.
  8. OpenTrolley

    • Website: OpenTrolley
    • Details: An online bookstore that offers a wide range of books, including academic and professional titles. They also provide free delivery for orders over a certain amount.
  9. Basheer Graphic Books

    • Website: Basheer Graphic Books
    • Details: Specializes in books on design, architecture, fashion, and photography. They offer a curated selection of high-quality books for design enthusiasts.
  10. Wardah Books

    • Website: Wardah Books
    • Details: Focuses on books related to Islam, spirituality, and self-development. They offer a carefully curated selection of titles.

These online platforms offer a wide range of books to suit various interests and preferences. Whether you're looking for the latest bestseller, a rare find, or a local author's work, these websites are great places to start.

Throughout the years, the shift to online stores has become increasingly popular. As the paradigm towards e-commerce continues to prevail, bookstores also joined such a movement towards digital marketing. 

Online bookstores are now here to offer convenience to their customers. The long hours you need to travel and look for a specific book, only to find out that it is not available, is now gone.

With your phone or laptop, and the internet, you can easily access these stores any time of the day. Most books are also sold at a cheaper price compared to those sold in physical stores.

Having an online bookstore doesn’t only make things easier, but it also allows you to reach more audiences. Wherever town you are in, you can have every book that you need with only a few steps. So, if you are looking for a new book to read or have been searching for a specific literary piece on your wishlist, we have listed the top online bookstores that you can visit!

Top 10 Online Bookstores in Singapore that Deliver to Your House

1. GoGuru - Best Books for Children of All Ages

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Image Credit: GoGuru via Facebook

GoGuru - Online Bookstore Singapore

If you are aiming for a wide selection of books and items, GoGuru is the bookstore that is fit for you! GoGuru is the online platform of the Times Bookstore which has been one of the leading retailers of books throughout Singapore for almost 40 years.

Aside from its quality service and established brand for years, the company is also known for its wide range of products.

From fictional books, magazines, and stationaries to accessories, GoGuru has almost everything that you need in their online store. Through their website, you can search for any books and resources and have them delivered to you with just a few taps. 

Moreover, whether you are an avid reader or a newbie who wants to try something new, you may visit their website. The Editor’s Pick tab is available for you to see the top and well-reviewed books that may spark your interest.

Telephone - +65 6213 9288

Website - https://www.goguru.com.sg/

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2. Open Trolley

Open Trolley is top 10 Singapore-based online bookstore, singapore book store, books online singapore, largest Singaporean-based online book store for student adults, online bookstore Singapore, Where to buy books without book depository?, What are bookstores in Singapore?, What is a bookstore website?, Where to buy books online Singapore, Free online bookstore, Best online bookstore, Online bookstore near me, online bookstore singapore, second hand books online, Online bookstore app, cheap books singapore online, popular online bookstore singapore,
Image Credit: Open Trolley

Open Trolley - Online Bookstore Singapore

Open Trolley is one of the top online bookstores in Singapore. It offers more than 15 million book titles coming from both international and local publishers. This online bookstore started in 2008 and is still loved by many! 

People often think that customers enjoy shopping at Open Trolley due to its wide-range book selection.

However, aside from its range, customers choose Open Trolley due to its fast and reliable delivery service. Online purchases may be a bit of a struggle, especially for first-time users, but this is not an issue with Open Trolley!

You may receive your orders within 4-7 working days. Similarly, you can also trace the delivery as they provide tracking numbers for your convenience and peace of mind. 

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to collect your dream books, Open Trolley has the solution for you!

Besides deliveries, Open Trolley also has over 90 locations for its locker services where you can pick up your books any time of the day. This option is definitely cheaper than having it delivered to your home. 

For 2022, Open Trolley is offering free delivery or free locker collection with minimum purchase of $60 (valid until 31 Dec 2022).

Website - https://opentrolley.com.sg/

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3. Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya is 10 Online Bookstores With Delivery To Singapore, What does Kinokuniya mean in Japanese? the meaning of kinokuniya is a huge bookstore with a big collection of foreign book section, What do Kinokuniya sell? Kinokuniya mainly sells books and magazines, stationery, collectible toys/figurines, DVDs, Can you order books from Kinokuniya? yes Kinokuniya offers delivery to your home, Is Kinokuniya Malaysia closing down?
Image Credit: Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya - Online Bookstore Singapore

Are you someone who enjoys reading Chinese, Japanese, or even French books? Do you like to read and collect different manga?

Or are you someone who prefers reading French classics? If your answer is yes, then, Kinokuniya must be your go-to online bookstore! 

Most people, including locals and tourists, admire going to their official store and wander for hours looking for a specific book.

Due to its huge collection, some even say that they fail to look for a book and opt to select a different one. Good thing, Kinokuniya launched its online store. Having everything computerized, you can easily search and have it delivered to your home.

Kinokuniya also has a membership program that gives you certain perks and discounts for every purchase that you make. Here is the feedback of their satisfied customer:

“This place is amazing. It has books, books, and more books! There is something for everyone and covers all genres. In these days where it is hard to find a brick-and-mortar bookstore, this is like an oasis for book lovers!!” – Sesh K.”

Retail Store at Takashimaya S.C. • Bugis Junction • Jem


4. Book Depository

Book Depository is top 10 sites to buy books online in Singapore this year, we love it as it provides international online bookstore offering over 20 million books with free delivery worldwide. Should I buy from BookDepository?
books here are usually cheaper and also offer free shipping worldwide., Is Book Depository in SGD? you can pay Book Depository with sgd for your books, Where does BookDepository ship from? BookDepository is from UK and ships worldwide
Image Credit: Book Depository via Facebook

Book Depository - Online Bookstore Singapore

Raise your hands if you want to buy a book online and have it shipped to your house for free! Based on their vision of providing “all books available to all”, who wouldn’t love to have free delivery with no minimum spend! Why should you worry about paying for delivery fees when you could have it for free?

All you have to do is select one from over 20 million books that they have and process your purchase. You can, instead of allotting a budget for delivery, buy more books and enjoy more reading!

Aside from the cost-saving delivery, books from Book Depository are also cheaper than other bookstores.

Sometimes, they also offer promos and discounts where you can get your dream book for half the price! With this, they are loved by many, especially those who enjoy buying books online. Here is one of the feedbacks from them:

“ I have made several orders and they all arrived on time and I was very happy with the quality and the price. I will definitely continue ordering on this site. In addition, the customer service promptly answered my query and was very professional.” – Irena

Website - https://www.bookdepository.com/

5. Better World Books

Better World Books is a popular book store in Singapore, Better World Books is a place to Buy New & Used Books Online with Free, Is Better World Books legit?, Better World Books are legal, Does Better World Books still exist?, books are digitize and put online., What Does Better World Books do?, Where to buy books without book depository?, What are bookstores in Singapore?, What is a bookstore website?, Where to buy books online Singapore, Free online bookstore, Best online bookstore, Online bookstore near me, online bookstore singapore, second hand books online, Online bookstore app, cheap books singapore online, popular online bookstore singapore,
Image Credit: Better World Books via Facebook

Better World Books - Online Bookstore Singapore

Learning and reading books can go hand-in-hand with sustainability. Better World Books was started by college friends who sold their textbooks found in the piles of their apartment. After nearly two decades, Better World Books now offers almost 300 million new and second-hand books online. 

Customers prefer Better World Books as it offers books at a low price. Given that these are second-hand, you’ll be able to own a textbook required in class at a much cheaper price.

Moreover, if you are someone who believes in doing things for a purpose, supporting Better World Books might really be the best option for you!

This company aims to save millions of books ending from the landfill and increase people’s literacy by using and recycling books. It is now a practice to throw and abandon old books to give way to new book editions.

Thus, instead of throwing away the old ones, books are collected and sold online for a cheaper price. Better World Books doesn’t only save the environment by decreasing trash and limiting tree cutting.

Instead, they created a way to allow people who have limited means to gain access to books and knowledge. 

Website- https://www.betterworldbooks.com/

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6. BooksActually

BooksActually is the best online book shopping site in Singapore, BooksActually is the best place to find Fiction and Literature in Singapore, it can be found regularly organizing pop-up stores, booksactually facebook, Where to buy books without book depository?, What are bookstores in Singapore?, What is a bookstore website?, Where to buy books online Singapore, Free online bookstore, Best online bookstore, Online bookstore near me, online bookstore singapore, second hand books online, Online bookstore app, cheap books singapore online, popular online bookstore singapore,
Image Credit: BooksActually via Facebook

BooksActually - Online Bookstore Singapore

As most people say, the way to see a country’s culture, people, and history is through its literature. Are you someone who has an interest in these topics?

Or are you someone born with creative talent as a writer or poet? If you are one of these people, then BooksActually might be your new best friend!

BooksActually is a Singaporean bookstore that specializes in Fiction books and Literature. It has the largest collection of literary publications found in Singapore throughout the ages.

BooksActually also has works made by well-known Singaporean writers. Thus, if you are looking for Literary Journals, Essays, Biography, or even Poetry, you can easily find them on its online store. 

Through their website, you can order these resources and have them delivered to your home.

One of the greatest things you do by purchasing from BooksActually is not just about supporting a local business. Instead, you also support local writers and their masterpieces.

Here is the feedback from one of their customers:

“I was looking for some locally published books and I did find so many collections (including poetry) highly recommended! – Subhashree”

Website – https://www.booksactuallyshop.com/

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7. Wordery

Wordery is a good place to buy books online Singapore, Wordery is UK's favourite online book shop, Huge savings on an enormous range of books, all with free worldwide delivery, Where to buy books without book depository?, What are bookstores in Singapore?, What is a bookstore website?, Where to buy books online Singapore, Free online bookstore, Best online bookstore, Online bookstore near me, online bookstore singapore, second hand books online, Online bookstore app, cheap books singapore online, popular online bookstore singapore,
Image Credit: Wordery

Wordery - Online Bookstore Singapore

Who wouldn’t love a store that started from small and humble beginnings? Wordery’s history started from an exchange of books among five friends who enjoy reading.

As they aim to reach out to more booklovers, Wordery was able to grow and now caters more than ten million book titles. With such a wide array of selections, you can definitely find the books you wrote in your reading list. 

Wordery provides the services you find and experience in a traditional bookstore. However, instead of going through the hassle of locating a physical store, they offer everything online.

From a helpful and friendly staff to a 24 hours access, you can enjoy your search in their online store. Moreover, their website is user-friendly and has well-divided categories which make your book hunt faster and manageable. Wordery also offers free delivery anywhere you are.

Website - https://wordery.com/

8. Thryft - Buy Second-hand Books Online

Thryft is the best second-hand books singapore to buy online,  Thryft is Singapore's first sustainable bookstore that offers second-hand books on island-wide, What is the best used book website?, Can I buy second hand books online?, Where can I buy used books in Singapore?, Where to buy books without book depository?, What are bookstores in Singapore?, What is a bookstore website?, Where to buy books online Singapore, Free online bookstore, Best online bookstore, Online bookstore near me, online bookstore singapore, second hand books online, Online bookstore app, cheap books singapore online, popular online bookstore singapore,
Image Credit: Thryft via Facebook

Thryft - Online Bookstore Singapore

Ordering second-hand things makes us appreciate the items on a different level. Not only can we anticipate enjoying it, but we can also remember how it was treasured and cared for by its previous owners.

The same goes for second-hand books. Sharing a memory of a night well spent on reading with someone you don’t know is a different experience. 

Thryft is an online bookstore who source their books from publishers and non-profit partners. In relation to its commitment to sustainability, the online store offers a wide selection of books ranging from fiction, textbooks, and literary books. 

Aiming to avail books online at a cheaper price? Then, you can visit Thryft and enjoy its collections. You may purchase one for as low as $3.

All you have to do is select the category that you desire and browse. If you are also saving money, you may also opt to trade in your old books in exchange for credits you can use to buy a new one. Not only will it help you save money, but it will also allow more space for your new book collection.

Get Vintage and Rare books such as The English Journey and New Directions in Italian Architecture.

Address: 11 Sims Drive, #04-01, Singapore 387385

Website: https://thryft.sg/

9. Epigram - A place to get very local titles

Epigram is top 10 Popular Online Bookstores In Singapore That Deliver To your house, Singaporean independent publisher, Epigram books online, epigram delivery, epigram books cafe,
Image Credit: Epigram Books via Facebook

Epigram Books - Online Bookstore Singapore

Supporting local literary writers starts by supporting local publishers! With a vast selection of books and literary pieces, you can easily get lost and feel overwhelmed with the variety of recommendations you can see online. Thus, whether you are a newbie or a self-declared bookworm, reading local works is another way to go! 

As an award-winning and well-known Singaporean publisher, Epigram offers various literary works that won awards nationally and internationally. With this, it is the best place to purchase such award-winning titles and best sellers. You may also choose from its catalogue ranging from novels, children’s books, novels, and even cookbooks. 

Whenever you hear about Singaporean literature, Epigram is the online store that you should visit. Almost 90% of their collection focuses on such topics. They offer works written by Singaporeans or even those made by foreigners about Singapore. 

Address - 1008 Toa Payoh North #03-08 Singapore 318996

Telephone - (+65) 6292 4456

Website - https://epigrambookshop.sg/

10. Basheer Graphic Books - Specialised Bookstore for Designers

Basheer Graphic Books is Top 10 sites to buy books online in Singapore this year 2022 2023, Bookstore featuring a wide variety of art, architecture & design titles, plus children's items, Book Depository, Featured Children's Books, 10 Online Bookstores With Delivery To Singapore, Where can I buy books online in Singapore?, Where can I buy books online Singapore? Singapore's go-to bookshop for a wide range of books study materials educational toys, stationery and more, Where can I buy books in Singapore?, 10 Online Bookstores With Delivery To Singapore, Which is the best online shopping site for books?, Best Online Bookstores for Cheap New and Used Books, Where can I buy book websites?, popular online bookstore singapore, popular bookstore online, second-hand books singapore online, cheap books singapore online, kinokuniya singapore, 
singapore bookstore, kinokuniya singapore online, biggest bookstore in singapore,
Image Credit: Basheer Graphic Books

Basheer Graphic Books - Online Bookstore Singapore

It has always been a struggle to find books and magazines related to arts, crafts, and design. If you are lucky enough to find one, expect that it comes with a price. These types of books are not easily accessible and readily available for everyone. Good thing, Basheer Graphic Books had made the book hunt easier by making it available online. 

Basheer Graphic Books is one of the few bookstores that specialize in design books and magazines for all the crafty designers and illustrators out there! For topics related to Photography, Fashion, Graphic Design, Architecture, Animation, and even Interior Design, Basheer Graphic Books is here to provide you with the latest books available. 

The days of dreading and long hours of search are now gone through the help of their online store. Moreover, if you fail to find the one that you are looking for, you may contact them to ask for help to look for that specific book.

Here is a review coming from their previous customer:

“This is the place for all art students, designers, copywriters, and anyone else in the creative industry. This is usually where my friends pick up their monthly editions of "monocle" and "Creative Review" here. This is also where my friends who are in the fashion industry come for books on clothes design and sketching. They sell Fashion Sketchpad which is a book of templates, which is ideal for those who are just starting out in fashion designing and not very confident in their drawing abilities.” – Claudia P. 

Address - Bras Basah Complex #04-19, 231 Bain St, Singapore 180231 

Telephone - +65 6336 0810

Website - https://www.basheergraphic.com/

Where to Find Online Bookstore in Singapore

Are online bookstores profitable?

Online bookstores are becoming increasingly popular with modern readers as it provides convenient access to huge book collections from the comfort of one's own home.

These online bookstores can be reasonably profitable for owners, depending on the size of their business.

Many online bookstores rely on the sale of used books in order to make a profit, as their overhead expenses tend to be much lower than physical stores. With careful marketing and well-known authors, online bookstores can draw in a large number of customers and make significant profits.

Morever, as new technologies such as ebooks and audiobooks continue to spread, more people are turning to digital products, which can increase profits for owners of online bookstores.

Is selling books online a good idea?

Selling books online is a great way to make extra money, especially for those who have a lot of used books they no longer need.

Selling books online can be done in a few different ways, such as through a personal website, auction site, Amazon, or an online bookstore. It’s easy to set up an online shop and get started, and the possibilities are endless regarding the types of books you could sell.

A seller can make a good profit, especially if they specialize in selling rare books or first editions. The online marketplace continues to grow and can be a great opportunity for those wanting to start their own business.

Singapore Online Bookstore

Reading and book collecting has become easier thanks to these online bookstores. All of your reading needs could be satisfied without a hassle. What is now left is for you to decide and choose your preferred online bookstore.

With numerous choices available, selecting one boils down to your budget, genre, and location. You can decide to have a brand new title over a second-hand one. As a reader, you may also opt for a literary resource that you never get to try. You have limitless options and you can always try new things.

Thus, selecting one isn't the end game for you. Purchasing new books, even trying out a new bookstore, is what makes it exciting. What matters most is your interest in reading and learning never stops!

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