Where to Buy Moving Boxes in Singapore

Where to Buy Moving Boxes in Singapore 2024 - All You Need to Know

If you're planning a move and need to buy moving boxes in Singapore, there are several places where you can find a variety of sizes and types of boxes to suit your needs. Here are some of the best options:

Physical Stores:

  1. IKEA

    • Location: Multiple outlets (Alexandra, Tampines)
    • Website: IKEA Singapore
    • Details: Offers a range of moving boxes and packing supplies. They have different sizes and types of boxes, including sturdy options for heavier items.
  2. Daiso

    • Location: Multiple outlets (Plaza Singapura, VivoCity, IMM, etc.)
    • Website: Daiso Singapore
    • Details: Known for its affordable $2 items, Daiso offers various packing supplies, including small moving boxes and other packing materials.
  3. Self-Storage Facilities

    • Locations: StorHub, Extra Space Asia, Lock+Store, etc.
    • Details: Many self-storage facilities sell moving boxes and packing supplies. Visit their retail sections to find a range of box sizes and packing materials.
    • Websites:
  4. Home-Fix

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: Home-Fix
    • Details: A hardware store that offers a range of moving boxes and packing supplies. They provide various sizes and types of boxes to suit different needs.
  5. NTUC FairPrice

    • Location: Multiple outlets across Singapore
    • Website: NTUC FairPrice
    • Details: Some larger FairPrice supermarkets and FairPrice Xtra stores offer moving boxes and packing supplies. Check the home and living sections.

Online Platforms:

  1. Lazada

    • Website: Lazada Singapore
    • Details: A popular online marketplace with a wide range of moving boxes from various sellers. Look out for customer reviews and ratings to ensure quality.
  2. Shopee

    • Website: Shopee Singapore
    • Details: Offers a broad selection of moving boxes at different price points. Look for deals and discounts, and check customer reviews for quality assurance.
  3. Qoo10

    • Website: Qoo10 Singapore
    • Details: Another well-known online marketplace with a variety of moving boxes. Prices are competitive, and you can often find good deals.
  4. Carousell

    • Website: Carousell Singapore
    • Details: A popular online marketplace for buying and selling new and used items. You can find moving boxes from individual sellers, often at lower prices.
  5. RedMart

    • Website: RedMart
    • Details: An online grocery platform that also offers household and packing supplies, including moving boxes. Convenient for those who prefer online shopping and home delivery.

Specialty Stores:

  1. Carton Box Singapore

    • Website: Carton Box Singapore
    • Details: Specializes in moving boxes and packing supplies. They offer a wide range of box sizes and types, including heavy-duty options. They also provide delivery services.
  2. The Box Warehouse

    • Website: The Box Warehouse
    • Details: Offers a variety of moving boxes and packing supplies. They provide different sizes and types of boxes, including wardrobe boxes and file boxes.
  3. Singapore Cartons

    • Website: Singapore Cartons
    • Details: Specializes in moving boxes and packing supplies. They offer a wide range of box sizes and types, including custom sizes. They also provide delivery services.
  4. Packing Solution

    • Website: Packing Solution
    • Details: Offers a variety of moving boxes and packing supplies. They provide different sizes and types of boxes, including heavy-duty options.

Tips for Buying Moving Boxes:

  1. Determine Your Needs: Assess the number and types of items you need to pack to determine the sizes and quantities of boxes required.
  2. Quality Matters: Invest in sturdy boxes, especially for heavier items, to ensure they can withstand the move.
  3. Look for Deals: Check for promotions, discounts, and bulk purchase deals to save money.
  4. Consider Reusability: Opt for boxes that can be reused or recycled to minimize waste.

These options provide a range of choices for finding moving boxes in Singapore, whether you prefer shopping in-store or online.

Carton boxes for moving

Moving into a new home is no joke – so does moving your things out. It doesn’t only require a lot of energy but also needs some good moving boxes to keep your belongings safe and sound.

Still on the hunt in finding the perfect box? Well, we got you all covered! No need to keep searching, just scroll down and select the ones that can supply you with your moving essentials.

Save your time and move into your new home without worrying about your stuff. Here are our preferred movers to help you professionally move house or office.

Check out these shops and see what they can offer you to step out hassle-free! Don’t always stick from scrape boxes, you may save some bucks but your things aren’t always sealed safe with them.

Besides, almost all of the shops offer an affordable price to stay within your means!

Top 10 Shops to Buy High-Grade Moving Boxes in Singapore

1. MillionParcel

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Image Source: MillionParcel - Moving Boxes Singapore

Promising wear and tear moving boxes that can help you move out more easily, MillionParcel prides itself on providing you excellent quality boxes at a very cheap price!

Not to mention that they produce eco-friendly boxes, it is truly worth your every buck! Different sizes are available to provide you the right box.

They also offer other packing needs – from tape to bubble wrap for a more secured moving!

Other than that, you can also place an order thru Shopee as cash backs and free shipping await you.

Product Highlights:

  • Features a handle
  • U-Shaped Slit
  • Premium Thickness Carton
  • 90 ̊ Standard Edges
  • Rigid and Reusable

What Customers Say…

Receive fast and the boxes are good quality and big size too. Will buy more next time.” – Ayrineta on Shopee

Location: 194 Pandan Loop, #04-19 Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128383

Phone: (+65) 8711 5815

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2. Carton Box Singapore

Where can I buy cardboard boxes in Singapore?, How do I start my own carton box business?, Where can I get free carton boxes in Singapore?, Where can I buy box for package? Carton Box Singapore is a place people can buy cardboard boxes in Singapore,
Image Source: Carton Box Singapore - Moving Boxes Singapore

Offering the cheapest moving box in the market, we are indeed lucky to have Carton Box Singapore right just in town! Looking for a good-quality used box to save more?

Carton Box Singapore got you all covered. No need to worry about its quality, they guarantee 100% satisfaction with their boxes!

Despite being the leading shop that provides low-priced carton boxes, they ensure not to sacrifice the quality of their products and give you a good-quality box that can help you move without any hitch!

Need a hand with moving to your new home? Carton Box Singapore not only offers great quality boxes but also partnered with Rodex Movers to help you move more easily!

Besides, your things are undoubtedly protected and secured!

Product Highlights:

  • Cheapest Carton
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and Long Lasting
  • Various Sizes Available

What Customers Say…

Cheapest boxes i found so far, quality is good and many types and sizes available. Friendly staff to help you load the boxes into into taxi. Excellent Service!” – Jason Sadlerson

Location: 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #07-02 (Office) AMK Tech II Singapore 567760

Phone: (+65) 6916 0869

3. New Carton Box

New Carton Box is a place to get Big & Small Carton Boxes For Sale in Singapore, Carton Box Supplier Singapore, buy Packing Boxes from Manufacturer, Where to Find the Best Moving Boxes in Singapore
Image Source: New Carton Box - Moving Boxes Singapore

While some moving box shops are just for retail, you may want to consider buying from a direct moving box manufacturer to get what you need! New Carton Box offers various moving boxes to meet your preferred style and sizes.

Aside from those, they feature a wholesale price which can help you save some buck! Also, they are offering box customization to provide you the perfect box that you need.

Plus, you can order their box in two convenient ways! Whether you want to visit their physical store to pick up the box yourself or have it delivered to your house and pay cash on delivery!

Just keep in mind that minimum purchase is required to have the boxes delivered to you.

Carton Size Price

L46cm x W35cm x H30cm

$3.50 each

L45cm x W40cm x H40cm

$3.50 each

L60cm x W40cm x H50cm

$4.00 each

L50cm x W50cm x H50cm

$4.50 each

L65cm x W45cm x H55cm

$5.50 each

Price List for Moving Boxes

For delivery, a minimum purchase of 20pcs of new carton boxes is required.

Product Highlights:

  • Direct Manufacturer
  • Offers Wholesale Price
  • Various Box Types and Sizes
  • Supply Box Customization

What Customers Say…

Really one of the best moving and packaging service providers in Singapore !!!!!” – Gaurav j

Location: 1092 Lower Delta Rd, #06-10, Singapore 169203

Phone: (+65) 6372 1581

4. Carton Box Supply - Carton boxes for moving

Where can I buy carton boxes for moving in Singapore?, Carton Box Supply is where you can buy carton boxes for moving in Singapore, Used Carton Box for(House/Office)Moving Singapore, Carton Box Supplier Near me
Image Source: Carton Box Supply - Moving Boxes Singapore

As moving does not only require the box itself, Carton Box Supply has made it more convenient to shop for your moving needs!

Featuring their moving kits which include other securing materials, your moving is never the same as before.

They come into different packs according to your necessity.

They value your money and promise to offer high-quality and affordable boxes to make your moving stress-free! Are you looking for a specific box size?

Fret not. Carton Box Supply is also offering personalized boxes to cater to your needs! Plus, free-shipping is such a good deal for us. What’s more not to fall in love with Carton Box Supply, right?

Product Highlights:

  • Offer Free Shipping
  • Customizable
  • Earth Friendly
  • Handy Moving Kits

What Customers Say…

Reasonable prices with wide range of box sizes and packing kits that meets all my storage needs. Staff were efficient, experienced, and friendly make this box-shopping a very uniquely pleasant one. Affordable, prompt and hassle-free!” – Jane Chang

Location: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-38 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934

Phone: (+65) 6589 8531

5. Seng Hong Brothers Transport

Who has the cheapest boxes for moving in Singapore?, Seng Hong Brothers Transport is a Reliable Movers in Singapore, cheap carton boxes for moving house, where to buy carton box for moving office, Ways to Get Boxes for Moving House
Image Source: Seng Hong Brothers Transport - Moving Boxes Singapore

Hallmarking a wide range of moving cartons, Seng Hong Brothers Transport stands to provide excellently made boxes right just for your moving needs!

Besides, they are also offering transport services to help you out with your house moving.

Not to mention that their price level is just within your means, they can make your home relocation laidback and convenient!

What makes them unique beyond other moving box stores are the exclusive features that aren’t present with other box brands!

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly Spacious
  • Water Resistance
  • Well-built

Location: 104 Gangsa Road, Singapore 670104

Phone: (+65) 9871 9844

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6. Moving Essentials - Carton Boxes Supplier

Where can I buy moving boxes in Singapore?, Carton Box for sale, Moving Essentials is Carton Box manufacturer Singapore
Image Source: Moving Essentials - Moving Boxes Singapore

Planning on moving on your own? Take it easy with Moving Essentials! If you want to cut the cost of moving, no need to keep searching and check out your packing boxes and accessories with them!

Others may require a minimum purchase to have their products shipped to your door but with Moving Essentials, they can have it delivered to you hassle-free!

Focusing on providing you the ultimate convenience, you’ll be getting what you truly paid for!

Besides, their products are indeed priced with no GST, so there’s no doubt that they are offering cheap moving needs!

Move without any worries, with Moving Essentials, everything is easy and nonchalant.

Carton Size Price

L 45.7 x W 30.5 x H 33 (cm) Small

$2.75 each

L 45.7 x W 45.7 x H 50.8 (cm) Medium

$3.85 each

L 45.7 x W 45.7 x H 76.2 (cm) Large

$5.39 each

L 91.4 x W 45.7 x H 25.4 (cm) Flat

$5.39 each

L 93.5 x W49.5 x H80 (cm) Super Jumbo

$16.50 each

L 54 x W 54 x H 120 (cm) Standing Wardrobe

$19.25 each

L39 x W 32.5 x H 27.8 (cm) Files Carton

$3.19 each

L 91.4 x W 76 x H 68.5 (cm) Mirror Picture Carton

$6.05 each

Bubble Wrap

$8.80 per roll

Price Table for Carton Boxes

Product Highlights:

  • Self-packing
  • Firm Carton
  • High-quality
  • Purpose-built boxes

What Customers Say…

“Ordered my boxes online on Sunday, and received my boxes today as scheduled. Very good quality boxes for the price paid.” – Alison Henarck

Location: 105 Second Lok Yang Rd, Singapore 628174

Phone: (+65) 6265 8819

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7. Buysomeboxes

Buysomeboxes is a good carton box supplier, Online Ready Stock Carton Box - Reduce Goods Damage while moving, How do I start my own carton box business?, Where can I buy moving boxes in Singapore?, How much does it cost to manufacture a box? 1.5 cubic feet is a good moving box size
Image Source: Buysomeboxes.com - Moving Boxes Singapore

Amid these times of pandemic, Buysomeboxes strives to deliver your boxes with only 1 working day! If you’re in a hurry in getting moving boxes, you may want to consider getting them at Buysomeboxes.

Aside from promising you top-notch quality moving boxes, they ensure that their products are brand new at a very affordable price!

Whether you want to make an online payment or cash on delivery, they value your overall convenience and smooth transaction.

Moreover, Buysomeboxes are offering free shipping deals for orders over $50 and above!

Plus, they are not requiring a minimum order to have your boxes delivered to you which definitely is such a great deal!

Product Highlights:

  • Top-quality
  • Competitively priced
  • Wide box assortment

What Customers Say…

Was assisted by Mr. Colin for my needs. Very friendly and helpful.” – Kamarul Amin

Location: #07-08, Singapore, 194 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128383

8. The Postal Supplies (iPlan Private Limited)

The Postal Supplies (iPlan Private Limited) is top 10 Places To buy Moving Boxes, where to sell used carton boxes in singapore, where to get free boxes for moving singapore, where to buy moving boxes in singapore, carton boxes supplier, ikea carton box, where to buy carton boxes, carton boxes for sale
Image Source: The Postal Supplies - Moving Boxes Singapore

Besides being the leading supplier for mailing needs, The Postal Supplies also got some boxes to help you move to your new home!

Promising excellent quality boxes, your things are truly sealed and protected even the fragile ones!

Also, they ensure to use durable tape to keep your belongings intact to their place! Its design is well-built to perfectly fit your things and carry them easily.

Not to mention that they promote being penny-wise, you can surely save more when you buy more!

Product Highlights:

  • Sealed with OPP tape
  • Easy to Carry and Fold
  • Superb Quality
  • Great design

What Customers Say…

“Helpful staff got what I needed, hard to find though, it's a really hard place to find!” – Gavin McCloy

Location: 28 Kallang Place, #03-08, Singapore 339158

Phone: +65 6514 5560

9. CartonBox.SG

CartonBox.SG is a Supplier Carton Box - Design Your Own Packaging, paper box supplier - Packaging box supplier, Where can I buy moving boxes in Singapore?
Image Source: Cartonbox.sg - Moving Boxes Singapore

If you feel like buying moving box bundles, you can totally save some buck from CartonBox.SG! As a retailer of a new and once-used carton, they make sure to get you a good quality box that can withstand wear and tear!

From standard size to XXL, CartonBox.SG basically got what you need!

It can also be your one-stop moving shop as they also have other packing materials from tapes to bubble wraps to ensure that your things are well-packed and easy to transport without any worries!

Urgently need the boxes? Just ping their email and they will assist you with your request!

Moreover, you can also pass by their shop and pick up the boxes that you need conveniently.

Product Highlights:

  • Cheap rate
  • First-rate Quality
  • Handy
  • Long-lasting

What Customers Say…

“Look for the minimart and you'll find this gem of a vendor. Very helpful in helping figure out the boxes that meet my moving need. And quick/neat packaging as well to help me carry them around. Very respectful interaction and centrally located. Highly recommended.” – Akash Handa

Location: 106 Mackenzie Rd, Singapore 228706

Phone: (+65) 6653 1555

10. Packeverything

Packeverything is a place to buy Cardboard Boxes Wholesale Singapore, boxes great for handy items such as carrier bags, packing boxes and tarpaulins, carton boxes for storage and organising solutions
Image Source: Packeverything - Moving Boxes Singapore

In line with the leading packaging shops, we should not forget Packeverything! This hidden gem located at Ubi View deserves appreciation by helping us all with packing – especially if you’re moving to a new home!

They feature different box types and sizes which are certainly made from first-rate boards!

Plus, it promises to be heavy-duty to make sure that your things are secured to transport to your new house.

If any of their ready-made boxes aren’t the perfect size that you are currently looking for, fret not!

They are offering customized box to meet your needs and help you pack your things seamlessly!

Product Highlights:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Customizable by request
  • High-quality board
  • Efficient space

What Customers Say…

“A great place to source for everything .A one stop shop. A literal box heaven. Look for Chee Kong ,the manager when you are there. super helpful and resourceful.” – Ziz Aziz

Location: 1 Ubi View, #01-05 Focus One, Singapore 408555

Phone: (+65) 6844 7616

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Where to Buy Moving Boxes in Singapore

When to Use Cardboard Boxes vs. Plastic Bins When Moving

Aspect Moving Boxes Plastic Bins
Durability Made of corrugated cardboard, providing strength and protection for items during relocation Constructed from durable plastic, offering sturdiness and resistance to damage
Reusability Can be reused multiple times for storage or future moves, but may wear out over time Designed for long-term use and can be reused for multiple moves and storage needs
Eco-Friendly Typically recyclable, but may contribute to more waste if not reused or recycled properly Environmentally friendly, as they can be reused and are often made from recyclable materials
Assembly Require assembly with packing tape and may be more time-consuming to set up and secure Do not require assembly and come with hinged lids or snap-on covers for easy closure
Stackability Stackable for efficient use of space and easy organization during moving and storage Stackable design allows for space-saving and organized storage of items
Protection Offer cushioning and protection for items, but may be more susceptible to moisture and damage Provide protection against moisture, dust, and pests, ensuring the safety of stored items
Size Options Available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different items and packing needs Offered in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate diverse storage and moving requirements
Transportation Lightweight and easy to carry, but may require careful handling to prevent damage to contents Equipped with handles and sturdy construction, facilitating safe and secure transportation
Cost Generally more cost-effective, but may require additional expenses for tape and packing materials Initial investment may be higher, but cost-effective in the long run due to reusability and durability
Visibility Often feature labeling areas for easy identification of contents, aiding in organization and unpacking Transparent design allows for clear visibility of contents, simplifying organization and retrieval of items
Maintenance Susceptible to damage from moisture and may need to be replaced after multiple uses Resistant to moisture and easy to clean, maintaining their condition and longevity over time
Versatility Suitable for a single use or short-term storage, with limited long-term durability Designed for long-term use and versatile storage solutions for home organization and moving needs
Is it better to move with plastic bins or boxes?

What type of boxes are best for moving in Singapore?

There is no hard and fast rule answer to this question, as the best type of box for moving depends on the amount and type of items you need to move.

However, there are some general tips that can help you select the right type of box for your move.

For starters, it's important to use the correct size box for your items. If you try to pack too much into a small box, it will be difficult and heavy to carry and could potentially damage your belongings.

On the other hand, using too large a box will make it difficult to fill and could cause items to shift around during transport. So, it's important to find a happy medium - a box that's big enough to fit your items but

Where can I get free boxes for moving in Singapore?

You can try a few different places for free carton boxes. Supermarkets like Giant and Seng Siong usually has some at the customer service counter.

Friends who have recently moved may also have some boxes that they would be willing to give you.

If you have trouble finding any, you could also try posting a question on one of the many online forums for Singaporeans, such as SGExpatWives orReddit Singapore.

What size box should I use for moving in Singapore?

The size of the box required for moving will rely on the number of items you need to pack and the kind of items they are. But as a general rule of thumb, you'll want to consider a 45 cm X 45cm X 40cm (H) box for most household items.

If you're packing smaller items like books or clothings, you can probably get away with using a smaller box.

But if you're packing larger items like lamps or small pieces of furniture, you'll need a larger box to make your moving easier.

And if you're packing fragil items like plates or glassware, you may wish to invest in some specialty boxes that are designed specifically for these easily breakable things.

What to use instead of boxes when moving in Singapore?

There are many alternatives to boxes when it comes to moving house, and depending on your needs, one may be a better fit rather than the other. Some of the most popular items we find include:
1. Suitcases
2. Briefcases
3. Backpacks
4. Tote Bags
5. Garbage Bags
6. Vacuum Bags
7. Ziploc Bags
8. Baskets and Hampers
9. Crates and Beer Boxes
10. Buckets and Trash Cans

What not to pack in boxes when moving?

When moving, it is important to consider what not to pack in boxes if you are not ready to open them with one or two days.

Perishable items such as food, plants, and medications should not be packed as they can spoil or become ruined over time.

Moreover, valuable items like jewelry and important documents should be kept with you instead of being packed away as you may want access to these items during the move.

Flammable items, aerosols, and hazardous materials like bleach, acids, poisons, and ammunition should also be kept out of boxes as these can be dangerous and be a fire hazard.

Lastly, avoid packing valuables in boxes that are not clearly labeled and marked as fragile as these items may be ruined in the moving process.

Moving Boxes in Singapore

Honestly speaking we can actually gather used boxes without needing to pay. But, can it guarantee to keep our stuff snug?

Obviously not. So, why stick with something that can leave us uncomfortable while moving out? It sometimes just needs the perfect box to keep your possessions secure.

Get affordable moving boxes to remove your worries and move to your new home without being restless! This list of moving box shops can truly help you move smoothly!

The perfect moving box is just right here, so better check out the ones that perfectly fit your needs. Move stress-free.

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