Cost of Digital Piano in Singapore

Cost of Digital Piano in Singapore 2024

The cost of digital pianos in Singapore can vary significantly based on the brand, features, and quality. Here are some approximate price ranges for different types of digital pianos:

  1. Entry-Level Digital Pianos:

    • Around SGD 300 - SGD 800
    • Suitable for beginners and casual players.
    • Brands include Yamaha, Casio, and Roland.
  2. Mid-Range Digital Pianos:

    • Around SGD 800 - SGD 2,000
    • Suitable for intermediate players and those seeking more features and better sound quality.
    • Brands include Yamaha, Korg, Roland, and Kawai.
  3. High-End Digital Pianos:

    • Around SGD 2,000 - SGD 5,000+
    • Suitable for advanced players, professional musicians, and those seeking top-notch sound quality and advanced features.
    • Brands include Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, and Nord.
  4. Stage Pianos and Professional Models:

    • Around SGD 1,500 - SGD 5,000+
    • Designed for live performances and professional use.
    • Brands include Yamaha, Roland, Nord, and Korg.

Prices can vary based on sales, promotions, and the specific retailer. It's advisable to compare prices across different stores, both online and physical, to find the best deal. Additionally, consider looking at reviews and ratings to ensure you're getting a digital piano that fits your needs and budget. Some popular retailers in Singapore for musical instruments include Swee Lee, Yamaha Music, and Luther Music.


The Best Digital Piano in Singapore. There is a famous saying that life is like a piano, the white keys represent happiness and the black key represent sadness, just as we go through life, we realize that combining both keys will produce beautiful and melodious music.

Indeed, music creates different waves of emotion and helps our soul feel alive. Some music keeps our feet afloat; some brings back memories, other music motivates us to move and keep going and others just comforts and warms the heart.

I can imagine the notes drifting in the air as piano keys are being played continuously.

Thankfully with the help of the progressing technology, digital piano is now available to make music and comfort to people’s hearts. Whether you are starting to learn or practicing to hone skills, a good digital piano can be a good companion to your goals and needs.

Continue to browse through the list of Digital Piano you can buy in Singapore and find a piano that best suits your soul.

Is a Digital Piano Worth it?

What is your goal? If your goal is to learn the basics that do not require a constant tuning or has a recording capability, then the answer is yes.

If you cannot afford a grand acoustic piano but would like to play a piano that can sound like one, then the answer is another yes. Digital piano is worth the purchase for beginners and for musicians alike.

Children and adults are given the equal opportunity to learn from this new technology. What’s important is that you are able to follow your heart and play the instrument that produces notes that can calm a rage or sooth a pain.

10 Best Digital Piano to Buy in Singapore Prices (Sgd)

Casio GP-310 (Black) Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano


Casio AP-470 Celviano Digital Piano


Korg G1-Air Digital Electronic Piano


Roland E-X20 Arranger Portable Keyboard 61 Keys


Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Digital Keyboard


Musical Mic 61Key Piano Electronic Portable Instrument Kid Keyboard Toy


Flagship Roland LX708 Luxury Premium Upright Digital Piano


Foldable Digital Piano


Casio LK-S250 61 Keys Lighting System


Yamaha NP-12 (Black) Piaggero Portable Digital Piano


Where to Buy Digital Piano in Singapore?

Top 10 Digital Pianos to Buy in Singapore

1. Casio GP-310 (Black) Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano - Best overall hybrid piano

Casio GP-310 (Black) Celviano Grand Hybrid Digital Piano - Digital Piano Singapore

With Casio’s newly developed and advanced technology, it has recreated subtle shade of music from the respected original pianos.

Expert musicians have commended the music this piano produces as being the exemplary combination of elegant and flawless. Pianists are also in love with its rich sound and wide range of expression that is very well suited for abundant playing styles and genres.

Casio’s resonance system reproduces the resonance of both the strings and sound board of a grand piano according to performance conditions.

Materials like acrylic for white keys and phenol for black keys creates a familiar environment as it is the same materials used for grand pianos. The sound, the touch, the ambiance can set the right mood as you begin to play.

Get it now at

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2. Casio AP-470 Celviano Digital Piano - Best Entry Level Hybrid Piano

Casio AP-470 Celviano Digital Piano - Digital Piano Singapore

The AP- 470 Celviano features propriety and simplicity at a glance. It includes two grand piano sounds with 22 tones including electric piano, organs and other essential instruments that can ornament your emotions anytime.

It is also designed to be your companion when you practice playing as it features a Concert Play that provides 10 audio recordings of a full symphony orchestra.

This piano also features a Duet Mode and a dual headphone jack that can be equipped as you practice at your own pace, with a built- in two-track MIDI and USB audio recorders to capture every moment you play.

A special Headphone mode can be chosen for a more private and intimate time with your music. Create music now and enjoy the aroma of the beautiful notes drifting in the air as you listen to the glistening sound of AP-470 Celviano Digital Piano.

Get it now at

3. Korg G1-Air Digital Electronic Piano - Best key action

Korg G1-Air Digital Electronic Piano - Digital Piano Singapore

Developing technology and progressing music, combined creates a magical world where you can express your feelings without the world’s limitation.

Korg G1- Air digital electronic piano features Bluetooth audio support system that connects to your device as you enjoy playing your piano along with the music and audio from your phone.

The outstanding resemblance of damper and string resonance and key- off simulation creates delicate expressions to suit your fingers as you move through the keys.

Along with all of these features, a new speaker system completes the package as it amplifies the music and delivers the symphony to its listeners.

Get it now at

4. Roland E-X20 Arranger Portable Keyboard

Roland E-X20 Arranger Portable Keyboard - Digital Piano Singapore

Waking up the inner musician in your child’s soul can be a pivotal moment. However, talent is not fully develop at first stroke, “practice makes perfect” as the old saying goes.

Roland E-X20 Portable keyboard can be your child’s source of inspiration and encouragement as it features high- quality piano sounds, tone settings that suit classical, pop, rock and jazz, and a built- in Arranger feature that helps your child play along with a full musical accompaniment.

Get it now at

5. Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Digital Keyboard - Best digital pianos for beginners

Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable Digital Keyboard - Digital Piano Singapore

Another way for you or you child to start your musical journey would be using the Yamaha PSR-E273 Portable digital keyboard.

What better way to begin playing the piano than to be accompanied with exciting ensemble with lesson and recording function?

Its Smart Cord setting allows your child to play chords using simple techniques, these features creates an exciting and fun environment to whoever starts their playing piano and aspire to perform in the future.

Get it now at

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6. Musical Mic 61Key Piano Electronic Portable Instrument Kid Keyboard Toy - Best Piano for Kids

Musical Mic 61Key Piano Electronic Portable Instrument Kid Keyboard Toy - Digital Piano Singapore

Create an adorable bonding moment with your child as you engage in fun music with this 61 Key Piano Electronic Portable Instrument Kid Keyboard Toy.

This instrument features 16 kinds of timbre, 10 kinds of rhythm, 6 demos with adjustments to beats and volume and percussion instrument recordings, all of which can be a wonderful help in the progress of your child’s innate skill and talent in music.

This digital piano also comes with a mini microphone that your child can use as you play this mini piano.

Get it now at

7. Flagship Roland LX708 Luxury Premium Upright Digital Piano

Flagship Roland LX708 Luxury Premium Upright Digital Piano - Digital Piano Singapore

Bring the luxury of grand musical piano to your home with Roland LK708 Digital Piano and its eight- speaker piano recreates the grand tone and auditorium ambiance.

This digital piano for advanced players proudly showcases “My Stage” that allows you to select the best combination of piano sound and ambiance to emulate specific playing venues. The sleek and elegant design is a guarantee to compliment the interior of its assigned space.

This digital piano also features a connection to your smartphone or tablet that will allow you to practice with audio apps routed through the piano’s speaker system.

Get it now at

8. Foldable Digital Piano - Best Space Saving Piano

Foldable Digital Piano - Digital Piano Singapore

Digital Piano on the go? This Foldable digital piano can fit right inside your handbag onto your next destination. It can be a huge surprise for someone starting a venture towards the musical world.

This is a good companion for practicing finger-pointing when a piano is not in sight and allows vocal music learners to practice solfeggio and ear training.

It is perfect for training the coordination of your left and right hand in mastering the basic standard playing skills.

Get it now at

9. Casio LK-S250 61 Keys Lighting System

Casio LK-S250 61 Keys Lighting System - Digital Piano Singapore

Step up your practice session with this technology from Casio LK-S250 Key Lighting System. This will not only create a fun learning experience but will also guide you on what key you should play next, with a “Step up Lesson” function that will help you practice in a four-step format.

The LK- S250 showcases modes that combines drum, bass and synthesizer phases with 12 types of Dance Music Voices that will get you dancing and moving to the music. Play and dance to your favorite music now!

Get it now at

10. Yamaha NP-12 (Black) Piaggero Portable Digital Piano

Yamaha NP-12 (Black) Piaggero Portable Digital Piano - Digital Piano Singapore

A simple yet stylish digital piano is what Yamaha NP-12 Piaggero Portable Digital Piano can offer you. A soothing sound that creates a light atmosphere when played, this is definitely what you need in a mid-afternoon relaxation.

It has 61 keys with 10 preset tones that can accompany you in playing your favorite melodies. A keyboard stand and bench, Yamaha AC adaptor and music reset is included in this wonderful package.

Get it now at

Guide to digital piano in Singapore

How much does a piano cost in Singapore?

Types of Piano in Singapore Price (Sgd)

Concert Grand Piano

$120,000 onwards

Grand Piano

$40,000 onwards

Upright Piano

$6000 onwards

Electric Piano

$1,700 onwards

Keyboard Piano

$400 onwards

Piano Prices in Singapore

How Much Does A Second-Hand Piano Cost?

A second-hand piano in Singapore can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the age, condition, and brand of the piano.

The price of a second-hand upright piano can range from $500 up to $7,000 or even higher.

A second-hand grand piano could cost anywhere between $2,000 to $15,000, depending on the size and condition.

Many second-hand pianos provide excellent value for money if you know what to look for, and it's always worth haggling if the shop allows.

Regardless of how much you pay, be sure to factor in the cost of tuning, cleaning, and sometime repairs before making a purchase.

How do I choose a piano for my home?

When choosing a piano for your home, there are a few important factors to consider.

First, think about the size of your space and determine how much room is available to accommodate a piano.

You will then need to select the size, shape, and type of piano that best fits your space.

An upright piano is more common for homes and takes up less space compared to a grand piano, however a grand piano can create a stunning, classic look in any home.

Once you have chosen the size, you need to consider factors such as the type of keys, number of pedals and the sound it produces.

Ultimately, the piano should be enjoyable and comfortable for you to play and create music, so choose what is intuitive and comfortable for you.

Why digital piano is so expensive?

Digital pianos can be quite expensive due to the advanced technology used to produce the sounds and the simulated touch of an acoustic piano. High-end digital pianos often have complex sound generation capabilities, including sampling and modeling technologies that accurately reproduce the sounds and nuances of an acoustic piano.

Moreover, digital pianos can have advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, recording capabilities, and numerous voice options. The materials used in construction, such as high-quality keys and pedals, also contribute to the cost.

All of these factors combined with the reputation and brand name of the manufacturer can result in a higher price tag for digital pianos. While they may be expensive, digital pianos are a valuable investment for serious musicians who value the accuracy and versatility that they provide.

Is it worth owning a piano?

Owning a piano can be incredibly rewarding, both musically and financially. While the initial investment to purchase a new piano can be quite high, a well-maintained instrument will often appreciate in value over the years.

Playing the piano itself can also be deeply satisfying, encouraging creativity and providing an enjoyable form of self-expression.

Although digital keyboards and synthesizers are gaining popularity, nothing quite matches the sound and character of a traditional acoustic piano.

Furthermore, a piano can bring the whole family together and add a touch of warmth and beauty to any home. All in all, owning a piano can be a great investment, as long as it is cared for properly.

Digital Keyboards vs Digital Pianos

Here's a comparison table that outlines the differences between digital keyboards and digital pianos:

Feature/Specification Digital Keyboards Digital Pianos
Key Count Typically range from 25 to 88 keys Usually have a full 88-key keyboard
Key Weight Light to semi-weighted keys for a synth-like feel Weighted or hammer-action keys to emulate an acoustic piano feel
Portability More portable and lightweight Less portable, often designed to be stationary
Sound Variety Wide variety of sounds and effects beyond piano (e.g., strings, brass, drums) Primarily focused on emulating the sound and feel of an acoustic piano
Speakers Usually has built-in speakers, varying in quality Typically has higher quality built-in speakers
Polyphony Varies, often lower than digital pianos Higher polyphony to support complex and layered piano pieces
Pedals May support pedals but not always included Often includes one or three pedals like an acoustic piano
MIDI Connectivity Commonly includes MIDI for use with software and recording Usually includes MIDI, though sometimes less focus on external connectivity
Recording Capabilities Many include onboard recording functions Some include recording functions, though may be less feature-rich
Learning Features Often have features for beginners like light-up keys, lessons May have educational features, but not as common
Price Range Generally more budget-friendly Can be more expensive due to quality and realism
Use Cases Suited for beginners, casual players, and those needing a variety of sounds Suited for students, performers, and those seeking an authentic piano experience
What Is The Difference Between A Digital Piano And A Digital Keyboard?

When choosing between a digital keyboard and a digital piano, consider what you're looking to get out of the instrument. If you need something lightweight with a variety of sounds and features for music production or casual play, a digital keyboard might be the right choice. On the other hand, if you're seeking to closely mimic the experience of playing an acoustic piano, with weighted keys and high-quality piano sounds, a digital piano would be more suitable.

Digital Piano Singapore

Music is one language that we all can understand, a language that even if we cannot understand, we can surely appreciate.

A digital piano is the fruit of fast- pacing technology that can bring authenticity and serene ambiance into your loving home.

Appreciate each beauty that this music brings, and you will surely have a stronger bond with your family. Play some music today!

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