Where to Find Cheap and Good Tailors in Singapore

Where to Find Cheap and Good Tailors in Singapore 2024 - Cost of Making a Suit in Singapore

Finding a good and affordable tailor in Singapore can be a rewarding experience, especially if you need custom clothing or alterations. Here are some recommendations where you might find quality tailoring services at reasonable prices:

1. People's Park Complex

Located in Chinatown, People's Park Complex is known for its wide array of tailors offering competitive prices. You can find tailors who specialize in both men's and women's clothing.

2. Far East Plaza

Situated on Orchard Road, Far East Plaza houses several tailors who offer affordable services. It's a popular spot for younger crowds looking for trendy and well-fitted clothes.

3. Katong Shopping Centre

This shopping center in the East of Singapore has a few tailors who are well-regarded for their craftsmanship and reasonable pricing.

4. Burlington Square

Located near Bugis, Burlington Square has a number of tailors who can handle various types of tailoring needs, from simple alterations to custom suits.

5. City Plaza

Known for its wholesale fashion shops, City Plaza also has tailors who offer budget-friendly services. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for alterations or custom-made clothing.

6. Golden Mile Complex

This complex has a few tailors who are known for their affordable prices and good quality work. It's worth checking out if you're in the area.

7. Textile Centre

Situated on Jalan Sultan, Textile Centre is another spot where you can find tailors offering competitive rates. It's particularly good for those looking for fabric and tailoring services in one place.

Tips for Finding a Good Tailor:

  • Ask for Recommendations: Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reliable tailor. Ask friends or family for their recommendations.
  • Check Reviews: Look for online reviews or testimonials to gauge the quality of the tailor's work.
  • Inspect Samples: Before committing, ask to see samples of their previous work to ensure it meets your standards.
  • Discuss Prices Upfront: Make sure to get a clear understanding of the pricing structure before starting any work.
  • Start Small: If possible, start with a small job to test the tailor's skills before committing to larger projects.

By exploring these locations and following these tips, you should be able to find a tailor in Singapore who meets your needs both in terms of quality and budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover affordable tailors in Singapore for bespoke clothing.
  • Balance cost with quality for your tailored needs.
  • Achieve the perfect fit without overspending.

Tailored clothing in Singapore doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Our guide showcases 11 affordable tailors in Singapore, ensuring you can dress sharply and smartly on a budget.

Q: Who are the affordable tailors in Singapore?
A: Affordable tailors in Singapore are skilled artisans who offer custom-fitted garments at competitive prices, providing options for those seeking bespoke quality without the luxury expense. They cater to a range of styles and preferences while ensuring value for money.

What is the cost to make a suit in Singapore?

The cost to make a suit in Singapore can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the quality of the fabric, the complexity of the design, and the reputation of the tailor.

On average, a custom-made suit in Singapore can cost anywhere from $500 to $3000 or more. It's always a good idea to shop around and compare prices and services offered by different tailors to find the best value for your money.

Forthwith, may we present to you, 11 popular affordable local tailors in Singapore, to visit right just in town!

From meticulously curating exclusive suit styles that fit snugly, sure these tailors will never burst your bubbles!

Top 11 Cheap and Good Tailors in Singapore

1. Prince Custom Tailors - Best Affordable Tailor in Singapore

Image Source: Prince Custom Tailors - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Nothing beats a dandy suit that offers a gentleman with a perfect fit. Prince Custom Tailors is one of the top names in the bespoke suits playground in Singapore since the 1990s.

Stocking premium fabrics, we love getting our suits, dresses, coats, shirts, and pants made here - Prince Custom Tailors is always here to make us look sharp for any occasion.

Moreover their speedy express service is always convenient especially for busy people who are in a rush to have posh attires for those very special events.

With impeccable workmanship, the tailors here pride on value and style at a very reasonable price. Get a custom suit from $310 within just 10 days.

Now you can set up an appointment easily on Prince Custom Tailors’ website. It’s hassle-free, and their tailors are always available when you have queries and concerns about your tailored suits and dresses.

What the Gentleman says…

"Excellent service and perfect fit of shirt and pants.Will definitely come back to get my tuxedo done."



Location: 14 Scotts Road, #03-66, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Phone: +65 6732 0190

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2. Perfect Attire - Suits from $500

Image Source: Perfect Attire - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Collaborating with prominent clothier brands, Perfect Attire prides itself in providing bespoke apparel for each client. As their name holds to deliver top-grade quality to meet your desires and needs!

Not only that, but they are also offering worldwide delivery partnered with different couriers befitting to your ultimate convenience.

We like that they are always ready to offer insights into our designs. Product befits the price paid for and pricing is also competitive.

If you have any inquiries and questions to ask, you can also book a virtual appointment with them without needing to step out of your home!

Interested in fitting their tailored creation? Schedule a meeting to visit their physical store and let them do the magic to give your custom-tailored suits and apparel!

From 500 SGD, you can already own a two-piece essential suit made from prime materials sewn up by professional tailors!

What the Gentleman Says...

“Seamless experience from consultation to collection. Will definitely be going back and would recommend to anyone looking to get tailored clothes in Singapore” – Caleb Coppersmith

Location: 138 Robinson Rd, Oxley Tower, Unit 03-38, Singapore 068906

Phone: (+65) 9818 7062

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3. Picadilly Tailors - Tailored Suits from $259

Image Source: singaporesuits.com - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Being one of the pioneers when it comes to providing men's wardrobe needs, Picadilly Tailors have been molding professional tailors since the ‘80s.

Be it an everyday work suit, wedding attire, or even just a party outfit, Picadilly’s professional and experienced tailors got you covered!

Got no time to visit their shop? Give them a whoop and they’ll come to you – whether you’re at the office or home! They value your time as they value the quality they specifically provide to their respective clients.

Are you looking for a set of tuxes for any special occasion? Fret not! Picadilly can provide you with 100% bespoke formal wear to accent your body frame.

Plus, their prices are absolutely cheap but promise top-quality garments!

From $259.00, get a made-to-measure tailored suit at this no-frills unit.

What the Gentleman Says...

“I’ve been tailoring pants and shirts from Picadilly for 25 yrs.They are affordable and good quality. Their staff are awesome and friendly. I’m giving 6 stars for their service!” – Mike Rama

Location: 14 Scotts Road #02-85 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Phone: (+65) 6734 9990

4. SuitYourself Singapore

Image Source: SuitYourself - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Look fine and dandy today. Instead of sticking with standard measurements that can sometimes be cumbersome to wear, SuitYourself hallmarks its 3D body scanner technology for a more accurate size to meet your precise body type!

Plus, it can save you from getting a standard size that is uncomfortable to wear.

Just keep in mind to book an appointment first since they are strictly by consultation to make sure that they can provide an exceptional and bespoke piece to wear on your next special event!

Aside from those, their creations are indeed affordable and made of superior quality! No frills. Suit sets and shirts belong to the price range of standard suits but are truly made to fit each client's likings.

Made to-order suit set (Jacket + Pants) starts at $358.

What the Gentleman Says...

“Affordable, great quality, great fit and outstanding customer service. I’ve made 3 suits and a shirt so far and I will be coming back for more soon!” – John Young

Location: 14 Scotts Rd, Far East Plaza #02-54, Singapore 228213

Phone: +65 9155 2679

5. Assemble Singapore

Image Source: @assemblesg via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Aside from being the premier supplier of wedding suits, Assemble Singapore hallmarks its bent to introduce custom linings! Choose the print that you want and create a work of art that no other tailors can!

From curating an incredible piece to spice up your special day to providing comfort that you honestly need, Assemble team will do the work for you at a very friendly price!

Also, Assemble features its collection of daily essentials that every man needs! You can check out their website and dazzle with their selection of amazing customized suits for any type of occasion.

What the Gentleman Says...

“Amazing people and store! Walked in, was lucky they weren't busy so I got a slot right away. Got myself some safari jackets done and I can't wait to see the result.” – Christopher Chan

Location: 181 Orchard Rd, #04-05 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Phone: +65 8742 6863

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6. Mohan's Custom Tailors

MImage Source: @mohans_custom_tailors via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Highlighting its thousand collections of materials from England and Italy, Mohan’s Custom Tailors makes sure to offer a bespoke suit that can fulfill your style and preference.

Whether you already have an idea when it comes to customized suits or not, Mohan’s team can help you create an outfit right just for you! As sewing is mostly done by hands, detail by detail to give you the best suit to wear.

One good point is that you can get your suit after a week of fitting! Looking for a last-minute getup? Fret not.

Mohan’s create your suit in just 24 hours without sacrificing the quality for the same price. What more not to like with Mohan’s right?

What the Gentleman Says...

Went here for tailored suit and was not disappointed. Was provided with by far best service for retail. Max Mohan attended to my needs and went the extra mile for me. Will recommend if anyone wants to custom tailor.” – Gerry Wu

Location: 14 Scotts Road #02-73 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Phone: (+65) 6732 3892

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7. Ehkay Corner Tailors Pte Ltd

Image Source: @ehkaycornertailors via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

From casual suits to clubwear and coats, Ehkay Corner Tailors ensure to give you a bespoke tailoring service that any other tailor promises but does not deliver.

Owned by two passionate married couples, sure your suit is in good hands!

Aside from focusing on creating men’s masterpieces, Ehkay also offers professional outfits for women! Be it evening wear to office attires, they got your back.

Experience an ultimate convenience with their free pick-up and delivery services worldwide!

You can personally contact the couple on WhatsApp to properly discuss the details of designing your personal suits for any type of event!

Plus, they are also offering promos and discounts on different occasions. You can check out their page for more info.

What the Gentleman Says...

“Dinesh gave good recommendations and understand my need for simple but good looking blazers. The final product was fitted nicely with good workmanship. Overall great experience.” – Wong Eng Onn

Location: 150 Orchard Rd, #01-57 & #01-01 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841

Phone: (+65) 9697 4297

8. Meiko Tailor

Image Source: @meikotailor via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Guaranteeing to give delicate detail when it comes to each suit style and client preference, Meiko Tailor holds its name as being one of the oldest tailoring shops in Singapore!

In business for over 50 years now, there’s no doubt that this shop will give you what you desire!

From choosing the fabric to buttons and cut designs, the Meiko team is well-trained and all professional in focusing on the detail of their creation.

Not to mention that they have a vast selection of materials from well-known foreign manufacturers, sure your suit is not just an ordinary suit!

Aside from bringing you a well-measured bespoke suit, Meiko also values your fit, making sure that every creation is comfortable to wear!

What the Gentleman Says...

First time getting a proper tailored shirt, the material and fit was a cut above and after a full day's work use, the shirt was much more comfy than any off the shelf item I've ever worn. Highly recommend!” – Kevin Kam

Location: 7 Raffles Blvd, #02-01 The Pan Pacific, Singapore 039595

Phone: (+65) 6334 6911

9. Edit Suits Co. 

Image Source: @editsuits via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

From saving you bucks from off-the-shelf expensive suits, Edit Suits Co. is surely here to help! Founded by two individuals to satisfy their personal likings when it comes to suits, they were able to be one of the leading tailors in town!

As they believe that each one is distinctively unique when it comes to styles and sizes, Edit Suits Co. with the help of professional tailors can bring your imaginary suit to life!

As designing your own suit is unusual during these times, they beg to differ. Never be stuck with standard style and size, get off the box and create a masterpiece that you can confidently wear without being troubled.

What the Gentleman Says...

Purchase process and experience was great. Most importantly, very happy with the quality & cut of the suit I bought. Would definitely recommend Edit Suits as the place to get a reasonably priced, well tailored suit.” – Vincent Yeo

Location: 35A Duxton Rd, Level 2, Singapore 089499

Phone: (+65) 3158 3926

10. Red Dot Bespoke

Image Source: @reddotbespoke via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Besides providing a customized garb to help you look stunning at any type of event, Red Dot Bespoke stands its name to keep it simple whilst delivering you the finest quality of each suit creation.

They have established a much easier and convenient way of booking a consultation to save up your time! I couldn’t agree more. Plus, you’ll surely be assisted by professional tailors. You can check out their schedule on the website and choose whom you personally want to get their services!

From the first consultation to final tuning, sure you’ll get what you really paid for! Just be aware of their cancellation policy before proceeding to the appointment booking to avoid any misunderstanding.

What the Gentleman Says...

thank you Jolene for making such a wonderful suit for my special day. She is friendly, attentive to details and professional. highly recommended!” – Clarence Neo

Location: 11 New Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 059383

Phone: (+65) 6612 4935 or book here.

11. The Bespoke Club Singapore

Image Source: @thebespokeclubsg via Instagram - Cheap Tailor Singapore

Featured in different eminent media platforms, The Bespoke Club Singapore offers more than just a made-to-measure suit of your needs!

As they respect your time and money, they will surely give you nothing but the premium quality suits of your dreams.

No need to spend a lot on getting a plush outfit for your next event! Be it for men or women, your personality will absolutely reflect on what you wear. Adding up your confidence while you walk.

Combining traditional with modern technology, no wonder their creation can result in a curated piece that you’ll love.

As details can sometimes be challenging, their expert tailor team removes your worries away! Just tell them your desires and they’ll make it happen!

Unique Offers from The Bespoke Club Price
TBC Tuxedo Package (1 Tuxedo, 1 Shirt, 1 Bow Tie, 1 Cummerbund) $1,799
TBC Casual Package (1 Jacket, 2 Shirts, 2 Trousers) $1,799
TBC Wardrobe Package (2 Suits, 4 Shirts, 2 Tie) $2,999
TBC Classic Suit Package (1 Suit, 2 Shirts, 1 Tie) $1,599
TBC Shirt Package (3 Shirts) $599
TBC Shirt Package (5 Shirts) $949
TBC Trousers Package (3 Trousers) $999
The Bespoke Club Price List

What the Gentleman Says...

“Had two suits done for my wedding that turned out INCREDIBLE. Time to make is about 1 month but it’s very worth the time. Amazing suits, amazing service, absolutely superb brand.”


Location: 2 Bayfront Avenue The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Casino Level #B2M-229, Uomo Collezioni, Singapore 018972

Phone: (+65) 6634 1253

Where to get a cheaper but first-rate suit in Singapore?

11 Best Affordable Tailors in Singapore Where to Find them Address
Prince Custom Tailors Orchard Far East Plaza #03-66 S228213
Perfect Attire Raffles Place Oxley Tower #03-38 S068906
Picadilly Tailors Orchard Far East Plaza #02-85 S228213
SuitYourself Singapore Orchard Far East Plaza #02-54 S228213
Assemble Singapore Somerset Orchard Central #04-05 S238896
Mohan's Custom Tailors Orchard Far East Plaza #02-73 S228213
Ehkay Corner Tailors Orchard Orchard Plaza #01-01 S238841
Meiko Tailor City Hall The Pan Pacific #02-01 S039595
Edit Suits Co. China Town Duxton Rd Level 2 S089499
Red Dot Bespoke Clarke Quay New Bridge Rd #02-01 S059383
The Bespoke Club Singapore Bay Front MBS #B2M-229 S018972
Where do I find the best tailor in Singapore?

Finding a piece of suit is in fact not that hard to do considering Singapore is not that of a big country. Despite that, we are truly fortunate to have these affordable tailoring shops to deliver us what we are specifically looking for a suit!

The shops stated above can all give you outstanding creations that can bring out the best in you. Whether you have tailoring experience or not, they can definitely provide what you need.

Cheap Tailored Clothing in Singapore Price
One-piece Casual Office Dress From $300
Short Formal Cocktail Dress From $400
Formal Jacket for Men From $500
Formal Pants for Men From $89
Formal Blouse for Women  From $150
Formal Skirt for Women From $140
How much does a custom suit cost in Singapore?

How much does it cost to tailor a shirt in Singapore?

Generally, it will cost from $65 to have a shirt tailored in Singapore. If you want more expensive fabric tailored, the tailor will charge you more of course.

A good tailor is willing to work with you to ensure the shirt fits you perfectly, so don't expect him to be cheap.

How do I find good tailors in my area?

Reliable tailors in Singapore are relatively hard to find, but not impossible. Well, you can either look for one on the internet or seek recommendations.

A good way to ask for recommendations is to make a list of all the people you know, and ask them to recommend a few tailors – they are often willing to help.

Prince Custom Tailors is one of the best affordable tailor in Singapore who is reliable and understand style for their clients.

How long does a tailor take in Singapore?

It varies depending on the type of clothing and the amount of work required.

In Singapore, tailors usually take about 2 - 3 days for gentlemen's clothing. More complicated garments or those with more detailed work may take a little longer.

How do you pick a good suit?

It's undeniable that a well-tailored suit can make you look and feel like a million bucks. But if you're not used to shopping for suits, the process can be daunting for some folks.

SO, how do you pick a good suit? Here are a few tips.

First, it's important to know what type of fabric you're looking for. If you live in a hot climate like Singapore, for example, you'll want to look for something that's lightweight and breathable. Wool is a great choice - it looks sharp without being too heavy.

Next, make sure the fit is right - a proper fitting suit makes all the difference in the world. That means getting measured by the professional tailor and making sure the jacket fits snugly through the shoulders and chest.

Finally, pay attention to the shoulder seam. This is perhaps the most important area to focus on when tries on a suit jacket. The shoulder seam should sit right at the edge of your shoulder, without hanging over or dipping below. If the seam isn't sitting in the right spot, move on - no matter how good the rest looks on you.

There's no mistaking it Not only will you look sharp and stylish, but you'll also feel more confident than ever before. Of course, finding a suit that fits just right can be tricky if you don't know what to look for.

Are tailored clothes worth it?

Tailored clothes absolutely can be worth the money, depending on what the item is and what you plan to wear it for.

Tailored clothes are generally considered higher quality than off-the-rack clothing, because they are cut and sewn specifically for the individual wearer instead of mass-produced according to a universal pattern.

Therefore, they often cost more, but can last longer if made from higher-quality fabric. They also provide a much better fit than clothes purchased in a store, since they are designed to accentuate the features of the person wearing them.

For special occasions or for business dress, tailored clothes can certainly be worth the investment.

How many suits should a man own?

A man should own at least two to three suits. The most versatile and practical suit is a navy blue suit as it can be styled in different ways to look more professional or stylish.

A black suit is a great option when attending more formal events such as a wedding or a job interview.

A gray suit is also a good choice for business meetings and can be easily paired with other wardrobe pieces.

Other colors and fabrics such as charcoal, brown, linen, seersucker and tweed can also be worn to add more personality to the look.

With just a couple of these suits in their wardrobe a man can create a wide variety of looks that are both stylish and professional.

Cheap and Good Tailors Singapore

This list of inexpensive tailors in town will let you find the perfect shop that can offer your desires within your means. Hoping this blog has helped you cut the cost of getting a seamless suit to wear on any special occasion!

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