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Where can I get Samples in Singapore 2024 for Free

If you're looking to get samples in Singapore, there are several ways to obtain them, from beauty and skincare products to food and household items. Here are some of the best places and methods to get samples:

Beauty and Skincare Samples:

  1. Sephora

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: Sephora Singapore
    • Details: Sephora often provides samples of beauty and skincare products with purchases. You can also request samples of specific products in-store.
  2. Watsons

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: Watsons Singapore
    • Details: Offers samples for various beauty and skincare products. Look out for sample giveaways and promotions.
  3. Guardian

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: Guardian Singapore
    • Details: Frequently offers samples and trial sizes of beauty and skincare products, especially during promotional events.
  4. Sasa

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: Sasa Singapore
    • Details: Offers samples of beauty and skincare products, particularly during promotions and new product launches.
  5. Beauty Counters in Department Stores

    • Locations: Takashimaya, Isetan, Robinsons, etc.
    • Details: Beauty counters often provide samples of new products or when you make a purchase. You can also request samples directly from the beauty advisors.

Food and Beverage Samples:

  1. Supermarkets

    • Locations: NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong
    • Details: Supermarkets often have sample stations where you can try new food and beverage products. Look out for sample promotions and in-store events.
  2. Food Fairs and Expos

    • Locations: Singapore Expo, Suntec Convention Centre, etc.
    • Details: Food fairs and expos are great places to sample a wide variety of food and beverage products. Check event schedules for upcoming fairs.

Household and Miscellaneous Samples:

  1. Sample Store

    • Website: Sample Store
    • Details: An online platform where you can request free samples of various products, including beauty, skincare, food, and household items. Simply sign up and select the samples you want.
  2. EverydayMe

    • Website: EverydayMe Singapore
    • Details: Offers free samples of Procter & Gamble products, including household and personal care items. Sign up to receive samples and participate in promotions.
  3. Try and Review

    • Website: Try and Review
    • Details: An online community where you can sign up to receive free samples in exchange for honest reviews. They offer a variety of products, including beauty, food, and household items.


  1. Unity

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: Unity Singapore
    • Details: Offers samples of health and wellness products, including supplements and skincare items. Look out for sample promotions and in-store events.
  2. Watsons and Guardian

    • Details: In addition to beauty and skincare samples, these pharmacies also offer samples of health and wellness products. Check in-store for sample giveaways.

Direct from Brands:

  1. Brand Websites and Social Media

    • Details: Many brands offer free samples directly through their websites or social media channels. Follow your favorite brands and sign up for newsletters to stay informed about sample giveaways and promotions.
  2. Brand Events and Promotions

    • Details: Brands often host events and pop-up stores where they give away free samples. Keep an eye on social media and event listings for upcoming brand events.

These options provide a variety of ways to obtain samples in Singapore, whether you're looking for beauty products, food items, or household goods. Keep an eye out for promotions and events to maximize your chances of getting free samples.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free samples in Singapore are available for a variety of products if you know where to find.
  • These samples allow consumers, that's you, to try before you buy, potentially saving money.
  • Knowing where to find these offers can lead to discovering new favorites without cost.

Savvy shoppers in Singapore, rejoice! This guide unveils the secret to snagging free samples across a spectrum of products, offering the chance to test and enjoy without opening your wallet.

Featured Snippet:
Where can you find free samples in Singapore? Free samples are available from numerous sources in Singapore, including online platforms, brand giveaways, and in-store promotions. These samples range from beauty products to household goods, allowing consumers to experiment with new items before committing to a full purchase. Keep an eye out for these offers to make informed decisions and find new products you love without spending a cent.

Where to Get Free Food Samples in Singapore?

Isetan Supermarket

Isetan Supermarket is a place to Get Free Food Samples in Singapore, iseten is A Leading Japanese Departmental Store for fashion, high-quality Japanese food items & lifestyle, How do I get to Scotts Isetan? Take MRT to orchard MRT station then take exit A to Tang Plaza then cross over from underpass, Where can I use Isetan voucher? the isetan gift vounchers can be used at any isetan outlets in Singapore, What is Isetan known for?
Isetan is excellent for japanese retail experience, japanese food and services, Many Japanese in Singapore love to go to isetan, How do I get from Isetan Scotts to Orchard MRT?
Image Source: Isetan Singapore

Isetan Supermarket - Free Food Sample Singapore

It is a common practice to see different food stalls offering free samples in a grocery store. As you walk through the various aisles, you may see food booths available for you to taste their products for free.

Depending on the day and time you visit, you may have a free drink, snack, chips, dessert, and a lot more.

Your visit will be a surprise as you cannot predict what type of samples will be offered to you. Of course, if you enjoy your free food, it becomes effortless to get the regular size and share it with your family and friends.

Isetan Supermarket is known for its Japanese products. Whether it is frozen meat or liquor, you can guarantee its superb and best quality.

That’s why, if you’re craving some Japanese cuisine, head out to Isetan as you may score the Japanese food that you are looking for. Here is the feedback of its satisfied customer:

“Made an online delivery purchase from the Isetan Supermarket using the Isetan website. I bought a lot of things, and I actually got worried that some of the items may not come in due to the bulk purchase. However, all of the items came in as the expected delivery time stated on the website. Satisfied customer!! Very reliable!!” – Habibur R. 

Unfortunately now with the covid-19 pandemic, food samples are not provided.

Address: 350 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238868


Phone: +65 6733 1111

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Gryphon Tea

Gryphon Tea is a shop that offers Free Samples in Singapore, gryphon tea is a shop that sells premium green tea, oolong tea, black tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea, white tea, flowering tea, teaware, gifts and more. Where is Gryphon Tea from? Gryphon Tea is a local singapore company where the family started sourcing for tea 100 years ago. Where can I buy tea in Singapore?
Image Source: Gryphon Tea Company

Gryphon Tea - Free Food Sample Singapore

This one is for all tea lovers out there! Drink tea, not only when you are craving for its unique taste and aroma but also to acquire its health benefits.

Having a free sample could help you find a new flavor to try for the love for tea. Also, if you are just a beginner in tea drinking, you can try it out and know if you enjoy its taste.

Gryphon Tea Company was founded in Singapore and known for almost 100 years. It was able to master and grow its tea selection and recipes for its customers.

The company’s mission is to provide high-quality teas for tea lovers and also beginners. Moreover, people continue to trust this company as it received numerous awards for several years. With this, it continues to offer one of the finest tea selections in Singapore. 

Your free tea samples are available even for online purchases. You may redeem the samples for every purchase using your account.

Generally, it is given randomly. However, if you have any flavor in mind, you may include them in your order, and they might accept your request!

Here is a review of a satisfied customer who loved her tea bags:

“Amazing tea company with great quality tea available at their website. Delivery is timely and with prompt notification. Love their classic and innovative tea bags and their sparkling tea series (which is also often sold out) for those who want to grab a thirst quencher to wind down for the tea. Highly recommend Gyphon Tea Company for their products and services!” – Sylvia C. 

Address: 251 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128431


Phone: +65 6779 2948

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NTUC FairPrice

NTUC FairPrice is a great place to get free samples of products, the aunties stand around to offer free samples for food and beauty products, How do I order online from FairPrice?, go to ntuc website, How do I contact NTUC? go their website use the live chat, write in through the contact form or call the hotline 6213 8008, What is NTUC FairPrice?
Image Source: NTUC FairPrice Facebook

NTUC FairPrice - Free Food Sample Singapore

Commonly known as Singapore’s favorite supermarket, NTUC FairPrice is the country’s largest grocery retailer.

It has numerous store outlets around Singapore with a wide-range of products. With this, it has all your household needs ranging from fresh food, wines, and household essentials.

Aside from its outlets, it also has an online store so that you may have your goods delivered to your home. 

As you shop for your favorite meals and needs, you may see aunties offering a free food sample for you to taste.

It depends on the day and time of your visit on what kind of food you will be able to spot for free. It is almost impossible for you to know what schedule brands set up their kiosks within the outlets.

However, just a tip, you may want to visit them at the time and day when a lot of people shop as there is a higher chance for you to find these kiosks. 

Unfortunately now with the covid-19 pandemic, food samples are not provided.

Address: Many Outlets Especially the Bigger Ones


Duty-Free Store Singapore

Duty-Free Store is a place to get samples in Singapore, Singapore Free Samples & Freebies, Free food samples Singapore – Get Free Samples Without Paying money, Free samples and freebies in Singapore, Free Food Samples Singapore,
Image Source: DFS Singapore Facebook

Duty-Free Store Singapore - Free Food Sample Singapore

You may have your free samples, not only when you are in your locale but also when you are a tourist who is going and coming home from a trip!

When we think of Duty-Free Store, we always think of luxury and branded shops. We often have a perception that everything in the store comes with a price. However, it is a hidden gem to try out products, especially wines and spirits!

Duty-Free Store, particularly in Changi Airport, offers free drink samples in its store. In addition, it has a bar available for you to try various branded drinks and beverages.

It is a complete package as there are stationed bartenders who are ready to serve you.

That’s why, if you want to try out a new drink or you are aiming to buy some as gifts, you may wish to visit the Duty-Free Store to have a taste of such beverages.

Unfortunately now with the covid-19 restrictions, food samples are not provided.

Address: Various Outlets


Where to Get Free Beauty Samples in Singapore?


Sephora is a shop to Get Free Beauty Samples in Singapore, Free samples Singapore by mail, Free samples Singapore 2021, Singapore Deals & Freebies, Where can I get free samples?, What companies will send you free samples?, Where can I get samples in Singapore?, Free Makeup & Beauty Samples, What cosmetic companies send free samples?,Where can I get face products samples?,What makeup websites give free samples?,
Image Source: Sephora

Sephora - Free Beauty Samples in Singapore

Sephora is a widely-known beauty concept and retail store around the world. It is a store worth visiting if you aim to buy and check some skincare, make-up, perfume, and body products.

It is a one-stop-shop to look into more than 300 cosmetic and high-end brands. Aside from the vast product selection, Sephora also has its label offering various products.

Every make-up and beauty junkie knows the place to visit, and it is Sephora. 

Whether you are buying in their outlet store or online, you can get a free sample of a product.

If you wish to visit their physical store, you may get a free sample every time you purchase. On the other hand, if you made your purchase online, you only need to pick from the list of their available samples and add it to your bag before checking out.

Moreover, Sephora also offers a free sample during your birthday month, so make sure to visit the store for more freebies!

Address: Various Outlets


The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a shop to Get Free Beauty Samples in Singapore, Free samples Singapore by mail, Free samples Singapore 2021, Singapore Deals & Freebies, Where can I get free samples?, What companies will send you free samples?, Where can I get samples in Singapore?, What companies send free samples?,What free sample sites are legit?,Are free samples really free?,How can I actually get free samples?,
Image Source: The Body Shop Facebook

The Body Shop - Free Beauty Samples in Singapore

The Body Shop is one of the leading make-up and body care brands in Singapore and abroad. Aside from its quality and natural products, The Body Shop also serves as a change-maker in this industry.

For almost 40 years, the company established its brand by promoting social values to its customers.

Unlike any other company, it encourages women empowerment, recycling, and also against animal cruelty. 

If you are someone who loves to support brands with a vision, you may get your free samples online or in their stores.

You may get your sample online by signing up with your Facebook account or email and phone number.

Moreover, you may also redeem a sample in their physical store. You just have to tell the staff more about your skin type and ask for their recommendation. 


Phone: 8001 885 250

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura is a shop to Get Free Beauty Samples in Singapore, Free samples Singapore by mail, Free samples Singapore 2021, Singapore Deals & Freebies, Where can I get free samples?, What companies will send you free samples?, Where can I get samples in Singapore?
Image Source: Shu Uemura Facebook

Shu Uemura - Free Beauty Samples in Singapore

Shu Uemura is a top-quality Japanese brand that offers different make-up, skincare, accessories, and services.

This brand seeks to provide revolutionized cosmetics based on Japanese craftsmanship and make-up history.

Apart from its products, it also has several services, such as makeovers, one-on-one tutorials, and shade matching.

Thus, whether you are a make-up guru who wants to learn a new technique or a newbie who just wants to learn the basics, you may wish to avail of the services. 

Of course, they also offer free products.

All you need to do is sign up with your name and phone number to have your samples. You may also want to recommend your friends so that they will be able to receive a sample as well.

Furthermore, they also provide bonus products and kits whenever you avail of their services. 


Phone: 1800-838-3388


Innisfree is top 5 shop for The List Of FREE Samples For beauty products Singapore, Is Innisfree a good brand? Why is Innisfree so popular?, Innisfree is well liked because it is cheap and eco friendly. Is Innisfree Korean? Innisfree is south Korean brand that is used by many korean celebrities,
Image Source: Innisfree

Innisfree - Free Beauty Samples in Singapore

Whenever we think of skincare and beauty, Korean products are undoubtedly on top of the list. The most typical Korean skincare regimen continues to dominate the beauty industry.

Every time we ask or search for the best skincare, make-up, and beauty products, items from Korea will always be part of the recommended ones.

This dominancy results from their incorporation of natural ingredients that provide a skin-like effect to its users.

Innisfree is one of the best Korean brands in the market. The brand focuses on using ingredients commonly found in Jeju island to offer a healthy form of beauty. Some of these ingredients include green tea, soybean, orchid, and seaweed.

Aside from its quality products, Korean brands are also known for their generosity. Sometimes, they give sample products even without you asking. You will just see these samples inside the bag when you purchase. 



Cetaphil is a shop to Get Free Beauty Samples in Singapore, Free samples Singapore by mail, Free samples Singapore 2022, Singapore Deals & Freebies, Where can I get free samples?, What companies will send you free samples?, Where can I get samples in Singapore?
Image Source: Cetaphil Singapore Facebook

Cetaphil - Free Beauty Samples in Singapore

If you have sensitive skin or simply want a gentle and dermatologically approved product, Cetaphil is the one for you! Dermatologists commonly recommend this skincare brand all over the world.

This brand also offers products ranging from moisturizers, cleansers, sunblock, and even baby care. Cetaphil also ranks as one of the best dermatological skincare in Singapore. 

With this, having a chance to try out such products is a win! Cetaphil allows the redemption of free samples of its most popular products for you to try out.

All you have to do is sign up on the Cetaphil Friends Website and create an account. Upon registration, you will receive a welcome gift. You may also redeem rewards once you can collect Ceta coins. 

Sign up here: Website

Sample Store (Cease on 30 June 2022)

Sample Store is a place to get samples in Singapore, Singapore Free Samples & Freebies, Free food samples Singapore – Get Free Samples Without Paying money, Free samples and freebies in Singapore, Free Food Samples Singapore
Image Credit: Sample Store Facebook

Sample Store - Free Beauty Samples in Singapore

Unfortunately The Sample Store is closed from 30 June 2022 onwards.

As its name says, it is literally a store for samples! Sample Store is a marketing platform aiming to help buyers to try items before buying them.

The Sample Store also allows brands, especially those just starting to communicate and engage with their potential buyers through samples.

It has over 300 brand partners who offer food products, home needs, and even beauty items. In addition, you may have it delivered to your home on any day you want.

To claim your samples, all you need to do is sign up through its website. Upon your registration, you will be able to receive points for you to use to redeem the products.

Of course, Sample Store doesn’t provide a one-time experience. After using the product, you may submit a review to receive more points and continue having free samples. The more you redeem and review, the higher the number of products you get to try for free! 


What companies will send you free samples in Singapore?

Are free samples really free?

When it comes to free samples, the answer is sometimes. However, be sure to read the fine print carefully because many times you will be required to fill out a form or submit your contact information in order for them to send you the free sample.

In addition, some companies may charge an additional shipping cost if you choose to receive a free product in exchange for completing a survey or providing feedback.

What can I sample for free?

Sample products can be a great way to experience a wide variety of products without having to make a huge financial commitment.

With free sample products, you can test out food, cosmetics, home goods, and other products to see what you may be interested in buying. Free samples are available from a variety of retail stores, online retailers, subscription services, and even app-based services.

With a sample, you can often get a feel for how a product looks and works before you make the decision to purchase it. It's also a great way to try out a new product or test out something you may not normally purchase.

How can I get free samples in Singapore?

One way to get free samples in Singapore is to attend trade shows or industry events.

Otherwise be straightforward and just contact businesses directly and request that they send you a sample pack.

You can also enrol in mailing lists or email campaigns from various companies, and or participate in focus groups or webinars.

Furthermore, some companies offer cash rewards for signing up as a customer, so it's worth checking out their websites for more information.

And if all else fails, there are many online marketplaces where you can find free samples promotion everyday.

Why use free samples?

Free samples are a great way to try products before making a purchase.

By using free samples, consumers can see if the product meets their needs and if they actually like it before investing in the full size.

Free samples also give consumers the ability to compare products at no cost. This allows them to determine which product best fits their needs and budget.

Moreover, consumers can try out new products and flavors before committing to a large purchase. Lastly, free samples can help companies increase their customer base by allowing consumers to try their products at no cost.

Free Samples Singapore

Everyone loves to receive gifts and items, especially if it is free. Not only do you get to appreciate the brands, but you will also have the chance to try out new products in the market.

By trying out these free samples, you will determine how a product tastes and whether it works for you. With this, you’ll have the chance to save money and buy more important things.

In addition, you’ll feel more connected and loved by the companies you support as samples serve as a simple “thank you” to you.

Thus, if you want to receive free items in Singapore, you might want to visit the shops mentioned in this article. It doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local.

All you have to do is talk and interact with the staff and politely ask if there is something available.

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