Where to Buy Cheap Jewellery in Singapore

Where to Buy Cheap Jewellery in Singapore 2024 with Prices

If you're looking to buy affordable jewelry in Singapore, there are several places where you can find stylish and budget-friendly pieces. Here are some popular options:

  1. Lovisa:

    • Locations: Multiple locations including ION Orchard, VivoCity, and Bugis Junction.
    • Website: Lovisa
    • Offers a wide range of trendy and affordable fashion jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  2. H&M:

    • Locations: Various locations including Orchard Building, Marina Bay Sands, and VivoCity.
    • Website: H&M Singapore
    • Known for its affordable fashion, H&M also offers a selection of stylish and budget-friendly jewelry.
  3. Lovet:

    • Website: Lovet
    • An online store offering a variety of affordable and trendy jewelry pieces, from minimalist designs to statement pieces.
  4. Carousell:

    • Website: Carousell
    • A popular online marketplace where you can find both new and pre-loved jewelry at bargain prices. You can negotiate prices with sellers for even better deals.
  5. Chomel:

    • Locations: Multiple locations including Takashimaya, Raffles City, and Suntec City.
    • Website: Chomel
    • Offers a range of affordable and elegant fashion jewelry, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.
  6. Lovisa:

    • Locations: Multiple locations including ION Orchard, VivoCity, and Bugis Junction.
    • Website: Lovisa
    • Offers a wide range of trendy and affordable fashion jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  7. Forever 21:

    • Locations: Various locations including 313@Somerset and VivoCity.
    • Website: Forever 21 Singapore
    • Provides a variety of affordable and trendy jewelry pieces to complement your fashion style.
  8. Accessorize:

    • Locations: Various locations including ION Orchard and VivoCity.
    • Website: Accessorize Singapore
    • Offers a wide range of affordable and stylish jewelry, including statement pieces and everyday wear.
  9. Mynt by Maybank:

    • Website: Mynt by Maybank
    • An online marketplace offering a variety of affordable jewelry pieces, often with exclusive discounts for Maybank cardholders.
  10. Lovisa:

    • Locations: Multiple locations including ION Orchard, VivoCity, and Bugis Junction.
    • Website: Lovisa
    • Offers a wide range of trendy and affordable fashion jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  11. Lovisa:

    • Locations: Multiple locations including ION Orchard, VivoCity, and Bugis Junction.
    • Website: Lovisa
    • Offers a wide range of trendy and affordable fashion jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
  12. Diva:

    • Locations: Various locations including ION Orchard and VivoCity.
    • Website: Diva
    • Known for its affordable and trendy fashion jewelry, Diva offers a wide selection of pieces to suit various styles.

These stores and online platforms provide a wide range of affordable jewelry options, from trendy fashion pieces to elegant designs, ensuring you can find something that fits your style and budget.

Jewelry is the perfect accessory for any occasion - to commemorate and to make a statement. For most people, marriages are one of the special moments to buy jewelry.

From the engagement to the wedding ceremony itself, every detail must be perfect even from the tiniest one!

If you’re pretty much stuck and baffled as to achieve your dream wedding rings, you should probably be searching for the best jewellery store in town.

Well, fret not! I have it gathered for you.

While some of you might be finding a gift for your loved ones for a special day, getting one from the best jewellery shop in Singapore is certainly one of the ways to win your beloved’s heart!

Be it necklace, earrings, bracelets, or rings, this list will surely help you find the perfect store to get what you desired.

Top 10 Jewellery Shops to Buy Gold & Diamonds Stones in Singapore at a Steal

1. Lustre Jewellery - Handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery Singapore

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Image Source: Lustre Jewellery - affordable jewellery Singapore

Featuring their wide collection of handmade jewellery, Lustre Jewellery ensures to provide you with first-rate accessories to fit your likings! Their artisan creations are meticulously made with splendid details to adore.

Focusing on creating gemstones of charming designs, this could be your go-to store if you wish to spoil yourself with some jewellery!

No idea for a birthday gift or mother's day gift? Heading to Lustre Jewellery is one of the best decisions to make their day extra special!

On top of that, getting a piece from Lustre is surely a unique and long-lasting accessory at a very reasonable price! They are also offering worldwide shipping for your overall convenience.

Gemstone jewellery Price
Sterling Silver and gemstone bracelets From $89
Handcrafted gemstone earrings From $79
Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Gemstone necklaces From $109
Sterling Silver and gemstone rings From $99
Special Collections From $39
Lustre Singapore Price List

Customers Reviews…

Lustre has been known for having an outstanding collection of curated pieces of jewellery, but customers are also loving the swift delivery. Here is a comment from one of their customers:

“Lustre Cares! It was a smooth experience from enquiry to order placement, despatch and final delivery. And the order reached much earlier than expected.” – Nithi J.

Location: 235 Arcadia Rd, Singapore 289843, By Appointment Only

Phone: (+65) 9366 9755

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2. Tessellate.Co

Which gold shop is best in Singapore? Tessellate.Co best place for Gemstone & Sterling Silver Jewellery Singapore, find gold jewelry, How much should a proposal ring cost Singapore?, Are diamonds cheaper in Singapore?, best place to buy engagement ring singapore, affordable jewellery brands singapore,where to buy cheap gold jewelry in singapore,singapore jewellery online,singapore jewellery brands,singapore jewellery shop list,affordable jewellery singapore,indian gold jewellery singapore,luxury jewellery brands singapore,
Image Source: Tessellate.Co - affordable jewellery Singapore

In finding the best accessory to fit your personality, Tessellate.Co should be your go-to jewellery store! Aiming to empower women with its noteworthy jewellery creations, you surely can get the best pieces to meet your expectations.

Aside from bespoke jewellery, you can also check out their stunning collection and try them in-store. They also offer worldwide shipping, free of any charge! If you had any issue with the jewellery that you received, you can also have it be replaced. Sounds cool.

Their masterpieces are surely made from quality materials and authentic gemstones. Plus, they promise to produce hypo-allergenic jewellery for your overall safety!

Jewelry Piece Price
Signatures Set Laura - Rose Gold Plated $269
Signatures Set Bianca - Rhodium Plated $269
Diana Ring (Blue Topaz) $120
Winnie Earrings (Pink Sapphire) - Rose Gold Plated $120
IWD Collab - Bangle (Growth) $39
Diamond Amber Earrings (0.1 Carats) - Platinum & 18K Gold $180
Diamond Bracelet (Fancy Diamonds) - 14k Yellow Gold $420
Tessellate Jewellery Price List

Customers Reviews…

Customers like the whole process of jewellery creation from its unique design and attentiveness of the designer to bring her dream ring to life. Here’s what Cynthia has to say about her experience:

“May was so patient and meticulous in choosing the stones and coming up with the design of my ring. I really like how it is one of a kind - just for me :)” – Cynthia Rodrigo

Location: 501 Orchard Road #02-14 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880

Phone: (+65) 8751 2335

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3. Carrie K.

Carrie K. Modern Heirloom Jewellery brand is best in Singapore, jewellery with contemporary designs, Award-winning Singapore designer brand, How much should a proposal ring cost Singapore?, Are diamonds cheaper in Singapore?, best place to buy engagement ring singapore, affordable jewellery brands singapore,where to buy cheap gold jewelry in singapore,singapore jewellery online, singapore jewellery brands, singapore jewellery shop list, affordable jewellery singapore, indian gold jewellery singapore, luxury jewellery brands singapore, Affordable Jewellery in Singapore, carrie k funan, carrie k engagement ring, carrie k wedding band, carrie k pearls, carrie k logo, carrie k necklace, carrie kan, carrie k founder,
Image Source: Carrie K. - affordable jewellery Singapore

Underscoring a wide assortment of jewellery, Carrie K. brings their fabulous accessories to suit your style! From their collection of wedding bands to pearl from different parts of the world, this jewellery shop got you covered.

Interested in learning more about diamond and pearl creation? Their 60-minute workshop is fun and exciting. This is the perfect leisure for all jewellery connoisseurs out there!

No idea about how to choose the perfect ring? Their beginner guide can pretty much help you get a matchless design from your imagination! Simply tell memoirs and the designer will make it in a charming way.

Customers Reviews…

Customers prove why getting jewellery from Carrie K. is worth the money and time. Here’s feedback from one of their customers:

“Aloysius at Carrie K. TK is a gem. Friendly, helpful and kind. This young gentleman is charming and a delight to deal with. Had a wonderful experience buying my beautiful pearl bracelet from him. Thank you!” – Clare

Location: 111 Middle Rd, #02-02 National Design Centre, Singapore 188969, By appointment only

Phone: (+65) 9299 8244

4. Orient Jewellers

Orient Jewellers is a place to buy good quality Jewellery in Singapore, A Singapore jeweller since 1970 long and old shop with history in singapore, Shop Pure Gold, 916 Gold, 18 Karat Gold, diamond, precious stone, jade jewellery
Image Source: Orient Jewellers - affordable jewellery Singapore

When talking about shining shimmering jewellery, aside from diamonds and gemstones, gold remains simply elegant. Looking for an authentic gold jewellery? Come and see various bijoux from one of the pioneer jewellery shops! Their jewellery goes real well with these wedding gowns.

Orient Jewellers takes pride in providing you with high-quality creations of pure and 916 golds! Also, their designers are all willing to listen to your desires and bringing them to life with a marvelous upshot.

On top of that, they also feature their gold collection just for men! If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your boyfriends and husbands, getting them genuine gold can let them feel special as well.

Customers Reviews…

Customers adore the passion and details that the designers are putting to create an amazing masterpiece. Here is a comment from Grace, who’s surely satisfied with what she got from the Orient Jewellers:

“Wonderful service and fantastic workmanship. Detailed discussion on designs and top notch execution. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for making my dream push present come true 😘” – Grace Lau

Location: 177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-164/66, Singapore 310177

Phone: (+65) 6253 3032

5. LeCaine Gems

LeCaine Gems is a place to buy good quality jewelry for cheap,  find high quality stones and gold at an amazing price in Singapore
Image Source: LeCaine Gems

Featured in different media platforms and magazines, providing you with gorgeous bridal rings, LeCaine Gems offers more! It hallmarks different ready-made jewellery styles according to your preferences!

Being a family-owned business, we are truly certain that we are well taken care of! Having years of experience as a jeweller, we can absolutely buy jewellery without any trouble.

Do visit their physical store to try on different jewellery as they have just reopened. Or, you can browse their collection online, order and have a moissanite ring delivered to you hassle-free!

Customers Reviews…

Patrons and customers appreciate the service they got in achieving the jewellery design they truly desires. Here’s a comment from Helen, proving how lucky are we in having LeCaine Gems in town:

“Super stunning ring that was tailored to what I had requested. Ashley is very friendly and a great listener. I will definitely go back to Lecaine Gems in future for its value and bespoke pieces. Thanks Ashley!!!” – Helen Low

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-32 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Phone: (+65) 8363 3168

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6. eClarity

eClarity is the Best Jewellery Shops in Singapore, Diamonds and Gemstone Engagement for magnificent diamond wedding rings and anniversary.
Image Source: eClarity

Hallmarking its thousands diamond collection that symbolizes deeper meanings of life. eClarity should be your go-to jewellery store in town! It offers a wide selection of jewellery for any type of event!

Looking for a modern and stylish engagement ring? Stop the search and check out its available ready to ship rings with magnificent designs! Not to mention that they are very affordable and inexpensive and their creations are indeed worth your every buck.

If you prefer tailored rings that represent whether love, passion, or courage, eClarity is more than happy to hear a little story and interpret it with its designer’s creation!

Customers Reviews…

Aside from having a wide selection of gorgeous jewellery, customers love how comfy and casual their services are in showing their available accessories. Here is a feedback from one of their customers:

“Everyone is friendly and helpful, especially being patient and not hard selling. They will make u feel comfortable at purchasing something from their shop!” – Adrian See

Location: 391B Orchard Road #21-05A Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874

Phone: (+65) 9833 1220

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7. Mulia Jewellery

Mulia Jewellery is an Awesome Jewellery shops in Singapore for exquisite accessories, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings ,Gemstones ,Jewellery,Gold ,customise gold jewelry
Image Source: Mulia Jewellery

You’re the master of your own destiny, and still, you do in wearing your desired jewellery! Whether you’re up for gold, gems, silvers, or even pearls, sure this jewellery shop can provide you nothing but first-rate designs.

Here in Mulia Jewellery, you can be a jewellery designer without the need of studying the whole process of making. Since you have Mulia and the team, just simply tell them how you wanted it to be done and viola your wish if their command.

Not only that, but also they offer several discounts and promos that shouldn’t be missed! So better start scrolling at their website and choose the jewellery that catches your eyes!

Customers Reviews…

On whatever occasion, customers are pretty much fond of running into Mulia Jewellery to get the best piece of jewellery. Here is one of the feedback from their customer:

“Thank you for the beautiful pendant and the pretty accompanying case! Looking forward to picking up the sapphire ring!” – Chia Hong Huei

Address: 150 Orchard Rd, #03-73 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841

Phone: (+65) 9877 0808

8. Empire Treasures

Empire Treasures is BEST FOR Jewellery PRICING, the 10 Best Jewellery Brands In Singapore For Timeless Pieces
Image Source: Empire Treasures

Focusing on superior and tailored jewellery, Empire Treasure is surely not your ordinary Jewellery shops! Whether you would love to have ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, or silver, Empire Treasure got you covered.

Also, they make sure to provide top-quality authentic precious stones to satisfy your eyes with their sparkling style and designs. Getting a creation from Empire Treasure is undoubtedly unique and one-of-a-kind!

Besides, having a well-skilled craftsman and jewellery designer can surely offer an extraordinary creation of classic yet elegant styles of jewellery you can ever have. You can visit their website to check other jewellery styles to suit your likings.

Customers Reviews…

Other than having a great selection of jewellery, the staff are very nice to help you find the perfect piece of jewellery. Here is feedback from one of the customers who pretty much appreciates the whole buying process:

“Highly recommended to shop here. Received good quality service from Jen who gave extremely helpful answers and recommendations despite our constant questions. She was also very patient and never rush us to choose even though they are near closing time. Really satisfied with their service and their gemstone selection.” – Elizabeth Choi

Location: 6 Scotts Rd, Scotts Square, #01-11, Singapore 228209

Phone: +65 8879 8888

9. Far East Gems and Jewellery

Far East Gems and Jewellery is top 10 affordable jewellers: contemporary, delicate jewellery for Singaporeans, I'm assuming you're looking for a place to buy gems stones in Singapore. Your best bet would be to check out Far East Gems and Jewellery, They have a wide variety of gems and stones, and they're the most reputable jeweller in the country.
Image Source: Far East Gems and Jewellery

Creating jewellery masterpiece since early in the ’90s, Far East Gems and Jewellery strives to produce high-quality creations from natural gemstones! Known as one of the leading suppliers of engagement rings and wedding bands, they keep intact to give you the best designs – be it classic or modern styles.

Aside from those, the designer team often travels around Asia to engage in different trade fairs and expand their knowledge when it comes to jewellery and gathers gemstones from different parts of Asia!

If you’re thinking of a gift for an anniversary, you can never go wrong in giving them a jewellery set from Far East Gems and Jewellery. Looking for a luxurious brooch? You’ve come to the right store! You can also scroll down their page to see other jewellery items for your collection.

Customers Reviews…

Patrons are satisfied with the outcome of their customized jewellery from time to time. Here’s a feedback from one of them:

“I've been getting my custom made jewellery pieces from Far East Gems for over 10 years now. Still one happy customer.” – Marie Tay

Address: 26 Kandahar St, Level 3, Singapore 198888, by appointment only

Phone: (+65) 6734 3172

10. The King’s Bespoke

The King’s Bespoke is top 10 Singapore's Best Premier Jewellery Shop & Brand,
Image Source: The King’s Bespoke

Breaking the conventional trend, who says jewellery is only for women? The King’s Bespoke begs to differ. Aside from providing curated engagement and wedding rings, this store also highlights its For Him category!

If you’re interested in creating a personalized ring and cufflinks, bookan appointment with The King’s Bespoke incredible artisan to help you design and customize a masterpiece specially and meticulously.

On top of that, the gemstones are surely authentic and high-quality built to capture your special moment with your loved ones. This brand under the Far East Gems & Jewellery Group also offers a quick guide to help you create a piece of art in the form of bespoke jewellery.

Sapphire Heirloom Engagement Ring with Diamonds

Customers Reviews…

Many customers are satisfied with the jewellery the designers personally created and enhanced to create an amazing jewellery piece. Here is a comment from one of the very pleased customers of The King’s Bespoke:

“Kristina, the jewellery designer gave creative inputs and patiently advised me to improve my original idea. Very patient and knowledgeable. I will highly recommend this shop to my friends :)” – Prinz Kang

Location: 26 Kandahar St, Level 3, Singapore 198888

Phone: (+65) 6734 3172

Affordable Jewellery Brands Singapore

What jewelry is Singapore famous for?

Singapore is well-known for its beautiful jewelry. Their pieces often feature exotic pieces of necklaces and traditional motifs from the Peranakan culture of the city-state and Southeast Asia.

Singapores selection of jewelry is world-famous for its intricate craftsmanship, bright colors, and unique designs.

Traditional jewelry often includes intricate filigree pieces such as earrings and necklaces, as well as rings, bracelets, and bangles made out of enamel, coral, precious and semi-precious stones, and gold or silver.

These pieces make perfect gifts or souvenirs and are sure to bring a smile to any recipient's face.

Is gold jewelry cheap in Singapore?

Gold jewelry is not particularly cheap in Singapore. Even though Singapore is known for its low taxes and inexpensive electronic goods, gold jewelry is taxed and priced similarly to what you would find in the United States or Europe.

Gold jewelry is popular in Singapore and is available in a wide range of designs, from classic yellow gold to modern white gold.

Prices and quality will vary from shop to shop, so it's a good idea to compare prices and shop around.

For those looking for the highest quality gold jewelry at the best prices, shopping at an established and reliable retailer is usually the best option.

Is Singapore a good place to buy gold jewellery?

Singapore is an ideal location for purchasing gold jewellery due to its status as a premier destination for gold and jewelry shopping in South East Asia. Singapore has some of the world's most established and well-known jewellers such as Love & Co, Soo Kee Jewellery, Poh Heng Jewellery, Lee Heng Jewellery, and Orient Goldsmiths & Jewellers.

Singapore is known for its high standard of workmanship and quality gold jewellery, and offers a wide variety of styles and settings to suit the taste of any buyer.

Singapore also provides buyers with an opportunity to get great deals on jewellery due to its strong currency and relatively low taxes. Shopping in Singapore for gold jewellery is definitely worth considering for those looking for quality and great value.

How do you care for 22K gold?

22K gold is a softer metal, so it scratches and wears more easily than other types of gold. It's best to store your 22K gold jewelry in an airtight container to prevent it from tarnishing.

You can polish your jewelry with a soft cloth if it starts to look dull. Avoid exposing your gold jewelry to harsh chemicals or excessive heat, as this can damage the metal easily.

Inexpensive vs Expensive Jewelry in Singapore

Here's a comparison table for inexpensive jewelry versus expensive jewelry:

Feature Inexpensive Jewelry Expensive Jewelry
Materials Often made from lower-cost materials like plated metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. Typically crafted from precious metals and stones like gold, platinum, diamonds, and gemstones.
Durability Less durable; prone to discoloration, tarnishing, and wear over time. Highly durable and made to last, often with superior craftsmanship and finishes.
Design and Craftsmanship Simpler designs; mass-produced with less attention to detail. Intricate, unique designs with high-quality craftsmanship, often handmade or custom-made.
Aesthetic Appeal Can be trendy and visually appealing but may lack the refinement of expensive pieces. Exquisite and timeless beauty with a luxurious appearance that often appreciates in value.
Brand Recognition Usually not associated with well-known brands or designers. Often associated with prestigious brands and designers, with brand value contributing to cost.
Value Retention Tends to depreciate quickly; not typically considered an investment. Can retain or increase in value over time, often considered an investment or heirloom.
Maintenance May require more frequent replacement or special care to extend lifespan. Generally requires regular professional cleaning and maintenance to preserve quality.
Allergenic Potential Higher likelihood of causing skin reactions due to materials like nickel. Usually hypoallergenic, particularly with higher purity metals and quality alloys.
Packaging and Presentation Often comes with minimal packaging. Typically presented in luxurious packaging, enhancing the overall experience.
Purpose and Occasion Suitable for everyday wear, fashion statements, or temporary use. Ideal for significant occasions like weddings, new year celebration, milestones, and as a symbol of status or commitment.
Warranty and Support Limited or no warranty; customer support may vary. Often comes with extensive warranties, guarantees, and superior customer support.
Accessibility Widely available and accessible to a broad audience. Exclusive and sometimes limited in availability, targeting a niche market.
Environmental and Ethical Considerations May not prioritize ethical sourcing or environmental sustainability. Often includes responsibly sourced materials with ethical and sustainable practices.

In our opinion, it's important to note that the lines between inexpensive and expensive jewelry can sometimes blur, with some brands offering high-quality materials and designs at more accessible price points, and vice versa. The choice between the two often depends on personal preferences, budget, and the intended use of the jewelry.

Which gold jewellery shop is best in Singapore?

On whatever occasion you have, adding a touch of accessories from the best jewellery is astonishingly fulfilling – especially if it’s an engagement or wedding. The list above can pretty much tell you a little about each jewellery shop. All of them can surely provide you with their beautiful creations of jewellery!

Whether you like a customized accessory or a ready-made one, sure you can find the perfect piece to fit your likings! Get a new piece to add you your collection and wear them confidently.

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