Where to Find Cheap Movers in Singapore

Where to Find Cheap Movers in Singapore 2024 - All You Need to Know Before Moving

Finding affordable and reliable movers in Singapore can make your relocation process much smoother. Here are some options and tips to help you find budget-friendly moving services:

1. Online Marketplaces

  • Gumtree Singapore: A popular classifieds site where you can find various moving services posted by both companies and individuals.
  • Carousell: Another marketplace where you can find movers offering competitive rates. Look for reviews and ratings to gauge their reliability.

2. Moving Companies

  • Red Sun Movers: Known for their competitive pricing and reliable service, they offer a range of moving packages.
  • TheLorry: A platform that connects you with various moving service providers, allowing you to compare prices and choose the best deal.
  • Vimbox Movers: They offer affordable moving services and often have promotions or discounts.

3. Social Media and Forums

  • Facebook Groups: Join local groups like "Singapore Expats" or "Singapore Movers" where members often recommend affordable movers.
  • Expat Forum: Websites like Singapore Expats Forum or Expat Living have sections where you can find recommendations for budget-friendly movers.

4. Budget Moving Services

  • Rentalorry: Specializes in budget moving services and offers transparent pricing.
  • Cheap Movers Singapore: As the name suggests, they focus on providing affordable moving solutions without compromising on quality.

5. Local Recommendations

  • Ask Around: Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Ask friends, family, or colleagues if they can recommend any affordable moving services.
  • Community Boards: Check notice boards in your local community centers or HDB void decks for advertisements from local movers.

Tips for Finding Cheap Movers:

  • Get Multiple Quotes: Contact several moving companies to compare prices and services. This will give you a better idea of the market rate and help you find the best deal.
  • Book in Advance: Movers tend to charge higher rates for last-minute bookings. Planning your move well in advance can save you money.
  • Off-Peak Times: If possible, schedule your move during off-peak times (weekday mornings or mid-month) to take advantage of lower rates.
  • Declutter: The fewer items you have to move, the cheaper it will be. Consider selling, donating, or discarding items you no longer need before the move.
  • Negotiate: Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. Some movers might be willing to offer discounts or match competitors' prices.

By exploring these options and following these tips, you should be able to find a moving service in Singapore that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Cheapest moving services in Singapore

One of the truest words ever spoken is perhaps that only change and nothing else is constant. This rule applies for your office and home as well.

It might have been a common experience for us to move around in Singapore. This not only keeps life exciting and you will find yourself looking forward to newer things.

However, moving can be a very stressful event as well. As this is time when we realise how much junk we have in the house!

Yes, we can make the move ourselves and get our relatives and friends to help out. However as we are not professionals, there are always some bulky, heavy items that will be very difficult to move and moving it ourselves can cause damage to it or injure us easily.

To make the moving process most enjoyable and least bothersome, we curate the best movers who are here to help you in Singapore.

These professional moving services cater to house moving, office moving and international relocation. Some even have storage facilities for storing things that you might need later.

Hiring any of these movers will make moving a breeze and you will be surprised to find how easy moving can be in comparison to your previous experiences.

Top 12 Cheapest Movers in Singapore for Reliable & Good Service

1. The Helping Hand Moving Service

Image courtesy: The Helping Hand Moving Service

The Helping Hand Moving Service - Cheap Movers Singapore

The Helping Hand Moving Service offers a second chance for ex-offenders who wish to embrace a new life. The movers here are trained and take care to minimize disruption to your lifestyle during the move.

The first 20 boxes are given free for your convenience when you engage their service. This moving specialist is definitely one of the most affordable options that are available on the island.

If you like to contribute to societal good and help people lead a changed life then this is a service provider you should try.

Customers who have used their service have returned and recommended them to friends and family.


  • Removal / Disposal & Delivery
  • Painting & Cleaning
  • Furniture Solutions

What customers say:

“By far, my favourite local moving company. I’ve used them 3 times in the past 20 years and always a good experience. They don’t cut corners, send a whole team of men, hardworking, fast and efficient. The move was completed within the day and everything went smoothly. Great attitude and easy to work with.”

Address - 819 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534678

Telephone - 65 6283 2204

Website - https://thehelpinghand.org.sg/

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2. Move Move Mover - Professional Moving Services , Furniture Disposal & Warehouse Storage Space

Image source: Move Move Mover

We have full confidence when we recommend their services as Move Move Mover certainly offers very competitive prices in the local moving scene. 

This mover in Singapore provides a detailed and transparent price list with all the included and excluded terms, so that we know exactly what to expect. 

Furthermore, this moving company in Singapore offers GPS tracking so that we can monitor the mover’s progress throughout the relocation process. 

All their lorries are also equipped with power tailgate, that means no manual lifting up and down which reduces chances of scratches and damages of your properties.

Finally, make sure to choose this experienced full-time mover who will do an excellent job at moving your belongings safely and efficiently!

Their clients are really satisfied with their services, especially because of their highly responsive (reply within seconds through whatsapp) and responsible staff.

Services available:

  • Residential Mover Services
  • Commercial Mover Services
  • Disposal Services
  • Piano Mover Services
  • GYM Mover
  • Fish Tank Mover
  • Hospital Bed Moving Services
  • Manpower Services
  • Storage Services
Services Price
10ft half load $130
14ft half load $240
10ft full load $230 - $250
14ft full load $360 - $380
Upright piano $120
Disposal From $75
Storage From $100
Move Move Mover Rates

What customers say:

“i was happy dealing with sky..very quick in replying messages and very helpful in answering my questions .. the team made a very good job in collecting,dismantling and fixing..team was polite and friendly..their charges is the cheapest in town..overall 5 start...really recommended!!would deal with them again in the future if i have to use a movers..thanks guys!! - Muhammad Nur Ahzrin Ahzaharin”

Telephone - +65 8332 5196 or Whatsapp

Address - 3 Soon Lee Street, Pioneer Junction, #05-35, Singapore 627606


Website - https://movemove.biz

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3. The Lorry

Image courtesy: The Lorry

The Lorry - Cheap Movers Singapore

The Lorry have a fleet of partners with lorry, vans and trucks. All movers are experienced and professional in their approach using the most efficient equipment in the process.

Do you have a piano or antique furniture? It is possible to be worried about moving such expensive and sensitive possessions.

However, The Lorry will take utmost care of your items and deliver them to your intended premises without any hassle.

It seems that everybody loves their services.

What customers say:

“Had to move some furniture in for my home office, satisfied with the ease of service and how smoothly it went. Pricing is also competitive. Strongly recommended.”

Address - 111 North Bridge Rd, #08-19 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

Telephone - +65 3138 9164

Website - https://thelorry.com/sg

4. Wise Move - Find Cheap and Affordable Movers

Image courtesy: Wise Move

Wise Move - Cheap Movers Singapore

Wise Move is a marketplace where you can effortlessly find Singapore movers for all kinds of moving needs.

Wise Move got you covered in finding the best movers for your home move, office move, or single furniture move.

Submit one listing and receive multiple quotes (up to 75% lower than regular quotes) from vetted and trusted movers in Singapore.

Check the mover’s profile, read reviews from previous customers, and choose the best quote from the best mover for the job!

Item Price
Refrigerator $250 - $1500
One piece of furniture $150 - $300
Cost to Move

What customers say:

Excellent service, easy communication. highly recommended


Website - https://www.wisemove.sg/

5. Kaplan Logistics

Image courtesy: Kaplan Logistics

Kaplan Logistics - Cheap Movers Singapore

Commercial, domestic and international moving service is provided. The prices quoted are the final ones without any hidden costs.

Is there a tricky corner that you need to navigate your furniture around your house? Trust the experts at Kaplan Logistics, they will have your item moved and relocated in no time.

Kaplan Logistics’ excellent service has given them plenty of returning customers.

Users take note of the professionalism and quality of services provided by this mover.

What customers say:

“Engaged Kaplan Logistics after their excellent service in moving services for my parents. Quote given was transparent Adrian was great to help arrange delivery of the complimentary moving items. Movers came down slight late due to a reason which Adrian had inform earlier. All packing and moving was very efficient and fast. Loose items like TV, standing fan was all packed and protected properly. All done within 3hours. Definitely recommended!!.”

Address - 621 Aljunied Rd, Singapore 389834

Telephone - +65 9730 7038

Website - http://kaplanlogistics.sg/

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6. Exped Moving Services

Image courtesy: Exped Moving Services

Exped Moving Services  - Cheap Movers Singapore

Exped Moving Services certainly abide by their core values of Expeditious, Excellence, Equality, Efficiency, and Enjoyment.

Prompt reply from staff on doubts and helpful information sharing makes this service truly outstanding. Well-trained and skilled staff knows the value of your belongings and time. They will always maintain professionalism.

If you are looking for the most recommended and affordable mover, then this is the name to trust. However, their services are always in demand and you may have to book well in advance.

As for the services, users are extremely satisfied and happy and believe they get their money’s worth. We like that they are quick, efficient and prompt, and even helped to wrap furnitures and unwrapped them at the destination location.

Services available:

  • Residential (Hdb, Condo, Landed Property)
  • Office
  • Commercial
  • Factory Moving
  • Server / Machine / Piano / Organ / Pool Table / Safe Box Moving

What customers say:

“We highly recommend Exped Moving Services. I had been liaising with Sean for the quotation and details. He was patient, friendly and his response was very fast. The price was very reasonable with no hidden charge. The moving team members on actual day were professional, friendly and patient as well, which made our moving day a pleasant one. We would like to say thank you to Exped Moving Services.”

Addresses -

2 Jalan Rajah, #07-18 Golden Wall Flatted Factory Singapore 329134

61 Bukit Batok Crescent, Heng Loong Building, #04-05 Singapore 658078

Telephone - +65 9627 1021 / +65 8866 7936


7. Red Sun Movers - Best for Fast & Reliable Services

Image courtesy: Red Sun Movers

Red Sun Movers - Cheap Movers Singapore

With more than 20 years of experience, Red Sun Movers is efficient and promptly replies to all questions. This moving specialist offers their services throughout the week.

The staff is well-skilled to even relocate tricky items, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and organizing are their expertise.

If you are worried about where to get packing boxes, then worry no more, they provide carton boxes for your stuff. Customers are very pleased with their services. Clients shower with praises and each of it is very well-deserved.

What customers say:

“The movers provided fast and efficient services. The movers were creative to help me move in my slightly oversize fridge, shout out to Terrance and his colleagues for the moving house experience.”

Address - 11 Woodlands Close, Woodlands 11, #09-17, S737853

Telephone - +65 6366 1548

Website - https://www.redsunmovers.com.sg/

8. The Trio Movers - Best Movers in Singapore

Image courtesy: The Trio Movers - Best Movers Singapore

The Trio Movers - Cheap Movers Singapore

The Trio Movers provide honest and transparent service with no hidden cost involved. This moving specialist company is impeccable when it comes to professionalism and provides utmost care while transporting items.

The Trio Movers even have furniture disposal service free of cost. Free boxes for packing also come with their services.

One of their advantages is the fact that they are experts who know all building laws, so relocation house, apartment or office is a breeze with the Trio Movers.

The Trio Movers receive the highest accolades from most of their satisfied clients.

What customers say:

“The Trio Movers were fast, friendly and efficient - my family and I were impressed by them! My family had a lot of items but they treated everything with care. The team lead, Clarence, was professional and very helpful. Very satisfied with Clarence and team, would definitely recommend :)”

Address - 31 Woodlands Close, #02-10 Woodlands Horizon, Singapore 737855

Telephone - +65 8321 5709

Website - https://thetriomovers.com.sg

9. Vimbox Movers

Image courtesy: Vimbox Movers

Vimbox Movers - Best movers in Singapore

Are you worried about moving your expensive furniture around? For their basic move package, Vimbox offers free dismantling and reassembly of general furniture.

The experienced movers will not disappoint you in their handling of tricky moving items such as pianos as well.

This moving company even offers international moving services and storage facilities in their warehouse. Staff is extremely responsive and helpful with queries.

Commercial moving is also offered to ensure you can start work the next day. Users love their services and appreciate their efforts. They wish to patronize them on other occasions and recommend to whosoever need moving services.

What customers say:

“Took up their packing & moving services, very delightful experience! Everything was so well thought of, from planning the dates to accommodating any last request. Site visit was done without a hassle and quotation was delivered promptly, impressed by the professionalism exhibit by Sebastian and the team of movers (sorry i did not get to know everyone names). A very big thank you to you guys!”

Address - 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1, KB Industrial Building, #03-08, Singapore 416175

Telephone - +65 6339 4439

Website - https://vimboxmovers.sg/

10. Cheap Movers Singapore

Image courtesy: Cheap Movers Singapore

Cheap Movers Singapore - Best movers in Singapore

Offering affordable prices, Cheap Movers Singapore can be reserved at short notices. Even same day moving service option is available. Quotations are available over phone.

Staff are there to answer any query that you may have. They are prompt with their service and stick to time slots.

The customers cannot help recommending their services, especially because of the friendly staff and cautious approach.

What customers say:

“The moving process went smoothly without any problems, and the staff were very friendly. Thanks for your service! - Chuan Ck ”

Telephone - +65 6850 5025 (From 08:00 to 22:00)

Website - http://www.cheapmoverssingapore.com/

11. Soon Seng Transport & Movers

Image courtesy: Soon Seng Transport & Movers

Soon Seng Transport & Movers - Movers Singapore

Soon Seng Transport & Movers deliver according to your convenience. Even offering free service for wrapping up fragile articles.

Delivery can be arranged to be made even outside of business hours. as professionals they take extra caution when moving fragile and delicate items.

You can rely on them for delivering your products unharmed. This mover also has a storage facility in their huge warehouse when you need to find a place to store stuff.

Customers are so pleased with their services that they do not hesitate to leave only great reviews.

What customers say:

“Thank you Jessie and Team. Soon Seng Transport and Movers for coordinating our home moving experience. This is a hectic process but with Soon Seng, things are different. Love your current slogan, Our Experience, Your Assurance. You guys made it. Authentic service provider in Singapore.”


  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial & Office Moving
  • Piano, Organ & Safe Moving
  • Storage & Disposal

Address - 29 Hillview Terrace, #06-02 Hillview Warehouse, Singapore 669245

Telephone - +65 6339 0039

Website - http://soonsengtransport.com.sg/

12. Rodex Movers - Best for House & Apartment Moving

Image courtesy: Rodex Movers - Movers Singapore

Rodex Movers - Cheap Movers Singapore

Everyone needs a little assistance at times, the staff from Rodex Movers comprises trained and certified movers.

Not just helping individuals but this company also provides relocation services for companies such as McDonalds, Asus, Singapore Tourism Board and others. Getting a quotation from Rodex Movers is easy.

After you receive the estimate, you would easily be able to decide as they have a very transparent approach and no hidden cost.

This mover in Singapore is a very popular mover who is highly recommended by people who have used them as well.

Vehicle Type Prices
Toyota Hiace Van with Driver $50 per hour + $20 per 30min OT
10 Ft Open Lorry With Driver $55 per hour + $25 per 30min OT
15ft Box Covered Lorry With Driver $60 per hour + $30 per 30min OT
House / Room Moving Package
(with Fully Covered 15 footer truck)
$300 - $500
Room Moving Prices With Labor From $65 for 5 boxes/luggage/light Items
Rodex Movers Price List

Services available:

  • Corporate Moving
  • Domestic Moving
  • Express Delivery
  • Disposal
  • Warehousing

What customers say:

“We just wanted to say thank you for a very professional and efficient move! Your team leader had his team geared up for a quick, safe and very professional move. All movers were polite and ensured that all items were packed in a proper fashion. Unpacking was fast and they took all cardboard and boxes with them after the move was done. Can only recommend your services to others who need to move as well.”


Address - Blk 5 Ang Mo Kio, Industrial Park 2A #07-02, Ang Mo Kio Tech II, Singapore 567760

Telephone - +65 6844 3363

Guide to Affordable Movers in Singapore

Moving house or office isn't a simple task and there are many things to look out for. We do recommend getting a few quotes before deciding to commit to any mover company in Singapore.

Furthermore allow the mover company to do a site inspection so that they can plan the move to ensure a smoother process on the actual day of move.

Here are some factors that affect how much you should pay for moving.

  • The location of where you are moving from, condo, landed or HDB
  • The location of where you are moving to, condo, landed or HDB
  • The items that you are moving
  • Additional materials required to secure and protect your belongings
  • The vehicle that was used in the moving
  • The number of manpower engaged in moving
  • Extra stuff needed to move that were not agreed prior to actual day moving

How much does it cost to hire movers Singapore?

Hiring movers in Singapore is not as expensive as one might think. In fact, it can be quite affordable to hire a professional moving company to help you with your move.

The cost of hiring movers will vary depending on the size of your home, the distance of your move, and the services that you require.

However, on average, it will cost between $200 and $1600 to hire movers in Singapore. If you are moving a larger home or moving long distance, then the cost may be higher.

But if you are only moving a small amount of stuff, then the cost will be significantly lower. Moving is always a big undertaking, but with the help of professional movers, it doesn't seem as hard.

How much does it cost to move house in Singapore?

A basic package for a house of 90 square metres (4 room hdb apartment) starts from $800 onwards.

This comes with some complimentary boxes and materials, manpower, wrapping services (for furniture) and vehicle rental. Packing into boxes is done by the customer. Some even include insurances in the package.

How do you transport bulky furniture in Singapore?

There are a some ways to transport bulky furniture in Singapore. One option is to rent a moving truck or van. This is usually a costly option, but it will allow you to transport your furniture in one trip.

Another way is to hire a professional moving company we listed above. This will be fairly more expensive but you can move with comfort, a peace of mind and convenience.

A third option is to approach your family and friends to help you. This is often the easiest way to move furniture, but it may take multiple trips depending on how much help you have available.

Finally, you could try selling your heavy furniture and buy new furniture once you reach your destination. This may not be practical for everyone, but it could be an option worth considering!

Do movers disassemble furniture in Singapore?

Perhaps you are moving to a new home or maybe just changing the layout of your current home. Either way, you may be required to disassemble some of your furniture in order to make the move possible.

Most people do not have the time or knowledge on how to correctly disassemble their furniture, which is where experienced movers come in.

Some movers are also cheap handyman Singapore whose job it is to safely move and transport your furniture from one location to another.

In some cases they may be required to disassemble your furniture before moving it and then reassemble it once they arrive at the destination.

Additional charges may apply if movers are required to disassemble/ assemble furniture.

How much does it cost to move a washing machine in Singapore?

On average, the cost of moving a washing machine within Singapore can range from SGD 80 to SGD 150.

However, the cost may be higher if you require additional services such as dismantling and reassembling the washing machine, or if you're moving the washing machine to a place without lift.

As we speak to movers, they advise that the cost of moving a washing machine in Singapore can vary depending on several factors such as the distance of the move, the size and weight of the washing machine, and the level of service required.

What is the easiest and cheapest way to move?

If you are looking to move in Singapore, the easiest way is to hire a moving company. Otherwise you may consider the following cheaper options:
1. DIY Move
2. Ask friends and family for help
3. Rent a Delivery truck
4. Choose a cheaper moving date on a weekday
5. Ship your stuff
6. Find free moving boxes and supplies
7. Hire moving labor
8. Declutter, Sell, Donate

What day is cheapest to hire movers?

Generally speaking, the cheapest day to hire movers is on a weekday during the middle of the month. As the end of the month approaches, the demand for movers will typically increase and so do the prices.

The best time to book movers is usually in the beginning of the month or after a holiday or three-day weekend. If you’re able to get the movers booked earlier in the month, you should expect to see significantly lower prices than you would at a later date.

Furthermore, it’s typically cheaper to hire movers during weekdays, as weekend days are more popular and are more likely to be booked up.

What will movers not take?

Movers will not take hazardous materials, items that are alive, perishables, anything that is potentially dangerous, illegal belongings and anything that could be easily damaged, like collectibles and artwork.

Movers are also not allowed to move any flammable items, like paint, gasoline, propane tanks, cleaning fluid, bleach, etc. Items like firearms, ammunition, and fireworks are not allowed.

Electronics and appliances that are not up to safety guidelines and standards are also not allowed.

Finally, some storage unit items, like furniture, boxes and other personal items, will not be taken, either due to local regulations or due to the fact that they may already be owned by the storage facility.

Movers Singapore

Moving in Singapore is stressful, however there are a range of moving services available for you to choose. If you have budget constraints, fret not, there are always plenty of options for movers who offer cheaper and more affordable services without compromising on service quality.

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