Cost of Water Heater in Singapore

Cost of Water Heater in Singapore 2024

The cost of water heaters in Singapore can vary widely depending on the type, brand, capacity, and features. Here are some approximate price ranges for different types of water heaters:

  1. Instant Water Heaters:

    • Basic models: Around SGD 100 - SGD 200
    • Mid-range models with additional features (e.g., digital controls, safety features): Around SGD 200 - SGD 400
    • High-end models with advanced features (e.g., energy-saving modes, enhanced safety): Around SGD 400 - SGD 600+
  2. Storage Water Heaters:

    • Small capacity (15-30 liters): Around SGD 150 - SGD 300
    • Medium capacity (30-50 liters): Around SGD 300 - SGD 500
    • Large capacity (50 liters and above): Around SGD 500 - SGD 800+
  3. Gas Water Heaters:

    • Basic models: Around SGD 200 - SGD 400
    • Mid-range models: Around SGD 400 - SGD 600
    • High-end models: Around SGD 600 - SGD 1,000+

Popular brands like Ariston, Joven, Rubine, 707, and Rheem offer a range of models across these price categories. Prices can vary based on sales, promotions, and the specific retailer. It's advisable to compare prices across different stores, both online and physical, to find the best deal. Additionally, consider looking at reviews and ratings to ensure you're getting a water heater that fits your needs and budget.

When purchasing a water heater, it's also important to consider installation costs, which can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and the service provider. Some retailers may offer installation services as part of the purchase package or at an additional cost.


Key Takeaways:

  • Water heaters are a convenient solution for comfortable showers, especially during unpredictable weather in Singapore.
  • They provide instant hot water, reduce energy and water costs, and offer safety features.
  • When choosing a water heater, consider cost, energy efficiency, type, size, and design to match your needs and bathroom aesthetics.
  • Installation costs in Singapore range from $30 to $50 when provided by the seller, or around $80 if hiring an independent handyman.

Featured Snippet:
Question: How much does it cost to install a water heater in Singapore?
Answer: The cost to install a water heater in Singapore typically ranges from $30 to $50 when installation services are provided by the seller. If you opt for an independent handyman, the charges are approximately $80, which includes transportation and installation fees. It's important to hire a PUB licensed plumber for safe and proper installation.

Embrace the comfort of warm showers with a reliable water heater, a must-have in Singapore's fluctuating climate. Whether you seek relief from a chilly downpour or simply prefer the luxury of a hot shower, a water heater is a smart investment. This guide simplifies your search, detailing where to buy water heaters in Singapore that align with your budget and bathroom needs.

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What are the Benefits of Water Heaters in Singapore?

We all know how water heaters work well and are taking less time and effort to shower. We can’t control the weather, and the water temperature will definitely change from time to time, but with a water heater, you can control your shower water temperature.

Though it is considered that water heaters are one of the appliances that have the largest home expense, there are still brands that offer water heaters with energy and power-saving.

There is still a big difference in what brand you will choose and how it gives you convenience.

If you are not yet convinced why you need a water heater, there are benefits or advantages of water heaters you must read below.

Heats Up Fast

What’s good about water heaters is that you will have an endless supply of hot water. Water heaters provide heat water instantly and directly in the shower so you don’t have to invest too much energy and time boiling water.

Cuts Cost on Bills

Heating water with gas takes too much time, effort, and money. With water heaters, you will only have to invest in one product and pay lower bills since most water heaters save water and power consumption. Plus, a water heater can usually last 4 - 5 years with proper installation and regular maintenance.


Water heaters are safe to use and easy to install, however we don't recommend DIY. Electrical risk is too dangerous for any appliance in the washroom. Though most water heaters are covered with waterproof protection and are splash-proof.

10 Best Water Heaters in Singapore Best Price (SGD)

Champs City Instant Water Heater with Shower Set

(Add $45.40 for Installation)


Toshiba Instant Water Heater


Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Instant Water Heater


Joven x sgPlumbMart JH25 Storage Water Heater


Aerogaz Water Heater


Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater


Smart Instant Water Heater - Trentios T1 Zenith Intelliheat


Panasonic Non-Jet Pump DH-3MT1 Water Heater


Rubine RWH-3388 Instant Water Heater with Rain Shower & Inverter DC Booster Pump


Ariston SB33 Aures Easy Instant Water Heater


Where to Buy Water Heater in Singapore?

Top 10 Water Heaters for your Bathroom in Singapore

1. Champs City Instant Water Heater with Shower Set

Champs City Instant Water Heater with Shower Set - Water Heater Singapore

If you are looking for an instant water heater from a top brand in Singapore, Champ City’s Water Heater will be perfect for you. This water heater comes with a shower set for a complete shower experience.

Additionally, the Champ City’s Water Heater prevents water from reaching scalding temperature, so it is definitely safe and easy to use.

For water and power consumption, it has a 3-in-1 stop valve so you can be in control of the water flow. Feel the indulgent shower experience with this instant water heater.

The package comes with one knob, an adjustable rain shower sliding kit, and a 5-way multi-massage hand shower for a complete and refreshing shower experience.

Key Features:

• High quality polymer tank

• High precision power selector

• Energy and water saving

• With massage shower set

• Easy to use

You can get this water heater at:

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2. Toshiba Instant Water Heater

Toshiba Instant Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

How can you not admire the look of this Toshiba Instant Water Heater? Aside from its well-known brand, power, purpose, its style and design suit with any look of your bathroom.

This water heater has a built-in ELCB and auto flow sensor with NTC thermal cut-out and has a stepless electronic temperature control.

Moreover, it has a double copper heating element that heats water two times faster with constant temperature performance. Not just that, it also has a 5-spray shower pattern that will surely give you the comfort of taking a bath.

Key Features:

• Splash-proof

• With auto flow sensor

• 5 spray pattern showerhead

You can get this water heater at:

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3. Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Instant Water Heater

Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Instant Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

Your shower experience must be something you don’t have to worry about, and it should be comfortable and feels refreshing after. Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Instant Water Heater provides constant temperature with stepless electronic control for its regulation.

This bathroom water heater comes with five shower selections for the comfort of your bath experience. Don’t worry about its power consumption since it has energy-saving performance. In addition, the Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Instant Water Heater has a coated PCB for high reliability.

Thanks to its anti-scalding and total safety system, it provides extra safety while in use. This water heater has an easy push, on, and off knob with temperature selection, and an ingress protection of waterproof casing.

Key features:

• Energy saving

• Easy to use

• With temperature selection

• 5 shower selection

You can get this Ariston Aures Smart SMC33 Instant Water Heater at:

4. Joven JH25 Storage Water Heater

Joven JH25 Storage Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

Need bigger storage for a water heater? If so, you will be interested in Joven Storage Water Heater which has the capacity of 25 liters tank heater.

Don’t worry because its tank is stainless for rust-free water. Its heat elevator is energy-saving with an approximate time of 20 minutes for water heating.

This Joven storage tank tye water heater has a triple safety system which includes a pressure relief valve, thermostat safety cut-out, and thermal cut-off.

In addition to that is its high-density polyurethane foam insulation that reduces noise.

Key Features:

• Energy saving

• Triple safety system

• With foam insulation

You can get this water heater at:

5. Aerogaz S600W Water Heater

Aerogaz Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

When searching for a water heater, what we look for is something that gives guaranteed and reliable water temperature throughout your shower.

That will be an annoyance if you feel the changes in the temperature. Aerogaz S600W Water Heater provides an excellent built of water heater and a consistent level of water temperature.

Its features have an anti-scald device and is splash-proof for your safety.

This single-point water heater is also built with a UK heating element, copper tank, for high or low water pressure.

Plus, it has three settings power selectors, so you have choices and control of the water heater.

Key features:

• Copper tank

• Single point

• Anti-scald

• Splash proof

• UK heating element

• 3 settings power selector

You can get this water heater at:

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6. Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater

Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

Modern is in, and with Mistral Instant Water Heater, it will just go with whatever your bathroom’s design is. Installing water heaters is hard, but this one will definitely make it like a piece of cake.

Moreover, it is very convenient, user-friendly, and safe to operate and with its high-density insulation. The main features it has are anti-scald and splash-proof devices that are safe and reliable.

Take pleasure in pure shower comfort with the amazing features this water heater offers.

Key features:

• 5 years heating element warranty

• Splash proof

• Anti-scald

• Economy

You can get this water heater at:

7. Smart Instant Water Heater - Trentios T1 Zenith Intelliheat

Photo Source: Trentios

Trentios T1 Zenith Intelliheat - Water Heater Singapore

A water heater with a modern, sleek design? Then, this Trentios Smart Instant Water Heater is for you. This water heater will not take up too much space in your bathroom because it is small but provides you with tons of great features.

With this, you can track your water and electricity usage, which lets you maximize your water consumption, and that really saves you much energy and power.

What’s more, it has a touch-screen interference designed for quick interaction, making it look in-style, innovative, and modish.

Its stainless steel tank ensures a long product lifespan and gives double instant heating element, but does not consume too much power.

Key features:

• Anti-scald protection

• SG safety mark certified

• Instant Heating

• Small and modern design

• Water and electricity tracker

You can get this water heater at:

8. Panasonic Non-Jet Pump DH-3MT1 Water Heater

Panasonic Non-Jet Pump DH-3MT1 Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

The brand might be familiar to everyone, and you know it’s trusted and guaranteed, so let’s talk about the amazing features of this Panasonic Non-Jet Pump Water Heater.

This anti-bacteria water heater is a safety mark approved for it has nine safety points. Additionally, it has an insulated structure with a splash-proof case and non-flammable material.

What makes it even better is how it is easy to use, because of its one-push on and off switch with a manual reset thermostat.

The water heater’s nine safety points include its reinforced polyamide tank and built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB) with 55 degree Celsius auto thermal cut-off and water flow sensor.

Key Features:

• One push stop system

• Safety mark approved

• Anti-bacteria

• 9 safety points

You can get this water heater at:

9. Rubine RWH-3388 Instant Water Heater

Rubine RWH-3388 Instant Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

Enjoy the shower feeling like it’s raining. This product almost has everything excellent for a water heater, like a rain shower and inverter DC pump.

With its sleek design and low noise, you will indeed have the best shower experience. Rubine Instant Water Heater includes a rain shower and inverter DC booster pump to lessen noise.

Moreover, it also has a UK heating element technology which makes it fast and reliable in getting hot water. The water heater’s independent thermo cut-out and anti-scalding protection protects water from overheating and scalding.

This water heater is also equipped with a tri-way diverter for warm water and five shower functions for your comfort.

Key Features:

• Low-noise inverter DC pump

• UK technology heating element

• Independent thermo cut-out

• Anti-scalding protection

You can get this water heater at:

10. Ariston SB33 Aures Easy Instant Water Heater

Ariston SB33 Aures Easy Instant Water Heater - Water Heater Singapore

Go along in a good shower experience with Ariston SB33 Instant Water Heater. Feel the warmth of the water while you pamper yourself and making your shower experience feels like vacation.

This water heater has a stepless electronic control for temperature regulation and ingress protection with a waterproof casing. In addition, it has a cost-effective style which gives you no worry about power consumption, plus it is easy to use and easy maintenance.

Key Features:

• Total safety system

• Energy saving performance

• Italian art design

• Temperature regulation

• Water splash protection

You can get this water heater at:

Guide to Water Heater

How to Choose the Best Water Heater in Singapore?

Choosing the perfect water heater for your home might be a little challenging, especially when you are considering the cost, design, and power it provides. When selecting a water heater, you must take note of the following:

  1. Cost: One good tip you must remember is calculating its annual operating costs to have an idea of how much money you will invest in it.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Some water heaters will help you control your power and water consumption. A water heater with this feature is a good choice, especially when considering the product cost.
  3. Type: Is it solar, electrical, or storage? This will depend on what you desire for your bathroom. Though, it would be best if you took note that each type has different costs.
  4. Size: Maximizing efficiency and providing enough supply of water is very important. Consider how you or your family consume water daily.
  5. Design: There are different designs of water heaters that will fit your bathroom whether you like it, modern, sleek or big.

How much does it cost to install a Water Heater in Singapore

When you purchase a water heater, the seller will provide installation at an additional cost of $30 - $50. If you just purchase a water heater yourself, handymen in Singapore usually charge $80 for transportation & installation.

The cost varies depending on the service location and complexity of the project. Please engage a PUB licensed plumber who can perform the installation safely.

What is the average life of a water heater?

The average life expectancy of a water heater is 8 to 10 years. When properly installed, maintained, and serviced, water heaters may last even longer.

To maximize its lifespan, regular maintenance and servicing are recommended.

Signs of an aging water heater include unexplained noises coming from the tank when the water heater is running, rust or sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank, water around the base of the water heater, water temperature fluctuations, and discolored hot water.

If any of these issues appear, the water heater should be assessed and possibly replaced.

Is instant water heater good for bathroom?

Instant water heaters are an excellent choice for bathrooms since they provide the convenience of having hot water available as soon as you turn on the tap.

They are also much more energy efficient than central heating systems or hot water tanks, which can be expensive to maintain and install.

Instant water heaters use minimal energy and, depending on the model, can provide all the hot water you may need in minutes.

As an added bonus, instant water heaters are low-maintenance and require very little in terms of upkeep. This makes them an ideal choice for the bathroom and any other room that may require quick hot water access.

Does instant water heater use a lot of electricity?

Most electric water heaters uses between 400 and 3000 kWh/year. Instant water heaters use a small amount of electricity, but it does depend on the size of the unit.

Generally speaking, they require just enough electricity to heat the water to the desired temperature.

This makes them much more efficient than traditional water heaters, since they are only using power when needed.

Some systems also allow you to adjust the temperature, so you can save even more power and money on your energy bills.

Overall, instant water heaters are not considered to be very costly to operate, though making sure the unit is well maintained and efficient can help you save even more.

Are instant water heaters worth it?

Instant water heaters are a great investment that can save you both time and money in the long run. They heat water on the spot, so you can enjoy hot water the second you turn the tap on.

Furthermore the initial cost for an instant water heater is not expensive and you’ll save on your energy bills due to their efficient heating process.

Moreover, since you don’t have to wait for the tank to fill up, you’ll also save water. Instant water heaters require little maintenance as well, so they should last you a number of years with minimal costs.

All in all, if you’re looking for a fast, energy-efficient way to get hot water in your home, instant water heaters are definitely worth considering.

Water Heater in Singapore

In conclusion, the best instant water heater in Singapore is highly dependent on one’s own unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for energy-efficiency, affordability, or simple convenience, the range of options available ensures that you’ll be able to find the perfect instant water heater for your home.

With some extensive research and a willingness to scour the market for the best deals, you’ll be sure to find an instant water heater that meets your needs perfectly and enables you to enjoy an impressive level of hot water convenience.

Water heaters have a big impact on your family’s home, comfort, and costs. It is essential to consider the things listed above since they could be useful for you for a long time. Nothing beats a comfortable and relaxing shower experience, so it’s time to have a water heater for your family.

All those mentioned above are the best water heaters in Singapore. Check them out today!

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